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How To Capture ActiveX Exe Event In Javascript?

I know this question has been asked a million times but I still can't
get an event from an embedded ActiveX Exe to be caught in javascript.
I am able to access all the properties and methods of the ActiveX Exe,
I just can't seem to catch the event.

I've declared my object as follows:

ID = "Test3"
CLASSID = "CLSID:2ACAEF35-445C-4717-8ACB-A3423E8D64EB"

My javascript event handler is as follows:

<script language="javascript" for="Test3"
alert("Pipe Detect");

The event handler never fires. I debugged the ActiveX Exe and verified
that the event is indeed being raised. I am able to catch the event in a VB6 test container project as well. Any ideas?

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JavaScript Being Detected As ActiveX??
I built a form that utilizes arrays for storing data, prototype objects stored in arrays, and DOM using getElementByID and getElementByName. Now, in XP SP2 with the security center turned on, I get alerted by IE6/7 that there is an ActiveX script on the page and it asks to be allowed.

I don't want users IE to see this ActiveX warning. First, the users going to be using this form are not exactly tech savvy enough to know to allow it. Second, I had no idea JavaScript was related to ActiveX--which begs the question, what sort of things cause JavaScript to be flagged as ActiveX?

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ActiveX Control In HTML/JavaScript
Is there any way i can show my excel chart on my web page.

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How To Read Dynamically Generated XML With Javascript And ActiveX XMLHTTP Object?
Ive been banging my head on the wall for hours with this one, hopefully
someone will know what Im doing wrong here :

The Goal:

I have an xml file that is generated on the fly via JSP which I want to
load into a Microsoft.XMLHTTP ActiveX object and manipulate via
javascript on the client side. Data is retreived from the server at the
request of the javascript without having to reload the page.

The Problem:

For the JSP to dynamically output xml, the file must have the extension
JSP, which is set to the mime type of dynamo-internal/html on the
server side (as we are using ATG Dynamo). But the javascript on the
client side will not retrieve anything unless the file extension is
..xml (or the mime type is recognized as text/xml). So the only way I
can get it to work is to change the extension to .xml, which then of
course amkes it so that the server will not process any of the JSP

Ive tried to override the mime type within the javascript, using the
setRequestHeader method after opening the file, but no luck. A call to
alert the value of req.responseXML.xml after the send() turns up empty.
Ive only gotten it to work if I use a static xml file in palce of the
jsp. Sample of the javascript code is below:

if (window.XMLHttpRequest) {
// branch for native XMLHttpRequest object - THIS WORKS
req = new XMLHttpRequest();
req.onreadystatechange = processReqChange;"GET", "models.jsp?cId=300006&mId=TAC24", true);
alert(req.responseXML.xml); //this gives me the resulting xml file
} else if (window.ActiveXObject) {
// branch for IE/Windows ActiveX version - NOT WORKING
req = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
if (req) {
req.onreadystatechange = processReqChange;"GET", "models.jsp?cId=300006&mId=TAC24", true);
alert(req.responseXML.xml); //this gives me nothing

In looking at the following example the Microsoft gives (bottom of

I just dont see what could be going wrong here.

I should note that I successfully got the script to work using the
XMLHttpRequest object and the overrideMimeType() method. This works
with FireFox and I think some Mozilla clients, but not with the all
important IE5, which instead uses the XMLHTTP ActiveX control.=

Posted: July 23rd, 2005

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Trying To Use The GoTo Method Of The Word.Application ActiveX Object In JavaScript
I am trying to use the Goto method of the Word ActiveX object. I am
trying to open a document and go to a named bookmark. If I use this
code in VB it works, so I'm sure the approach is possible, I just can't
get JavaScript to work with it.

Here is the code I am using, the error I get from IE is Object
Hope someone can help! Any help would be much appreciated

function PageLoad()
var WordApp = new ActiveXObject('Word.Application');
WordApp.Visible = true;
var documentlocation = crmForm.all.new_documentlocation.DataValue;
var wd = WordApp.Documents.Open(documentlocation);
var Name = 'TestFred'
var wr = wd.Selection.GoTo(What : Word.WdGoToItem.wdGoToBookmark,Name :

Posted: December 11th, 2006

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Capture Window In *standalone* Javascript
I want to make a capture window in
*standalone* (in a *.js file) javascript, much in the same way as the
VBscript inputbox() function. I can make it inside a *.html file with
the prompt() function.

Or, is there a way to make a window and then work with this window?

Posted: May 12th, 2007

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Javascript To Capture HTTP Data For Parsing
I am trying to write a script which will allow me to read the contents of an
HTTP web page into memory, parse the data, and output a calculated value.

The HTTP page is on a web enable appliance - I am reading some data out of a
table for further calculation. I can't modify the web appliance, only read
the text data.

I've written a script on my Windoze PC that successful uses a MSXML2 ActiveX
object to read the contents of a web page into memory using the
xmlhttp.responseText object. The problem is that the ActiveX object is not
available on a lightweight Linux based http server.

I need to write a script that will work with ASP/Javascript on a lightweight
Linux based http server.

