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How To Detect A Paste Action On A Textbox?

Is this possible with Javascript in anyway? :)

View 13 Replies (Posted: December 2nd, 2006)

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Detect Paste In Input Box
I have a input box, and I would like to use vbscript or javascript (no jquery) to capture the paste event.

Posted: Mar 27 11 at 16:14

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Detect A Paste Event In A Contenteditable
given a content editable div. How can I detect a paste event, prevent the paste from being inserted so can I can intercept and sanitize the paste to include text only? I also don't want to lose focus after the paste + sanitize is complete.

Posted: Nov 19 11 at 0:15

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Jquery :: Get Textbox Value In Mouse Paste Event
I would like to get the value from textbox when I click right-click > paste.

That's code doesn't complete my solution.

Posted: Jan 7 11 at 7:01

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Autocopy And Paste Data From A Page To A Textbox?
I would like to have an autocopy and paste data from a page to a textbox...Like if a webpage has the details like receive from: and receive to:, can this text be autocopied to a textbox on a click of a button? the text box is place on another webpage, so there are basically two webpages, 1st page is where the data to be copied is contained while the 2nd webpage is where the textbox is contained. the data to be copied on the 1st page are the contents of received from: and recieved to: like receive from:edward receive to:jacob. So with a click of a button I would like the contents receive from:edward receive to:jacob be copied and pasted on the text box from another page

Posted: 04-25-2011, 04:49 PM

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Jquery :: Get Events On Delete And Paste In Textbox?
I am using jquery on mvc. I have textbox on page and I hooked up handler for keyup event of textbox. When user deletes the text or pastes text into it, i do not get the handler called.

Posted: Jun 18 10 at 14:35

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Detect Pasted Text With Ctrl+v Or Right Click -> Paste?
How to detect what text the user pastes in textarea with JS?

Posted: Jul 9 10 at 9:49

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Event - Detect Pasted Text With Ctrl+v Or Right Click -> Paste
Possible Duplicate: Detect pasted text with ctrl+v or right click -> paste I'm coding a js editor now. I want to do something (detect pasted text, etc.) just after the paste.

Posted: Dec 26 10 at 1:56

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Jquery :: JS Bind "paste" Event Handler To Input Textbox?
Allright, SO i have an input box and I need to do things everytime it changes, I am having trouble doing it for mouse paste. Here is the code I have

$("#attack-navy"+unit.ID+"-number").bind('paste', function(){
alert("paste detected");

the getMaxCapacity() function return number entered * 30 for now;

Here is the scenario when

1: I paste 3, it will not change (i still see the alert)

2: Then when i paste 5, it will be 90(3 * 30)

3: Then if i paste 10 it will be 150(5 * 30), and so on.

I think its doing the handler before the paste actually occurs. what I can do? (.change will not work, it must happen as soon as u paste)

Posted: Mar 11 at 21:55

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JQuery :: Mouse Paste Binding Won't Fire - UI Autocomplete - Keyboard Paste Is Fine
My paste catch trigger for autocomplete works fine for Ctrl-V. If using right click/paste, however, it will not trigger autocomplete. The paste event does fire with both keyboard and mouse, but for some reason it's not triggering the autocomplete, but again - Only with the mouse paste.

Posted: 07-Jul-2011

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Jquery :: TinyMce Paste Plugin Word Content Paste Not Working In IE
I am using tinymce with jquery and enabled paste plugin to copy paste content from word documents. But after pasting content and doing some formatting, this saved text does not show up well in IE. It seems that tinymce adds following html code in it, removing which it works well with IE.


Posted: Nov 23 at 13:59

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Detect Post Action In A Form
I want to do something when a form is submitted.

var ispostaction = false;
$("#myform").submit(function () {
ispostaction = true;

When the form is submitted the .submit(function ()) is not called. Is there anything wrong that I'm doing? I have the form id as myform


Posted: Nov 27 11 at 17:23

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Detect When A Day In A Jsp Calendar Is Clicked (selected) And Do Some Action?
I was searching for a way to update some variable in the Stripes Action (say it selectedDate) when a user clicks a specific date(lets say 11/15/2011) I wanted selectedDate to be updated (may be by binding the field with the selected day) and the page to be refreshed or displayed again. I might consider using ajax (instead of refreshing the page) for this purpose in the future.

If possible, I would like to create a method (that may return a Resoulution) in the ActionBean to display the page again.

FYI: I couldn't decide between <calendar:calendars> and <tags:calendarWidget>. I will consider the simplest one for now. Give me your recommendation.

Posted: Nov 23 11 at 16:50

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JQuery :: Detect No Action For 'x' Minutes And Run Function On That Event?
How to detect that user have done nothing for 'X' minute and run function on this event?[code]...

