Logic Error - Generate Lists For Each Week

Apr 1, 2011

I'm trying to generate lists for each week (open in IE to see what I mean) but somehow one row is being missed and I can't seem to figure it out.

Link to ZIP is below: [url]

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Generate Unordered Lists From String Arrays

Nov 14, 2005

I'm having some trouble generating unordered lists from arrays like this

testArray[0] = ["UL1","","SubUL1", "URL"];
testArray[1] = ["UL1","","SubUL1", "URL"];
testArray[2] = ["UL1","","SubUL1", "URL"];
testArray[3] = ["UL2","SubUL1","SubSubUL1", "URL"];
testArray[4] = ["UL2","SubUL1","SubSubUL2", "URL"];
testArray[5] = ["UL2","SubUL2","SubSubUL1", "URL"];

Basically the code should be able generate an unordered list such as,

UL1 SubUL1 (URL) SubUL2 (URL) SubUL3 (URL)
UL2 SubUL1 SubSubUL1 (URL) SubSubUL2 (URL)
SubUL2 SubSubUL1 (URL)

I had to work with the generating codes not the arrays, so the arrays could not be changed to make my job easier.

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Calculate Previous Week And Next Week From Current Week?

Aug 4, 2009

I've wasted several hours trying to do this but I give up.

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Logic Error In AcroJS - Subtracting Instead Of Toggling

Feb 4, 2011

Putting some javascript into a pdf file and can't get this to work out right.

Basic setup:

Field X = checkbox;
Field Y = numeric input field;

Here's what should happen (increment is toggled):

Y has a value. When X is checked, Y is increased by 5. When X is unchecked, Y goes back to its original, unmodified value.

Here's what really happens (increment is subtracted):

Y has a value. When X is checked, Y is reduced by 5. When X is unchecked, Y is reduced by 5 again. Anytime X is clicked on, Y is reduced by 5 yet again.

Here's the code:

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Logic Error On Limiting The Modification To The Maxvalue ?

Feb 26, 2011

How to create a function that would allow me to add to or subtract from a maxvalue, and thankfully I got help regarding that. However, something's got me stumped for the past few weeks that I still can't resolve...

This is the relevant code:

As it stands, it works as long as the total value is less than or equal to the limit (for advantages it's 15, for disadvantages it's 10). However, the moment it goes past the limit -- for instance, if you change Antisocial's value from 2 to 7, or if you add several additional checkboxes with any values -- the whole thing starts going crazy; specifically, maxvalue doesn't revert to 40 when the all the checkboxes are unchecked.

What I'd want to happen is that the user cannot select or apply advantages or disadvantages if the maximum advantage is greater than 15 or the maximum disadvantages is greater than 10.

I'm thinking that a button for adding disadvantage points to/subtracting advantage points from the maxvalue (that becomes disabled if the user goes past his limit on advantages/disadvantages) is useful at this point, but I'm really stumped on the implementation of the idea. An alternate idea of mine is that all other advantage/disadvantage checkboxes would become disabled if their value is greater than the remaining number of points, but I don't know how that is possible either.

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IE Reverses Logic

Jul 23, 2005

While the following code works in Firefox and Mozilla,
IE6 reverses the logic (when I click yes on the top it checks no on the
bottom and vice versa).

<form method="POST">
<input type="radio" name="decide" value="yes"
onchange="decide1[0].checked = decide[0].checked">yes
<input type="radio" name="decide" value="no"
onchange="decide1[1].checked = decide[1].checked">no.</font></p>
<input type="radio" name="decide1" value="yes"
onchange="decide[0].checked = decide1[0].checked">yes
<input type="radio" name="decide1" value="no"
onchange="decide[1].checked = decide1[1].checked">no.</p>
<input type="submit" value="Submit"><input type="reset"

Please advise.

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Paging Logic In Javascript?

Apr 12, 2007

I have writting all of my paging logic in javascript.
It works pretty fine. Basically, I have created a
gridview with full paging in javascript. Now, given
a certain need, I am being advised to do my paging
on the server.

My question: is there a performance cost by doing
all my paging server-side (and cost benefit by keeping
it on the client). Or, does it matter?

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Imageflow Like Gallery Logic?

Jun 12, 2011

I want to create an image gallery like imageflow, but having tough time to figure out the way top, left, height and width are computed for each animation call.

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Moving Server Side Logic To Javascript..

Feb 12, 2007

I work for a financial company. I am planning to give a presentation
to rest of the development team (15 people) here on moving server side
logic to client-side javascript for an internal intranet application
rewrite. This approach will definitely stir up hot debate from
hardcore server-side Java folks who wants to do UI stuff even on the
server!. Since I am pretty much known as the JS or UI Guy of the
group, my Boss wants to hear the broad spectrum of PROs/CONs from each

Personally, I think Javascript/Ruby is a more productive language than

My idea is simple. It is to convert most business logic to client-
side javascript and have calls to server-side code restricted to user
roles with data validation. Thats as simple as it gets.

