Self.resizeTo And Popup Problem

Mar 19, 2007

Using ie6 I open a popup with:

<a href="#"
onclick="'TESTPOPUP.HTML','POPUP','t oolbar=0,location=0,directories=0,status=1,menubar =0,scrollbar=0,scrollbars=0,resizable=0,copyhistor y=0,width=800,height=500,left=50,top=50');return

Within the popup ('TESTPOPUP.HTML') I try to resize the window using :
<body onload="self.resizeTo(640,360);"></body>

However this gives me a popup window of pixel size 630x311 instead of 640x360 expected, How come?


Self.resizeTo And Menu=no?

Oct 7, 2006

Is it possible to add a menu=no or status=no to a self.resizeTo script???

I have tryied this but doesnt work...

self.resizeTo(500,500,'toolbar=no, directories=no, status=no, menubar=no');

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Jul 23, 2005

The following code opens a new window, but the "resizeTo" doesn't resize it.
Why not?

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Suplement In Netscape For ResizeTo(widht,height)

Jul 20, 2005

I can resize in IE whit window.resizeTo(widht,height) but it don't work for
Netscape? Have try location.reload() in Netscape. But this don't work.

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Window.resizeTo() Inside A Window.onResize Event Handler Function?

Apr 23, 2011

I want to preserve a 16/9 aspect ratio to the window after any resize, making the width a function of the height.

As I have a window.resizeTo() inside the window.onresize event function, the infinite loop is served. How may I quit it?

<html><head><title>Title</title><script languaje="javascript">
const c_ra=16/9;
window.onresize = function WindowReSize() {
var myWidth = 0, myHeight = 0;


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Dynamically Open A Popup Window But Ie8 Blocks It With The Popup Blocker

Jan 22, 2010

I am trying to dynamically open a popup window but ie8 blocks it with the popup blocker. basically within a ajax fuction I have a confirm button and if the user clicks yes it opens a popup window. now I tried it with a javascript function but it got blocked, so I have tried it by creating a form with a button in it and instead of calling the popup function direct I call and in the form my button has onclick"popup('<? echo url; ?>')" but this also is detected as a unwarranted popup and is blocked.

now I understand that the popup blocker works when a popup is called without user interaction, but allows popups on say button clicks. how can I get the popup to work

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Hide Vbscript Popup With Script Inside Popup?

Jun 4, 2009

1. VBScript opens a dropmenu: oPopUp = window.createPopup

2. Then Javascript code in the popup body should hide the popup when certain item has mouseover.

Can javascript hide vbscript popup (within the popup)?

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Opening Popup Window By Avoiding Popup Blocker?

Sep 22, 2010

In my application i use window.showmodaldialog() to pop up a window. When i run it in IE pop up blocker wont blocks the window... But when run it in FireFox pop up blocker will blocks the pop up window.. is there any way to open a window with out blocking(avoiding ) by the pop up blocker?

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Popup Script To Make It Popup Only Once Per Browser Session

Jul 11, 2011

I want to configure the script below to popup only once per browser session. I know nothing about javascript.


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JQuery :: Closing A Popup From Another Popup?

Dec 25, 2011

From a parent window, I open two child windows.In the second child, you complete some data, and then it closes the window. I'm trying to figure out how to find and close the first popup window at the same time (as that is used for reference but no action necessary on it).As near as I can tell should let me set a handle that I can then reference later on to close that window (or am I misunderstanding that), but i cannot figure out how to reference that window.

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Popup Question: On Popup Have One Button To Close And Another To Close And Then Redirect To Another Page

Jul 20, 2005

As per the rather long subject, I would like to (well, my boss would like me to...) on a popup have one button to close and another to close but then redirect to another page.

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Trouble Getting PopUp To PopUp.

Dec 30, 2002

OK, can't figure out what I did wrong here....

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Popup Ads

Jul 23, 2005

I just am curious as to whether online advertising software is not
doing as well because of popup advertisement blockers, such as on
Mozilla and on the Google popup blocker. Would it not be advisable to
work for SpecificPOP or SpecificMEDIA, leaders in direct-response,
online marketing specializing in innovative technology that maximizes
ROI revenue for marketers?

SpecificPOP helps sites like, a site about weather, produce windows that offer gift coupons of one hundred dollars or more, based on whether you check if
President Bush is good for America.

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Popup Box

Jul 23, 2007

how to create dialog box or pop box by using javascript

but one thing when it appear the back ground is automatically disable
can't run any actions

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Popup Usage

Jul 23, 2005

The question has to do with the use of popup
windows in a web page. I have heard that popup
windows should be avoided; due to use of popup
blockers and browser that do not process javascript.

Is the use of popup windows bad design?
Will it severly reduce the usage of our web page?

Note, The popup windows are created using only
onClick events, not onLoad or onClose events.
Do popup blockers make any distinction between
the two?

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Tell When Popup Has Been Closed?

Jul 23, 2005

I have a button that pops up a calender popup window. One of the arguments
to the openCalendar() is the name of the element to insert the selected date
into i.e a readonly text box - this works fine!

