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Self.resizeTo And Menu=no?

Is it possible to add a menu=no or status=no to a self.resizeTo script???

I have tryied this but doesnt work...

self.resizeTo(500,500,'toolbar=no, directories=no, status=no, menubar=no');

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Self.resizeTo And Popup Problem
Using ie6 I open a popup with:

<a href="#"
onclick="'TESTPOPUP.HTML','POPUP','t oolbar=0,location=0,directories=0,status=1,menubar =0,scrollbar=0,scrollbars=0,resizable=0,copyhistor y=0,width=800,height=500,left=50,top=50');return

Within the popup ('TESTPOPUP.HTML') I try to resize the window using :
<body onload="self.resizeTo(640,360);"></body>

However this gives me a popup window of pixel size 630x311 instead of 640x360 expected, How come?

Posted: March 19th, 2007

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The following code opens a new window, but the "resizeTo" doesn't resize it.
Why not?

Posted: July 23rd, 2005

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Get Rid Of Scrollbars In Chrome After Window.resizeTo?
My application uses a popup window for users to submit a Tweet through Twitter OAuth. Here's the flow:For users not connected/auth'ed to Twitter:

1. Popup prompting to connect to Twitter.
2. Resize the popup window and redirect to Twitter auth
3. Upon success, resize window to smaller size and show Tweet popup window

In steps 2 and 3, I'm using window.resizeTo in the BODY onload event to make the window fit the content nicely and not show scrollbars. In Step 2, it makes the popup bigger to accommodate the Twitter auth form, and in 3 it makes the popup smaller to match my Tweet form.

<body onload="window.resizeTo(526,337);">

Now, this all works just fine in IE and Firefox, but in Chrome, when I get to Step 3, there are horiz and vertical scrollbars on the popup window IF I'm coming from the Twitter auth in Step 2. If I refresh the exact same popup in Step 3 in Chrome, the scrollbars disappear.Also, if the user is already auth'ed by Twitter, I go directly to Step 3, and in this case, there are no scrollbars to get rid of the scrollbars?

Posted: Nov 13 10 at 21:37

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Getting An Alternative To Using Window.resizeTo Function?
I believe a bug fix to Firefox is causing me grief when using the window.resize function in my asp pages. My pages are currently setup the following way I have a main page, lets call it main.asp.Within main.asp I have a html form with a button. The button, when clicked called a javascript function to open a new window like to:

<title>Main Page</title>


Ok so as you can see I can open child.asp from main.asp. Within Child asp, I have a form. The form stores a boolean on whether or not valid data has been posted. I use this boolean to determine the size of the window (if the data is not valid, I resize the window to allow for an error message. Here is a rough example of how this goes down...

<title>Child Page</title>


For some unknown reason, the window no longer resizes in firefox, it works fine however in I.E.

Posted: Oct 4 11 at 5:23

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Window.resizeTo Works Differently In IE Alone?
window.resizeTo will work fine until the present window (yet to be resized) is far away from task bar.If it is near to task bar it compresses the size.I hope im clear.It is observed in IE.[URL]give size as some 400,550 and minimize the window and move it below task bar . Now click Resize window It will be resized to a lower size. I observed in IE only

Posted: Mar 2 11 at 11:48

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Suplement In Netscape For ResizeTo(widht,height)
I can resize in IE whit window.resizeTo(widht,height) but it don't work for
Netscape? Have try location.reload() in Netscape. But this don't work.

Posted: July 20th, 2005

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Browser - "resizeTo" Function Not Working In Chrome And Opera?
The resizeTo (that allows setting a new height/width value) function works great on Firefox and Internet Explorer and doesn't work at all on Chrome and Opera.Is there another function that does the same and works on all the browsers?

Posted: Sep 4 10 at 9:27

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ResizeTo In JS Gives Me "Access Is Denied" Error - Know If Browser Is Ready?
I have a web app, whose UI is written in GWT, where for various reasons I need to resize the active window when the server reports things. To do this I use a JSNI function which uses resizeTo and everything works great. I did a small test and tried sending a few updates from the server and got an "Access is denied" error from the resizeTo command. After googling a bit I discovered that this is because the browser is still busy with another resizeTo command and throws an exception due to that. My question is if anyone has a good way to see if the browser is ready/available to be resized? A current workaround I'm thinking, but I don't particularly like, is having a try { } catch() block and if an exception is thrown then catch it and call the function again in timeout but I would like to have a more straightforward way.

Posted: Oct 15 09 at 17:22

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Window.resizeTo() Inside A Window.onResize Event Handler Function?
I want to preserve a 16/9 aspect ratio to the window after any resize, making the width a function of the height.

As I have a window.resizeTo() inside the window.onresize event function, the infinite loop is served. How may I quit it?

<html><head><title>Title</title><script languaje="javascript">
const c_ra=16/9;
window.onresize = function WindowReSize() {
var myWidth = 0, myHeight = 0;


Posted: 04-23-2011, 11:15 PM

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JQuery :: SuperFish Menu - Change Space Between Menu And Submenu In Navi-bar Type Menu?
I have trouble with SuperFish Menu, of course it looks very nice and is good solution, but I am not advanced in CSS to change space between menu and submenu in Navi-bar type menu? Now sobmenu hide part of menu, I have to must space.....

