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Multiple Drop Down With Dynamic List (PHP - MySql - AJAX) - Filter The Results Into A List

I have a table that has parts with multiple characteristics. Part Number, Height, Width, Capacity, Price, Etc. I would like to have a drop downs for all of these values, when a user selects one of these values it will filter the results into a list. Ex. user selects a part that has a Height of 6 and width of 10 it will only list those parts. As I said earlier, I have a script that will give me all the parts, however I am not able to make the onchange list parts with multiple values.

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Dynamic Populated Drop Down List PHP MySQL?
I have two Drop Down Lists, the second ones are based off which one the users selects in the first drop down. I was going to use Javascript to dynamically change the second drop down. But now here comes the problem. This information is going to be stored on a user's profile. So ideally I would like to be able to pull this information out of MySQL database and display it on a PHP page. How would I go about loading the proper dynamic menu when I populate the list from MySQl. How can I accomplish this the way I want. I dont think javascript would work in this case would it?

Posted: Jul 17 11 at 22:51

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Dynamic Drop-down List - Create A Dynamic Menu Where A User Selects One Item And Another Select List Is Shown
I've been beating my head against a wall for a few days trying to get this working. I'm trying to create a dynamic menu where a user selects one item and another select list is shown, then another and another (and so on). Here is my JS, it *should* be taking the ID of the div, comparing it to the selected value and then showing another div by settings it's class property to visible:


Posted: 06-30-2009, 10:14 PM

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JQuery :: Get Event Data From An HTML Drop Down List (the List That Drops Down When A Drop Down List Is Selected)?
Is it possible to get event data from an HTML drop down list (i.e. the list that drops down, when you click on a drop down list) using jQuery / plain jscript? I am looking to capture:the number of times a user hovers over <option> before selecting the item they require.the duration of the hover before making a selection.At present, the events i am able to capture are for the dropdownlist element itself not the list that drops down once it is clicked upon.

Posted: Sep 28 09 at 6:47

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JQuery :: PHP/MySQL - Reorder List, Save Results?
This is a combination of jQuery and a PHP problem so I'm not 100% certain where to post it. I am working on method to reoder a list that comes from a database. When the lists is displayed, it will be ordered by a "sort" column. The user can drag/drop the list to change the order, and I want the order to update the sort values in the database.I found a script that provides a decent starting point, but I am not getting the results I want.

1: It is able to reorder the columns, and save the results which is good.

2: It is saving the results as "0,1,2,3" rather than reordering the numbers from the "sort" column. (< this is what I need fixed)

EG: Name > Sort
Orange 5
Pear 13
Kiwi 105

If I reorder these in the reverse order using the script, I end up with the following in the database.
Apple 3
Orange 2
Pear 1
Kiwi 0

Yet what I want is,
Apple 105
Orange 13
Pear 5
Kiwi 3

how I can get it to work with the existing "sort" values, rather than serializing and starting at 0. Here are the script files I am currently working with for testing.


`id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,[code]....

Posted: Apr 5, 2011

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Jquery :: The List Must Filter Results As User Types In The Input Box
I have an Input Box on my Form. When user types in, say, a name of any person, all names that match the entered keywords must appear in a list just below the Input Box. The user must be able to select from the DropDown list and on pressing enter, the DropDown list must disappear.

Is there any JQuery tool for this?

Posted: Jan 8 10 at 13:16

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Ajax :: Implement Dynamic Taxonomy Navigation / Hierarchical Drop Down List Using JQuery?
A simple example would be something like ebay's categories. Say you pick the category "Clothing", the next drop down list would display all the sub-categories under Clothing such as "Shorts", "Pants", "Coats" etc. And this can go on arbitrarily deep. I looked at the jQuery plug-in mcDropdown. The interface looks really nice. However it seems to require the entire taxonomy to be passed to the plug-in in one go. Other plug-ins I looked at also have this limitation.

I need somethinig that retrieves & displays data dynamically. So after the user picks "Clothing", the UI sends that selection back to the server, which then sends back a list of sub-categories of "Clothing", so on and so forth. Is there any jQuery plug-in that does that? Or what would it take to implement that in plain jQuery?

