Firefox Math Messing Up Somehow?

Jun 18, 2010

<script type="text/javascript">
function countItDown(){
var current=parseFloat(document.getElementById("currentsecondscount").value);
var seconds=current;
document.getElementById("debug").innerHTML="S "+current;
var minutes=Math.floor(seconds/60);


im not sure why Firefox is doing this. it seems to work fine on Firefox 3.6.3 for Mac.

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JQuery :: Animation On <td> Is Messing Up Layout In Firefox?

May 1, 2009

I'm here trying to simply expand a table cell's width to 88% whiledecrease it's siblings's width to 2% each.elow is the code

$('#mytable td').click(function (event) {
'width': '88%'


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How To Loop The Math.min And Math.max

Feb 20, 2010

the program that i want to create will first let the user input how many execution he want to perform and will determine the highest and lowest number that he inputted.

for example.

prompt: how many execution you want to perform?
i type: 5
prompt:input number:10
prompt:input number:8
prompt:input number:5


but it only allows for the up to inputs[6] and the code is very long. i think i can use looping in it. but i dont know to use looping in math.min and math.max.

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Keep Users From Messing Up Entry?

Jul 28, 2007

As you can see it adds a linebreak after each text is added. It is meant to creat a list to be output from a form. But a user can click inside the textarea end mess up the list and enter anyway they want.

How can I make sure that there is always a linebreak between each line of text?

<input size="20" id="inputtext">
<input name="add" value="Add"

'" type="button">
<textarea rows="15" id="textarea" name="box" cols="22"></textarea>

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LightBox Messing Up My Mootools Gallery?

Jan 16, 2010

I tried to add lightbox to my slide show and it caused the slideshow to stop working correctly. I have narrowed the problem down to this particular stylesheet

<script type="text/javascript" src="js/prototype.js"></script>

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Tables Messing Up Passing Of Variables?

Feb 1, 2009

I have a question, I have some JavaScript code that is doing some very basic adding and subtracting then passing the results into a form text box. As soon as I moved the form into a table it no longer worked. Would anyone have a solution or know why this is happening? These pages are not on the web and I am just running it on my computer.

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Form Name Attribute Messing With Colors

Oct 15, 2009

My Form Name Attribute is changing the background color of the field. When I take the name attribute out of the form element, it looks ok. Wondering if maybe it has something to do with the onfocus and onblur that I have in each element.


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Frames/iframe Messing Up YUI Navigation In IE 8+

Oct 19, 2011

I have this frame on - [URL].. the navigation seems to work intermittently in Internet Explorer. Sometimes the YUI navigation will load and other times it won't. Usually it takes a couple of reloads to trigger it or a fresh load. Something with a cache?

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Keeping Users From Messing Up Entry

Jul 27, 2007

As you can see it adds a linebreak after each text is added. It is meant to creat a list to be output from a form. But a user can click inside the textarea end mess up the list and enter anyway they want.

How can I make sure that there is always a linebreak between each line of text?

<input size="20" id="inputtext">
<input name="add" value="Add" onclick="document.getElementById('textarea').value+=''+inputtext.value+'

'" type="button">
<textarea rows="15" id="textarea" name="box" cols="22"></textarea>

I have considered the readonly option but I need users to be able to delete entries.

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JQuery :: SlideUp/slideDown Messing Up List Items?

Oct 26, 2009

It seems that using the slideUp/slideDown methods on <li> elements causes some odd results.

The following code hides then unhides the items with a class of "hide-show" once the document is ready. These list items lose their bullet point type markers before the text making the whole list look a bit weird.


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Messing With A Countdown Clock Script - Remove The Days Feature

Jan 21, 2010

I've been messing with a countdown clock script...


1. How can I remove the days feature from the clock.
2. Is there a way I can have the counter countdown to 12:00pm everyday day?

So when 0 is reached it doesn't just stop, it'll reset and countdown to 12:00pm again.

