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Controlling HTML SELECT Vertical Scroll Bars

The problem I'm trying to solve is that the
designer would like to limit the total number of entires shown when
you click on the drop-down arrow of a select box. I'm starting to
think that this isn't possible.

I've tried the following with no luck:

- Setting the height attribute on the select element
- Setting a style height for the select attribute
- Modifying the same through Javascript
- Setting the style overflow-y to scroll
- Setting the size of the select element

At some point in my browsing someone claimed that the vertical scroll
bars are controlled by the OS/Browser and there are no ways to change
this using JS or CSS. That the magic number of IE is 30 entries before
the vertical scroll bar shows up.

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Disable Vertical Scroll Bars
is there any way to disable or lock vertical scroll bars on a browser
window? im a newbie and i just don't want them to appear on my screen.
sometimes they appear on IE but not on mozilla.

Posted: July 20th, 2005

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Change Vertical Scroll Bars In Horizontal Site?
I've created a single-page horizontal scrolling site that shows a single section at a time. Each section has a different amount of content and different heights. Currently the scroll the vertical scroll bar accommodates for the longest section in the site. Which is totally expected.

What I am trying to do

I want the vertical scroll bars to be relative the current visible section. So there would not be excessive vertical scrolling on a short section. I hope this makes sense, I've seen it before but can't find an example online. [code]...

Posted: Nov 15 11 at 1:06

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Menu And Scroll Bars - Remove The Address And Tool Bars
I have this script on my html page: <script language='javascript'>parent.resizeTo(550,510);</script> I'd like to add to it so it positions the window in the middle of the screen. Also, I want to remove the address and tool bars (I've managed to hide the scrollbars by using body{overflow:hidden;}). I know how to do this using JS upon opening a new window from the browser but this needs to work from clicking a link on a PDF.

Posted: Apr 14 10 at 14:20

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JQuery :: Get Two Vertical UI Progress Bars Next To Each Other ?
I have two progressbars using jQuery UI in single div (by subdividing the div). I also managed them to draw vertically using a modified version of the jQuery UI progressbar code (drawn from this forum thread). But they don't get drawn next to each other as expected.

Here's the code where I'm setting them up:

How can I style them so that they show next to each other?

Posted: Dec 7 at 13:24

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JQuery :: Add A Vertical Scroll In HTML Code?
I'm getting a struggle here to get a vertical scroll working. Here is the HTML/JQUERY code


Posted: Apr 28 11 at 14:21

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Scroll Through A Div By Dragging And Not By Using The Scroll Bars?
I am working on a project that uses a touch-screen interface. I have a div inside of a smaller div, so the smaller div has scroll bars to access the rest of the first div. Here is the basic code for it.

height: 100px;
width: 100px;[code]....

Using javascript, I would like to be able to scroll through div2 by pressing (since it is a touch screen) an unoccupied part of the screen and dragging along the div. Basically, the scroll feature would behave the way google maps does when you click and drag in it.

Note:In terms of mouse actions, pressing is equivalent to clicking here, just to be clear.I am also working in Firefox only, so cross-browser compatibility is not an issue.

Posted: Aug 2 11 at 15:16

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Detecting Scroll-bars On DIV
I having a wrapper DIV (certain width say 400px) and i have some child DIVS which i want to add to it. And i want it to have a maximum height of 600px say.

I DONT want the wrapper DIV to have vertical scroll bars so i would like to add as many child DIVS (which contain text of indiscriminant length) until i can somehow detect that the wrapper has overflowed (ie the scrollbars have been implemented !) if it has then remove the last one and dynmically create a new DIV, and continue the cyclw until exhausted of child DIVS. Code:

Posted: 07-22-2004, 01:34 PM

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Datagrid That Uses Scroll Bars ?
I am looking for a Javascript Datagrid that will populate based on database driven data, but also allows the data in the list to scroll sepereately from the Header. This is so I can allow users to sort data without making another database call on each sort.

For instance, I have used this Javascript and it looks and works great, except the header scrolls with the data....


That works great with dynamic database data....but the header dissapears when using a scroll bar.

I am looking for something that works like this, but is not ajax and does not query the database with each sort. [url]

See how the data scrolls, but the header stays put? The pagination onthat example is not needed and in fact I would rather it didn't have that capability.

I want that functionality, but with Javascript.

Posted: 02-19-2010, 05:25 AM

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Reverse Scroll Bars For Chatroom
I have created this chatroom using php and scriptaculous but I am stuck with a tiny issue which I believe is only solvable using Javascript.

I have attached 2 screen shots. 1.jpg is what I get at the moment and 2.jpg is what I want to get.

As you see when somebody sends message and the messages exceed pages size, the scroll bars appear, I need the scroll bar to be the oposite direction (down to top) like yahoo or msn or any other chat room.

Posted: July 15th, 2009, 11:26 PM

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Changing Scroll-bars In ExtJs
I'm using ExtJs and trying to change look of the default scroll-bars (for Grid Panel).

I tried using jScrollPane, but it's not working at all with ExtJs.

Is there any way to change look of default look of scroll-bars in ExtJS. I wont to achieve look similar to jScrollPane.