Posted: February 18th, 2007

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Capture Browser's Back / Forward Button Click Event Or Hash Change Event?
I want to alert() when browser's back or forward button is clicked or hash is changed in javascript. I have tried this solution and it is working but it is causing problems on other links in webpage and submit each request twice on any link click event. Is there any solution to capture it without using setInterval() function? So I need to capture hash change or back/forward button click event? I need a simple javascript code/function/property that should work in all modern browsers.

Posted: Nov 21 at 7:40

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JQuery:: Event Model Does Not Support Event Capture And Just Bubbling / Why Is This?
Why does jQuery event model does not support event Capture and just supports event bubbling?

Posted: Aug 23 11 at 15:31

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Capture Event That Was Just Fired In Onbeforeunload Event
Is it possible to capture the control.event or element.event that was fired to invoke the onbeforeunload event.

For example, if a button is clicked and it causes the onbeforeunload event to fire can i determine which button was clicked.

Posted: 10-20-2009, 01:50 AM

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How To Capture Onclick Event
I am trying 2 different approaches, but neither is working for me:


however, no good either way ... though I see nearly identical examples all over the web.

Posted: 08-24-2011, 10:50 AM

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Capture The Resize Event In IE8?
The resize event does not seems to get fired in IE8 . It works perfectly in Firefox and chrome .

alert( " resize called " ) ;

Posted: Jul 16 10 at 8:47

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Capture Event When Browser Is Closing
I want to capture the event when a browser is closing, to give to the user
the posibility of close or no this browser. When the browser is closing,
this show a confirm window with two buttons: Accept and Cancel.

When press the Accept button, the browser is closing, and when press the
Cancel button, the browser isnīt closing.

I have tried with the event onunload, but this closes first the browser, and
then shows the confirm window.

Posted: July 23rd, 2005

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Capture Event - Click Anywhere In Page
How can I capture the event when I click with the cursor anywhere in the
page (that is, on a component or elsewhere). This event would occure in
an I.E 5.5 or later browser.

Posted: July 23rd, 2005

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Capture Event When Ctrl Key Is Pressed
I want to capture the event when the <ctrl> key is pressed.

Posted: July 20th, 2005

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Html - Capture The Right-click Event?
I want to block the standard context menus, and handle the right-click event manually.

How is this done?

Posted: Nov 20 10 at 22:51

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Capture An Event For A URL Dropped On Input Box?
I have a web form with a text input box for a url. When I drag a url from the browser's (I'm using firefox but i'd like it to work in others too if possible) address bar to the input box it inserts the url text into any pre-existing text. I want the url to overwrite any existing text instead.

I'm thinking I could capture some event and ease any existing text before adding the dropped text.

If it's possible to set up using jQuery that's nice, otherwise in simple javascript.

Posted: Jun 10 11 at 20:38

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Capture The Input Value On A Paste Event?
On my site users can paste text (in this case a url) into an input field. I'd like to capture the value of the text that was pasted using jQuery. I've got this to work in FF using the code below, but it doesn't work in IE (I don't think IE supports the "paste" event).

how to make this work across all modern browsers? I've found a few other answers to this on SO but most are FF-only and none seemed to offer a complete solution.

Here's the code I have so far:

$("input.url").live('paste', function(event) {
var _this = this;
// Short pause to wait for paste to complete
setTimeout( function() {


Posted: Aug 1 11 at 18:02

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Capture Click Event In Prototype?
I want to prevent default link click behavior. I want that it should not redirect to that link but just show the link in alert box. I have tried this here.

document.on('click', 'a.AjaxLink', function(event, element) {
return false;

Posted: Oct 11 11 at 11:34

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Event Capture On Autocomplete Dropdowns
Does anyone know how to event capture on an autocomplete dropdown - this would not be the underlying html element but only on the autocomplete dropdown itself.

I've never come across trying to capture autocompletes before (in fact, ideally i'm trying to ignore keypresses on the autocomplete and only capture those for the underlying input).

Posted: 01-20-2006, 06:15 PM

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Object Tag - Cannot Capture Onload Event?
i am trying to load/embed pdf inside a html object tag. since loadng of pdf content takes time, I want to capture onload complete event of object tag and take some action/msg to show usr that loading is complete. but i am not able to capture onload event of object tag. i get pdf content from an aspx page in bytestream and set it as data in object tag:

function loadObjectsuccess() {
alert('pdf has loaded now');


Posted: 04-18-2011, 02:52 PM

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Can't Seem To Capture The Scroll Event On An IPad?
I can't seem to capture the scroll event on an iPad. None of these work, what I am doing wrong?


Posted: May 19 10 at 7:18

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Capture Browser's Event By Script?
i want to know is there any way we can know browser's events.. like : clicking on BACK button, FORWARD button, REFRESH button by javascript.

Posted: Nov 10 at 9:52

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Capture Event Onclose Browser?
How I can capture event, close browser window, in jQuery or javascript ?

Posted: Jun 22 09 at 7:42

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JQuery :: Capture And Event Only Once, And Then Stop From Re-Occurring?
'm trying to figure out how to do the following:capture a mousemove event over a div once (which triggers a function), and then once it has occurred prevent that event from occurring again. is it possible to do this? the code so far is simple:

$().ready(function() {
$('#theDiv').mouseover(function() {


Posted: 06-Sep-2010

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