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Iframe Event Capturing

how to capture onkeyup event from an editable iframe in firefox?

View 3 Replies (Posted: Dec 15, 2007, 09:05)

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Capturing A Event When An Iframe Is Reloaded?
I have a page in flex and on this webpage I have an iframe. I want to add code in javascript, that will detect when the page in the iframe changes (for example, if someone clicks on a link within the iframe) and I want to know what the URL of the new page in the iframe is.

Posted: Aug 11 10 at 14:58

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Capturing Mouse Event Data Outside An Iframe?
I am working on a Facebook app and have run into a situation where being able to capture whether or not the mouse has left the app's iframe would be really great info to have. I've tried playing with window.blur() and window.focus() in jquery but (for reasons regarding how my content renders at the moment) this only works in Firefox. I have considered using mousemove() to capture the x and y position of the mouse but it would appear that once the mouse leaves the iframe I'm out of luck.

tl;dr I have an iframe that I have control of and a page it's embedded into that I don't. I need to capture the mouse movement/click/whatever outside my iframe and want to know if that's actually possible.

Posted: Jan 17 11 at 21:23

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Capturing Scroll Event In A Frame Nested Within An IFrame?
I have an application that is reading the contents of an external doc into an iFrame and displaying it to the user. To make things more complicated, the content within my iFrame contains a frameset itself, and our users want the height of the page to expand or contract with the height of the content. Basically, they don't want to see scroll bars. This works pretty well when I fire off the following JavaScript function on each page load within the frameset:

function resizeFrame() {
var windowDoc =
var iframeCheck = null;
// first, check to see if we can find a


The page height is just right and everything looks good. The problem is, if the user puts their mouse inside the frame and tries to scroll with their mouse wheel, nothing happens. What I'd like to do is have to containing page move on a scroll event inside the frame. I think what I need to do is capture the scroll event and pass it to the containing page, but I can't quite figure this out. In fact, I put in a JavaScript alert in the onScroll() for the frame content and, scroll as I might, it never fires. It's almost as is the scroll event is completely inaccessible.

Posted: Aug 11 11 at 14:59

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Mvc Dropdownlist - Capturing Change Event Without Attaching The Event Handler?
I know I can attach change event to html.dropdownlist in mvc as shown below:

$('#ddList').change(function() {
var value = $(this).val();

However, is there a way I can do it more like

<%=Html.DropDownList("ddList", Model.dropDown, new { @class = "Ddl", change = "ddListChange" })%>
js function below:
function ddListChange() {

Posted: Nov 12 10 at 0:59

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Event Capturing Versus Event Bubbling?
I just wanted to get the general consensus on which is a better mode of event delegation in JS between bubbling and capturing.Now I understand that depending on a particular use-case, one might want to use capturing phase over bubbling or vice versa but I want to understand what delegation mode is preferred for most general cases and why (to me it seems bubbling mode).

Or to put it in other words, is there a reason behind W3C addEventListener implementation to favor the bubbling mode. [capturing is initiated only when you specify the 3rd parameter and its true. However, you can forget that 3rd param and bubbling mode is kicked in] I looked up the JQuery's bind function to get an answer to my question and it seems it doesn't even support events in capture phase (it seems to me because of IE not support capturing mode).

Posted: Apr 18 10 at 5:10

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Capturing Key Event For Backspace?
I am having difficulty capturing the backspace key as a keyboard Event in javascript/jQuery. In Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and on the iPhone/iPad, I capture a keyup event on a text input box like this:

$(id_input).keyup(function(event) {
that.GetHints($(this).val().trim(), event, fieldName);

This event captures user keystrokes, then sends them to a function to issue an ajax lookup call.

My problem comes when a user wishes to backspace over a character he/she already typed. In all the browsers to which I have access except for my Droid phone, when I press the backspace key, this keyup event captures the value returned by $(this).val().trim() and sends it on to process in function GetHints. On the Droid, however, neither this keyup nor an equivalent keydown event fires until the user backspaces over every character in $(this).

So, for example, if I type "cu" then backspace over the "u" leaving only "c" in the input field, in all browsers except Droid, the keyup event will fire and call function GetHints("c", event, fieldName). On the Droid, the keyup event never fires.

What am I missing? How/why does this backspace key, on either the soft keyboard or the hard keyboard, on my Droid not function as expected? How do I work around this?

