Advanced Password Checker ?

Jun 4, 2011

I want to use this code but there is no step by step instructions.

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Created One Simple Login Form With 5 Fields Namely Username,email Id,password,retype Password And Phone No?

Jul 26, 2011

i have created one simple login form with 5 fields namely username,email id,password,retype password and phone no.i have created alert message for each function,so that when there is an error it displays alert i have to replace all alert messages with inline validation(displays errors beside textbox).



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Code For Simple Login Form Having Fields Username,email Id,password,retype Password And Phone No?

Jul 28, 2011

below is the code for simple login form having fields username,email id,password,retype password and phone no. i have done inline validation forcheckName() .i am not getting for the other fields can u tell me how to do it..



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2 Password Boxes On Same Page Using JavaScript Kit Encrypted Password Generator

Apr 28, 2010

I'm having trouble getting two password boxes to work on the same page, which I created using the JavaScript Kit Encrypted Password Generator [URL].

I've used the code that this generator produces, with some modifications as given by cheesebagpipe [URL]. These changes enable the user to press the keyboard's enter key to submit the password (as an alternative to clicking the submit button), and will also refocus the text box and select the text in it if the user enters the wrong password.

The code works fine on pages with just one box (e.g. [URL]), but what changes are needed to make two work on the same page? (I'm new to web design and clueless when it comes to JavaScript, which I know isn't the most secure method of password protection, but will do for now).

At the moment, on pages with two boxes (e.g. [URL]), neither of the boxes work; this appears in the address bar instead: [URL] ('help!'=whatever has been entered in the text box).

The full code for both boxes is given below.

<div id="passwordBoxes">
<div id="password2">
<form name="password1" onsubmit="submitentry();return false;">
<span class="WhiteLogin">Keyboard classes login</span>


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Validate New Password With Repeat Password Before User Press Submit?

Feb 15, 2010

I want to validate new password with repeat password befor user press submit.

<p align="center">To reset your password, provide your current password</p>
<form id="form1" name="form1" method="post" action="pcq.php">
<table border="0" align="center" class="mytable2" style="margin-left:175px" >


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Make Password Retype Password Field Same?

May 8, 2011

How would you make a password feild and a retype password feild and they have to be the same?

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Password Protection - Encrypting The Password And The Content

Aug 28, 2008

This is a secure solution for password protection with JavaScript. It works by encrypting the password and the content. Nothing is revealed in the source code, and it cannot be beaten by disabling JavaScript.

The download contains three files:

Protect Content.html lets you generate your own protected content.

Demo.html is a protected document, and as long as it remains unbroken, it's your proof that this software works. You can also use it as a template for your own protected pages.

Demo, with hint.html is another protected document that tells you the password. This is meant to show that the first demo is not a trick or a fake.

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Tell Password Function To Have Input Type="password" Onfocus?

Jan 24, 2011

How do I tell my password function to have input type="password" onfocus. I also want the text "Password" to disappear onfocus.


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Resoloution Checker

Mar 10, 2005

Mixture of PHP & JavaScript as you can see.

|Style Chooser |
$style = $_GET['style'];
$res = $_GET['res'];
IF ($style == "") { $style = "v2-green"; }

IF ($res != 1024)
print "
<!-- Begin
function redirectPage() {
var url640 = "?res=640";
var url800 = "?res=800";
var url152 = "?res=1152";
var url1280 = "?res=1280";
var url1600 = "?res=1600";
var urlnorm = "";

if ((screen.width == 640))
window.location.href= url640;
else if ((screen.width == 800))
window.location.href= url800;
else if ((screen.width == 1152))
window.location.href= url1152;
else if ((screen.width == 1280))
window.location.href= url1280;
else if ((screen.width == 1600))
window.location.href= urll600;
else document.write(urlnorm)

// End -->

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Date Checker?

Feb 27, 2006

I not much of JavaScript Developer, I'm a member of the copy and paste JavaScript Generation, so perhaps someone can tell me where I'm going wrong with my function to compare two dates:

if (Date.parse(dt1.value) >= Date.parse(dt2.value)){
alert("Departure Date must be After Arival Date")
return false

return true

The problem seems to be that two date values are been compared as strings, how can I force them to be compared as dates. I thought the Date.parse() function would handle that.

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Simple PostCode Checker - Can't See For Looking

Feb 9, 2009

You're going to look at this code and see straight away what's wrong with it, but I've been staring at it for too long that my brain just isn't reading it right.

