Name/id Not Updating When Cloning Node

Jan 11, 2006

I'm using a fieldset with a set of form elements as a template, but when I clone the node and try to change the contained element names + ids, they are being set at some point, because I can 'alert' the new names/ids out, but they are not being changed in time to be written to the DOM.

The code is here. Take '?debug' off the address to ditch the alerts.

It's probably a dumb mistake I've made along the way, but I can't see the wood for the trees
Any pointers would be great.

UPDATE: The function in question is 'addDate'. I have a form generated from PHP and I want to clone a group of elements and rename each from 'startTime1[h]' to 'startTime2[h]' etc. but the new elements are keeping the same name 'startTime1[h]'.

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JQuery :: $(node).children().length Is 1 But $(node).html() Causes Exception?

Dec 7, 2011

I have a small question. I am building an AJAX-based content editor and in one portion the following xml tag needs to be processed:<


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Unable To Retrieve The Parent Id Of A Tree Node Whenever It Has A Child Node

Nov 23, 2009

I'm using jsTree-0.9.9a. As a test this is the code i'm using to display the ID

oncreate: function(NODE, REF_NODE, TYPE, TREE_OBJ, RB)
if (TYPE === "inside") {
parent_id = $(REF_NODE).attr('id');

This works fine when the parent has no child nodes, however, when a child node exists nothing is returned.

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May 20, 2006

How I can make clone of a object in my html document?
I want make copy of a div with some data by clickong a buttun

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Cloning Objects By Value

May 29, 2003

Does anyone know of any generic code to clone an object (which only contains properties), which copies by value, not just reference?

It seems as though there should be some sort of prefab recursive function that could work for any old object, so I didn't want to re-invent the wheel Code:

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Cloning - All The Object Boxes - On Add New Row

Mar 18, 2010

I have put together a small script and need to clone all the object boxes so that I can copy from selelct box 2 to textarea 1 after adding new row. I am also looking to copy from autocomplete to the same textarea and have the text fall into the text box on a new line.

See attached code


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Cloning Objects And CSS Id Of Cloned Element

Jul 23, 2005

I use such code to clone blocks:

element = document.getElementById(IdOfElement)
element = element.cloneNode(true)
new_element = document.getElementById(IdOfElement).appendChild(e lement)

Anybody knows how to set id for the new element ? I mean the id which I coud
use in CSS stylesheet for setting css properties of new element.

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JQuery :: Cloning A Table Row And Changing Various Ids?

May 21, 2010

I'm new to jquery so I'm having a bit of an issue cloning a table row and having all of the id's change correctly. I'm able to clone a row with no problem and change the id of the tr after clicking a button by doing this:

var newId = document.getElementById("id").value; // This works because I am using a hidden input for my id $(id).clone().attr("id", "row" + newId).insertAfter("#div_id");// This changes the id of row The problem I am having is when I want to change the other id's inside of the tr. After insertAfter() I'll do the following: .find("span").text("Item" + newId).find("#Item_A" + oldId).attr("id", "Item_A" + newId);

The first .find will change the text with no problem, its when I get to Item_A that it will keep the old id instead of incrementing to the new id. Yes, I am declaring oldId as a variable and assigning it as newId - 1. Any ideas on how to make sure all id's are incremented properly?

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JQuery :: Cloning And Inserting A Table Row

Sep 6, 2009

I've the following html:


And javascript:

javascript Code:

So what I need to do is to simply clone the row, substitute new values from an array and insert it after the last existing row (if array's size more then 1). But this doesn't work! Where is an error?

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Cloning Multiple Form Elements?

Feb 4, 2011

I have a form that I want to clone and add up to 5 duplicates with slight changes. The changes are:

Add a second question and another set of related radio buttons for only the duplicates. Change the title in the Header to increment by 1 ex. Header 1, Header 2...

I also would like to make the form elements "id" and "names" unique. Also, continue to use the add and remove button at the bottom.

I have included my existing code.

NOTE: for a visual, I mocked up the the original form and 1 copy of the fields in the html, not to be used.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
<html xmlns="" xml:lang="en" lang="en">


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Unable To Trigger Event In IE During Cloning?

May 2, 2010

Following is the code which will clone a set of div with their events(onclick) which is working fine for FF but in case of IE it is not firing events associated with each div.

<style type='text/css'>


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JQuery :: Cloning Table Row Witch Contains Datepicker?

Jul 4, 2010

I have table where is one row(lets called it row template().I try to add new row ito the table by cloning template row.Here is my test table:



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JQuery :: Cloning Radio Buttons/names In IE?

Aug 18, 2009

I need to .clone() sections in a dynamic form, but get problems withthe radio buttons in IE.To work as a group, the radio buttons need to have the same name (persection). This is accomplished by changing the name attribute aftercloning a hidden section in a <div>. Easy with jQuery! - and it workswith FF, Opera, Chrome, Safari...IE however, does not allow changing of name attribute dynamically, andtreats all radio buttons across the sections as part of the samegroup!!Does anyone know of a workaround, preferably using jQUery, andavoiding browser sniffing and low-level DOM programming?

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JQuery :: Title Attribute Disappears When Cloning?

Feb 1, 2011

I am using the little tooltip script below. Normally, works fine, except when I clone an element which has a tooltip in it and append it to another element using something like: $("#table tbody").append($("#row").clone(true));.

