Form Checking

Apr 1, 2005

I'm building a site that requires user registration, I've already built myself a PHP based user registrationg system, and it already has all the usual checks that are required before letting someone sign up (i.e. that the username is unique, that all required fields are filled, that the two passwords match, that the email address is valid, etc..) using PHP, and so I could ship the system as it is.. but.. I wanted to add some JavaScript checks to it aswell (just to be sure, and to save processor power, etc.. you know how it is). Code:

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Checking Number In Form?

Jul 12, 2010

I'm trying to do this with PHP, although I think it would be easier if I used JavaScript, or maybe the same, I'm not sure.

If a user enters a value into the textbox, I want him to be able to move on only if it's a number, otherwise have text come up next to the textbox saying that he should enter a number.

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Checking Form Value Is Whole Number?

Apr 4, 2009

I have another problem (Im not very handy with javascript).I want to check if a value entered into a form is a whole number. This means it cannot contain a decimal.I wanted to use isNumeric() but realised that allows for decimals.Is there a way I can make sure a value is simply a whole number (0-9)

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Checking The Values Of Two Form Fields

Jul 23, 2005

i have a form and would like to check two fields.
if field 1 containes the letter 'c' and the other field contains
'undefined', then an error should apprear ina box on the screen.

can anyone point me a piece of code ?

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JQuery :: Checking Form Value Before Submit?

May 9, 2011

This should be so simple but it isn't working. I just want to check that the value of a form element isn't empty before the form is submitted, if it is empty display an error, if not,submit the form. 101 right?[code]So how do I make the form not submit on fail?

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Checking All Items In A Check Box Form

Sep 2, 2003

Is there way to make it to where if someone clicks one check box the rest get checked without knowing the names of the other form names? Meaning if I load a form with a dynamic number of entries, maybe it will show 8 check boxes or perhaps 6 and I wont know the name of the form fields. So is there a way if they click one main check box the rest get checked?

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Checking Select Option Value Without Form Submital

Feb 5, 2006

I am allowing a user to selected a date to schedule an event and it
seems like the best way to do this is with drop down menus for Year,
month, date. However I would like to make it so when you choose a year
and a month the appropriate days for that month show (i.e. 28 days if
you chose February 2006). I can easily do this with a loop if I can
find out what month the user has selected, but I can't seem to find a
way to get that value. Is there a simple javascript solution to this

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Contact Form Error Checking & Validation?

Oct 29, 2010

I'm currently learning many web programming languages and figured this would be a good way to learn more and do things better. I have been working on a contact form for my website. I had originally did the error checking in PHP, but I would like to change it to JaveScript since this is the preferred way. I have it all semi working,It seems like I have some unnecessary variables and such.. I would like to clean it all up as best as possible.


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Taking Date From Form Field And Checking If Over 18 Years Old?

Dec 8, 2010

I am having some trouble with my code in that I am trying to take the value from the date of birth field and check to see if over 18 years old. I they are not over 18, a window.alert dialog box pops up to tell them. Below is the check if 18 validation.

Script section in the document head:

//check if over 18
function overAge(){
var age;


Code for body section:

Date of Birth: <br/>
<input type = "text" name = "date" value = "(mm/dd/yyyy)"/>

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Opposite Of Undefined When Checking If A Form Field Is Filled Or Not?

Dec 13, 2011

What I am wanting to do is have my form open up a new part of the form when the previous sections are filled out. i.e name field shows, when it has content, the next field opens up for it to be filled out, and so on.

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Contact Form - Error Checking Not Working On Site

Nov 15, 2010

I made a contact form for my website originally in PHP. I wanted to change it to JavaScript because that is the preferred way. Originally I had the form in my HTML file using a separate PHP file for error checking. For JavaScript do I have to make a separate page and call to it like the last time? I have put it all on my HTML page and where it was calling for the php page, I also put the JavaScript code. When I go to my site, the error checking is not working at all. There must be something wrong, but I haven't been able to point it out and I am very new to JavaScript. Also, when I go to my page and right click for the source code, the JavaScript I have in there does not show up. Below is my HTML code.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "[URL]">
<html xmlns="[URL]">
<meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type" />
<body> .....

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JQuery :: [validate] Checking If A Form Is Valid Without Triggering UI Feedback?

Jan 22, 2008

I'm wondering if there is a way to check if a form is valid withouttriggering UI feedback for invalid fields in the form? I tried boththe $('#myform').valid() and validator.form() methods, but they bothtrigger the UI.

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Checking Parent's URL ?

