Compatibility - To Remove An Image

Jul 23, 2005

Over the various browsers, is it better to use:

document.getElementById('num1').removeChild(image_ display);


image_display.parentNode.removeChild(image_display );

to remove an image.

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HTML5 - Ios Compatibility - Displays The Canvas But Will Not Draw The Image

Oct 27, 2011

I have the following html file


Now this code works on ios safari 4.2 and later but i can't get it to work on ios safari 4.1. On 4.1 it displays the canvas but will not draw the image. The debug console shows no errors. Is there anyway to get it to work, or is 4.2 the cut off point for even the most basic canvas operations?

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Remove Image.x And Image.y From The Url When Image Button Used?

Oct 11, 2011

I use an image button to post a form. Let's say the button is on A.php and form target is B.php. when clicked, B.php comes but with extra arguments in the url. As far as I understand they are the coordinates of the point I clicked on the button image.

<input name="image" type="image" class="search_button_big" title="Search" value=" " src="img/dot.png" />

When I remove name property additional arguments in the url simplifies as follows:

<input type="image" class="search_button_big" title="Search" value=" " src="img/dot.png" />

How can I prevent these x and y's?

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JQuery :: Remove Specific Image And Div Above It?

Dec 27, 2010

I have following set of div's with images. How can I remove whole set where image

src='noimage.gif'(set is marked red)
<div class="image">


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JQuery :: SSL, IE < 8, Remove, And Background-image?

Feb 8, 2010

If you're using SSL, and version of IE < 8 (includes IE 8 in compatibility mode) and you try to remove anything with a background image you get an SSL warning. This is a bug in IE that causes this warning for doing a number of different things, all other ways I've ran into are pretty trivial to work around. This particular one is more difficult since remove() is called in jquery all over the place internally.


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Remove Image Save Option?

Jul 8, 2009

how to remove image save option ?

When a mouse is placed over the image, i can see the image save to disable/remove that option...

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Remove Image Borders With Script?

Aug 20, 2010

Right now I have a website I am working on, [url]..., and I am working on an image rollover script.

If you visit the link[url]...

You will see the four images beneath the main image and it has a black border around them. I cannot find the code that sets that border.

I'm not sure if it is a PHP issue or a javascript issue, but I'm thinking its a javascript issue.[code]...

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Overlay Thumbnail With Remove Image Button?

Dec 15, 2009

i need to create a remove button that appear over my thumbs when a user hover that image with his mouse a link appear like remove from favorites ? anyone know how to achieve this ? an example of what i want is youtube quick list button u find over the videos thumbs.

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Remove Blank White Space Above And To Left Of Image?

Sep 11, 2003

When I do my pop-up it has a blank white space above and to the left of the image. How do I remove this?

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Mac And PC Compatibility ?

Jul 23, 2010

I've got a particular javascript coding and for some reason it is only working for my mac visitors, but not PC.

What can I do to make this coding compatible for both? Where might the issues be?

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Compatibility Issues

Jul 23, 2005

I'm new to javascript, and I've been looking around for some
references on compatibility issues, but didn't found much.

I'm intrested in any and all kind of recommandations about
which methods are supported by which browsers, and all that
kind of stuff.

Are there any groups focused on these issues, or some pages
where reports up to date may be found ?

for instance, I've written some basic code from tutorials in
order to get my hands in javascript, and even with that simple
stuff, I've already come across problems with scripts that
work with firebird, but don't work with explorer.

source of that example follows:

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Javascript Compatibility

Jul 23, 2005

Can anyone point me to a site that gives a good (basic) tutorial on writing
JS so that it runs in multiple browsers?

I have a web app that's been targeted for IE 5.5 but need it to work in
other browsers such as Mozilla.

Things I've noticed are HTML lines like <div class="divwithborder"
style="width:600px; height:351px;left:20px"> - in mozilla the "height"
attribute seems to be completely ignored!

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JS/iframe Compatibility In IE8?

Sep 23, 2011

I have the following javascript which is setting up a quiz (delivered from off-site) into an iframe. The javascript code determines if the visitor has Flash or not, and then sets up the page, on button click, to deliver the appropriate version of the quiz into the iframe.

