JQuery :: Parse Xml With Name Spaces?

Feb 27, 2011

I am trying to get two values from a web service response.

The web service was called using jquery $ajax:

url : "http://localhost:3032/ufs/integration/copymoveTerm",
type : "POST",
dataType : "xml",


All I want to do is to get the values of UNDO_COUNT and MSG into separate variables.

Here is the jquery I am trying to use:

function undoSuccess(xmlData, status, xmlResponse)
$(xmlResponse).find('res:OUTPUT').each(function () {
var undoCount = $(this).attr('res:UNDO_COUNT).text();
var msg = $(this).attr('res:MSG).text();

I have tried it with and without the name space "res:". I have tried it with xmlData and with xmlResponse I have tried changing the web service so that UNDO_COUNT and MSG were elements in their own right or were attributes of OUTPUT all without success it just bypasses the initial find on OUTPUT.

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JQuery :: Ajax Removing Spaces From Input?

Jan 27, 2010

I am doing a simple ajaxPOSTform to email script. When string pairs are passed to my processing asp page(email script), spaces are beign removed from the string. It displays the correct string before recieving to asp page.

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JQuery :: Serializing Spaces Into + Which Later Cannot Be Deserialized Correctly

Oct 4, 2011

I've got such code:

var tmp = $('#someform').find('input').serialize();

And it works almost fine. If we have fields like:

<input type="text" value="some words" />

Serialization seems to behave a bit weird. In general it's serializing spaces into + which later cannot be (or I have no idea how) deserialized correctly. If you want proof of concept go under this link: [URL] If this question is so obvious that was asked and answered bilions of times I recommend to add special notice into documentation. I googled a lot and I have seen very complex examples of how serialization works or is not working at all but nowhere was an example with value with two words in it.

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JQuery :: Position Images From The Database In A Row Going Downwards With Even Spaces Inbetween?

Jan 14, 2011

I want to grab images from the database and then display them in a row going downwards. I be using position absolute in css. I want to put them in a row going downwards but having the exact space inbetween each image. Currently I made a row of images going downwards but the space inbetween keeps on increasing when more and more images are needed to be displayed.


Yet the space inbetween images increases the space when there is more and more images displayed.

The first 3 are always have the right space inbetween them. The 4th and so on adds 10px of space more for each image that is displayed but it's gradually. For instance image 4 would be you would take 70 which is image 3 top value and instead of adding 30 the code would add 40 to it. it increases the spaces by 10 for every image past the 3rd image. Yet the firebug will show the top values as if each image has a difference of 30 for the top value.

I was thinking can't I use position X and Y like with jquery or javascript can't I get the current x and y values of image one or 2 and then decrease the X and Y in a way that the spaceing inbetween each image is exactly the same. In our example I want to have like a 30px space inbetween the images and never increase the space as more images are displayed.

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JQuery :: Tablesorter Sorting Formatted Numbers (with Spaces)?

Jun 29, 2009

I'm using Tablesorter since few months and it was working very well.I did a small change yesterday in my php code: numbers over 1000 are nowformatted like this: 1 000, 1 000 000 instead of 1000 or 1000000.Since I did this change Tablesorter seems to have problems sorting this kindof formatted numbers with spaces. It just doesn't sort the way it should

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JQuery :: IE7/8 While Trying To Parse XML In An IFRAME

Dec 20, 2010

I am using the infamous hidden IFRAME trick to manage some image uploading. My server-side ASP page passes back XML to indicate success or failure. It was a snap to grab this in FireFox and parse it using the standard JQuery methods. Then I spent most of an afternoon trying to do the same in IE, I finally found this page and this comment: [url]

JavaScript, IE, XML, IE uses MSXML and an XSL stylesheet to transform the XML to some HTML document that pretty-prints the structure of the XML. That way when you access the iframe document you indeed access an HTML document that IE renders. However IE stores the original XML document in an XMLDocument property of the HTML document object so to access the XML data (and not the HTML document) you can do e.g. var xmlDoc = window.frames.frameName.document.XMLDocument; [...]