What I want to do is to detect when a value is inserted in to this box from
the popup so I can make visible a "save" button - trouble is though the
onfocus() & onchanged events are not fired when it's value changes.

Is there anyway to get some sort of event fired when a popup closes so I can
test if the text box has changed? - or more likely am I overlooking
something really obvious?

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Help Me With Modeless Popup

Jul 23, 2005

can still have a popup even when I have a popup blocker - google toolbar. I
want to know the technology, but I can not read the source code. Anyone
knows the trick to get around the blocker?

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Popup Question

Jul 23, 2005

This cookie script has a confirm popup that asks if you want your data
saved, it pops when you exit the form, now my question is how can I
eliminate the popup? Code:

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Do A Search From Popup

Aug 16, 2005

I want to do a search from my opened popup and print the result to
my parent window.

I know how can I with a link open a new page in the parent window
but I need to retrieve my form values before to send it to the parent window

I call a function from my search button :

function Lvl_P2P(url,closeIt,delay){
opener.location.href = url;

my button :
<input type="button"

but If I use it this way the document.select_wish.submit() method send
and open page in the current pop up window

how can I tell to open it to opener.location.href = url...

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HotSpot Popup

Dec 15, 2005

I have a map with regional hotspots and want to pop up a small window (maybe 300 x 200 with the reps in the regional area when the hotspot is clicked. It should pop up over the map with a close button returning the user to the p.

I now have a full page but with the small number of reps right now it looks overdone, I would like something a little less flashy.

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Pass Url To A Popup

Sep 6, 2006

In my program the user clicks on a link and using the
function, opens a new window.

I pass a url to the new window like this:

<a href="#"
onClick="'../quotescreenwindow.php?enroll_id=enrollwindowprime. php',
'WindowC', 'width=750,height=800,scrollbars=yes');">

In the new window that just opened called quotescreenwindow.php, I
have a button that when clicked, should open yet another window called
enrollwindowprime.php (this is the variable I am passing after the
question mark).

What I cannot do, is to grab this variable that I am passing to the
first window I open and use its content to open the next window.

I am not very experienced and have been piecing this together from
various web sites.

To simplify all of this:

Screen A Opens Popup Window B and passes it a variable with a url
inside of it.

Popup Window B wants to use the variable with the url to open Pop Up
Window C.

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Popup Window

Aug 25, 2007

Admittedly I don't know javascript. I got the following code from a free
site somewhere and have been using it:


Now that I have been using it, I see I would prefer to have the window be
resizable by the viewer (in ie 6, 7 and firefox), Anyone have any idea of
how to change this so the popup window can be resized?

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PopUp Dimension...

Jul 20, 2005

In one folder i've put all pics, but they are not all the same size. i've
got as many links as pics and clicking on link popUp opens showing that pic.
now, i would like to have one function that opens popUp window but in
different dimension for different pic....

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Get A Value From A PopUp Window

Jul 20, 2005

I'm using the folowing javascript code to oprn a popUp window'','messageWindow', 'scrollbars=yes,width=300,


In this window I've a form containing a text TXTNAME and a button that call
another function javascript popUpProcess()

How can I get the value of TXTNAME inside the function popUpProcess()?
I've tried message"Window.forms[0].TXTNAME .value" but it doesn't work.

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Get The Referrer Of JS Popup?

Nov 21, 2009

I have some JS code that launches a popup (which is a PHP enabled page). It's the standard setup.

On that popup, I need to detect the referrer.

In PHP, $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERRER'] is not set, so I get nothing. As well, document.referrer is empty.

So how to detect the referrer?

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Popup Box That Won't Close

Jan 20, 2009

I'm using a script to make an overlaying popup window appear.It works great but you can't close it.Can anyone help me with how to add a something to make the window close? I have a little graphic of an "x" that I want to be able to click on and close the overlay window.

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Popup Windows For IE7 ?

Mar 22, 2009

I made a pop up window for my site for my Admin Controls and the pop up javascript window works for every browser but IE7 (Not that I'm surprised)...

How to make a fixed pop up window that will work for all of the browsers out there right now.

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Retrieve Value From Popup

May 2, 2009

I have a form (name="test"). In it, there is manny inputs. To make it easy, there is a buttom beside the input, opening a popup window. In the popup window, I connect's a DB, and find a value I will pass to the form. The link passes a value ex a ID to the spessific input on the form.

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Popup When Click Div?

Jan 26, 2010

currently i am using this to goto new page<div onClick="document.location='nextpage.html';" class="active">sometext</divow can i make it a popup to that page if i click anywhere in the div

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Non-Flash USA Map That Allows For Popup?

Nov 10, 2010

Suggest a non-Flash USA map that allows for popup? I've only found one online.

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Only Display Popup Box Once Per Day

Nov 10, 2011

I need to show popup only once a day per user! The Problem is that the users of my blog gets mad when the popup displays, so i only want to show it once a day. add the codes to it fully and send it back over.



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Timer On JS Popup.

