Translate JS Messages

Jul 23, 2005

I need to translate the messages of mine scripts, as I can make
professionally this working with the pair php and javascript?

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Translate From Asp To Script?

Oct 31, 2010

I have 2 functions in asp that I need translated to javascript

the first checks that there is no email in the textbox. the second checks that there is no phone number code...

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Validation With Google Translate ?

Mar 19, 2009

After i setup a module for the Google Translate for my site:[url], I found [url]

then i change the code little bit:

First it was :

Then I made it as:

But still i've 1 error:[url]

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Creating A Function That Will Translate?

May 25, 2009

Write a function translate() that will translate a text into "r�varspr�ket". That is, double every consonant and place an occurrence of "o" in between.

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Translate This Php Code In Script?

May 18, 2011

I need to translate this php code in javascript if possible:

function ShakeIt($string)

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Using Translate To Move Canvas Around (Animation)

Jul 12, 2011

The main one I find is to use translate to move the canvas around, which just seems odd to me. I don't even fully understand how it works. But the one I was looking at used clearRect. In examples given looked as though it had to redraw the canvas every frame. I'm just mucking around with a simple poker game, figured I'd have the table in one layer and anything that moves on a top layer? By doing that I could only clear each card as it moved around...yes?

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Translate '14-04-2009' Into A Julian Date?

Apr 14, 2009

function snippet that would take a date like 14-04-2009 and translate it into a Julian date? This is what I have so far, but it doesn't give the correct result:


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Translate Home Videos To HTML Script To Embed In Website?

Jun 25, 2009

I have alot of home videos I want to put on my website, and it seems that the easiest way to do it would be to embed it onto my website using HTML script. Problem is, I have no clue how to convert in into HTML scrip

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JQUERY :: Translate "window.onerror" ?

Dec 2, 2010

How do you translate this to JQUERY?

window.onerror = ftnJavascriptErrorNotification;

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Get JS Debugging Messages

Mar 4, 2010

I'm finding (like small syntax errors) in my JS/html which are sometimes hard to spot straight away. For example, when coding python on the web, I usually use try: except: and then use the error function to output what went wrong on the webpage.

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IE Gives Warning Messages?

Jul 4, 2011

IE browser (even IE8) is giving warning when I open a webpage with JavaScript in it. I can of course close the warning but since I am developing webpages that will be deployed and used by customers, customers will get the warning messages too. How do I design webpage that don't popup ActiveX warning message on customer browser when they open pages with JS in it?

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Alert Messages + Counters

Dec 14, 2005

I was wondering if it was possible to have a variable count down in a
window.confirm dialog box. Like the type of message some systems have
to log users out automatically.

E.g "You will be logged out in x seconds. Do you want to stay logged
in. Yes No"

where the x value would count down and if they didn't press yes then
they would be redirected to another page to log then out.

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Make New Messages Appear At Top Of Chatbox?

Oct 5, 2009

how can I make it hold only X amount of messages then after X amount of messages it just removes the last one.This isn't all the code but I figure it has to be something within this code that I have to change. If you want to look at the source code to go [URL] and take a look there.

//Function for initializating the page.
function startChat() {
//Start Recieving Messages.


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Randomize Script Between A Few Messages

Feb 25, 2006

but i need one to display 1 text massage of, lets say, 5 whole messages, randomized.

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Prompt Box With Mutiple Messages

Aug 31, 2006

I'm trying to make a prompt where if a person types in their username, according to the name it will play a hello message with their name and have their own background.

The script so far looks like this, but I'm trying to make it work.

<script language="JavaScript">
name=prompt("Please Enter Your Name"");
if (name == "Ex1")
document.write("<html><head><title>Welcome " + name + "</title></head><body><EMBED src="sound1.ram"><h1>Hello, " + name + "</body></html>");
if (name == "Ex2")
document.write("<html><head><title>Welcome " + name + "</title></head><body><EMBED src="sound2.ram"><h1>Hello, " + name + "</body></html>");
if (name == "Ex3")
document.write("<html><head><title>Welcome " + name + "</title></head><body><EMBED src="sound2.ram"><h1>Hello, " + name + "</body></html>");

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'Error On Page' Messages - IE Only...

Oct 27, 2010

'Error On Page' messages, IE only.. I need badly to get rid of these error messages. i'm showing my sites to potential employers. When clicking on the ! icon, the so-called 'Details Page' is too cryptic to be of help usually. the line numbers do not correspond to the JS's line numbers (i'm using BBEdit).

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JQuery :: Fade In/out Dynamic Messages?

Jan 21, 2010

I am trying to fadeIn error message received from the server.Here is the code:$("#" + RowID + "> TD:nth-child(4)").append("<err class='error'>" + err.Message + "</err>").fadeIn(1000);But the fadeIn() does not seem to work, it shows the message straight away courseI am missingsomethinghere, probably the append() and fadeIn() do not go hand in hand.

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JQuery :: Disable Error Messages At All?

May 3, 2009

Is it possible to disable showing error messages in jquery.validate plugin at all?

I just need to aply css error class, not to see error messages anywhere.

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Why Messages Shown On Loading Form

Nov 23, 2010

When I have this form loading its loading both messages when I told it to hide it and don't know why. I looked inside the source code of the form and it's not saying the jquery function is involved.

