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JQuery :: Changing Text Field And Invoking The Onchange Event?

I have a text field on my page, whose value I am setting through the jQuery cal


However, when I normally type into the text field, certain events occur as the text field value changes. These events do not occur when I set the value like above. So my question is, after I set the value, how do I invoke any onChange handlers?

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Invoking OnChange Action When Programmatically Changing Checkbox State
I'd like to know if it's possible to invoke associated onChange action of check box when changing it's state with another javascript command... ie.

<input type="checkbox" name="y" onChange="javascript: func('var');">
document.x.y.field[i].checked = true;

When I execute last line I'd like func('var') to be run as well. Unfortunately it doesn't happen as of in the example above.

Posted: 02-01-2010, 05:46 AM

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JQuery :: Using Select Onchange Event To Fill Sibling Text Field?
<select onchange="$(self).siblings('input[type=text]').val( $(self).val() ); $(self).siblings('input[type=checkbox]').attr('checked','checked')">

that does not work before the select box, there are these inputs (examples):

<input type="text" value="" id="product[14][value]" name="product[14][value]">
<input type="checkbox" value="1" id="product[14][enabled]" name="product[14][enabled]">

after debugging in firebug, i found that it is in fact finding the siblings, and the part that is failing is filling the text field with the select's value:

.val( $(self).val() );

Posted: Jun 18 10 at 16:10

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Updating Related Text Field Using OnChange Event
I have a requirement in which, I need to capture a loan amount and the amount of down payment for that loan. According to the requirement, the user is going to enter enter the loan amount and then will enter the down payment in either percentage of the loan amount or an actual amount. I have designed a form to capture this information with three text fields, one each for loan amount, down payment in % and down payment in $.

So the user has the option of entering downpayment in $ or in %. If the user enter the down payment in $ then my code has to calculate the equivalent % value and populate the corresponding text field and vice versa. My question here is, what would be the best way to handle this

Shall i just use the OnChange event of the text field to handle this scenario? If I do that wont I be running into a loop?

Posted: July 23rd, 2005

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Jquery :: Track Onchange Event When Value Of Textbox Changing Dynamically From Other
In jQuery how can I track onchange event if the value of textbox is changing dynamically from some other event. I tried this but its not working [code]...

Posted: Jun 14 10 at 7:38

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Call OnChange Event By Changing Textbox Value
I have a textbox for a date range along side a calendar control. When the user selects a date from the calendar, it fills that date into the textbox. When this happens I want to fire a javascript function, however, the 'onchange' event doesn't seem to happen. I'd ideally like to be able to add the event as an attribute to the textbox, something like:
txtCreateDate.Attributes.Add("onchange", string.Format("JSfunction({0},'{1}');", arg1, arg2));

The date is entered into the textbox in c#. The calendar control has an eventhandler on the page. When a date is selected, the eventhandler puts the date into the textbox. I have tried setting the focus to the textbox at this point, then putting an onBlur attribute on the textbox, but the textbox never seems to get focus. I suppose I could directly call the javascript function at this point doing ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock or something like that, but that seems sloppy and never works like I want it to.

Posted: Apr 9 09 at 18:52

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Can An Onchange Eventhandler Be Re-used By Invoking Rather Than Clicking?
I'm trying to call/ mimic an onchange function/ event after a user has
clicked a checkbox. In response to which a buncch of other ones need to be
checked as well.

The caveat is that each of those child-checkboxes need to have an onchange
action take place. All of these child-boxes *have* got a working onchange
eventListener attached (thx to an old post of Lasse Reichstein Nielsen).

Following a snip that suggests (or so the debugger suggests) that the
inputElement.onchange is void, so calling onchange becomes a bit hard.
Any suggestions?

inputElement = _row2checkbox[tb.rows[i]["id"]];
inputElement["checked"] = el["checked"];
if (inputElement.onchange) {

I did come up with a work-around but that ivolves some serious trickery.

