Transferring Strings From Php To Javascript

Jul 20, 2005

i got this javascript-function that changes the entries of a selectbo
depending from the selection of another selectbox:

function changeBezug(selectedEntry, '$exhibits', .....) {}

the string '$exhibits' holds all the entries for the option Entry i
the first selectbox;
Unfortunately i get javascript error unterminated string literal an
the error pointer points at the first apostroph:
function changeBezug(selectedEntry, '

I tried replacing all special chars in $exhibits, even putting th
string directly into the function code with php and tried using quote

Now im out of ideas!
Maybe im using the wrong replacement for the apostroph...
i use ' is that wrong? i also tried ' to no good either..
what's the right one?

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How To Match Non-matching Strings W/ Javascript

Apr 10, 2006

I need to match two strings that have the same content, but out of order.

For example
"hi, my name is will"

"will hi, name is my"

So, in this case how do i check to see that everything in the top matches everything in the bottom?

Lets take this a step further. I ran into the problem that if the strings have quotes " they mess up. So i couldn't match id="yay" even though it was part of the string.

I tried to escape it , but for some reason it was escaped as %3D%quot%22% and the other similar string with quotes esacped as %3B%.

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Adding Characters Like Character 253, 254 To Javascript Strings

Jul 20, 2005

My question is:

I'm adding character 253 to a javascript string this way:

var str = ''

str += 'a'
str += unescape('%FD');
str += 'b'

Is there another way to do this. Is there a function like: str += char(253)?

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Transferring Dom/value Pairs

Jul 26, 2006

let me say up front that my experience with JavaScript and "Ajax"
interactions has been horrific. There are weeks I will never get back
because of it. Whenever I encounter something so horrific that it
makes me blank my memories of the event, I find myself going back and
trying to take different approaches to understanding what happens.

This current round of experiments involves sending and receiving what
is effectively an associative array. That is, I want to send dom names
and the associated values via XMLHttpRequest calls and on return, get a
set of dom value pairs and push them back into the current environment
in the browser.

what I need to figure out how to do is associate a series of DOM's with
a button, extract the information when the button is pressed, and then
present the entire array to a CGI. On return, I would need to take the
same array from the CGI and transfer the contents into the specified

if this is not practical, tell me so and I go do something else which
is probably more fun. If it is practical and has been implemented in
some toolkit, fantastic. It saves me some pain. If it hasn't been
implemented, well, there goes the more hours that I will never get

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Transferring This Focus To Next Field?

Mar 18, 2009

I have 2 fields for phone is of size 3 and another is 7.After reaching maximum size for first field it automatically focus next field.I coded it as

<input type="text" name="phone1" id="phone1" size="3" maxlength="3" class="resultable_text" onfocus = "setFlagForTextFieldFocus();" onkeyPress="KeyPress(this,event,3,'document.openaccount.phone2.focus();"/>


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Transferring Variables To Another Webpage?

Apr 1, 2010

I went to the PHP section of this site and posted this same question, but someone told me it's a javascript question. I'm trying to carry a string from one webpage to another. The user inputs some data on page 1, the info gets tested for certain elements, then gets sent to page 2. The problem is the strings aren't transferring and I don't know how to use sessions to transfer them. I need recipeNameEl, ingredientsEl, and descriptionsEl to be stored to a string and then transferred to the page the form's action="" attribute points to.

function checkFields() {
var recipeNameEl = document.getElementById( 'recipeName' );


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Transferring Value From 1 Select To Another....but Not Shwoing In Source?

Apr 7, 2010

Here's the function I am using to change the value of one select to another....

PHP Code:
function transferItem(srcId, destId) {var destObj = document.getElementById(destId);var srcObj = document.getElementById(srcId);for(var i=0; i<srcObj.length; i++)if


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Transferring Selected Options From Multiple Select Box?

Jun 5, 2009

I have a multiple select box and want to be able to select from this box and transfer the selection accross to a div using an "Add" button. I have this working fine but I want to append to the list, rather than replace the list when further selections are made.

I somehow need the function to remember the original selected array and then merge the new selected array and the old array if another sleection is made. This is all I have so far...

function editOptions(action)
var optionsBox = document.getElementById('optionsBox');
var selectedArray = new Array();


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Strings Not Replacing Strings

Sep 25, 2007

I've been learning javascript for about a week and I'm really struggling right now. This is a homework assignment to help in learning loops and arrays.

What I want to happen is when a form button is hit it will replace the array from the one previous instead of just adding to it. Hopefully that makes sense. What do I need to do? here's my code....

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Strings And Numbers...?

Feb 3, 2006

I'm having difficulties arithmetically manipulating form element values.

I've entered data into the form, and I fetch them using a js, as:

p7Left = Number(document.form1.elements["p7_left"].value);
p7Right = Number(document.form1.elements["p7_right"].value);
scoreLeft = Number(document.form1.elements["left_score"].value);
scoreRight = Number(document.form1.elements["right_score"].value);

Then I add these as follows:

scoreLeft = Number(scoreLeft + p&Left + ...... +);

This does what I want; without the operator 'Number' I get a concatination
of the various variables (as expected). Is there some way of globally
defining all variables as numbers instead of strings?