Posted: Apr 27 10 at 18:06

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Capturing Key Press Event In DIV?
i need key press or key down event for DIV, when the DIV has the focus?

Posted: Jun 30 10 at 12:48

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What Is Event Bubbling And Capturing
What is the difference between event bubbling and capturing? Which is the faster and better model to use?

Posted: Jan 6 11 at 15:44

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Event Capturing Bubbling Delegation
I just want to understand the concept of event bubbling, capturing and delegation. I have read a lot about them but still unable to fully understand them (capturing, bubbling, delegation).

Posted: Sep 12, 2011

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Jquery :: .submit Event Not Capturing?
I'm trying to do a form validation...however, i can't get the submit event to work. So I tried to alert a message when the form submits. But the form submits without going through the submit function.

Heres the code

embeded in validateContactForm.js

Code JavaScript:
return false;


Posted: Feb 2, 2010

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What Is The Use Of Event Bubbling And Event Capturing
What is the use of event bubbling and event capturing?

Posted: Jul 21 10 at 13:05

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Capturing Onclick Event For Flash Object?
Probably covering well trodden ground here but so far I haven't found any reliable solution and "it can't be done" seems crazy. Here goes:I have some Flash and non-flash banners that are to be embedded into my page - all managed by a simple CMS. The Flash movies are not created by me as they are for 3rd Party advertisors, and I do not want to be doing any Flash programming myself as it's not my thing and I don't have the resource to do it. As with the JPEG/GIF files - I just want to be given the file and then embed it.

What I want to do is produce some MI based upon when the various banners are clicked - things like how many clicks and who clicked them (users are logged into the web site so I can track them). Simple enough for JPEG/GIF banners capturing the onclick event but for Flash it seems that the Flash movie prevents (or overrides) the onclick event from registering.This seems crazy! I want my application logic (in this case logging user activity) to be independant of the media content - especially as I am not in control of the media content.Googling and experimentation shows that for IE I can seemingly use "onfocus" but this is not very satisfactory and of course I need a cross browser solution.This seems like such a simple concept that at the time of specifying the requirements it didn't occur to me that this might not be possible.... but it seems that I may be wrong!

Posted: 05-07-2010, 12:29 PM

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Jquery :: Capturing Show / Hide Event Of A Div?
I have a div called MyDiv and I have some code that hides and shows the div. I also have two functions, called functionA and functionB that I want to run respectively on the show and the hide event associated with MyDiv. I DO NOT want to call functionA and functionB from the code that shows and hides the div!

Posted: Aug 4 11 at 4:58

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Jquery :: Capturing Change Event Repeatedly For Select On Same Index
There is a neat little feature in jQuery (or the browsers, I'm not sure anymore) that, when you use the keyboard to navigate a select element, makes sure the jQuery "change" event does not retrigger when you press enter multiple times. This is all good and fine, but I'm working on a multi-selectable list, where chosen elements are removed from the list and added below. This leads to the problem that you cannot select the item at the same index as the previous item you selected (using the keyboard only) because they are seen as identical.

In IE, I can solve the problem by resetting the comparison data with the following code at the end of the change event:, "_change_data", null);
I don't know why it only works in IE. Is there any way to make repeat selections for the same index to each trigger a change event? A simple workaround was simply to disable the selected values rather than removing them from the list.

Posted: Jan 24 at 13:28

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Internet Explorer 8 Simulate Event Capturing - Handler To Fire Before All The Child Elements Handlers
I want to implement the event capturing model in IE8. In other words, I want the parent event handler to fire before all the child elements handlers. There are ways to workaround the effects of bubbling in my code, but in the end I create more problems for myself that way. And the visual effect of the event handlers firing sequence cannot be overcome. I am thinking about some kind of stack that keeps the event handlers and then executes them in reverse order.

Posted: Dec 11 10 at 13:19

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"Object Expected" Error While Capturing The Page Load Event?
The following code inside the tags gives error: "Object Expected".

<!-- JQuery/AJAX-->
<script type="text/javascript">
try {


Posted: Jan 16 10 at 6:34

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Jquery :: AJAX Not "capturing" Event Without Refresh?
Let's say I have this javascript code

$(document).ready(function() {
$("a").click(function() {
alert("Hello world!");

The way I understand it, this code will "capture" any link selection and post an alert box. Normally this works fine.

