Passing Radiobutton Value To An Event Tracker

Jul 13, 2011

On Form submission, I am trying to pass a variable (var radioValue, which is the RadioButton selection) as Opt Label in the _gaq.push event tracker (google analytics)as follows

onclick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'Visitor', 'Submit', radioValue]);"

However radioValue value is not getting passed Code snippets are attached below. Not sure whether the problem is in the JS function or whether i am calling the var incorrectly in the _gaq.push script. The radioValue is captured in the overall form validation function as below.


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Ceate A Google Map Route Tracker?

Sep 29, 2010

There are many websites which allow you to create your own running route on google maps. Does anyone know how this is done? i cant find any information anywhere, tutorials and open source code.

i am hoping to implement something like this into my website, weather its having to build it or simply embed it similar to embedding a map from google.

here is a simple example of what i am aiming to embeded.

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JQuery :: Simple Stats - Tracker And Cross Domain Calls

Oct 3, 2010

I want to do the following to track and view simple stats:
1. Collect stats on page load include a .js snippet in a random page that sends some params to a certain URL (I guess GET is more suitable than POST because of the reload-warning). How would you do that? I think there might be problems with cross domain calls? I don't need to return a result or anything.

2. Get image URL on page load. A simple snippet/call on page load that fetches the stats-image url from an endpoint (same as above) and inserts the image url into an image tag to display the image (google graph api is used). Here I'm also not sure about the call because of cross domain problems. How is this usually done?

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Passing Var Into Event?

Jan 6, 2011

I am currently trying to implement google maps, but I encounter a fundamental problem. I have the following peaco of code:

for ( var i = 0; i < locations.length; i++) {
var location = locations[i];
var myLatLng = new google.maps.LatLng(location[1], location[2]);


It throws no errors, however all the time only the last marker item is passed to Solar.openInfoWindow.

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Passing A Value From One Event Listener To Another?

Aug 25, 2010

The html part:

Code HTML4Strict:
<div id='data'></div>
<form action="">
<input id="nomeInput" type="text" name="nomeInput" value="" autocomplete="false"/>


This is the entry point for doing an autocomplete, but for know, I would just like to ask:

What should we do so that, the text that is typed, appears on that alert box?

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Passing An Array Into An Event Handler?

Apr 28, 2011

I'm having trouble passing an array into an event handler.This does not work:

var lightbulb = [1,1,1,0,1,0]
var banana = [0,0,1,1,0,1]
function changetextimage(arr){


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Passing Parameter On Click Event?

Apr 28, 2011

i dont know how to do this?

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
function ShowHideDiv()
var myDiv = document.getElementById("LoginDiv");
if("none" && '<%=_Type %>' =="Sign in")


just tell me how to pass parameter from this function ShowHideDiv() and how to use this?

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Passing Value To Server On Click Event

Oct 16, 2010

I am using google maps and would like to pass the latlng value back to the server as follows
oogle.maps.event.addListener(map, 'click', function(event) {
post_to_url('updll.php', {'latlng': event.latLng});
The event.latLng gives me the coordinates and the location.reload() reloads the page, but I need to pass the coordinates in to the server so they can be acted upon by the server before the page reloads.

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Passing Parameters With ONBLUR Event

May 22, 2003

There are basically 4 fields in a form, being Name,Company,Email and Phone. I'm trying to use the ONBLUR event, on the email field, to then pass parameters to a JS function, which calls a PHP file, to insert a row into a MySQL db. I saw an example of how to do this, using a hidden field, possibly I need 3 hidden fields to pass the 3 parameters (value of fields) ?. Anyway, here is the code:

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Passing Arguments To Event Handlers?

Aug 2, 2010

I'm trying to create links that onclick sort a table by title, author, etc. How would I pass an argument to an event handler? Right now, it just executes the sort function. It doesn't wait for me to click the link.


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JQuery :: If Statement And Passing Click Event

Mar 16, 2010

I got a pretty large function, one that could essentially be condensed (if you feel so inclined). I would like to know how I can get my if statements inside the toggle functions working properly. I have 4 functions and 2 of them are click functions for closing (display:none). I would like to pass a listener to the toggle funciton to listen for the $ The if statement in the toggle functions is not doing anything.

<script type="text/javascript" >
var $contactLink = $("#contactLink");
var $contactBox = $("#contact-container");
var $qrLink = $("#qrLink");
var $qrBox = $("#qr-container");
var $qrBack = $("#qrBack");
var $contactBack = $("#contactBack");
alert('here'); .....

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JQuery :: Passing Function Literal Via Event?

Apr 1, 2011

Am I able to pass a function literal (at least I think that's what it's called) to a jquery event handler, and retrieved the event details in the function?


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JQuery :: Passing Event Variable Using 1.7's .on() Function?

Nov 14, 2011

I'm having issues while passing the triggered event with .on.

obj.on('click', feedmania.handler.itemFeedmania.toggleFormComment);
I've tried:
obj.on('click', feedmania.handler.itemFeedmania.toggleFormComment(e));
obj.on('click', function(e){feedmania.handler.itemFeedmania.toggleFormComment(e)});


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Passing Array To Function Using Onclick Event?

