Css Print Styles Conflict With Javascript Precedence

Jul 14, 2007

Basically, I have a div section in my xhtml that I want visible for
print (div {display: block;} in my print css), and visible if somebody
has javascript disabled (therefore also div {display: block;} in my
screen css), but not visible on screen with javascript activated
(i.e., turned off in javascript with div.style.display = "none").

The problem is one of precedence. When displaying the page on screen I
want my non-interactive javascript code to execute after the css rules
have been applied (so I put my javascript within window.onload). But
when a user attempts to print, I'd prefer if the css (for print) were
applied after the javascript. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be
what happens.

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Print Styles

Jul 23, 2005

I need to create a Javascript and when the output is printed, I need to
control the margins of the printed page very strictly, can Internet
Explorers version of CSS do this? Or is there another solution?

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Print The Content Of Div Tag With Styles

Dec 9, 2010

I have a div tag, I want to print the content of it. I have done it using Java Script, but I am not getting the styles applied to different texts or textboxes into printout. I want to get the print with CSS styles. How to do it using Java Script?

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Conflict With Other Javascript In Ie

Dec 27, 2006

I have a js dropdown menu and js slideshow on the same webpage.
The menu dropdowns work great in FF but not in IE 6. The menus in ie
drop down behind the slide show which I do not want. Does anyone know
how I can fix that? Perhaps an iFrame?

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Swap Div Styles With Javascript?

Dec 14, 2005

i'd like to have it so that when stream, playlist, etc... are clicked, the button currently using the #activebutton style changes into #navbutton, and the button clicked changes from #navbutton to #activebutton.

Also, clicking the button will change the z-index of a box containing each particular categories content so that it pops to the front, although i have not tried implementing that part yet. (<-- is there a better way to do that? just wondering).

Anyway, i've been trying to teach myself what to do with the javascript. i can get the activate() function to work if no deactivate() function is defined, but it will only work for one button and then that's it. any ideas?

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Javascript Conflict - Culprit

Oct 21, 2005

I'm trying to combine these two scripts to acomplish a combined effect.
None of my variables are duplicates so that's not the problem. I've
been able to identify the line that breaks the first script - however I
don't know how to fix it. Both scripts work great separately. When I
comment out the 1 line in the 2nd script the 1st script works. And when
I leave the comment out the second one works but not the first. Code:

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Applying CSS Styles To Javascript Rollovers

Jan 19, 2007

Without using CSS styles or linked stylesheets, I need to apply
formatting to text links that use rollover effects.

I can NOT get the underline to show using this technique:

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Javascript Callback/Object Conflict

Sep 2, 2006

I have the following Javascript code

function Obj()
obj.squares = new Array();
Obj.prototype.Load= function(xdoc)
var goat = "head";
xdoc.ProcessNodes("squares/square", function(node)
alert(goat); // <-- this works fine
// do processing on node, create a square

Now the xdoc is another object I have, with a method called
ProcessNodes. The only important thing to know about ProcessNodes is
that it does some things, and calls its second argument (which is a
function) successively.

The problem I am running into here is once I get into the callback
function, "this.squares" is returning null ... even though it has been
initialized to an Array. For whatever reason, its like the object loses
scope when I get into the callback function. For all other intents and
purposes however, the callback function has the same scope as the
calling block (i.e. the goat variable is still accessible).

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XHTML Javascript Image Swap Conflict

Jan 28, 2007

I am using a simple javascript image insertion on my XHTML page, and I have encountered a problem. The Javascript code fails to execute when the doctype is XHTML on Firefox (works on Opera). However, when I simply rename the file with an HTML extension, the code executes on all browsers. Code:

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JQuery :: Can You Affect Click Event Precedence?

Jul 5, 2010

[code]I'd like to click FirstDrilldown and have it display div#SecondDrilldown. Then I'd like to be able to click SecondDrilldown to fire off a different click handler. The problem is that the click handler bound to the FirstDrilldown intercepts the click. I'm fairly sure I could bind and unbind the click FirstDrilldown click event but that's kind of an inelegant solution.Is there just a way to just promote the SecondDrilldown click event to have a greater precedence than the one associated with FirstDrilldown?

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Jul 20, 2005

I use a print link that causes a problem with Opera 7. The link looks
like this <a href="javascript:parent.frames.mainFrame.print()">Print
this page</a>

I also used
<a href="javascript:print()">Print this page</a>

and it also worked with most browsers. I realize that it only works if
you have Microsoft Windows versions for PC but that is what most of
out customers have anyway. I have also noticed that there is a problem
with certain browswers, for example Explorer 4 version but also with
newer browser like Opera 7.01.

I does work perfecly well with Mozilla-compatible browsers but why not with Opera. With Opera it first looks as if it would work, but when you choose print from the
Operating system it prints the wrong frame although i specifically try
to call the right frame. Has anyone found a workaroung or sollution to
my problem.

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JavaScript To Print?

Nov 13, 2003

I've got a client who has a investor presentations that I take from PowerPoint and optimize into jpegs then into a JavaScript slide show.

What I'd like to do is have a button in there that states, 'Print Current Slide' that would allow them to do just that. Problem is, the JavaScript slideshow is in a popup window and I really don't want to have another when they want to print a slide. Also, the optimized jpegs are smaller and not very good print quality.