Here are my list of arguments

1. True separation of UI logic from server-side data processing code
(no more server code spitting out client-side code)
2. Better user experience with faster response
3. The whole web 2.0 thing (no page refresh) :)
4. Offload client processing from server therefore reducing network
traffic (not really a strong argument is this?)

Keep in mind this is an internal app. Even if someone figures out the
JS logic behind the page and try to hack the app by posting to
Servlets, they will be restricted by their login role, and data
validation will take care of any bogus data being submitted.

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JQuery :: Select Elements With Multiple Classes AND Logic?

Apr 13, 2010

The default behaviour for a class selector is: "An element can have multiple classes; only one of them must match." Is there a class selector where you can use multiple classes and all of them have to match?

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Does Order Of Logic Comparisons Affect Speed In The Same Statement

Mar 18, 2010

was wondering if it made sense to optimize the comparison order inside an if() statement if one of the comparison targets is a function call eg:

var a = true,
b = function() {return false;};
if (b() || a) {...}
if (a || b()) {...}

would the second statement run faster because it would theoretically never need to call b() in this situation? can the eval order be relied on? does this depend on the js engine/internal optimizations?

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Get Week Of Month?

Mar 1, 2010

I want to be able to pass in any given date and return the week of month that it lies within. Weeks will start on Monday. Also if Day 1 and 2 are saturday and Sunday, those should be labeled as week 1.

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Week Day Arithmetic

Nov 21, 2005

<script type="text/javascript">

var fullDayName = new Array("Sunday","Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday","Friday","Saturday","Sunday")

function verify(isField){

var splitDate = isField.value.split("/");
var refDate = new Date(isField.value);
if (splitDate[0] < 1 || splitDate[0] > 12 || refDate.getDate() != splitDate[1] || splitDate[2].length != 4 || (!/^19|20/.test(splitDate[2]))){return false}
return refDate;

function calcDay(isForm){

var startDate = verify(isForm.nStart);
var n = 0;
if (startDate)
var offset = isForm.nOffset.value;
if (offset > 0)
for (i=1; n<offset; i++)
var tmp = new Date(startDate.getFullYear(),startDate.getMonth(),startDate.getDate()+i);
if (tmp.getDay() != 0 && tmp.getDay() != 6){n++}
else {
for (i=1; n>offset; i++)
var tmp = new Date(startDate.getFullYear(),startDate.getMonth(),startDate.getDate()-i);
if (tmp.getDay() != 0 && tmp.getDay() != 6){n--}
i = (i*-1)+1;
var resultDate = new Date(startDate.getFullYear(),startDate.getMonth(),startDate.getDate()+i);
var slashDate = resultDate.getMonth()+1+"/"+resultDate.getDate()+"/"+resultDate.getFullYear();
isForm.nResult.value = slashDate;
isForm.dayName.value = fullDayName[resultDate.getDay()];
if (!startDate)
alert('Invalid Date')
isForm.nStart.value = "";

<form name='Form1'>
<Table align='center' cellspacing=&#390;' cellpadding=&#395;' style='font-size:14pt;border:solid black 1px;background-color:lightyellow;'>
<THead><TH colspan=&#392;' style='background-color:lightblue;border-bottom:solid black 1px'>Weekday Arithmetic</TH></THead>
<TFoot><TR><TD colspan=&#392;' align='center' style='border-top:solid black 1px;Font-Size:11pt;background-color:moccasin'>Input format = mm/dd/yyyy</TD></TR></TFoot>
<TR><TD align='left'>Reference Date:</TD><TD align='right'><input type='text' size=&#3910;' name='nStart' onclick="this.value=''this.form.nResult.value=''this.form.dayName.value=''"></TD></TR>
<TR><TD align='left'>Weekdays + or - : </TD><TD align='right'><input type='text' size=&#3910;' name='nOffset' onclick="this.value=''this.form.nResult.value=''this.form.dayName.value=''"></TD></TR>
<TR><TD align='left'>Result Date: </TD><TD align='right'><input type='text' size=&#3910;' readonly name='nResult'></TD></TR>
<TR><TD align='left'>Day of Week: </TD><TD align='right'><input type='text' size=&#3910;' readonly name='dayName' style='text-align:center'>
<TR><TD colspan=&#392;' align='center' style='border-top:solid black 1px;background-color:darkorange'><input type='button' value='Calculate' onclick="calcDay(this.form)"></TD></TR>

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Days In The Week

May 8, 2006

I have a marquee in my site and and I have 7 corresponding html pages for 7 days of the week. I would like to have a day detection so (e.g) saturday.html will go in my iframe on my hompage ...