Posted: Feb 11 10 at 23:05

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Jquery :: Dynamic List With Symfony Filter?
im working on a symfony project and one of the things i have to implement is a list that updates its content reacting to the introduction of data in a filter.The idea is that the user can search in a list using an apropiate symfony sfFilter of the class objects listed, and, without reloading the page (executing again the action or anotherone) the list show the results of its search.How would you do it? Is there com jquery plugin or something like, to do that? Maybe an ajax function? if so, how to implement it?

Posted: Oct 25 at 14:02

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Make Two-level Chained Select Box (drop Down List) In Php+mysql?
I can manage to get values from mysql using select box in php, but i can't make it with two-level chained select box.

Posted: Nov 25 09 at 14:41

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JQuery :: Populate A Dynamic Dropdown List Based On Another Dynamic Drop Down Selection?
how to populate a dropdown based on Another dropdown selection. This all should be a dynamic. Eg: I have two text boxes one is TechID and other is JOB ID. When I start typing Tech ID it suggests me the list of IDs which start with the input string i have put in Tech textbox. When i select the Tech ID the jobs associated to that Tech ID should be displayed in JOB ID text box as a dropdown list.

Posted: 29-Jun-2010

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Select Multiple Dynamic Drop Box With Each Select Drop Box Filter Output
I want to have multiple drop box with around three on the page at any one time.When I select the first drop box it should display the content from a database in a table view. Then when I select the second drop box it should filter the data in the table and show the table and so on in the 3 box.I know it can be done in Ajax so I little bit coding in php. I did the code but there is a problem that first box works properly but when I select the second box I need first box parameter along with second to be sent and so on to the third selection box.

Can please provide simple code for this from the database fetch for dynamic drop down box. I am trying this code for user comment review.But in mine case everything comes from database and selected value should filter the 2 selecting box and also show the table. Then when selecting 3 selection box it show depend on the first two selected box.I am trying as possible as I can to explain what I want. I think im clear what I just needed.

Posted: Aug 29 11 at 13:03

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Removechild - Create A Drop Down List Which Depend To The Value Selected From The Previous Drop Down List
I am trying to create a drop down list which depend to the value selected from the previous drop down list. I can add it without problem, but If I change again the value of the first drop down list I would like to remove the previous drop down list generated from the first value. If I try to remove it when I create the element, it even does not create the element, the remove element function seems to work because when you click on the remove link it works.


Posted: 07-28-2010, 09:56 PM

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Dynamic Drop Down List Not Working
I'm trying to create a dynamic drop down box where the first drop down box populates the second drop down, but it isn't working. I have two tables; pricelist with fields,

groups with fields,

I've got the code and to me it looks as though it completely works, but i think its the fact that two of the fields have the same name, and it's causing problems.


Posted: Mar 7th, 2008

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Dynamic Population Of Drop Down List
I am trying to populate a drop down list in an HTML form that pulls it's data from a datbase. Basically, the users can manage the values via a differnt interface, but the web page will present what ever values are in a given list. I can make the list from the database as a set of value pairs, but I can't figure out how to take that list and "import it" into an HTML page. I didn't post any code since nothing comes close to working. If I have this list:

Item, Name
A001, Cats
A002, Dogs
A003, Birds

what do I do to pull this into a form?

Posted: Oct 2nd, 2009

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Dynamic Menu Comes Over Drop Down List Box
i have created a dynamic menus for ie, with the div tag......... it works fine,, but when it comes over the drop down list box.... the part goes below it. i have tried giving z-index, but nothing works fine can any body suggest me what to do?

Posted: Nov 30, 2004, 12:30

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Create Dynamic Drop Down List?
I'm searching the internet now for quite some time to find a proper solution but I was not successful so far.

What I try to achieve: I create a dynamic drop down box with provinces. As soon as the user selects one of the dynamic created entries, a second dynamic drop down box for districts should only display the proper entries depending on the selected province.[code]...