Now, on the same page I also have a table, and on submit, I'm capturing the form submit and using JQuery to add the row to the users display while the data is sent to the server.

Here's the code to intercept the post request (mostly taken from Railscasts #136)

'beforeSend': function(xhr) {
xhr.setRequestHeader("Accept", "text/javascript")


Now when I submit the form, then click on the 'remove' link in the newly created table row, it simply submits the delete request. The javascript to create the 'Hello World' alert box is not executed.

If however, I submit the form, create the new table row, then manually refresh the page, before clicking the 'remove' link in the newly created table row, the the 'Hello World' alert box appears as expected.

Is there a "document.ready" event or something I need to trigger after using AJAX to add the table row in order to tell the code that "hey, there's some new stuff over here you need to watch for".

By the way, I'm coding in Rails and JQuery, but I'm not really sure it matters.

Posted: Jul 31 09 at 15:39

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Capturing Domain Change Event OR Domain Of The Target URL
Is it possible to capture the domain change event OR domain of the target site in javascript? To elaborate, suppose I am on my site ( and if I type in the address bar, I want to capture the target URL/domain i.e. in the javascript code of my site ( I am trying to call sign-off function of my site upon customer navigation to some other site without loggin off. I can not use body/window onUnload function because I have a common layout JSP that would be reloaded for each and every page. So I am trying to capture the URL/domain of target site and check if it is different from teh current domain; Then only I will call my sign-off function to kill the customer session.

Posted: 06-07-2009, 05:04 PM

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Capturing The "scroll Down" Event?
Im designing a very simple web page (HTML only), the only "feature" I want to implement is to do something when the user scrolls down the page, is there a way to capture that "event" somehow?

Posted: Jan 12 11 at 15:55

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Jquery :: Trigger Iframe Onload Event When Doing An Ajax Replacement On Content Within The Iframe
I have a view with a credit card payment form hosted on Domain A. Domain B has a seperate website with an iframe to the credit card form on domain A. The form on domain A uses an ajax form like this:

<% using (Ajax.BeginForm("CreditCard", "Framed", new { id = Model.SID },
new AjaxOptions()
HttpMethod = "POST",
InsertionMode = InsertionMode.Replace,
UpdateTargetId = "credit-card-wrapper",
LoadingElementId = "loading-pane"

Then on domain b, I am using a custom jquery plugin to manage my iframe by allowing external events to change the src of the iframe. The usage looks like this


Which causes the iframe to change it's src to the credit card page. I also have attached an onload to the iframe like this:


Posted: Jan 19 11 at 15:01

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Inject An Iframe Panel To A Google Chrome Extension And Add Click Event Inside The Iframe?
I did an extension that inject iframe to the current webpage, using Content-scripts:

$('body').append('<iframe src="' + chrome.extension.getURL('panel.html') + '" frameborder="0" style="border-top-width: 0px; border-right-width: 0px; border-bottom-width: 0px; border-left-width: 0px; border-style: initial; border-color: initial; z-index: 2147483647; position: fixed; width: 100%; left: 0px; bottom: 0px; height: 100px; display: block; visibility: visible; outline-style: none; outline-width: 0px; outline-color: rgb(0, 0, 0); " id="GE_Panel"></iframe>');

I can view the iframe in the webpage, but I don't know how to add click event for an element, that inside the iframe...

Posted: Jan 12 at 13:04

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JQuery :: Cannot Trigger Event From Parent Iframe Into Child Iframe?
Have this in parent document:

function ResizeDocument(...) {
(){ $(this


Posted: 25-Oct-2010

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Jquery :: Bind Event To Iframe's Content And Trigger It From Iframe
I have isolated very strange bug from our current project:index.html (demo) and iframe.html

1) click at the first input and select any date you will see - "datepicker changed inside iframe!"

2) click at the second input, write some symbols and press at any free space at the page

you will see - "usual_input changed inside iframe!" + "usual_input changed outside iframe!"jquery ui's datepicker trigger change event 100% correctly. why we cant bind to it outside an iframe?

Posted: Mar 10 11 at 21:54

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Close An Iframe From An Onclick Event Inside Iframe?
I want to close an iframe by clicking a button inside that iframe and come back out to the parent page.

I have searched but could not get appropriate code.

Posted: Nov 3 11 at 6:54

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