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How Do I Add One Week To A Date

Jan 19, 2010

I am using the following to create a date..Code:var the_date = new Date(dateText);The date format I use is dd/mm/yyyy, is there a way to add 1 week to the date?

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New Image Every Week

Mar 25, 2011

I've got 54 images, I'd like a script that displays every monday a new image.who can help ?

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Screen Updates Don't Match Program Logic/state Or Order

Jul 20, 2005

there's a line in my Javascript program that makes a change in the
appearance of an area of the screen. it is a game program, so there are
a cascade of changes after the user makes a move. these are carefully
sequenced and timed in a loop which contains the "action" statement

document.images[k].src = offGIF[currNode];

unfortunately, the *actual* screen updating appears to be 1)
asynchronous and 2) faulty!

_asynchronou_s in that things change in the wrong order, as if each has
its own thread and they run at random.

_faulty_ in that occasionally an area that would change from, say,
picture1.gif to picture2.gif and back again (according to game logic)
lands up showing picture2.gif. even though the internal game logic has
it recorded (and i assume document.images[k].src would be correct, even
though the screen is not) as picture1. so.

is there a way to wait or surrender control to the system until the
program statement's intent has actually been rendered to the screen?
something i can test to see if the unerlying system mechanism has caught
up with all changes to document.images?

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String Logic - Add BBCode Into WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor

Dec 17, 2010

I've got this code to add bbcode into a wysiwyg rich text editor. Everything's working fine except when I want to add an image. The first time the script is run everything is ok, but the second time I get two image inserts, third time I get three and so on.

Here's the code:
$('#uploads tr').click(function(){
var filename = $(this).text();
var insert = '[img="'+filename+'"]';
textarea.value = textarea.value+insert;

So first time I click on '#uploads tr', I get [img="filename"], then if I type some more stuff and then add another image, I get [img="filename"] 'Some more stuff' [img="filename2"][img="filename2"], then I'll get three image tags, then four and so on. I can see that it's something to do with the line I've highlighted, but I can't see why, or how to change it.

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Definition<b>s</b> Of Week Number?

Jul 23, 2005

Throughout the world in general, ISO 8601 Week Numbers are used, in
which weeks are numbered 01 upwards and Week 01 contains the first
Thursday of the Gregorian Calendar Year.

There are, however, odd parts of the world where that standard is not

Ignoring for the moment cases in which week 1 is not more-or-less at the
beginning of the calendar year, what other definitions, stated exactly,
are used?

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Getting Dates From Selected Week

Apr 13, 2010

I am using the standard datepicker but it has been highly modified to meet our needs. We have an option to select an entire week of dates:


What I'm trying to do is retrieve the first date of that selected week and the last date. All attempts have failed.

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Get Current Day Of Week It's GetDay?

Mar 9, 2009

well I know how to get current day of week it's getDay, right... and also there is getUTCDay option to get current day of week for universal time. Now, what I need is to get current time for UTC+1, because I need to make IF statement which checks current UTC+1 Day, and do something based on which day it is.

So in short... if I need getUTC+1Day )) how could I do that?

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How Do I Determine Week In Calendar

Oct 17, 2011

I do my calendar (vertical) =) and I've done to date were down But how to do that day of the week displayed on the side of the date.

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Determine Week In Calendar?

Oct 17, 2011

I do my calendar (vertical) =) and I've done to date were down But how to do that day of the week displayed on the side of the date of [code]...

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Getting Current Week Of The Month

May 25, 2010

I made a custom function for returning the current week of the month and it is having problems with months that have more than 5 weeks such as May and August. It is returning the week before the current week, such as May 25 is really week 5 but it returns week 4.


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JQuery :: Using Multiple Select Menus And Conditional Logic To Display Results?

Aug 2, 2011

I am building a jurisdiction calculator for issues on/off Indian reservations. I'd like the user to select 3 variables (radio buttons would also work) - whether the victim is Indian/Non, the perpetrator is Indian/Non, and whether the crime occurred On/Off a reservation and have a div that displays the possible jurisdiction outcomes based on the selections.For instance, if the user selects Victim: Non-Indian, Perp: Indian, Location: On reservation, the possible jurisdiction results would appear.

Here is the basic html breakdown:

<select id="VictimSelector" name="VictimSelector">
<option selected="selected"></option>


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Conditional Logic In Form Fields Hide/show Email Field?

Oct 18, 2009

For some security reasons I would like to show an email field in a form ONLY if the 4 checkbox are checked.I don't want to use server side coding so I need to use javascript.I have this code, showing an alert if the 4 checkboxes are checked:

var conta=0;
function ctr(quale)


It works but I nedd to ask for an email instead of showing an alert.

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