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JQuery :: Vertical Menu Plugin Recommendation?

Can any one recommend a vertical menu plugin that could be used in a sidebar. I've used Superfish, but I don't care for fly-outs and would prefer a collapsable version that drops straight down on click or mouse over.

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Cascading Menu Recommendation
Not sure if this has been covered ( a google search came up pretty

I have a site that:
- has multi-level cascading menus
- floats center of the browser window
- Will have fairly heavy Safari and Firefox views (~25%)

Finding a cascading menu is easy, I trip over about half a dozen of
those a week. The problem is when you maximize on a big screen in
firefox, some pages will lose the right-hand side scrollbar. Because
the cascading menus float along with the page, the "distance from
center" most cascading menus use is off by hte distance of what would
be hte scroll bar.

Does anyone know of a cascading meu that does NOT have this problem
(i.e. center foating screen, menus dont knock off when the browser is
maximized in Firefox?

Posted: July 23rd, 2005

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JQuery :: Sortable Table Plugin For Rails 3 Recommendation
Inside a Rails 3 app, what jQuery plugin for sortable tables / grids would you recommend that satisfies these conditions:[code]I've been looking over the jQuery Grid Recommendations, and also this article about 15 Great jQuery Plugins For Better Table Manipulation but there are many alternatives, and some even outdated.I paid closer attention to DataTables, even tablesorter, as good candidates, but how is the dual licensing working? If it says Dual licensed under A or B licenses.can I choose to respect only one of the 2 licences (the more permissive one)?

Posted: Apr 8 11 at 15:52

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Vertical Menu - Height Of The Second Level Menu Results In Their Being Gaps In Between Each Menu Item
The problem is that the height of the second level menu results in their being gaps in between each menu item so that as you move your mouse down the second menu items it quickly closes again. scripting novice fix this by telling me which variable I need to change either in the Java script or the CSS files.

Posted: 06-03-2009, 11:03 AM

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New JS Vertical Menu Up - Set The Menu To Automatically Expand On Mouse Rollover Instead Of Click?
How can I set the menu to automatically expand on mouse rollover instead of click? Here is the code as it stands right now:

$(document).ready(function () {
$('img.menu_class').click(function () {

Second Question: For some reason, the menu is appearing behind a table row when it expands, thus hiding a good portion of the menu. Here it is: [URL]

Try clicking on 'Products & Services', and then clicking on "Centerfire Rifle Suppressors" from the dropdown menu. When it takes you to that category page, click the menu again and you will see that the menu hides behind the <h1> table row.

Posted: 05-06-2010, 10:54 AM

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JQuery :: Slide-down Vertical Menu?
This is my HTML code:


<div id="vnav">
<a href="index.php">Home</a>


It's basically a vertical list of links, with more specific links hidden inside categories. When you click a category, the specific links should slide down. This is the JS/jQuery part:


<script type="text/javascript">
function slidey() {
$("#vnav ul li ul").slideDown("slow");


so the problem here is that when you click a category, it expands ALL sub-categories and it's supposed to just expand the sub-categories related to the section clicked.

Posted: February 26th, 2010, 05:03 PM

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Jquery :: Create A Vertical Menu Using It?
How can I create a page like this?

When I click a link in the left side menu a page must be loaded in the content area, but the whole page must not load.

How to do this using jquery is there any plugin to do that?

Posted: Jul 25 10 at 14:45

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JQuery :: Superfish Vertical Menu Blues
I'm using the Superfish vertical menu to develop an online book. My vertical menu which consists of chapters and sections place on the side of my page, and is long enough to show all of the main items. However, as the chapters get lower in the page, the submenu items (my section names) get cutoff (there's not enough room to show all subitems for the final 2 chapters). So, I guess I have 2 questions:

1) Is there some sort of option to tell Superfish to realize "Hey, not enough room for the menu, so I need to move the submenu up higher" and if not

2) Could someone give me some direction as to how I might be able to move "up" a few of my submenus by diving into the code? In other words, instead of the first item in my submenu visually matching up with the main option, have the 3rd or 4th visually matchup, thereby giving me the extra space needed when close to the bottom of the page.

Posted: 12-Apr-2011

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Jquery :: Code - Vertical Accordion Menu ?
I'm working on one site and I need vertical accordion menu the same like on [url]. Does anybody have some advice how to do that in JQuery or code that he/she wrote ?

Posted: Oct 21 10 at 10:21

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JQuery :: 3 Level Vertical Accordion Menu
I've been looking around for a couple of hours for a 3 level vertical accordion menu. Something like this: [URL]. Something really simple is enough, but I cant get anything to work with 3 levels. Can anyone provide me with a jquery snippet to get me started? I've tried using
But it hides the submenu as well, not just the current children.

Posted: Oct 4 11 at 20:09

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JQuery :: Collapsible Vertical Menu - How To Target Next Element
I have a following menu that I'd like to be collapsible.
<ul id="#menu-sidebar">
<li>Menu item 1
<ul><li>Menu item 1.1</li>
<li>Menu item 2
<ul><li>Menu item 2.1</li>
This collapses and expands them, but of course all at same time.
$('#menu-sidebarli ul').hide();
I've been trying to experiment with the .next() trying to get the next ul li ul element but with little luck.
$('#menu-sidebar li ul').hide();
$("#menu-sidebar li").click(function(){
$("#menu-sidebar ul li").next().toggle();

Posted: 12-Sep-2011

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JQuery :: Superfish: Vertical Menu With Horizontal Submenu?
I'm wondering how to modifiy the vertical menu of superfish to let the submenu appear horizontal next to the parent menu element:123 3a 3b 3c45I just spent some hours searching on Google andplayed around with the CSSbut could not manage to fix it.

