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Limit Number Of Selections In Multiple Select List Box

I'd like to limit the number of selections a user can make in a
multiple select listbox. I have a note on the interface to say that
only x no. of items should be selected and I check the number server
side but I'd like to implement some javascript to do the same on the
client side. Ideally I'd like the javascript to work in IE5+ and

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JQuery :: Select List With Multiple Selections Hack
When using a select combo box that has multiple selections enabled, my server was not seeing it as an array. It was only seeing it as a single variable value. All I did to correct this was add [] and the end of the name attribute.
[code]<select name="categories[]" id="categories" multiple="multiple"
Now my LAMP server sees this variable as an array in the $_REQUEST

Posted: 06-Jul-2009

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Jquery :: List Selections From Two Different Multiple Select Dropdowns?
I'm trying to aggregate selections taken from different multiple selects but it only pulls from one of them.I'll eventually have like 15 different ones (they're all hidden and shown by another dropdown).


Posted: Nov 4 at 17:22

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Limit The Number Of Selected Choices In A Multi-select List?
I have n number of choices in a select box. After the user selects one or more choices in the select box and submits the form, I need to check that the user hasn't selected more than four choices.

I tried the following:

function howMany() {
var selObj = document.getElementsByName('xid[]');
var totalChecked = 0;
for (i = 0; i < selObj.options.length; i++) {


Posted: Jul 20 09 at 13:10

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Struts Multiple Select Box Selections?
<html:select property="fields" multiple="true" style='width:200px;'>
<html:options property='fieldsOptions'/>

fields is a String[] and fieldsOptions is an ArrayList I populate. When I do: var selected = document.forms[0].fields; It returns an array that has all of the options and not just the ones that have been selected. I just want to be able to look at the selected options. Remove them from fieldsOptions and move them into another selectedFields select

Posted: Jun 27 at 20:03

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Display Selections Of A <select> Multiple?
I have this example :

<form action="form_action.asp">
<select multiple="multiple" name="example" size="10">
<option value="foo">Foo</option>


And I want to display how many lines are selected (by CTRL + clic). I think I can do it with a bit of JS, but how to write it.

Posted: Dec 21 11 at 17:18

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Get Values From Multiple Selections In SELECT?
I have a selection box that allows you to select multiple options. I need to access all the selected values with JavaScript - possible a array of values?

Posted: Nov 17 09 at 13:58

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JQuery :: Limit If A Value Can Be Selected In A Drop Down List (select) Based On Other List
I have a page that displays a list of people playing in a tournament. I need to be able to generate a Leaderboard based on which players are manually selected by the admin. Next to each person there is a drop-down list. An admin can go in and select a "slot" that a player should be in on the leader board from 1 to 8, or leave it blank if none. What I need to figure out how to do is the following, when a change event happens on a drop-down list, and say the value 5 is selected, I need to check to make sure that 5 is not already selected in one of the other players drop-down lists, in other words, that the 5th leaderboard slot is not already full. if it is, display an error message and make them change that one first. how to do that with jQuery? I'm thinking it will have something to do with the each() function, but not sure exactly how the logic should work.

Posted: 09-Jun-2009

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JQuery :: Sortable - Limit Number Of Items In List?
I have a schedule table I'm using jQuiry Sortable for editing.

Each day is a UL, and each event is an LI.

My jQuery is:

$("#colSun, #colMon, #colTue, #colWed, #colThu").sortable({
connectWith: '.timePieces',
items: 'li:not(.lith)'

To make all LI's sortable except those with class "lith" (day names). User can drag an event from day to day, or add new events by clicking a button, which appends a new dragable event (LI) to the fist UL (Sunday).

I want to make each day accept only up to 10 events.

Posted: Mar 13 10 at 13:38

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Limit Number Of Visible Items In Dropdown List
is it possible to limit the number of displayed items in a dropdown list? for example list of countries will display only 5 and people scroll down to see the rest of the list?

Posted: Sep 2, 2009

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Jquery :: Limit The Number Of Selected Option Tags Within A Select Tag In
I am trying to use jQuery to limit the number of selected option tags in jQuery to 100. What am I doing wrong? The select tag looks like this:

<select name="order">
<option value="1" selected>Order Name</option> ...

after a user selects one or more option tags... Still not sure how to get the event handler to work.

var countSelectedOptionTags
$("select[name='order']").change(function() {
$("select[name='order']").children('attr="selected"').each(function() {


Posted: Apr 22 11 at 0:22

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Limit Form Submissions Based On Its Selections?
I have a consumer website that gives users an approval form that I want allow the users to submit their approvals but I want to limit the form number submissions based on the certain selections made and a combination of previous selections submitted. [code]...

Posted: Nov 18 11 at 0:08

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Limit The Number Of Options Displayed In An HTML Select Element Dropdown Menu?
Essentially the length of the HTML Select drop down is exceeding the screen on notebooks, I've checked and different browsers allow different amounts of options to be displayed before it turns it into a scrollbox. Is there any way of putting in a browser css hack or javascript action to stop it at 3 options? Failing that is there any way to limit the height of the drop down for the same effect?

I've googled up on this but with no such luck, no one seems to have had a problem with notebooks before. I know it's possible as on the Lloyds TSB personal login screen there is a select element which limits to about 3/4 options. As I say I don't mind using JS or even browser specific solutions as I've developed a notebook friendly way of doing it which is less intuitive and clunky looking but can be used as a default.

Posted: Apr 4 11 at 12:19

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Loop Limit To Delete Select List Keeps Changing?
I'm trying to delete a HTML select list. This is what im using [code]...