For some reason, this code works in everything (it seems) except IE8. In IE8 without Flash, something (perhaps in the code itself?) kicks the viewer into a blank page. If someone could just test the URL below Maybe (I am thinking) it is because the computer I tested it on did not have JS enabled? Or maybe there is something in the code? Or maybe with the quiz delivered from off-site?

Here is the code:

<article id="page_7c">
<div class="box" id="page1">
<a href="#page_1" class="close"></a>


If you click on the link bottom left ("Test Your Knowledge of UFOs") that should send you to the appropriate version of the quiz.

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XMLHTTPRequest Compatibility

Oct 26, 2005

I'm working on an application that uses ajax and we are going to have a version that people with browsers that don't support the XmlHttpRequest object. My problem is what's the best way to check this.

I have tried the following

var xmlreq = new new XMLHttpRequest();
if (!xmlreq){
// handle the browser stuff

In netscape 4.7 this results in an error that I don't seem to be able to recover from and I don't think this is the best approach to this problem.

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Code Compatibility

May 2, 2006

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE='javascript'>
function saveas()

its suppose to show that "Save As" dialogue box to save the htm/asp/php file to what you want on your local machine. i was having a hard time troubleshooting the code on my firefox, but to no good. until a bright idea pop into my mind and tested it with the damn IE, and it works like magic!!

now my question or inquiry would be, do you have a similar code that will work more universally on most browsers?

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Cross-browser Compatibility

Jan 5, 2006

Does anyone know of good links about cross-browser compatibility (html

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JavaScript IE Compatibility Issue

Mar 31, 2007

I might as well start off like everyone else who posts problems they
are having....So I'm new to JavaScript.....

Anywho, I have a page that lists 15 or so thumbnails and then one big
image of one of those thumbnails. I wrote some javascript code that
when you click on the thumbnail the real picture of that thumbnail
loads in the big image on the page. So essentially I wrote some very
simple code that replaces the "src" of an image tag on an onClick
event. I also replace some text within some elements that are tagged
with an ID. Everything works great in all browsers except in internet
explorer 6.0 (and possibly other versions of IE, just 6.0 is all I'm
using). If anyone has run into this problem before, or notices
something wrong with the code ...

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Redirect Script Compatibility

Jul 20, 2005

I don't know much about java scripts, but here is my attempt to write
one. My script allows the user to enter their customer number into a
textbox. When they click on a button, they are redirected to a PDF
file. So if my customer number is 12345, I will be directed to whenever I type my
customer number into the textbox.

The script I wrote works with IE 6.0, but when I tested it with
Netscape 4.7, it would not work. I'm not familiar with java scripts
and browser compatibilities. Can someone take a look at my script and
tell me what I need to change in this script to make it compatible
with as many browsers as possible?

<TITLE>View Report</TITLE>
function GetReport() {
self.location.href = '' +
document.forms[0].txtValue.value + '.pdf'
// -->
<form ID="Form1">
<input type=text name=text1 size=30 ID="txtValue">
<input type=button value="View Report" onClick="GetReport()"
ID="Button1" NAME="btnView">

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JQuery :: Compatibility Error From 1.2 To 1.3?

Oct 8, 2009

i'm in trouble running my slider panel script i developed in jquery dosen't work under jquery 1.3.2

this is the javascript

(document).ready(function() { $(".topMenuAction").click( function() {
if ($("#openCloseIdentifier").is(":hidden")) {
marginTop: "-121px"


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JQuery :: Compatibility With IE And Plugin?

Sep 28, 2010

<script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery-1.2.6.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/startstop-slider.js"></script>

and they work fine in the slides in All other browsers but IE, If I remove the "interface.js" the slide works but I want both to work

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SetTimeout And ElemID Compatibility?