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Help With Math.abs()

May 21, 2007

Anyone any idea why the Math.abs() isn't working in this code? I
thought it was supposed to convert negative numbers to whole numbers?

var se = [-27, -27, -27];
var time = 100
if(se[0] < 0){
Math.abs(se[0]); //<-- this isn't converting it to a whole number
se[0] += 1;
se[0] = (se[0]/(time / 4));

The result I get is -1.04 when it should be 1.12

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Jul 20, 2005

I remember there is a programming language where you can initialize the
random number generator, so that it can - if you want - give you the exactly
same sequence of random numbers every time you initialize it with the same
parameter. Can this be done with JavaScript? I couldn't find anything in the
documentation. Basically, what I want to achieve is to obtain always the
same sequence of random numbers for the same given initialization value (but
of course different sequences for different init values).

Can this be done in JavaScript?

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Extending Math Functions

Jul 23, 2005

Javascript has a very small math function list. However there is no
reason that this list can not be extended greatly. Speed is not an
issue, unless you nest complicated calculations several levels deep. In
that case you need much more ram than a PC has to store functions
calculated in loops so that you do not have to recalculate every time
you cycle through the nest of loops. Using a HD for storage to extend
ram is much too slow for many applications.

Some functions such as hyperbolic ones are easy to add, since they are
just simple combinations of the built in javascript math functions. I
have found a few examples on the web such as Bessel functions. I found
far fewer javascript math functions than I expected on Google searches.
Thus I have had to write several functions of my own.

See for an example of two
"functions from hell" that are very difficult to evaluate. Fortunately
there are Fortran programs that can be used as a starting point. I was
able to modify the Fortran programs to work on javascript. I have used
these functions for technical applications in the past.

The page is set up to reject the NN 4 series, because it will not
support some of the script needed such as .toExponential(n) and
to.Fixed(n)for writing output in exponential or fixed format. I was
amazed that even the old MSNTV(former WebTV) set-top box, that no
longer is being made, will even support these output formats. I wonder
about IE4. If it will not support these output formats, I can easly
block it by checking for document.getElementById.

The code works properly on the latest versions of IE6, MSN9, Firefox,
Mozilla, Netscape, and Opera. I am not selling anything, so for a
special interest page such as this, I see no need to support older

The advantage of doing math with javascript is that it is so portable.
You can do it anywhere you can use a computer, or you can do it on your
own local computer offline. There are several math programs for PCs
that will do very much more than you can hope to do with javascript.
Unfortunately the program I would like costs about US$ 1800. Also there
are versions you can install on a server, but these also are expensive.

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Getting Nan Error With Simple Math

Mar 5, 2010

why I am getting Nan

<script type="text/javascript">
var num1;
var num2;
var num3;


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Change CSS Property With Math?

Nov 23, 2010

I have this simple manual photo slide show. It shows four photos and when you click the next button and it moves one photo over and one photo back for the previous button. I have to moving by changing the CSS property of 'left' by 195 pixels each move. So for it to move next it will subtract 195 pixels from the left property and for moving back it add 195 pixels to the left property. I have the code setup so when you click it changes the property of left to either -195 or 195 pixels but I need it so it actually does the math, not just give it a set value. But I don't know how to do that.code...

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Allow Math To Be Eval'ed - But Not Malicious ?

Feb 10, 2011

I have a website that allows users to enter complex mathematical formulas into a text field and evaluates them.

I am currently using eval() because it not only can handle all the standard mathematical functions, but also gives them access to the Math object. That way the users can use functions such as Math.max() and everything else.

I realize, though, that using eval is evil, I assume because a malicious user might throw in some more damaging javascript that would be run without checking it. (That's why eval is evil, right?)

Is there a way that I can allow my users to construct complex mathematical formulas and use the Math object (or an equivalent) without potentially opening my site up to harm?

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Still Can't Fix Math.round / Make It Possible?

Nov 8, 2011

Just started to learn java & came up with the following, but can't get the math.round to work. Anyone able to tell me where I'm going wrong please ? code...

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Math Base 2 Logarithm?

Nov 10, 2005

If I have the following



and I now a how do I then find n with javascript?.

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Use Math Random() Distribution Three Div?

Nov 12, 2010

I have 3 divs. I want distribution them random (when refresh the windows, three divs' position will be changed)
I think Math random() can solve this problem, but how to do that? code...