Posted: Nov 24 11 at 22:25

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Styling Of On-page Scroll Bars ?
I am working on a site to the specification of a designer who loves to put styled scroll bars on the page (not the main scroll bar on the right, but for various fixed-height divs on the page, when the content overflows).

I'm not asking if this practice is "right" or not, and I know it's generally accepted to be a bad idea in terms of user-experience, but that doesn't change what the client is now expecting to see on their site.

Does anyone know of any relatively bug free, cross browser methods for doing this. Examples I've seen so far include Skinned HTML Scrollbar, Ajaxian Webkit, and jScrollPane, but I'd like to hear from anyone who has achieved this functionality in the past before I implement one of these.

Posted: Jun 12 09 at 14:53

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No Scroll Bars Showing Up In Any Browser
I made this webpage. It runs with a simple javascript function that changes the content in the window when you click on the menu buttons. the only problem is there are no vertical scroll bars when viewed in any browser. There seems to be a place for them but no actual scroll bar. I tried modifying the color and such with cs but it didn't change anything.

The site: [url]

Here is all the code starting with the html, then the css, and the two javascript pages


Posted: 12-02-2009, 11:06 PM

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Magnifier Using CSS - Scroll Bars In Safari ?
I have written a magnifier (using both CSS and JavaScript), and it appears to work OK in the four browsers I have tested (IE9, FF3.5.7, Safari 5.1, and Opera 11.51).

However, Safari annoyingly puts in scroll bars when you are magnifying the picture.

I can get rid of this by making the ctrlDiv offset as hidden, but then this removes the bottom scroll bar completely in all browsers (not really useful if the document is bigger than the browser window).

I have read about putting the image as a background image of another element, but cannot for the life of me get this to work at all.

Also, the functions to return the absolute position of elements (and mouse pointer) does not work if the document has a margin (i.e. width:1216px;margin:auto) - but I can work around this at the moment.

Anyway, the complete code is at [url](it was easier to stick it there and post a link than to post the code here).

Posted: 09-11-2011, 03:33 PM

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Dragging Images Instead Of Using Scroll Bars
I want visitors to be able to drag large images (maps) using a mouse on various pages of my site instead of them using scroll bars. I am using Dreamweaver 8.

Posted: 03-08-2007, 08:55 PM

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New Window Not Showing Scroll Bars
I am doing this to open a new window. The window opens but there are no scrollbars. I need the scroll bars to appear because it is cutting the page if it goes above the height., "blank", "scollbars=yes,toolbar=no,menubar=no,width=1000,height=900, ");

Posted: Dec 22 10 at 21:39

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JQuery :: How To Get Dimensions Of Scroll Bars
I have an HTML table that contains lots of rows and columns. Therefore, it has vertical and horizontal scroll bars. How can I get the dimensions in pixels of these scroll bars in Javascript/jQuerys ?

Posted: Apr 27 10 at 15:24

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JQuery :: UI Resizable With Scroll Bars On DIV
I am trying to have a resizable on a div, but the resizer handle is always contained within the div can I have it where scrollbars end. I have achieved it with jScrollPane but after using jScroll I am unable to resize horizontally.

Posted: Oct 4 10 at 19:33

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How To Disable Scroll Bars Of Page
How to disable the scroll bars of the page. And disable this button.

Posted: Aug 31 10 at 17:02

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Possible To Hide Scroll Bars But Keep Overflow On?
I want to make a custom horizontal scrollbar so that all OSs render it the same, no ugly windows scrollbars. I know how to make one via JS using some division with scroll top, but I need to hide the default scroll bars, but leave overflow on so I can still detect the onscroll event (so gestures on OSX touchpad, mousewheeel, etc. are all handled for me and trigger the onscroll callback).

Posted: Dec 10 11 at 17:41

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Jquery :: Hacking Vertical Scroll Into Horizontal Scroll
Forcing a vertical scroll to scroll horizontally?

So if:

The user was viewing the page, and scrolled downwards, the page would scroll horizontally?

Posted: Oct 7 10 at 19:14

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JQuery :: Accordian Keeps Inserting Scroll Bars In IE?
im using the jquery accordian on two divs, the first time the page loads the first div displays as it should you then click the header and the second displays as it should.but when you click on the 1st header to display the first content again the content has scroll bars AHH

Posted: 28-Jul-2009

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Jquery :: JqGrid - Editgridrow With Scroll Bars ?
I have a little problem with an implementation of the jqGrid in my Web Page. In a grid I have a lot of columns (10+), and when I want set all these columns to edit and display the edit form, don't display me all the columns. I want to know if exist a way to set in the edit form, an option to set the vertical and horizontal scrollbars.

Here is the link of the image: [url]

Posted: Apr 1 at 19:32

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using to open a popup, the "scrollbars=1" thing is not working in IE8 for some reason (the window opens, its just that the scroll bar that isn't showing).

Posted: Mar 1, 2011

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JQuery :: Using Images To Style Scroll Bars?
Can anyone recommend the best solution for using images to style scroll bar? I guess a decent cross-browser solution would involve a merge of JQuery/javascrip and CSS?

Posted: Apr 12 11 at 18:01

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