The solution thus ended up as follows:

From there I can use all of the normal JQuery code to traverse the XML. Anyway I am not sure if this is an IE bug, a JQuery bug and/or presumably specific to this wacky IFRAME scenario versus a normal document.

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JQuery :: Parse Xml When Using Post?

Aug 6, 2009

I want to send data to a database by a classic asp page. This page returns xml which I want to parse on the client.


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JQuery :: How To Parse Value Into Plugin

Aug 4, 2010

I am trying to parse a value into a plugin, but it does not work. an alert(myborderimage); shows that I am getting the value, but I cannot parse it to jQuery
var myborderimage = $("#myborderimage").val();
+") 30% 35% 40% 30%');

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JQuery :: Get URL Parse And Reformat?

Aug 25, 2011

I have the need to grab the HREF value from a link to an image, parse it, append it with "-144x127" and reassemble it for use as the src for a dynamic thumbnail. I have the following worked out, but... surely there's a better way?


Of course it would be a lot easier to split on the file extension, but I won't necessarily know whether the file is a GIF, PNG, JPEG... so...?

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JQuery :: Can't Parse JSON Results

Jan 4, 2012

I am having difficulty displaying a specific key from a json file. I am trying to parse the following json file using query:


I am using this type of function to parse the data:

<!--add a paragraph tag to the results div and enter the speficied key-->
$("#results").append('<p>Result: '+ route +'</p>');

Using this I am able to print all the keys from the route but I am not able to print a specific key.

What I want to do is just get the results for the key "fuelUsed" using this method:

$("#results").append('<p>Result: '+ route.fuelUsed+'</p>');

But I never get back any data that way. Am I not specifying my key correctly?

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JQuery :: Parse Or Interact With A Get() Result?

Feb 13, 2011

Folowing the get() example function doSomethingWithData(data) {


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JQuery :: Parse Text As HTML?

Apr 20, 2009

I'm trying to get jquery to parse some text in a variable as HTML, has anyone tried this before and got it to work? Can this even be done, or do I have to parse as text?

testHTML = "<html><head></head><body><ul><li class='targetMe'>TESTING</
testGetHTML = $(".targetMe", testHTML).html();
alert( testGetHTML );

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JQuery :: Ignore Parse Errors Using $.get?

Aug 17, 2009

The page im loading with $.get has a syntax error that is killing my entire script. Is there anyway to test if it contains a syntax error
and/or just ignore it?

var someText = $(response).find('#myDiv').text();
// Script doesnt run after this because response contains a syntax


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JQuery :: Parse A Json Object?

Oct 8, 2009

Supposed that I have a json object but I don't know anything about its keys and values. Is there anyway to print out all the key and value pairs in that object?

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JQuery :: Unable To Parse XML In Iframe With IE?

Oct 21, 2009

In my app, I have a file upload form that submits to an iframe, withthe server returning an XML document. Though I am able to consume thisXML using jQuery in Firefox 3.5 and Chrome 4 without issue, the samecode fails in Internet Explorer 8. The relevant snippet of my codefollows:

$('iframe#destination').load(function() {
var response = $(this).contents();


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JQuery :: Parse A Json Request ?

Sep 17, 2010

I am trying parse a json request.

The json response is

I have tried to console.log the item in a number of ways including: arrayToParse[item] item[1] item[0]

I either get the key of 1,2,3 or undefined. How do I get the values in this scenario?

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JQuery :: Can't Get JSON.parse To Work

Nov 11, 2010

I can't get JSON.parse to work. For example with:


I get: "SyntaxError: JSON.parse"

I have put up an example at:


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Spaces In Variables

Nov 4, 2006

I have a line of code:

var cdate=dayarray[day]+", "+montharray[month]+" "+daym+" "+year+" "+hours+":"+minutes+":"+seconds+" "+dn+""

What I require is a bigger space here:

var cdate=dayarray[day]+", "+montharray[month]+" "+daym+" "+year+" "+" "+" "+hours+":"+minutes+":"+seconds+" "+dn+""

I tried +"xxx"+ (where the xs are three spaces) but that didn't work either.