Posted: 16-Nov-2011

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JQuery :: Vertical And Horizontal Tab Menu In A Single Page?
I am using both horizontal and vertical tab menu's in a single page. And on click of horizontal tab should select the corresponding vertical tab and along with the data linked to vertical data will be displayed in different div on the page. I am stuck with how to poputale these using jquery.

Posted: 07-May-2009

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Jquery :: Make Nested Vertical Menu With Accordion?
to a good example on how to implement nested vertical menu using jQuery accordion? Something like here (at the left of the page, starting from third item), but nested. There is no example of nested structure in Accordion docs on some reason.Or may be there is a good jQuery component on organizing vertical nested menus I somehow missed (whatever based, not necessarily accordion)? I beleive there should be one

Posted: Mar 25 10 at 10:01

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Jquery :: IE Adding A Vertical Space After First LI In A Very Simple Menu?
I have a problem with IE (am I alone ? he, he). I produce a list with a background. The first LI and last LI are 5px high, and others LI are 16px high. IE makes a blank space between the first LI and the second one.Naturally, FF & Safari work fine. I tried many things without result. But I don't know how to manage it.


Posted: Feb 5 at 16:24

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Jquery :: CSS Vertical Navigation Menu With Horizontal Sub Menus?
I'd like to create a navigation menu like this:

|main-item2| |sub-item1| |sub-item2| |sub-item3|

what I see now is this:

|sub-item1| |sub-item2| |sub-item3| |main-item3| |main-item4|

I've found another question like this here on stackoverflow, but I couldn't manage to adapt the code.The html code I have is this:

<ul id="mainmenu">[code].....

It would be ok to use some jquery plugin, also because I'd like to add some effect on hovering, but I thought it was better to align everything with css first.

Posted: Jul 21 at 11:43

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Add 3rd Level To Vertical Menu?
I would like to use the menu that is linked below. I implemented it on my website but I discovered that it can only go 2 levels deep. I would like it to go one more level and I think that would be done in the javascript but I can't tell for sure. Could someone steer me in the right direction? [URL]

Posted: 05-03-2010, 06:28 PM

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Vertical Menu Falling Off In IE
I am a newbie to Sitepoint, and relatively new to CSS and JS. I am using a script from Dynamic Drive and have posted this on their forum as well, with no luck. The menu looks great in every browser but IE. When you hover over the parent page and the child pages show up, they go away when you start to scroll down. But if you scroll really slow, they stay up. I am trying to avoid re-doing the whole thing. Both the CSS and the HTML are below. The site is


Posted: Apr 17, 2010

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Vertical Reveal Menu
I've been working on a vertical reveal menu. Right now it
works ok with CSS. But what i'd like it to do is when you mouse over,
reveal the menu and have that menu stay open until the user mouses
over another menu item. Right now it's a bit jumpier than i'd like it
and would like to basically have it stay open on a mouse out event,
again until it hits another menu item. Code:

Posted: Aug 4, 2007, 10:22

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Jquery :: Plugin For 2-colomns Vertical Tabs
There are lot of plugins available for jquery tabs, but what I am looking for is vertical tabs.

That is, in only two columns where the first column has vertical tabs and second column has content.

Posted: Feb 22 at 5:01

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JQuery :: Making Vertical Superfish Menu Drop Left?
Is there anyway to make a vertical super fish menu drop left? I have positioned the menu on the right side of the page so, I need sub-menus to drop left. Is this possible?

Posted: 17-Jul-2009

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JQuery :: Vertical Navigation Menu - White And Grey One On The Left
I'm looking for a menu like the white and grey one on the left of the following page [url] how to find something similar to use?

I don't mind about the bottom box containing the link description, I don't think this would help the navigation...

Posted: 17-Oct-2011

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JQuery :: Vertical Menu/accordion With Hover() In Internet Explorer
What I want to do is pretty simple, so I'd rather not bloat my app with jQuery UI or some plugin.

I have a menu structure like so:

I have it styled so the "sub-<ul>" is hidden.

This code works perfectly on both Firefox and Chrome, but surprise surprise, Internet Explorer fires the "mouseout" event when the mouse is over the sub menu:

So in IE7, when the submenu is displayed, as soon as I try to select an item in it, the menu slides up again.

Update: I was just able to try IE8 and it works fine too. So it's just IE7 (and probably 6 but I can live with that).

I also tried using hoverIntent, which claims to ignore events on children, but it doesn't work either.

Posted: Feb 25 11 at 20:21

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Jquery :: Sliding Vertical Navigation Menu For Responsive Websites
Has anyone seen a full vertical page navigation menu in jquery that is hidden until the user pulls on the page with their index finger from left to right to reveal the navigation? I've seen a lot of mobile applications do this (Gmail for iPhone, facebook for iphone, mail for ipad) but I thought it would be great to extend this same experience to a "responsive" design for a site I'm building so when the resoltuion is reduced based on the mobile size, the user could interact with the menu like more mobile apps are trending towards now.

Also, the idea could also extend to the "menu" button approach, when pressed it would reveal the hidden navigation, but the user could simply pull the page to the right to reveal the navigation as well. Here's a screen from the new gmail mobile app google relesently released.

Posted: Nov 17 at 21:39

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Jquery :: Create A Menu Navigation Sort Of Like Tab's But With Vertical Buttons?
I am trying to create a menu navigation sort of like tab's but with vertical buttons.. When I start the page, the first li class is removed and when I click any other link nothign happens other then my content div's being shown..


Not sure what I am missing here.. Maybe its cuase I just woke up and still on my first cup of coffee.. ;)

Posted: Jan 3 11 at 15:17

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