Posted: July 20th, 2005

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Jquery :: Doing An Onchange Event On A Field In The Parent Window?
I am not sure if this can be done. In the parent window, I have the following line,

<input type="hidden" name="myField" id="myField" value="">

This parent window would open a pop-up window, where it would allow the users to make their own selections. Upon clicking submit in this pop-up window, it would assign the selection to myField in the parent window and then the pop-up window would close. All these are working fine. I put a temporary link on the parent window that would display the value of myField. Upon the closing of the pop-up window, I clicked this link and it showed the correct values. My problem is, I have the following codes in the parent window,

$('#myField').change(function(e) {

The alert box would never display, which means that the change event is not called in the parent window. So, my question is, is it possible to capture the change event on myField in the parent window?

Posted: Sep 24 10 at 15:34

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Jquery :: Catch Onchange Event On Multiple Textbox Field?
HTML code:

<input type="text" name="percentage[]" value="1"/>
<input type="text" name="percentage[]" value="2"/>
<input type="text" name="percentage[]" value="3"/>

I want to be able to catch change event by using JQuery when any of the 'percentage' text fields changes and find sum of all these fields. So, if the value on the first field changes from 1 to 5, I want to be able to display "10".

Posted: Apr 14 11 at 18:55

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Onchange Event For Readonly Or Disabled Field?
In my program, I have GMap logic that outputs location information to
a disabled input field (was previously a label). Then, when a
user clicks on a link (to start a new map), I want to save the location
data to an array prior to server processing. So, onchange, save the
input field's value to array[last_click]. But, because this field is
hidden (or readonly) I am not sure how to go about this.

Posted: September 14th, 2007

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JQuery :: DJango - Populate Input Field On Select OnChange Event?
How can I populate the student name, roll and marks upon selecting the student subject based from select onchange event using jquery.
def add_student(request):
subject = Subject.objects.all()
if request.method == "POST":

Posted: Jul 26 10 at 10:23

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Create An Anonymous Function For Onchange Event Of File Field?
I am trying to create an anonymous function for onchange event of file field, so that when a file is selected, the covering text field gets that value. I know how to accomplish this by adding onchange="", but I'd prefer not do that. The code that I have almost works, except that the function in the for loop can't call on the "i" variable that the loop uses.

for( i = 0; i < source.length; i++) {
source[i].onchange = function() {
name[i].value = this.value;

Posted: Feb 28th, 2010

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Ruby On Rails - Re-render Onchange Of A Text Field?
I am not a computer scientist, but a mechanical engineer by trade. Therefore, I apologize in advance if I do not use the correct words to describe things. I will try my best to be clear. I'm working on a Rails site that displays the power output of a customer's solar power inverter. On the page where the power output is plotted (with javascript) I would like for the javascript (with embedded ruby) on that page to be re-rendered onchange of a text field (which has a date in it). As in when the customer wants to view their power output data for a different date, the javascript for this page will be re-rendered accordingly.

I was originally trying to use render :update and page.replace_html in a controller action that would be called onchange of the text field, but after further research found that this is not considered good practice? Also and more importantly, I couldn't make it work I watched Railscast #136 and am trying to adapt that information to what I need. The page is poweroutput.html.erb. All of my javascript is within script tags in the main html file. The html for the text field element on poweroutput.html.erb is as follows (It does not work):


Posted: Jun 15 11 at 21:17

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Get Old Value With Onchange() Event In Text Box?
I have a text Box and a Value poplulated in it when page loads.Now If user chanegs any thing in text box, then I want to get the Changed Value(New Value) and Old Value.but when I do ELEMENT.value then its giving only changed Value.below is my code

<script type="text/javascript">
function onChangeTest(changeVal) {[code].....

Posted: Dec 15 09 at 20:01

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JQuery :: Html - Onchange() Event - Text-box Doesn't Show Anything
So I have a drop-down list and a text-box:


But it seems that the first time you change the drop-down to "Create a New Group", the text-box doesn't show or do anything, it's only when you select some other value and THEN select "Create a New Group" does the code start to work.