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Trimming Spaces

Jul 16, 2003

how can i trim spaces from a string...

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JQuery :: Class Selectors Not Working From XML Parse?

Jan 10, 2011

I've been dabbling in the coding for a few weeks now and I want to build my own plugin for fun, but I think there's something that I don't fully understand (that's probably systemic to the syntax or order).

So this is what I have so far...and it's pretty cool

(currently running...<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery-1.4.4.js"></script>)


So my questions are as follows:

1) As a general question, is there an order in which "commands" should be called? I'm assuming that it should be some logical order. For example, if I asked to apply the green formatting to the div before it has been created (via the .append command), it wouldn't work right? The only exception is if I call a function, I could put that function pretty much anywhere in the document.

2) How come I can use $('.searchstyle').hide() inside a function, but I can't select for it outside of the function? Does it cease to exist after the function has been run?

2a) Does it have something to do with XML data? (I was able to do what I wanted in an isolated example when had the output data put in the html).

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JQuery :: Parse XML And Build HTMl Form?

Mar 25, 2011

ow do i parse XML in JQuery and build HTML Form

Ex XMl :: "<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?><profile><title>PricelessCitiesNewYokrRegistration.</title><site></site><application></application><fields><field><label>Email</label><type>text</type></field><field><label>Password</label><type>password</type></field></fields></profile>"

And The form Should like below .

Email :: TEXTBOX
Password :: TEXTBOX

Submit Button

When you click submit button it will take those two values and send to back end.

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JQuery :: Parse A JSON Response Array?

Feb 26, 2011

How can I adequately parse a JSON response I'm getting from the server, which happens to be an array?

The array I'm getting back is actually this one:


I believe this one is valid JSON, but my attempts to parse it are always failing when I do it like this:

function(data, textStatus, xhr)
var photos = jQuery.parseJSON(data);

The above code displays 'null', and the documentation says a null occurs when the JSON isn't valid. so, what's going on ?

I need to know the codes to parse as well as access the values in the parsed response.

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JQuery :: Parse Ajax HTML Response?

Mar 10, 2010

I am using jQuery for ajax call and receives HTML as a response.

Response I am getting is

I would like to parse this response and fetch "1","Debopam" and "Poddar" from the response HTML. How to do this and is there any way to parse it using jQuery selector.

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JQuery :: Parse Content From An Ajax Request?

Feb 26, 2011

I want to do a Ajax GET request and then parse the resulting HTML to get a list of products from that page:

$.get("http://www.americanas.com.br/busca/baskervilles?dep=256705", function(data) {
var domData = $(data);
alert($("div.hproduct", domData).length);

This doesn't work. I get an error ("div is null") right on the first line of the function. The error is from jquery code.

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JQuery :: Forcing JSON Parse By Headers

Aug 5, 2009

I am submitting a form via AJAX. The form may either return HTML (when there are input errors) or JSON (successful response). If during request I specify "dataType: 'json'" then HTML doesn't get thru correctly, if I don't then JSON is displayed as plain text. I am sending the "application/json" header back correctly. I don't understand why doesn't jQuery just pick that up and parse it as JSON? Is there an option? Is there something I can do to make this work?

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JQuery :: Function To Parse Query String From URL?

Jul 5, 2009

I see that jQuery provides a function to turn an object into a set of URL query parameters: $.param({foo:"xxx", bar:"yyy"}) => "foo=xxx&bar=yyy" is there a function which does the opposite, i.e.parsing a query string into an object? The reason is that when I make an Ajax request, I want to take some parameters from the original page and include them in the new request, and modify others. I can get the original page's query string from location.search, which may contain, say, "?foo=xxx&bar=yyy" Now, suppose I want to submit an Ajax request with the same value of foo as the original page but a different value of bar, what's the cleanest way to do that? Remember that the original query string might have the two parts the other way round, i.e. "?bar=yyy&foo=xxx" If I need to write a function to split this myself, I know it's not a major undertaking, but I just wanted to see if I've missed something in the API.

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