Could I have my button dynamically select a full sized jpeg on the server and auto print that without actually showing it? So clicking on the 'Print Current Slide' button would tell the script what slide they want to print and to search it out in a directory and automatically send that to the printer?

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To Print With Javascript

Nov 24, 2003

I know this Javascript code prints the current page:

"<a href="javascript:window.print()">IMPRIMIR</a> ";
What I am looking for is to print a page which is not the current one, so I need to address the pointer such as :

"<a href="javascript:file.txt.print()">IMPRIMIR</a> ";
I know it does not work, but you imagine what I mean.
Is there anything similar to try?
In short, I want to print a page which is not the current displayed in the screen with a simple clik on a button or on a hyperlink.

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Print In Javascript

Jun 26, 2007

I am using javascript function window.print to print a page. having a link on the page "print page"

It is working fine.
I need to set the print properties as default such as page format as "landscape" instead of portrait.

Secondly my page contents are on the full page. that way while printing the content goes outside the page. how can i set the page size ?

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Javascript Print Command

Feb 17, 2006

I know this should be kind of easy, but I am very unfamiliar with Javascript.

What I am looking to do is have an image (coupon) that when clicked on,
it either prompts for printing only that image, or pops up a window and
automatically after loading the image in the new window, brings up the
print dialog box. What would you suggest is the best way to do this?

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Javascript:window.print() In Landscape?

Dec 14, 2005

Is it possible to send attributes into this function to change the
print preferences from Portrait to Landscape with IE 6.0 set as the
standard browser? Right now I'm using


as the command.

Clients want it and I want to confirm it's not possible. If I'm using
an old, deprecated process, please give me a heads-up. I'm no
Javascript genius.

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Javascript Can't Print Viewed Information

Mar 11, 2007

I have a printing problem that I'm hoping someone can solve.

I have a small company website that uses javacript under IE5.5. For
web pages that display large lists I used a div to build a simulated

When a user pulls the right slide to move down the table and decides
to print the screen, the printed output shows the information from the
beginning of the table and stop after 13 lines. This often differs
from the "view area" on the client desktop.

Any suggestions how to get the "view area" to the printer?

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Javascript Window.print(); Question

Jan 27, 2006

I've written a Fax Cover Sheet generator web page for the company I work for. The user inputs all the information into a form and clicks 'print'. I do not know CGI, so i've accomplished the tasking using javascript to generate a pop-up window containing the formatted information from the form. However, no matter what I try, I can't get the browser to print the pop-up box instead of the main window. Can someone help me?

Here is sample code that imitates how the real page works:

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Javascript Hangman - Print Out The Result To The Another Text Input?

Jan 18, 2011

I'm trying to create a simple hangman script, i want to enter a letter in the guess box and have it detect whether its in the secret word or not and print out the result to the another text input eg:

guess: b
secret word: b_b___

guess: o
secret word: bob_o____etc...

Here's what I have:


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Print A Web Page With Method Window.print() Without Pages Number And Footer

Jul 3, 2007

I would like to print a Web page with javascript method window.print() without pages number and footer.

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Window.print() - Configure Function To Make It Print A Certain Pixel Only?

Aug 30, 2011

Can I configure this function to make it print a certain pixel only?

Around 500px X 700px Center.


Is it possible?

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Print Link That Doesn't Show The Print Dialog

Apr 7, 2006

I'm trying to create a print link that sends the page to the printer without opening the print dialog box on the browser.

I know that window.print() will open the print dialog and then the user has to click OK.

is there anything that can do this?

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Window.print Doesn't Print Long Page / Fix It?

Jul 21, 2009

I'm facing a different problem.

I'm having a long page where there will be content to be printed.

I'm using the css using media=print to hide all the unwanted contents and using the window.print method to invoke printing.

But when i click the print button it prints only partial content upto a single page and all the remaining contents are discarded.

I wonder what may be the problem!!!

And there's another problem , i've bills to be printed in order but dont want them to be breaking in between pages .(ie a bill should be printed fully if there is enough space at the bottom or should be printed on the next page)

How can i do both of this?

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How Do I Print A Page In IE5 For Mac? Window.print() Doesn't Work

Jan 3, 2002

Hey all. I am currently putting together a test page of mine where a popup window comes up showing a coupon that I will have a link enabling them to print it simply and easily.

For my current code I have a simple <a href="javascript:window.print()"> that works great on both Internet Explorer 5 and Netscape 4/6 on the PC but for some reason, Internet Explorer 5 for Macintosh doesn't do a thing.

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Window.print With No Print Dialog Prompt

Jul 20, 2005

Is it possible to do an ie print from javascript that does not bring
up the print dialog? I'm in a situation where i need to load a
sequence of files into a browser and print all of them without any
user interaction.

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Get Print Preview Triggered By Button Rather Than Just Print?

May 1, 2009

Is there a way to get a print preview triggered by a button rather than just print?

<input type="button" name="print" value="Print" onClick="document.print();">

Unfortunately, the WebBrowser.execWB(7) functionality doesn't work in FF3.

Any idea using good old fashion JavaScript or jQuery?

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