It's a basic input, you type in your postcode, if it is in the list of postcodes I entered then it replies with a 'Yes' response, otherwise a 'No' response. Unfortunately it keeps saying 'Yes' to anything that's entered.

Here it is, and apologies again for it being annoyingly simple, you know when you've been looking at code too much and you just can't see the small things anymore. [input type.needed=coffee]

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JS Checkboxes Checker Adaptation For PHP?

Nov 21, 2011

I have good script

<script type="text/javascript">
function chkcontrol(j) {
var total=0;


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Create Random Question Checker ?

Dec 16, 2009

i want to create one java code that do this :

1-one counter is counting 20 to 0.

2-if counter 0 then choose random string between "click one" , "click two" , "click three" and show it.

3-in other table we have three button that name`s are "one" , "two" ,"three".

4-for continue page user must click true button,if user click false button alert "wrong".

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Wanting A Spell Checker For Sites?

May 19, 2010

Visitors enter information in textarea's and form fields and I wish to allow them to have this spell checked before submitting.

What methods are open to me to do this.

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Upto Date Syntax Checker ?

Nov 12, 2010

I have come across javascript lint but it seems to be a bit outdated... is there a more up to date syntax checked for javascript or does javascript lint still do the job?

There are several online tools I have seen but unfortunately these are no use as I need to be able to run it from the command line and (hopefully) be able to import it into vim.

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Online Javascript Syntax Checker

Jul 2, 2002

I have a whole heap of Javascript that I want to compress (by removing line breaks etc). When laid out with line breaks, all works fine. When compressed ... BANG!

I suspect that there is a semi-colon missing somewhere which is only breaking when the return is removed. However, I'd like to run the whole block of javascript through an online validator instead of straining my eyes trying to locate the piece of the script at fault.

Is there such a thing? When I search for 'Javascript validator', I get a whole heap of links to using javascript to validate forms and such like!

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Advanced POP Up Window Functions

Jul 23, 2005

I want to create a popup window that opens when the index.htm page

Within the popup window, I want to create a link to 'more info'.

When this link is clicked, I want the content to load in the main
window, not the popup, and I'd like the popup to close !

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Advanced - Prepopulate Fields Using URL

Jun 18, 2010

I have used a Javascript to prepopulate text fields and checkbox's etc. However I can't make it populate a text area.

Source code below:

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Advanced Form Validation

Dec 8, 2002

Advanced Form Validation Example (

Part I of 3

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">

<title>Advanced Form Validation Script v6.2: Commented</title>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">

<!-- Start Javascript -->
<script language="JavaScript">
<!-- Hide Me

Advanced Form Validation Script v6.2
(C) 2000, 2001 Phoenix Now Inc.

Reproduction of this script is Prohibited
Unless this comment remains

Visit us Online at:

Contact Us at:

### NOTE ###
BEFORE you start to RIP this script appart, make a copy of it.

I have Commented the Areas you can change
and how to change them correctly. The following
denotes the special comment area of information.

## Special Comment Area ##

Set the title of your page, to what you want to be seen in the email.
The document title is used for the email title, and the subThanks window

// Focus the first form element
function focusIt() {

// Redirect the user to a thank you page
function redirectIt() {
window.document.location.replace("thanks.htm"); // ## Change the page name and or location to your thank you page. ##

// Reload the current page.
function reloadIt() {

// Build Thank you window based on form elements.
function subThanks() {
The subThanks page displays information to the sender about what has been sent.
This page also gives them a chance to print a hard copy for there records.
If you wish to change any of the format of this window, becareful, table information is
set in three areas. The first area is in the Variables below, col, cot, coz and brk.
The second area is in the newWin.document.write lines. this area is the top portion of the new
window. It displays a thank you, displays ths user email, the form name, last name and first name,
as well as the top print button. The third and final area, is what is used to generate the rest
of the table. You should not have to touch any of this, as all the cell formatting is done in the
top Variables.