Aug 12, 2009

I am doing an experiment with setTimeout for a much larger project and cant seem to get this bit of code working. What is "supposed" to happen is on hover the div goes black, and on removing the mouse it turns red after 1 second. however, it doesnt work. ive tried a bunch of variations but nothing gets it to work. i want to line up a bunch of divs and not need to write a seperate function for each one.

here is the HTML:

<div id="0" onMouseOver="blackit('0')" onMouseOut="fadeit('0')"></div>
<div id="1" onMouseOver="blackit('1')" onMouseOut="fadeit('1')"></div>
<div id="2" onMouseOver="blackit('2')" onMouseOut="fadeit('2')"></div>
<div id="3" onMouseOver="blackit('3')" onMouseOut="fadeit('3')"></div>


there is some CSS but nothing crazy. it should work but it doesnt. the black on hover works but then it either stays black or goes red immediately, not waiting the 1 second.

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Compatibility - AttachEvent Vs AddEventListener Vs Other?

Mar 17, 2003

As I understand it so far:

IE 5+ for PC

Gecko, KHTML

NS3+, IE4+, dunno about opera or others

Since I'm only concerned with attaching a single event and don't care about bubbling/capturing, am I best off not using the old style of event registering to assure maxium compatibility?

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JQUERY :: Compatibility With JSLint

Jul 7, 2011

Does anyone know if there is a compatibility issue with JSLint and JQUERY?

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2 Browser Compatibility Problems

Nov 5, 2006

I was really hoping that someone could help me sort out two minor problems which I'm experiencing with by JavaScript and two browsers. (FireFox and Safari)

1. Safari doesn't support style="background:#CCCCCC;"
I use the following JS code to change the background color of my select boxes.

HTML Code:
var backcolor = "#CCCCCC";
document.getElementById('operatings').style.background = backcolor;
Unfortunately Safari doesn't support this. I could use the following :

HTML Code:
var backcolor = "#CCCCCC";
document.getElementById('operatings').style.background-color = backcolor;
...but it doesn't work. Probably because the JS reads the dash ( - ) as a syntax error. What alternative is there to this?

2. FireFox doesn't support 'value="";'
I use the following code to reset the selection of a <select> drop down :

HTML Code:
document.getElementById('operatings').value = "";
...but FireFox doesn't seem to support this.

What alterative is there to unselecting the selected the option in a <select> dropdown? I know about the reset button, but unfortunately I cannot use this.

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IFrames - IE And Firefox Compatibility

Jun 2, 2010

I am working in IE and FireFox compatibility. In my application we are creating dynamic iframes inside another iframe. I have to access a div inside the iframe. In IE everything is working fine. But in Firefox, I am not able to access the div.

I have tried using:
iframename.getElementByTagName("divname") --> This was not throwing any error but the element length was 0.

I have created the iframe using the method
function getIframe(name){
var iframe = document.getElementById(name)
var ifDoc
ifDoc = iframe.contentDocument
} //NS6+
else if(iframe.contentWindow) {
ifDoc = iframe.contentWindow.document
} //IE
ifDoc = iframe.document
} //IE5
alert ("value for getIframe is "+ifDoc);
return ifDoc

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Browser Compatibility For Centering Function

Jul 23, 2005

I have the following funciton that centers my website content for any size window and will center it in real time as the window is expanded or shrunk. It is activated by a


in the body tag.

Works fine for IE. How do I make it compatible with netscape and most browsers? Better yet, is there a good single source that explains how to write javascript to be compatible with all browsers? 766 and 435 are the width and height of my table that surrounds the website data defined so:

<TABLE id="Main" style="position:absolute; z-index:0; top:0; left:0;">

function CenterIt()
newOffsetWidth = 0;
newOffsetHeight = 0;
if (document.getElementById)
winW = document.body.offsetWidth;
winH = document.body.offsetHeight;
else if (document.all)
What goes here????
else if (document.layers)
What goes here????

if (winW > 766)
newOffsetWidth = ((winW - 766) / 2) - 10;
if (winH > 435)
newOffsetHeight = ((winH - 435) / 2);

if (document.getElementById)
document.getElementById('Main').style.left = newOffsetWidth;
document.getElementById('Main') = newOffsetHeight;
else if (document.all)
What goes here????
else if (document.layers)
What goes here????


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