Now, immediately after cloning it, I use jQuery to alert the title attribute, and it is in the new element. Then, when I view it using firefox, the title is gone, and obviously the tooltip cannot work.

Vertigo Tip by
Requires jQuery


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JQuery :: Cloning A Table Row And Changing Its Form Field IDs?

Oct 26, 2009

I'm writing a dynamic form that allows users to add fields. Thesefields are contained in a table.I have this function to clone the rows (my table has an ID of

function addEventType()


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JQuery :: Table Row Cloning - Remove Data From Row Before Clone

Jan 25, 2010

I am currently using this function to clone rows in my table when a user clicks 'add row'

The problem is, obviously, cloning the row also clones any of the data that the user may have already entered. I need to just clone the elements of the row, not the user entered data. Is there a way to remove all data from a row before it is cloned?

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JQuery :: Cloning Removes Checked Status From Radio Ctrl?

Jun 7, 2011

I have a form where you can enter 1 player's data, press a button and that DIV gets cloned below with same ID names but numbers get augmented (ie firstName_1 in div player_1 becomes firstName_2 in player_2).
My problem now is I have a Gender radio button and that if you fill out the gender question and then press the 'Add Player' button the checked status seems to disappear from the cloner div but is retained in the clonee div.

IE you can set gender_1 to 'Male' in div player_1 (checked with DOM inspector and console logging) but when stepping thru the code in firebug


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Cloning Table Row - Add A Field If The User Wants To Add Another Field

Jul 12, 2010

I got this code off of this site but when I tried to integrate it in my code it didnt work


Then I am trying to clone this:


I am trying to add a field if the user wants to add another field.

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Updating A Table

Jul 20, 2005

I was wondering if anybody could help me out a little. My goal is to
update some information about a system every 2-5 seconds. The
information needs to be displayed in some sort of table, but the size
of the table needs to be able to shrink and grow. The main problem
here is updating the table without refreshing the entire page and
making any clicking noises. I was thinking maybe I can put the table
in an iframe and use javascript somehow to update the iframe whenever

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Updating A Div With Prototype

May 17, 2011

I have <div id ="changeable"> with some html in it. I have a link that calls the function to replace the info in the div. The problem is that the "" file is added to the top of the div and does not replace the content. How do I replace the content, and not just add content?

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Content Not Updating In IE?

Dec 4, 2009

I'm creating a simple auto updating script based on PHP and using jQuery to set the interval to 1000 miliseconds. It works in FireFox, as the only one I've tested so far, but in Internet Explorer (Version 7 right now, didn't test others) it just freezes and doesn't auto update. Doesn't auto update either if I refresh the page, so something's messed up here.I'm using the same way of auto updating on other things, such as a chat-page - works on those in all browsers, so I'm kinda on a lost track here.

Here's the JavaScript/jQuery:
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


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Updating DOM Components

Jan 19, 2006

I've not done much in the way of JS, if really anything other than using before, so this may be me bieng quite m00bish, but I am having problems with my script on a page.

In a nutshell, the script I have currently allows my viewers to make a selection from a drop-down list, and as a result, the embedded WMP object below starts streaming the selected video.

WMP gets the video name from the VALUE= element of each list item.

My aim is that as well as the page starting the selected video, that a paragraph of text will appear under the WMP object based on the selection showing information regarding that video.

I've tried playing with a VAR element, and then using document.write to print the variable name to the screen, but this only writes the value of the variable at the time of page loading, and does not refresh.

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Updating Checkbox Value

Apr 14, 2006

What I am trying to do is assign a value to unchecked checkboxes. To do this I am running a function upon the submission of a form that checks the boxes for a value, and if they are not checked, assigns a value to them. I though I had it working, but for some reason I am getting a syntax error with the line that contains the "else"

My code is as below. The form name is deleterows and the form is dynamic so there can be any number of checkboxes (hence the for loop). Code:

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Updating Div Element

Nov 12, 2004

I'm trying to make a physics program and have run into some trouble when i tried to update the div element by using the document.getElementById("target").innerHTML=c command, its in a loop and is supposed to update through every increment of the loop, but rather it only updates when it reaches the end of the loop. Here's the code:

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Updating The Variable Value?

Oct 23, 2010

I have a slideshow that also has links to allow the user to pick which slide they want to go to. That works okay for the most part, but once the user has selected a slide the slideshow continues to run, which I want to happen, but it continues to the next slide from when the loop function ran initially instead of the next slide in the show from the current slide. I tried recalling the function from the link function, but that really didn't do anything. I least I think that I realize that the function needs to be rerun from the new value of the count variable, but everything that I've tried to make it do that has been a colossal fail.Again I'm a novice here and this has to be written in plain javascript, otherwise I'd have gotten this done via jquery in probably 3 lines of code.

Here's what my code is looking like right now:

<script type="text/javascript">
//preload images


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Updating An Image With Same Src Name

Jan 29, 2010

I've made a simple ajax script that's supposed to update a captcha image. The only part that doesn't work is where the new image replaces the old one on the page. The problem is that they both have the same source name which means that if I just update the image src, or the innerHTML of the div surrounding it, nothing happens, since the image src is the same and so would the innerHTML be.

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