Jul 23, 2005

How can i check parent's URL from a child (popup) window ? and how can i
refresh it if the URL is say

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Image Checking

Jan 9, 2006

I have some javascript that uses setInterval(..) to change the src of
an image every second. Is there any way of programmatically checking to
see whether an image is loaded properly or if a 404 File Not Found
error occurs for it?

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Argument Checking

Aug 8, 2006

Does anyone have any coding rules they follow when doing argument checking?

When arguments fail during check, do you return from the call with an ambiguous return value, or do you throw exceptions?

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Checking For Null Value?

Jun 18, 2010

I need to check to see if a cookie has been previously created:

var startnum = readCookie('a1');
if (document.cookie.indexOf('a1') == -1){
var startnum = "0";


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Checking For Value Of Text

Jan 4, 2006

I have the following:

<script language="JavaScript">
window.onload=function (){
var pwinput1 = document.getElementById("tfOtherJobTitle");
pwinput1.onkeyup= function(){
if(this.value = "test"){

for a button called "pbRegistration" that checks to see if the value of textbox (tfOtherJobTitle) equals "test" and on completion of the typing "test", it enables the button. Why isn't it working?

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Checkbox Checking...

May 2, 2006

I have a form that produces a few checkboxes via a server side script. Once on the page, the source looks like this...

<td><input type="checkbox" name="access" value="1" checked /></td>
<td><input type="checkbox" name="view" value="1" checked
<td><input type="checkbox" name="access" value="2" checked /></td>
<td><input type="checkbox" name="view" value="2" checked

...what I'm trying to do is pass through the value of the checkbox
ticked through to a function. This function will then, depending on
whether the box is ticked or not, untick the access# checkbox.

I can pass the number through to my function, but I'm having
difficulty trying to reference the actual checkbox from the script.
This is what I've got so far...

function AM_MenuSelection(opt) {
var myOpt=document.frmNew.view[opt].value;

As you can see, I can reference the value of the object, but need to
be able to access the related access# object.

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Checking Next Element

Sep 27, 2006

I'm trying to run some code when a H2 element is clicked on an unordered list below it. The problem is, the code runs whether the h2 has a ul below it or not.

h[x].onclick = function(){
var ul = this.nextSibling;

while (ul.nodeType != 1){
ul = ul.nextSibling;

So, if I have something like this:

<h2>Subtitle 2</h2>

Clicking "Subtitle" runs the function on "Subtitle 2". I don't want the function to run unless the next element is an ul. How can I verify that the next element is an unordered list and if not, don't run anything?

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Float Value Checking?

Mar 23, 2008

<script type="text/javascript">


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Checking To See SVG Is Supported?

Aug 3, 2011

I'm using jQuery SVG and would like to check if the browser that the person is using will support SVG --- if not, they'll receive a polite message; is there anyway to check this using javascript?

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Checking X Days Out

Aug 5, 2003

I need some JS code that will let me check and see if the date the user enters is within certain guidelines. ie...(no less than 2 days out and no more than 90 days out.)

Someone was kind enough to give me this code, but I can't get it to work correctly. Everything always returns false. If I am reading this write, if it returns false, then the conditions are not met.

Any ideas?

function compareDates(myDate, min, max)
var now = new Date().getTime();
var then = new Date(myDate).getTime();
var diff = (now - then) / 86400000;
var valid = true;

var min = min * 86400000;
var max = max * 86000000;

if (diff <= min || diff >= max) {
alert(diff + " " + min + " " + max);
return false;
return valid;
new compareDates("08/10/03", 2, 90);

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Checking All Boxes

Jul 26, 2005

I have a function that works fine if there is more than 1 check box on the form. If there is 1 only then it will not check that box.

function set(n) {temp = document.EquipMaintForm.multiFilterId.length;for (i=0; i < temp; i++) {document.EquipMaintForm.multiFilterId[i].checked=n;}}

Does anyone know why this could be?

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Password Checking

Nov 2, 2006

I am creating a website where I have to check the password that will be either in Upper Case or Lower Case or Numeric. Can you please tell me anyone that how I will do it by javascript.

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Checking The Value Of Textbox?

Oct 16, 2011

I am having 3 textbox where I want to validate them.My first validation is that the house number should not be > 4

if ( > 4)

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JS - Checking A File Update

Jul 23, 2005

I have a site with a news pages and I'd like the navigation to include a
blinking 'NEW!' when that page has been updated within the last three days.

It works fine for the one page (if you're on the news page, it works great)
but I can't figure out how to check the time/date stamp on a file other
than the one currently loaded ...

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