Apr 23, 2011

Do I have a simple syntax problem or something more serious.... I get the errror "foo is not defined" when the image is clicked in the following:


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Passing 'this' To Anonymous Function In Event Listener

Jun 10, 2010

I'm working with nested functions and trying to pass a 'this' value to an anonymous being used in an assignment for an event listener.So, this should plop a button inside our DIV and when clicked I'd like it to run the alert-ding; unfortunately it seems to want to run the function as defined under the buttons object which doesn't work out too well.

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Passing Variable From Event Listener To Function

Nov 5, 2009

I need to pass the 'id' variable from the event listener to the callback function, 'moveObject'. The moveObject function needs to know the id of which element it should act upon. How can I pass this variable?

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JQuery :: Set An Onclick Event With Passing A Variable As A Parameter?

Mar 20, 2011

what i want to do-



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Passing Multiple Parameters To Event Handler In Firefox?

Sep 2, 2009

I have added an event listener to a LI item in the DOM:

liNode.addEventListener("mouseover", mouseOn, true);
The mouseOn function:
function mouseOn(e) {
// Test for IE or Firefox
var e = (!e)?window.event:e;
var yPos;


I would like to pass in another parameter to the mouseOn function in addition to the event that is passed in automatically. Is there a way to do this?

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Passing An Event To A Function - When Hitting The Enter Button

May 20, 2011



This program below switches what is entered into the text filed to caps when hitting the enter button or the tab button.


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JQuery :: Creating New Element /w LIVE Event By Passing Object Map?

Apr 4, 2010

So, I read about the new method of passing an object map containing element properties when creating a new jQuery object (as discussed at the bottom of this article). The article says that it supports ALL events, but only gives examples of simple events that require no parameters. I'm trying to implement a live event using the following and can't get it to work:

var link = $('<a />', {
text: config.appendTextMore,
href: "#",


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Passing Varible In A Dinamically Added Onclick Event Function

Jan 21, 2010

What I need is simple. Here I created 3 links and after that I want to add dinamically an onclick event to alert the number of the link. The problem is I can't find the way to pass the variable.Obviouslly this is not the actual function, but I need to solve this problem to apply the solution into a more complex script.

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Image Rollover - Capture Event Action Without Passing To Function

Aug 3, 2011

I'm really just playing around, trying to be as unobtrusive as possible, meaning that I didn't want to just do the standard on mouseover/onmouseout event actions inline in my html. My attempt was relatively close, I just need a way to be able to capture the event action without passing it into a function?

var getTabs = function(){
var allTabs = document.getElementsByTagName("div");
for (var i=0;i<allTabs.length;i++){
if (allTabs[i].className == "tabs"){
if (allTabs[i].id =={
if (this.onmouseover != null){
document.getElementById( = "#465D77";
} else if (this.onmouseout != null) {
document.getElementById( = "#1a3757";
onload = function(){
document.getElementById("tabHR").onmouseover = getTabs;
document.getElementById("tabHR").onmouseout = getTabs;

HTML Code:
<!-- Begin Tabs Container -->
<div id="tabsContainer">
<div id="tabGlobal" class="tabsActive">
<div id="tabHR" class="tabs">
HR Edit
<div id="tabReports" class="tabs">
<div id="tabData" class="tabs">
<!-- End Tabs Container -->

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Passing HTML Special Characters As Arguments In Inline Event Handlers?

Jan 14, 2010


<div onclick="alert('<');" > click 1 </div>
<div onclick="alert('<');" > click 2 </div>

edited: the first alert has this in the brackets: &l t; i.e. the html code for < but for some reason this foum converts it. and i thought html was off?

I was expecting the above to alert the text in the brackets exactly as written in the code for both divs. However both events alert '<'. Why is that? I want to be able to pass '<' as an agrument to events without being converted, because that is what is happening. How may I prevent it?

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Getting Value From Radiobutton

Jul 23, 2005

I would like to make a script wich makes a select visible or not visible
depending on what radio button is selected.

If the radiobutton with the value "nieuw" is selected the pulldown is not
visible and when i select the radiobutton with the value "verwijderen" the
pulldown should become visible.

The code i have makes the pull down visible but does not make it invisible
after i select another radiobutton. Code:

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Reselect A Radiobutton On The Fly?

Aug 23, 2009

Say you have some radiobuttons.

<select id="word1" name="word1">
<option value="0" selected>Bears
<option value="1">Pears
<option value="2">Pearls
<option value="3">Purrs

The first-time display shows the "selected" option (value=0)("Bears"). Later, when the user makes a different choice, say "Purrs", and I have reason to reset the user's choice to another one, say 2, how do I do it? To change its value to, say 2, I would do as follows:


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Js For Radiobutton Validation - Text Box

Nov 15, 2009

1. If i select the first option i have validate first txt box (should hav 11 char).
2. If i select the secondoption i have validate second txt box (not empty).


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