Generating A Colour Gradient

Jul 5, 2005

Im working on my own little javascript engine at the moment.

One of the functions i would like to add to it is a fadeToBackground function. In essence, it would detect the element that is calling it and find out the background colour for that element. From there it would take a hex colour that it is given and then fade to the background colour.

To do this i need to generate an array of inbetween colours. Ie, i need something like #000000, #0000EE, #0000FF etc etc.

Does anyone know of an algorithm to calculate the colours in between two given hex values?

I want to be able to dynamically generate the colours so it is a drop in function for down teh track where you just give it a colour to fade from and it does the rest.

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Border Around An Object - Change The Background Colour And Font Colour Of Some Elements

Sep 22, 2009

I am using javascript code to change the background colour and font colour of some elements called 'filled') dynamically. For example:

if(timeInputValue >= startcode && timeInputValue < endcode && stateInput.value == "playing") { = '#ffffff'; = '#000000';

I also want to put a border around these 'filled' elements too - how can I do this is javascript? I can't find an equivelent to style.border = "1px"

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Set BG Colour And Than Change To Another Colour On Click?

Sep 7, 2010

How do I do this? I've set up javascript to change the background colour depending on what colour square the user clicks on, this is working fine.However, I want to be able to set an initial colour, other than white, and then let the user chose their own.

here is my code so far.

<script language="JavaScript">
function changeBGC(color){


I want the page to be initially set to the brown colour, then I want the user to be able to choose their own colour.

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Gradient In Javascript

Dec 27, 2007

Is any way to creating gradient background for a div without using background image ?!

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Change Text Link Colour / Restore Link Colour?

Apr 11, 2010

I'm trying unsuccessfully to get some text links to change & restore their colour.


Referencing this link - there are 3 text links at the top of the page, which scroll to different anchor points on the same page.I need the following to happen: On hover, change colour (easy using css) On click link A, change colour When clicking link B, link A restores to original colour.

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Apply CSS Gradient Background For IE?

Mar 12, 2011

I'm just trying to use a JavaScript form element handler to apply a CSS gradient background dynamically. It doesn't work in IE, but does in the other browsers I've tried.

Here's my function

function swapGradButton() {
g1 = document.getElementById('ButtonGrad1Color');
g2 = document.getElementById('ButtonGrad2Color');


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Javascript Gradient Generator

Jan 20, 2006

I want a generator to take a two colors, just say 000000 and FFFFFF. Then I want to find 8 colors in between. In the end, it will be 10 different colors. I then want to place the 10 colors in 10 different variables. color1, color2, color3, etc. Im then going to put those 10 colors into 10 different boxes in a table, but i can do that myself

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Jquery :: Div Shadows And Background Gradient With It?

Jul 16, 2011

Let me know where I can find a demo or example of JQuery Plugin which let's to create a Div with shadows(Inner and Drop shadows) and plugin to add gradient to Div background color?

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JQuery :: Fade In A Gradient Background On Hover?

Sep 26, 2011

I'm trying to fade in a <li> background when you hover over it. The background is a gradient and not an image. Right now when you hover over it, the background shows up but it's too fast. I'd like to have a gradual fade in and out on hover.


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Access Webkit - Dynamically Change The Two Colors Of Gradient

Apr 27, 2011

I have DIV section with a CSS class that defines a gradient. However, when the user clicks a button, I want to dynamically change the two colors of gradient via Javascript. What is the DOM structure to change the colors in this field similar to this command: document.getElementById('content1').style.color = p_color;


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Menu Table With Gradient Effects And Flips To Color

Aug 24, 2010

I have this menu table that has a gradient effect and flips to a different color when mouse is over a cell of the table. It is working great for google chrome, the problem is it is not working for Internet Explorer, but it should work for internet explorer, firefox, chrome,and so on.. The code I got it from is: [URL]. The first cell should be black and grey then when I put move over it should change to grey baby blue.