Sep 28, 2007

I have a simple page for popups of vid streams. I use this code for a different site to prevent people from clicking to fast on popups.

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Popup DocViewer

Feb 24, 2003

In IE, when you open documents such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Acrobat and Shockwave Flash files,
the document will be opened inside the browser if the user has the appropriate software installed in his machine.

Oftentimes, you want it to be opened in a new browser window and set focus on that window
(and when the link is clicked again while that document is still open, it will just focus to that window). But since it is not an HTML document, its window handle cannot used the methods and properties of window object.

The script below employs a nice trick. It also displays a smart "Loading..." status message.

Popup DocViewer
- Opens MS Office documents, Adobe Acrobat and Shockwave Flash files
in a popup window with a smart "Loading..." status message
(c) 2003 Glenn G. Vergara

function openDoc(filename,target){

//if not IE, open link normally
if (!document.all){
location.href = filename;

var strWinHandle = target + "_WinOpenDoc"; //to ensure no global variable conflict with other script

//just focus to the corresponding window if it is already open
if (window[strWinHandle] && !window[strWinHandle].closed){

//open blank page
window[strWinHandle] ='',target,'menubar=1,location=0,toolbar=0,resizable=1,status=0'); //add other window features here

//create frameset with only one frame
var strHTML = '<html>
<title>Loading...Please wait.</title>
strHTML += '<frameset onload="window.focus()">
<frame name="docFrame" src="about:blank">
strHTML += '</html>'

//Flash the 'Loading...' message
strHTML = '<html><body>'
strHTML += '<table width="100%" height="100%">'
strHTML += '<tr><td align="center" valign="middle">'
strHTML += '<font face="Arial" color="red">Loading...Please wait.</font><br><br>'
//provide link to close window (for browsers with no appropriate plugin for the needed software)
strHTML += '<font face="Arial" size="1" color="gray">If you do not have the needed software to launch the document, please <a href="javascript:top.close()">close</a> this window.</font>'
strHTML += '</td></tr></table>'
strHTML += '</body></html>'
var winDocFrame = window[strWinHandle].top.frames['docFrame'];

//preload the document
var doc = new Image();
doc.onerror = function(){
//check window if still open, the user might have closed it
if (window[strWinHandle] && !window[strWinHandle].closed){
window[strWinHandle].document.title = filename.substring(filename.lastIndexOf("/")+1); //extract just the filename
winDocFrame.location.replace(filename); //finally, set frame's location to the document filename
doc.src = filename; //onerror handler fires since image src is not actually an image

//call it like these:
//<a href="javascript:openDoc('/doc/test.doc','_doc')">DOC</a>
//<a href="javascript:openDoc('/doc/test.xls','_xls')">XLS</a>
//<a href="javascript:openDoc('/doc/test.pdf','_pdf')">PDF</a>

Pls ignore the whitespace put by this forum on the line where it says ""

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Popup Box Target

Oct 6, 2005

I'm really weak at javascript,so i need some help here regarding popup boxes.
Currently,i have a file called main.htm, and when i click on a link it will bring me to my popup page called popup.htm,which is populated with buttons (say alphabets a-z). What happens is that when i click on any of those alphabetical buttons, say 'a', the letter 'a' will appear on my textarea that is in my popup box. However,i want it to appear on the 'main.htm' popup box instead. Is that possible? How do i do it?

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Close PopUp On OK.

Oct 9, 2005

Any idea on how I could close this popup when the user clicks OK?

function updatedPopUp() {
echo "<script type="text/javascript" onclick="window.close()">alert('Summary updated! Thank You.')</script>";

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PopUp Blockers

Apr 20, 2006

Below is a snippet of code that i use in a script to call another file which open a new window, the problem is that popup blockers are blocking this. What i need to know is there a way to recode this so popup blockers can not block the new window opening?

var force=0
function setwinfocus() {
}'mcfpopup.php','MakoCashFlow','width=790,height=500,left=10,top=10,toolbar=yes,menubar=n o,scrollbars=yes,status=yes,resizable=yes,location=yes');



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Popup That Is Not Blocked ?

Oct 12, 2006

Is it possible to create a popup that won't be blocked?

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How To Popup In Same Window

Apr 30, 2010

I wonder how to do a popup like this daniweb. I mean when your not a member and not login then u click this link. daniweb will display an image to join this forum and lock the page behind it. what is the code? is it using java script?

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Popup Not Working In IE7 And IE8?

Sep 2, 2011

Got the following code for a project I'm working on but the JavaScript isnt working in IE7 and IE8

<script type="text/javascript">
var drinks = ['rum', 'le', 'montingo', 'tingquila', 'passionate'];
function openDrink(e) {
$("div." +"slow");


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Popup Without An URL (or File)

Jun 27, 2003

Is it possible to popup a new window while not using the external file or url as the parameter - instead - I'd want/need/like to pass the source (of a popup window) somehow as the parameter?

Why? Well... I am dealing with a PHP debugger page and ... on the popup window I would like to display the debugging data that I collected from the same request/response.

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