Size : 11.4 KB
Download : 306

Posted: 15-Feb-2011

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Jquery :: Sub Menu - Hover In /out Animation - Display And Hides The Active Menu Before Showing The Menu
I'm making a menu in jquery. You can see it at [URL] The submenu that is shown from the start (below 'Hvordan') is the active menu so it should always be shown (unless you hover on another menu-item in which case another submenu should show. It's working okay but has 1 annoying bug. When you hover from 'Hvad' to 'Hvem' it quickly display and hides the active menu before showing the menu it is supposed to.


Posted: Mar 11 at 8:42

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Jquery :: Keep Parent Menu Hovered While Mouse Is In Child Menu In Dropdown Menu
how to keep the parent menu hovered while moving mouse in the submenus.I'm a beginner in jQuery and I like you to help me with some tip/suggestion.

Posted: Nov 29 10 at 17:54

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Vertical Menu - Height Of The Second Level Menu Results In Their Being Gaps In Between Each Menu Item
The problem is that the height of the second level menu results in their being gaps in between each menu item so that as you move your mouse down the second menu items it quickly closes again. scripting novice fix this by telling me which variable I need to change either in the Java script or the CSS files.

Posted: 06-03-2009, 11:03 AM

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Keep Parent Menu Hovered While Mouse In Child Menu In Dropdown Menu
I am trying to create a dropdown menu. It working well.I want the top menu when hovered truns into white color. when moving down to the submenus, the top menu should stay in white color.But the top menu turns into its normal original color.How to keep the parent menu hovered while moving mouse in the submenus.

Posted: Jun 23 10 at 17:10

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Disable Browser Context Menu On's Items?
Assume I have a menu ( with some items. When menu is shown user cat right-click on it's item and browser context menu will be shown (with elements like "Save link as...").

How can I disable that browser context menu? Globally in all Ext.menuMenu instances if possible.

Posted: Mar 1 10 at 5:57

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Mega Menu That When The Main Menu Items Is Hovered Over The Mega Menu The Div Is Displayed?
I have a mega menu that when the main menu items is hovered over the mega menu the div is displayed. I want to keep the div from being shown off the right of the browser screen. I have the following that determines the amount a div is off the right of the browser:

function keepMenuLeft(){
var div_width = $("li.hovering div").width();


Posted: Nov 5, 2010

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JQuery :: Html - Drop Down Menu (only Shows A Little Part Of The First Link In The "sub-menu"/"dropdown-menu") / CSS
I have a problem with a dropdown menu I am doing. Please check this screenshot out: [URL]


As you can see in the screenshot, it only shows a little part of the first link in the "sub-menu"/"dropdown-menu". And as the HTML code shows, there are more links.

Posted: Sep 14 11 at 7:22

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JQuery :: CSS - Superfish Menu - Change The Inactive Color Of The Sub-menu Without Changing The Inactive Color Of The Principal Menu?
I have installed Superfish menu module with Joomla ..Customization work more less fine ...I still have tenious problem like :

- How to have the main menu with the active color, when one of the sub-menu has been actived ?

- How to change the inactive color of the sub-menu without changing the inactive colro of the principal menu ...I did not found any information on the web ..

Posted: 06-Oct-2009

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Jquery :: Build Menu Drupal Menu Module And Other One Is With Drupal Menu?
i'm new to drupal , i found that 2 ways to build menu drupal menu module and other one is with drupal jquery menu. i need to know which is best ?and in what basis?.

Posted: Feb 22 10 at 5:01

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JQuery :: Keeping Accordion Menu Open When Menu Items Area Selected?
I have created a jquery accordion menu for a brilliant CMS called 'Concrete5' and all works lovely BUT I now would like the menu to stay open if a menu item is selected within the drop list.I have manged to create the following.....

var pathname = window.location.pathname;
var selecteda = $(".nav-selected a").attr("href");
// alert (selecteda)


..but it doesn't seem to work.I'm not a JQuery GOD like most of you on here but I am trying my hardest The accordion menu I am trying to get this to happen on is Accordion Menu.

Posted: 27-Aug-2010

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JQuery :: Make The Menu Items A Fixed Width In A Horizontal Superfish Menu?
how to make the menu items a fixed width in a horizontal Superfish menu . I've tried mucking about with the CSS but no luck so far. I'm sure it's easy, but I can't seem to work it out.

Posted: 19-Jan-2011

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JQuery :: Build A Menu Block Which Should Be Switchable With Hide/unhide Of The Menu Items?
To build a menu block which should be switchable with hide/unhide of the menu items, I'm using .append html. The code idea is this:


As can be seen from above posted code there is a line "<div id="' + menuSlider + '" style="display:none">". Appending that -- AFAIS -- the .append is automatically (????) adding "</div>" which closes the statement. That breaks my idea of the whole concept! The menu part isn't included in the 'menuSlider '. QQ: How to change it -- NOT to have that "</div" added to it??

Posted: 26-Apr-2010

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Jquery :: Mega Dropdown Menu Seen On Sitepoint Show The Menu On Mouse Click?
Is there a way to display the dropdown menu shown on sitepoint by mouse click.[URL]

Posted: Apr 5 10 at 9:26

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JQuery - CSS/menu Navigation - Sticky A Menu To The Top Of The Website Even As The User Scrolls Down The Page?
What code or script am I looking for in order to sticky a menu to the top of the website even as the user scrolls down the page?

Posted: Sep 26 10 at 22:18

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