DID just returns the actual HTML element. The problem is that only EXACTLY hald the list is being deleted. The Len parameter is changing because it relates to size, which related to the actual length of the list. So when i delete in the function its actually changing 'Length' and never reaching the actual end of the list.

Posted: Oct 21 10 at 12:37

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Php - Can't Get Selected Values From A Multiple Select List To Insert Into Other Select List
I've been trying to get selected values from a drop down list on my page in order to swap them. I've tried looking for solutions online but I'm stumped. For some reason, s1[i].selected doesn't work at all. Here's my javascript code:

<script type="text/javascript">
function swaprows(s1, s2)
var items = "";


Because I'm doing a post action with the submit buttons I need to name my lists as selectsizes[] and selectedsizes[] respectively so that I can then pass their selected values via the post variable.

Posted: Aug 16 11 at 21:52

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Jquery :: Limit Number Of Concurrent File Downloads For The Number Of Requests?
I have created an MVC.Net application and there is a download page from where users can download the setup file of approx 5MB in size. This setup file is generated dynamically when we hit the download button. Each dynamic generation of this setup file increase 7% of server CPU usage. Suppose the number of users increase at least 100 and all of them will try to download the file then the CPU usage will increase to 100% which will make the server down or it will un-responsive.

To overcome to this situation, we are trying to limit the total 5 downloads at a time logically by code. It means 5 users can download the files at a time and sixth onward users will be in queue until any first 5 downloads are not complete. Also we have to show the wait time to the queued users that "your download will begin in 28 seconds" or so.

Posted: Oct 13 11 at 9:04

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JQuery :: Selectbox - Select Options In Multiple Select List?
I have two dropdowns. When a user selects a value from the first one i want in the second(which has the multiple select option), with jQuery, to select some values automatically. How can i do that?

First select box:
<select id="update_carte_s" name="update_carte_s">
<option value="5!**8,9**!6!44.9">Ghid complet Internet</option>


Posted: Jan 12 10 at 14:41

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Jquery :: Select All Values Of A Multiple Select List
is there a way to select all values of a multiple select list by default?

Posted: 23-Jun-2009

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Grails: Add Value Of Two G:select To A HTML Multiple Select List?
I have two g:select comboboxes that I want to add to the multiple select list when clicking an image.Here is the function in javascript:

function addToList(list,firstOpt, secOpt)
var y = document.createElement('option');


Posted: Sep 29 10 at 15:01

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Set Maximum Number Of Item In Select List - Html?
How can i set the maximum number of items to be allowed inside a list box ?

That is if i set the maxsize to 4 and the select list has 4 items then no more value can be inserted !

[there will be 2 lists, user will be able to move options one to another, but one of them will have the limit]

Posted: Jun 5 11 at 13:44

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Ajax :: Multiple Selections To JS?
I'm sorry if this question has been answered before, but I'm a real noob trying to understand Ajax and JavaScript.

Therefore I need a (simple) explanation how to pass multiple selections from a list to my Ajax-script - if there are any simple solutions.

I'm not using any kind of framework - just plain Ajax/JS, PHP and of course HTML.

Posted: Apr 29th, 2010

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Sum Of Multiple Dropdown Value Selections?
Not a seasonsed JS user; I would like to have a number of dropdown forms on a page and have JS sum the total value up as the user makes their way down the page and selects values. I've googled the daylights out of this and come up with a proof of concept below - if I could get it to work right, I would apply to a larger page. It will live on a Sharepoint server so I can't just use PHP to handle the summing.


Posted: 02-25-2011, 06:06 PM

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Events - Display A Different Form For Different Selections Of This Drop Down List?
I want to display a different form for different selections of this drop down list:

<select name="type" id="type">
<option value="object" selected="selected">Object</option>
<option value="number">Number</option>


What would be the jQuery event that is triggered when a user selects one of these options. Would the .click() event be triggered in this case as well?

Posted: May 27 10 at 3:58

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JQuery :: Adding Space Between Multiple Selections?
I select some paragraphs inside a div: $('#myDiv p.p1, #myDiv p.p2').text();

My problem is that I want to add space between each selection so that the output is: "paragraph1 (space) paragraph2" instead of "paragraph1paragraph2".

Posted: Jul 5 10 at 13:16

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Coding HTML/JS Form With Multiple Selections?
I need help setting up a form, I want to do some pretty neat things: It will say: What countries do you want to visit? [FIELD] Part 1: I want that when a user starts typing into the field, it will suggest under things that match what you have typed so far, sort of like facebook search does. So I would need a list of recognized country names. Now for example imagine I was using this, and I typed in M, it would list under a max of 5 valid entries begining with M, if I typed in Me, it would list the ones begining with Me, if I typed in Mex, it would show Mexico. Now the user would have to click this drop down suggestion to choose it.Part2: I want once a user clicks on a suggestion, it will "pop under" the input box or somewhere, with a "x" beside it to remove it. The user can now type in another country, and when it is clicked it too appears as a sort of "icon" under the input box or somewhere, with an "x" beside it. Clicking the x removes the country from the current list of countries. Once he is done, he goes on to other fields and the selected countries remain visible. Once a user submits the form, I want to get only the countries that were visible to him.

**An alternative idea, if this one is too complicated, would be to have a drop list with all countries in it, and once a person clicks one, it will remain and a "+" sign will appear under it. When pressed, another dropdown menu will appear so the person can choose another country from the second drop down, etc. OFC all selected countries can have an X to remove them. Idk how to do this either. how to do something like this, where do you recommend I start? Any ideas? I tried searching but I'm not sure what to call this so I couldn't find anything in the search.

Posted: 05-20-2011, 11:29 PM

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