HTML Code:
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "[URL]">
<html xmlns="[URL]"><head>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
<title>Untitled Document</title>
</head><body><style type="text/css">

border: 1px #9CF;
width: 140px;
background: -webkit-gradient(linear, left top, left bottom, from(#ccc), to(#000));
background: -moz-linear-gradient(top, #ccc, #000);
filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(startColorstr='#cccccc', endColorstr='#000000');
background: #999; /* for non-css3 browsers */ .....

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Generating <b> Tag By One Click

Dec 23, 2003

Let's suppose a user enters his message " My name is John" in a textarea. and he likes to modify by adding <b> tag before the word "John" after he enters "My name is John".

In order to add <b> tag in front of the word "John", he should put his mouse before "John" and enter <b>.
but instead of entering <b>, I like to make the user to click the button "<b>", then <b> is automatically created just before the word "John" in the textarea.

Of course </b> will be needed later, but forget about </b> for simplification.

In short, I like to make the button "<b>" , in order to add <b> tag in front of "John" after entering "My name is John."

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Generating Thumbnails Of A Page

Sep 17, 2005

Is there anyway to rescale a whole page homogeneously, so that
is looks like a thumbnail?

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Generating A Random Between 2 Numbers?

May 11, 2010

I'll get to the point, I'm a noob I'm using greasemonkey for a certain website. Basically, I'm using gm to refresh the page after a certain time, I was however wondering, If I can set it to a random number between 2 specific times?

The code I'm using atm is setTimeout(function() { document.location.reload(); } , 10000); I know I have to use math.random, well, I think I do. But I'm not sure how to do it between 2 certain times? So to summarise, I'm trying to refresh a page at any given random time between say 5-10 minutes.

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Generating Random Number

Feb 28, 2006

In the forum, it usually talked about generating a number between 1 or 0 to that certain value using something like Math.round(Math.random() * 200); or Math.floor(Math.random() * 200);

But what do you do if you want to generate a number between 201 and 400.

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Random Number Generating

Aug 27, 2006

I run a random number generating service for a RPG message board I go to, and my website generates only numbers from 1-100. How could I script this so that the user can get random numbers between 1-X?

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Generating A Conscutive Unique ID

Oct 14, 2006

I need a script that will generate a unique ID consecutive to the previous one when a user submits a form. For example, I submit the form and the confirmation page shows:


I will need the next user that submits the form to have the confirmation page show:


and so on and so on...

Is anyone aware of a simple form script that would accomplish this?

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Generating Dynamic And Sub Menu

Aug 15, 2011

I am using following code to generate menus:
$menu = array();
$menu['home'] = 'Home';
$menu['mypage'] = 'My Page';
//Add in the format of: $menu['page name'] = 'Page Title';
$title='Home'; //Default title
function generateMenu() {
global $menu,$default,$title;
echo ' <ul>'; .....
But I have 6 menus and first three menu have sub menus. Above code generates only menus. I want to add sub menu also.

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Get Unique ID For Each Textbox When Its Generating?

Mar 11, 2011

This is the code I have. i want unique Id for each text box(id="messageText"). PLEASE GIVE IDEA. As due to same ID of the text box the JS function is not showing the proper result and the characterleft count is not decreasing automatically.


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Generating An Image Dynamically Using The DOM

Jun 9, 2005

I want to display a 'preview' image for a file upload field. I assigned a function to the onChanged event for the file input that gets the value of the input text field, does some minor regex to fix the string, and then creates a new 'img' tag element and assigns the fixed string as the img's src: Code:

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Generating Two Different Dates For A Form.

Sep 6, 2007

There is a form that I have been working on. The form needs to display information on it that, ideally, would be automatically generated.