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Math Operation On Class Name

Jan 21, 2005

i have a column which have some numbers into...
and any td of this columns have class="something"...
so i want to sum the tds of that column which have the same class name when i click on the first cell..

| | -> i click here
| 3 | -> class="ha"
| 4 | -> class="haha"
| 2 | -> class="ha"
| 8 | -> class="haha"

so here i want the sum in this column where the class name is "ha"...
so the sum is 3+2 = 5...

all that have to happens when i click on the first cell!
any suggestion??

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Need Help With Split And Math Functions

Nov 7, 2006

function finalSize(){
var size = document.getElementById('size').value;
var margin = document.getElementById('margins').value;
var mirrors = document.getElemntById('mirrorsRadio').value;

var size_array = size.split('x');
var h = size_array[0];
var w = size_array[1];

var finalH = ''
var finalW = ''

if(margin > 1){
finalH = h * margin;
finalW = w * margin;
document.getElementById('finalSize').value = finalH+'x'+finalW;
newH = h * margin;
newF = w * margin;
finalH = newH + h;
finalW = newW + w;
document.getElementById('finalSize').value = finalH+'x'+finalW;

I see it's ok, but it gives me this error:

Object doesn't support this property or method.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. All I know is PHP, but from what little I learned on Javascript, my brain is telling me I'm right, but my experience is telling me I'm wrong. XD

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Math Exercise - How To Get Sum Value In Text3

Feb 15, 2012

I have following codes
<title>this is first math exercise within Java Script</title>
<script lanuage="Javascript">
function total(){
Var amount1 = text1.value
Var amount2 = text2.value
Var total=eval(amount1) + eval(amount2)
alter("Correct Answer")
} </script>
<table width="20%" border="1" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" >
<tr><td width="10%" align="center">Amount1</td>
<td width="10%"><input type="number" name="text1" value="" min="1001" max="8000"></td>
</tr><tr><td width="10%" align="center">Amount2</td>
<td width="10%"><input type="number" name="text2" value="" min="1001" max="8000"></td>
</tr><tr><td width="10%" align="center">Total</td>
<td width="10%"><input type="number" name="text3" value="" min="1001" max="8000""></td>
</tr><tr><td width="10%"></td>
<td width="10%"><INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="Submit" VALUE="Compute" onclick="total()">
<input type=reset Value="Clear" size="30"></td></tr>
I want to get summed value in text3 but function does not execute.

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Slide A Menu Out To The LEFT Of The Facebook Icon At The Top Of My Page - Messing Page Up

Aug 22, 2010

I have the code for a javascript slider in my header. It is supposed to slide a menu out to the LEFT of the facebook icon at the top of my page. Unfortunately....this is not the case. Here are the 2 issues happening. I think they are both related to the javascript, but I do not know enough about it to fix it. [URL]

The attached pic shows what the alignment of the icons, is supposed to look like (my nav menu is pushed down a few pixels, as well). Here is what the sliding menu is supposed to do (top right menu in the white part of the page) [URL]

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Simple Math Function Between Some Textfields

Jun 9, 2009

I'm trying to write a function that does a simple math function between some textfields.

There are 4 variables : Unit price, Discount, Quantity and Total

Unit price is a fixed variable.

Discount, Quantity and Total depend on the fixed variable and also on the values of eachother. (ie : if qty=2 then total=2xUnit Price) etc...

I want to be able to show the changing values in real time.

So if I have 3 textfields and I change qty, I want it to update Total based on the discount and the qty. If I update discount, I want to update Total based on qty and discount.

I'm guessing I would have to write three functions and call each one from their respective textfields.

How to write a function, and call it so that passes the unit price to the funtion, gets the values of all of the textfields and then changes them all to their new values?

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User Inputed Math Functions?

Jan 8, 2012

Initiate function function count(form){Initiate vars

var answer=0;
var lower_limit;
var upper_limit;
var func;
should it not be parseInt? Maybe thats why.


As you can see by what im doing here, I'm trying to make it so that a person can enter a math expression in a form text box and based on what the user entered, javascript will compute the summation of the function.

What I'm truly asking here is, how do I make Javascript correctly compute the sum, based on what the unser inputed? Because when I enter for example, 1/x, a lower limit, and a upper limit, it just returns an answer of NaN. I'm one step away from building a Javascript function to compute the sum of any user inputed function. It's just the text parsing thats got me knocked down.

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