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {
$('div.message message-error').hide();
$('div.message message-success').hide();
$("input.submit").click(function() {
$('div.message message-error').hide();
var divisionname = $("input#divisionname").val();
if (divisionname == "") {
$("div.message message-error").show();
return false;
} .....

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Understand Messages In The Error Console?

Feb 13, 2011

What can I do to find out what the errors in the error console mean?

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Query :: Pass Messages Between 2 Files?

Jul 30, 2010

I have 2 java Servlet files EmpRecord & Delete. Employee has a button of delete, on clicking will be redirected to Here the record will be deleted. Now, I want to redirect back to where the message "Record deleted" will be displayed. How can I pass the message from to to display the message?

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Closeable Divs For Site Messages?

Feb 20, 2010

Looking to have a div on my page that will give the user some tips or help for that specific page.There should be a "dont show me again button" so the div will dissapear and the user wont see it again..What is the best way to approach this?Ajax calls, cookies, session variables, storing info in mysql?. Im developing in PHPIve heard a lot of different ways but looking for the best way..

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Display Messages Without Browser Refresh

Jul 8, 2005

What is the simplest/easiest way to display messages from another
script without refreshing the browser.

I have a server side script that dumps messages like.

echo "received fn123.tar";
echo "moved fn123.tar"
echo "received fn567.tar";

I can dump the above messages into a file if necessary so
many clients can read it. Want a client like below

I want to display the above messages at the bottom of many other
other pages at the bottom as I receive the files.

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JQuery :: Validation Plug-in - Set Russian Messages For All?

Sep 24, 2008

I'm using validation plug-in in our application for customers fromRussia. I need to set russian messages for all customers from allplaces in the world. How can i do that? Messages are in "localzation/

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JQuery :: Validate Plugin Error Messages?

Jul 21, 2011

I'm new to using jquery and I have a question regarding the validate plugin. How can I make the error messages appear where I want them? Right now they appear to the right of the input field but I'd like them to appear below it or wherever i'd like

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Using Bitwise Operators To Post Different Alert Messages

Aug 25, 2004

I have been looking for a way to give something back to this forum as it has helped me greatly, and I am hoping that this might be of value to someone.

Basically I was just tired of consistantly commenting and uncommenting out alerts in my code so I wrote some code that would allow me to keep my alerts and only show them when I wanted to, and only the types of alerts I wanted to show.

I thought that using bitwise operators would give me the flexibility to specify different options and a quick way of finding out what options were wanted. There are other ways of doing this of course, and this is one approach.

The bitwise OR operator "|" says if one of the two vars has the bit set, then set the bit.
the bitwise AND operator "&" says if both of the two vars has the bit set, then set the bit.

It starts with my bitwise values:

var NONE = new Number(0);// 00000000
var ALL = new Number(1);// 00000001
var INFO = new Number(2);// 00000010
var LOCAL = new Number(4);// 00000100
var PARAM = new Number(8);// 00001000
var COUNT = new Number(16);// 00010000

These values are really important. Earlier I used 0 through 5 and because of the way bitwise operations work, COUNT was equivelant to ALL and PARAM. what you are doing is blending bits and then getting a value. So, in the 0 through 5 approach, COUNT was 00000101 (5). When I OR'd ALL with PARAM I got 00000101 which was a result of 00000001 with 00000100 (4)! So be really careful if you go this route to double check that no combination of vars will equal other vars.

In our constructor we get the value thus:

function FormCheckBase( objForm, blnStateIsDebug, sCulture )
this.Form= eval('document.' + objForm);
this.Debug= new Number( blnStateIsDebug );
this.Culture= new String( sCulture );

with this call:

objFrm = new FormCheck( 'FormName', INFO | LOCAL | PARAM, sCulture );

Then in the instance methods of the FormCheck class, I wrap my alert boxes.

if ( this.ShowErrorAlert( this.PARAM ) ) // or whatever other value you want.
alert( sWhoAmI + "iArrayLength: " + iArrayLength );
alert( sWhoAmI + "blnBlank: " + blnBlank );

ShowErrorAlert does a bitwise "AND" to see if we have a match. We are also testing for ALL, and if that is passed originally, we are returning a true to show the alert.

FormCheckBase.prototype.ShowErrorAlert = function( iAlertBit )
var bitCompareResult = new Number(0);
var showMe = new Boolean(false);

bitCompareResult = (this.Debug & this.ALL);
showMe = ((bitCompareResult == this.ALL) ? true : false );
alert( showMe );
if ( showMe == true )
return showMe;

bitCompareResult = (this.Debug & iAlertBit);
showMe = ((bitCompareResult == iAlertBit) ? true : false );

return showMe;

I also did a couple of helper functions that would change the Debug var before I went into a method and reset it after I was done. Sometimes you might not want every single method to start showing alert boxes. So I did a SetDebugBits that sets the value of Debug and GetDebugBits that gets the current value of Debug. Call GetDebugBits first to store the current value, then call SetDebugBits to set it to whatever you want to use, and then make another call to SetDebugBits with the original value to set it back.

We mostly call our FormCheck constructor with the value of NONE, and then work on a method by method basis as we have lots of methods in the class.

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