So, for example, I open this form today 9/6/2007 and I sent it out. The form result would show the current date with a time of 6:00am and then the previous day's date with a time of 6:00am.
----Form Data----------------------------------
Data for: 9/5/2007 6:00am thru 9/6/2007 6:00am
Name: Yourname
Number: 123abc
So, again, I'm trying to write a script that will present current day and the previous day on the form and the results. I hope that I have been clear enough.
If anyone has any suggestions I am certainly open to look at them.

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Dynamically Generating Table Using XML

Jan 6, 2011

I am in the process of writing a script that will dynamically generate a table using javascript and XML. I can get all of my data to feed in with no problem but am getting hung up on a few small syntax issues. Basically I need to assign a unique id equal to [i] (instead of id="answerDiv", in bold below) so that when calling showHide() it will show/hide one specific div.

Current Table Script
//table 2
document.write("<table id='tbl2' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0' border='0' style='display: none; width:236px;'>");
var x=xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("feature");
for (i=0;i<x.length;i++) {
document.write("<tr><td class='eventDate'>");document.write(x[i].getElementsByTagName("question")[0].childNodes[0].nodeValue);
document.write("</td><td class='eventText'>");
document.write('<a href="#" class="redLink triviaAnswer" onclick="showHide();">click for answer</a><br><br>
<div id="answerDiv" style="display:none">');
document.write('</div></td></tr><tr><td colspan="3"><div class="tabs_hr"></div></td></tr>');
} document.write("</table>");
Show/Hide Function

function showHide(){
var answer = document.getElementById('answerDiv');
if(document.getElementById('answerDiv').style.display == 'none') { = "block";
} else { = "none";
} }

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Generating Random Images With No Repeats?

Jan 22, 2009

I want a certain amount of image spots to show a certain set of images (specifically 8) in a random order every time the page is refreshed. I do not want the images to be repeated, however. The solution I came up with was to create an array and generate a number one to eight and then compare that number to the numbers previously in the array, and if it matched one that was previously generated, to generate a new number and then compare it. This continues until i have an array of the numbers 1-8 in a random order.

var imgs=new Array(8);
for(i in imgs)
function generate()
return Math.floor(1+Math.random()*8);


This does not strike me as the most efficient way to go about this. If someone has a better solution,

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Prototype Code, Generating Error?

May 24, 2009

This line of code:

var Orb[i]=new Element("img",{src:"../images/Orb.png"}).update("container");
Results in this firebug error:
missing ; before statement


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Resolved Having Generating Random Text?

Aug 9, 2009

New to JS, and not too good at it. Trying to take some prewritten code and add script that displays some random text. Having trouble with assignment. Instructions are to replace a section of the file I am given with a script element. In the script element I am suppose to declare a variable named tipNum equal to a random integer between 1 and 10 returned by the randInt() function (which I made and have shown below). Then I am suppose to use a series of document.write() methods to write the following HTML code into the page:

<h1>Random Tip<br />title</h1>

(Where "title" is the title of the random text as generated by the tipTitle() function from a external file, and which I did not make; and "tip" is the text of the random tip as genereated by the tipText() function, which is also from the external file, and not made by me) My code for the randInt() function is

function randInt(lower, upper) {
var size = ++(upper - lower);
var randValue = Math.floor(lower + size*Math.random());

The script I made to display the HTML code is


I am getting nothing on my page where the random text should be.

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Generating Page - How To Get Checkbox Array

Jun 11, 2010

I am using PHP to generate a page with a list of checkbox's on it. Then I am using JavaScript to validate that the user has selected at lest 1 of the given box's before I do a post back. But I cannot get my Javascript to see my CheckBox Array.

Here is my PHP code used to build to Checkbox list.
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($data, MYSQL_ASSOC))
$str1 = sprintf('<input type="checkbox" name='People' value="%s">',$row['Member_ID']);
else if($row['Team_Number'] == $_REQUEST['T'])
str1 = sprintf('<input type="checkbox" name='People' value="%s" checked>',$row['Member_ID']);
} .....

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