Posted: Feb 23 11 at 15:15

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JQuery :: OnChange Isn't Triggering An Event When Text Is Entered Into A Form
I have this simeple jQuery code:

alert('Handler for .change() called.');
var category = $("#category_name").val();


But for some reason the jQuery does not fire when I enter text into the form field. Here is an example page where this can happen on the bottom right: [URL]

Posted: Oct 17 11 at 21:52

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Jquery :: Changing Password Field To Text With Checkbox
how can i toggle a password field to text and password with a checkbox check uncheck

Posted: Dec 28 09 at 18:18

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Html Text Input Onchange Event?
is there a way to implement an text change event to detect text change on a html input text field? It's possible to simulate this using key events(key pressed etc), however it's really not performant and difficult, is there a better way?

Posted: May 29 11 at 17:47

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Jquery :: Change Text In Selected Box Of A Select Menu OnChange Event?
I have a select menu with option items as code...

When i select a item from the select menu, it displays '--2' in the box. I want only '2' to be displayed in the selected item box. How can i do that?

If i get a solution in jQuery, that would be more preferable.

Note: I don't want the values displayed in the drop down menu to be changed at any moment but the value that is displayed in the select box must not have the '--'(dashes).

Posted: Jan 12 11 at 10:01

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Changing A Bit Of Text Via Field Input?
I'm building a template editor and changing some of the variables.

Part 1.

Only at DEALERNAME. Must present coupon at time of write-up. Cannot be combined with any other offer. 1 coupon per customer per transaction. Expires: 00/00/00.s

I need to be able to fill out two fields to change DEALERNAME and 00/00/00.
I found a way to do this but it required the output to be in a field. I need it the output to look no different than before.

Part 2.

I'm using this to change some text via radio button but I would like an option to select how many details are there is the first place. Say they only want 1 or 2 details and not 3.

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
function detail1a(){
document.getElementById("detail1").innerHTML = "Up to 5 Quarts";


Posted: 08-18-2009, 01:54 AM

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Changing Text Field Values OnClick?
I have a button that needs to increase/decrease the value of a text field when clicked. This code is working in Internet Explorer and Chrome, but not Firefox.


<a onClick="scorebox1 = parseFloat(score1.value); score1.value = scorebox1 - myscore; scorebox1 -= myscore;"><img src="images/minus.png" alt="Subtract Point" border="0" /></a>
<input size="2" name="score1" style="font-size:24px; width:50px; text-align:center; color:#FF0000;" id="score1" value="0" />


Posted: November 15th, 2010, 08:39 PM

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Changing An Input Field To A Text Area?
I work within an application so I can not just code this field as a textarea. I have to work with what the applications renders.

I am trying to use javascript to change an input field to a text area.

I am having trouble just getting started on this. Doesn't anyone know if this is even possible?

Posted: 02-05-2010, 04:26 PM

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JQuery :: DatePicker Text Field Not Changing To Black From Gray Color
I'm working on implementing watermark in datepicker text field (JQuery V1.8.9). I have a datepicker field with watermark set (dd/mm/yyyy). Watermark text displaying in gray color. When I select a date, the text field still having the gray color instead of changing to black color. but, when i key in the date and focus out, it's working fine. Also, this is working fine in Chrome but not with Firefox. I'm not sure the exact cause...

Posted: 22-Feb-2011

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Jquery :: UI Combobox With A Select Onchange Event - The Onchange Doesn't Fire
[URL] I am using jQuery UI combobox with some select boxes like the one in the jsfiddle example above. The onchange attributes are populated dynamically. How do I get combobox to fire the original onchange event?

Posted: Sep 16 11 at 8:38

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Pass A JS Boolean When Changing Text In An Input Field?
How do I pass a JS boolean to hidden CFINPUT field when a user has edited text in a specific input text field?

Posted: Aug 9 10 at 16:39

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