Posted: Aug 11 11 at 13:28

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Jquery :: Why Paste Event - Fires On Pre-paste
I am trying to make textbox similar to the Twitter, for this i have written code for Word CountUsed Events Change, Keyup and PasteKeyup and Change Events are working fine but paste event is little bit strange, when i paste something in textarea the word count doesn't change at that moment, after some debugging i found that paste event fires up before pasting something on textbox. I don't know how they handle this in Twitter.

Here is my code:

Due to pre-paste nature of paste event the work count doesn't changes on that instance.

Posted: Dec 19 11 at 6:46

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Making Check Box/textbox Invisible/visible Depending On User Action?
Basically, i have a past and present checkbox, start date and leave date. Now if the user clicks on the "present" checkbox i want the leave date checkbox to vanish and if clicked again i want to re-appear..Take a look at this page:-http:[url].....

now you can see at the moment i have the checkboxes past, present and 2 text boxes beneath. Can i do this?

Posted: Oct 31, 2009

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Javascript To Detect Textbox
I am wondering if any of you Javascript experts can enlighten me on
which event to call. The use situation is that the tetxbox field is
populated from the DB and the add/update and delete will work only when
a textbox for reason for change is entered. This mean if a user simply
type in the same value as before, the ASP.NET textbox will be marked
with changed. But it should not limit that a user can not change the
whole value in the textbox at all.

I have looked at keyup, mousedown, etc. but it will calling the
function after every key is entered and that is what I don't want to

Posted: August 29th, 2006

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JQuery :: Detect When Textbox Value Changes?
I have a 2 textboxes. In the first I type an unique id for a customer. When I tab out of this textbox it fires a query to my DB and fills the second textbox, which is the customer type.

When the value of the second textbox is updated from the DB (i.e. the value 'changes' from "" to the retrieved value) I want to grab that value and send it as a parameter to my second DB query.

I don't always know how long the first query takes to update the second textbox, so I want to perform the query once the value in the second textbox changes.

Looking at the jQuery .change() event, it appears it only fires when the textbox loses focus, yet in my design, the textbox never gains focus.

Ideally it would be great if I could detect when the second textbox value changes and then fire my 2nd query.

Posted: Jan 20 11 at 14:51

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Detect Url From Textbox Like Facebook?
I am working on mvc3 application. in this I have a textarea where user can write url and paste url from that my code fetch url details on button click.

But I want to implement it like facebook. In facebook when we write some url it automatically fetch url details,

I tried keyup function but it will continuously checking input url.

$('#urlinput').keyup(function () {
//alert("something is here!!");
if (!isValidURL($('#urlinput').val())) {


what I find in facebook is that when we write url followed by space it will fetch details of url and when we paste url in textbox it will fetch details of url. How can I implement like this?

Posted: Nov 8 at 8:28

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JQuery :: Paste Event - Get The Value Of The Paste
I am trying to fix a bug in WYSWYG (NicEdit). When I copy and paste from a site it pulls the styles and elements that are in that copy ~ all I want is just the plain text.

So I am starting a script that can be used to override the paste in the textarea and strip the copy to plain text.

This is what I have so far (it's just a start):

So, when I paste in a texarea right now there is an alert that says "paste". What I want is to get the data in the paste and then strip it to plain text - then paste it in the textarea.

Posted: 22-Feb-2009

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Forms - Able To Detect When Any Character Is Entered Into A Textbox
i need to be able to able to detect when any character is entered into a textbox in Javascript, and clear another corresponding textbox. I have used the onfocus method for this but when tabbing between textboxes to get to submit, it removes the data and I don't want it to. What methods are there I can use to trigger a JS event when a textbox is entered into?

Posted: Oct 12 10 at 13:26

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Want To Detect Textbox Change Event From Script
I have a textbox server control. I am modifying the value of textbox from javascript i want to detect when the textbox text is changed. I tried onchange event which gets called on lost foucs when the text changes. But in my case i an changing text from Javascript. how can i achieve this?

Posted: Apr 26 11 at 6:30

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Jquery :: Preventing Default Postback Action When User Presses Enter While Textbox Control Has Focus?
In ASP.NET, I am preventing default postback action when user presses enter while textbox control has focus. See the following piece of code

if(e.keyCode == 13)


This code works fine. But if I uncomment the alert function call then page post does not stop.

Posted: Oct 7 10 at 13:46

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Jquery :: Detect Whether Text Has Been Cut And Pasted Into A Textbox On A Webpage?
Is it possible using some sort of client side code to detect cut and paste?

The only solution I can think of is to constantly get the text length and if it changes drastically over a certain period, then assume text was pasted.

Posted: Aug 6 10 at 2:32

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Call Submit Action Using SimpleFormController Of Spring But Action Calling Only HandleRequest But Its Not Calling The Onsubmit Action?
I am trying to call submit action from javascript using simpleFormController of Spring but action calling only handleRequest but its not calling the onsubmit action

Posted: Feb 1 10 at 10:34

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