Posted: Jan 28 11 at 5:00

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JQuery :: Using Autocomplete To Filter A List In A List In SharePoint?
I have loaded my Autocomplete combobox script from: http:[code]....and it appears with my list.Below it, I have a list that works just fine using:

function processResult(xData, status) {
$(xData.responseXML).find("List").each(function() {
$("#data").append( + $(this).attr("Title") +);[code]....

How do I get the list to actually filter once something is selected? I assume its in the $(this).attr() but nothing seems to work.

Posted: Mar 7 11 at 19:36

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Show/hide Drop Down List Based On Selection Of Another Drop Down List?
I have drop down list with few options and when user selects one option, another drop down list appears with correct choices. Yes, this was the easy part but I need to send selected options to a server and that's the tricky part for me. I have created two different drop down lists which pop up after the user has selected one option from the "main" drop down list. Problem is that correct values goes to the server only from the first list that pops up. If I choose value from the 2nd list that pops up, the first option of the 1st list goes to server.Here's my code:

<!DOCTYPE html>


Posted: Aug 9 11 at 7:54

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Dynamic Drop-down (select Tag) Conditional List
I have noticed a few requests lately on the forum where there is a request for a dynamic dropdown list (<select...> tag) that would display one set of options if one condition is met, but a different set of options if a different condition is chosen. This is my attempt to solve this problem for other users. The following code is a template to show one way of how this question could be resolved.


Posted: 01-14-2010, 04:19 PM

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Php - Set A Default Value In A Dynamic Depandant Drop Down List?
I have used a jQuery script and some php code to generate two select menus. One menu has states and the other regions. Once the states menu is changed the correspknding regions are loading. My question is how to set a default value of "all cities". The script automatically loads the regions that finds in the mysql table so i cant find a way to do that. I guess i have to change something on the script.


Posted: Nov 5 11 at 20:34

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Create A Dynamic Drop Down List To Show Columns?
I am working on a registration form. I need to create a dynamic drop down list which will show a certain column when a condition is selected. Example below:- [URL] I have searched everywhere but could find an exact example. I only know I might need java script for this function.

Posted: 02-13-2009, 05:28 AM

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Dynamic Drop Down List Based On Text Field Value
I have a form that has a pretty complicated combo box - a user starts typing text, it queries a database for matches, and displays the results to the user. The user can then select the match they desire and it has a value id, which I am currently sending to a hidden field in the form. So, for example: user starts typing in a movie name, Seven - it returns Seven and user selects it. The form submits the id of the movie seven (say 12) to a hidden field.

Where I am stumped: Once a user selects a movie title, I have another drop down select box that is to display the available formats of the movie by querying my database based on the product id (12) and returning the available formats in the list:


I am pretty good at programming, but I cannot figure this out - how to make the select box fire and return results once the value for the textbox has been captured.

Posted: 11-25-2009, 08:53 PM

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Dynamic Charts - List The Teams In A Drop Down Select Box
I'm a complete rooking at javascript (and haven't looked at php in months), but am wondering if its possible to do the following with javascript. I have a listing of 10 to 16 teams. I'd like to be able to list the teams in a drop down select box. And when the user selects a team, that teams listing of players is than shown below. The user should than be able to toggle through the listing to review each time.

Posted: 10-20-2009, 07:50 PM

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JQuery :: One Sortable List - Display Results On Another List
I'm using jQuery UI Sortable to make a list sortable. I also have another list that is not sortable, that i want to update when i sort the sortable list, so that it displays the same order as the sortable list.

The items in the display_only list will contain input fields, so ideally the items in "display_only" should also move in the DOM, but not an requirement.

Example HTML:

Posted: Nov 2 11 at 21:04

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JQuery :: Php - Using To Refresh A Second Drop Down List Relating To The First Drop Down List?
I have 2 drop down lists on my homepage:To firstly let the user select the 'County'To secondly let the user select the 'Town'- related to that County'The town is related to the County by relating the County's Name and the Town's Name.What I want to be able to do is:Once the visitor selects the 'County' some way, the second Drop Down refreshes only to reveal the towns that are related to the County within the database

Posted: Jul 14 11 at 16:12

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