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Strings As Arrays

Mar 6, 2007

Safari and FF seem to allow this:

var wiggy = "ABCD";

ch = wiggy[2]; // ch will contain the character 'C'

however my JS book seems to insist that I do this:

ch = wiggy.charAt(2);

and indeed doesn't appear to mention the first method at all.

Since for my particular purpose I want to treat the string as an array
of single characters, I prefer the first method rather than the second.
Is there any reason not to pursue this approach?

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Comparing Strings

Apr 16, 2007

I have two strings that I need to compare and modify when there is a
matching value in the two. If strA = ??,' then I need to remove
the value ??,' from strB and the new value would be strB =

strA = ??,'

strB = ??,12937,12935' (these could be any values in any order)

I'm not sure where to begin on this.

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Getting Query Strings?

Nov 13, 2007

I need a script that will get a query string and return it's value.

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URL Variables & Strings

Nov 2, 2005

I was wondering if someone would be so kind as to help me out in understanding a few things about sending a variable through a URL..

i have two pages on page1.html i have a link which is:

window.location = "page2.html?name=yournamehere";

on page2.html how how would i be able to access the variable "name" ?

i know the following code works for strings, but i want to be able to directly access the variable that has already been assigned a value.

function parse(){
var Loc=this.location.toString();
var URLarray1=Loc.split('?')[1];

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How To Make Strings With - Between Nos

Jun 15, 2007

i have three vars, year,month and date.

i want it in format year-month-date.

ie, for ex, 2007-6-6.

i tried it this way but it subtracted and give the value as 1995.

var str=year+'-'+month+'-'+date;

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Use Reg Exp To Replace Strings

Sep 29, 2011

I want to write a reg exp that replaces strings matching "A anystring" or "An anystring" or "The anystring" with "anystring", basically removing the articles at the beginning of the strings. I got as far as this:

But didnt know how to continue.

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Creating Arrays From Strings

Feb 15, 2006

How would I put 2 strings like this into 2 separate arrays like my
examples below?

Div10,Div11|Div2,Div3,Div8,Div4,Div12,Div1,Div5|Di v3,Div5,Div9


var DivOrder = new
var DivNames = new Array("France", "Germany", "Norway");

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Is There A DeHTMLize Function For Strings?

Apr 19, 2006


a = document.createTextNode("< somestring >");

....will transform < into &lt; and > into &gt;

When I want to read that node later, I can only get it back in
this form: "&lt; somestring &gt;"

Is there a function that transforms such strings containing
HTML codes back to normal strings? Something like:

string deHTMLize (string);

What I need is to quote and send a part of the document when
user clicks a button, so I need the string without codes.

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Passing Data In Strings

Jul 27, 2007

1) To populate a dropdown control that's on a page with data coming
from the database, the developers concatenate all the values separated
by a pipe character and pass the string to the JS function, which
splits the string and adds the values to the dropdown control.

I think this is not a best practice b/c:

A) If the data returned from the database results in a string that's
too long, it could exceed the limit of the JS string type and some
items would be missing from the dropdown.

B) If by any chance, the data from the database contain pipe
character, it would result in extra elements inserted in the dropdown

Is there a better way to pass data to JS w/o relying in strings? How
can these practices be improved?

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JQuery :: Getting Attr With Strings That Contain?

Jan 11, 2012

If the element i'm getting has an attr that contains string like this....

<span names="Joes|Joe's">Joes|Joe's</span>

When we get the contents of attr st, there is an error because of the ' in they're.

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Pass Strings With Spaces Through Url?

Jun 16, 2009

the title says it: is it ok to pass strings with spaces trough url? i tried it and it seems to work, but it also seems to me that more correct way to do it is to use '+' instead of space since that's what php get method does. i'm using window.location to redirect to another page.

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Compare And Replace Strings

Sep 20, 2009

I'm trying to convert a string based on the contents of another string. For example, I have two strings - "Purple" and "Orange" and a variable "P" - I want the script to look at the word "Purple" and everytime is sees the letter "P", assign this to a third variable (result variable) - if the letter it's looking at is not a "p", I want it to take that character from "Orange" and add it to the result string. So the result would be "Prapge". This is the code I have so far, and it doesn't work, absolutely stumped as to why ...

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Strings - Get The Coordinates From A Variable In The URL

Oct 2, 2011

I have this code for HMTL5 Canvas, however this is a JavaScript directed question not a Canvas question.

<script type="text/javascript">
var c=document.getElementById("myCanvas");
var cxt=c.getContext("2d");

That will draw a line graph, however I want to get the coordinates from a variable in the URL. So it may be . How would I retrieve these two variables and then insert in to they're respective places?

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Code For A Program To Take In Strings?

Nov 15, 2009

I want a person to enter a string value in a javascript program.Example: Choose Rock, Paper, Scissors.Person: Rock.What is the code for a program to take in strings? Like parseInt andd parseFloat are for numbers. What is it for strings?

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Handle Strings In Sorting?

May 10, 2010

This function (full Code)...

Look at the 'Prev. Rank' column. How do I tweak this code so that the blank spaces are always on the bottom?

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Submitting Array Of Strings?

Feb 26, 2011

I'm post submitting a tabular form, the rows are like so

<td><input type='checkbox' name='checkbox[]' value='x-y-z'></td>


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