If you change the name value of your First Name, Last Name and Email address, make sure to update
this information here in section two as well. reqRequestor_First_Name, reqRequestor_Last_Name
reqRequestor_Email are all called in the second section.
var bg = 0;
var daHeight = screen.height / 2;
var daWidth = screen.width / 2;
var topPos = 0;
var leftPos = 0;
if (screen) {
topPos = daHeight-200;
leftPos = daWidth-250;
var form = window.document.forms[0];
var doct = window.document.title.toString();
var now = new Date();
newWin ='','thanks','scrollbars=1,width=570,height=450,left='+leftPos+',top='+topPos+'');
newWin.document.writeln("<html><head><title>" + doct + "</title><link rel='STYLESHEET' type='text/css' href='main.css'></head><body bgcolor='#ffffff' text='#000000'>");
newWin.document.writeln("<h1>Thank You!</h1>");
newWin.document.writeln(form.reqRequestor_First_Name.value + " " + form.reqRequestor_Last_Name.value + ", thank you for completing the " + doct + "<p>");
newWin.document.writeln("A Copy of the results below have been emailed to you at <a href='mailto:" + form.reqRequestor_Email.value + "'?subject='" + doct + "' class='mroller' title='Your Email Address'>" + form.reqRequestor_Email.value + "</a>. We sugguest that you print a copy for your records as well." + "<p>");
newWin.document.writeln("<form class='forma'><input type='button' name='print' class='forma' value='Print Doc' title='Print Document' onClick='window.print()'><p>");
newWin.document.writeln("<table width=' cellpadding=&#391;' cellspacing=&#393;' border=&#390;' title='Form Information'>");
newWin.document.writeln("<tr><td colspan=&#392;' bgcolor='#bebebe' class='copy'>" + doct + " Submitted on " + now.toLocaleString() + "</td></tr>");
The below section is the third section for generating the subThanks window.
This section loops over the entire form, and then writes the information to
the new subThanks window. There are some rules to what is shown and what is
not shown in the subThanks window. Everything else is printed to the new window
accept the following.

1. Checkboxes and Radio buttons that are not checked
2. Button Types
3. Hidden fields
4. hidden form objects whos name ='s "=================================================="
This is used for a break, when the loop finds an element with the above equal signs, the
Variable brk is written which is equal to "<tr><td colspan=2 bgcolor=#e6e6e6>&nbsp;</td></tr>";
This break is definded above at line 89
5. The Table is closed when the loop hits a submit or reset button.

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Advanced Rollover - RollBlend

Oct 30, 2002

A very compact rollover only for IE 5+ that allows swapping the images with a transition

<script type="text/javascript">

Rollblend: Rollover + Blending script
Free use of this script is allowed as long as
this message remains intact.

if (document.all)
{document.onmouseover = rlvr;
document.onmouseout = rlvr;}

function rlvr()
if (e.osrc)
if (e.fx){e.filters[0].apply();e.filters[0].play();


<img src="Btn.jpg" osrc="Btn_ovr.jpg" fx=true style="filter:blendTrans(duration=1)"><br>

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Advanced Select Menu?

Jun 4, 2004

I'm looking to create a multiple selection drop down menu that has radio buttons & text. For example

[MENU] <-click

[MENU] <-after click
| (x) Selection one |
| (o) Selection two |
| (x) Selection three |
| (o) Selection four |

so basically, like a <select> except it has radio selections and you can pick several choices. When you select one, that whole row is highlighted (background color of that row changes). Would I use javascript/dhtml for this? I'm guessing so.

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Random Div Placement... (Advanced)

Oct 31, 2011

I believe � can be solved pretty easily by an expert.It's about the script in this thread: http:[url] I can adapt the script to work with multiple div's in one page.

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Create A Real-time Username Checker?

Dec 15, 2010

im currently trying to create a real-time username checker. Once the user enters the username I would like some javascript to run and check whether the username is already in the database, then if it is return 'this is already in use'.Unfortunately I am not able to use ajax.

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Code - Simple Word Checker That Provides A Prompt

Jun 27, 2010

I am trying to finish this small project and seem to run into a snag.

Its a simple word checker that provides a prompt and you input a single word no punctuation or white space and then answer question does begin with vowel and if there are two adjacent vowels.

This is my first javascript:

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Url Checker - Create A Simple Html Page

Nov 10, 2010

I'm trying to create a simple html page, with javascript (NO AJAX!, etc,... ) on it, to let me know if an url (remote file) is online or not.

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JQuery :: Developing Advanced SVG Chart?

Nov 10, 2011

i'm new to jQuery and SVG and my homerwork is to develope ECG chart. It should show data with: - 25mm/s - 50 mm/s - 1mm/mV - 5mm/mv I've decided to use Keith Wood jQuery plugin and have some questions. Is it possible to manipulate with gridlines when using graphing extension? I'd like every full second line to be thicker than the rest. Secondly, length on chart in every resolution should be equal to real length. Or should I make that chart step by step using drawing functions?

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