SetTimeout Seems To Return A Simple Integer As It's "id" Which Can Be Used To Clear The Timeout Ahead Of Time - Is Right / Legal

Oct 25, 2011

I've noticed that setTimeout seems to return a simple integer as it's "id" which can be used to clear the timeout ahead of time. So, in order to have multiple setTimeouts called (which requires the previous one to be cleared before the next one is called), I simply did this:

clearTimeout(setTimeout(function() {
/* some code */
}, 1000) -1);

Note the "-1"... each time this code is called, it starts a new setTimeout and clears "instance-1" which is supposed to be the previous instance. The idea is that this block can be called hundreds of times, and when the calling finally stops, the inner code is executed 1 second later. This SEEMS to be working (yes, even in MSIE!). Question is, am I fooling myself? Is this wrong?

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Convert An Integer To Time Format?

May 6, 2010

Does JavaScript have an easy of converting an ordinary integer like 135 into a time format like 02:15? I'm working on a timer that handles the backend with just a plain integer that counts down every second but it needs to output looking like a clock.

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Integer Number Using Server Time

Jan 8, 2007

I am creating a contact us form and i want at the completition of the form to add a unique number so the customer can contact us.

I am using java and i decide to use the Server Time. I want to record the day,month,year,hour,minute,msec into 1 number with Java.

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Return True And SetTimeout?

Jul 30, 2009

Got a timing issue with sending a URI string out to a server side script right before a client side form validation process returns true..The problem is that the return true gets called to quickly for the submission of the URI string to be completed.So my question is, might there be a way to mix a return and a setTimeout?

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Meaning Of SetTimeout()'s Return Value

Dec 31, 2009

I'm troubleshooting some issues with menus closing and when I alert the return value from something like:

timer = setTimeout("closeMenu(id)",500);

I get 2,3,4. It seems to increment. Does that just represent how many times the timeout code has been executed?

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SetTimeout Causes Return Of 32 Million Instead Of X,y Coordinate

Jul 20, 2005

I'm trying to move pictures around on the screen, with a slight delay
between the first picture and second picture (following onmousemove).
When I add the setTimeout function I must be doing it wrong because
the function that calculates the new coordinates for the picture
returns 32 million and change instead of the coordinate. This causes
the picture to not be able to appear on the display, obviously.

Here's the calling code (snipped for readability) that works without

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Simple N00b SetTimeout Or Onload Problem

Mar 28, 2006

What I want is an element with a shifting background image:

<script type="text/javascript">
var x = 0
var y = 0
inc = 4
function bgWander(el){
x = x + Math.round(2*inc*Math.random())-inc
y = y + Math.round(2*inc*Math.random())-inc = x + 'px ' + y + 'px'

<a onLoad="bgWander(this)" href=""


Can you show me the error of my ways?

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Simple Animation - SetTimeout Function And Paint Method

Dec 24, 2009

I'm trying to graph line with a delay between each line drawn - my code is:
var jg = new jsGraphics('Canvas');
Unfortunately it draws all the lines at the same time i.e the setTimeout function doesn't like the paint method.

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Write A Simple Function To Animate The Collapse Of A Div Using SetTimeout?

Dec 15, 2010

I'm new to JavaScript, and have been playing around with a few simple functions to get going. However, I've hit a problem that I just can't fix, I'm trying to write a simple function to animate the collapse of a div using setTimeout (I know, jQuery does it a lot better), and it's gotten the best of me. The only error it's giving me now is

Code: missing ; before statement on line 25 but I can't see why. I assume it's something to do with my abuse of the setTimeout syntax (why does it insist that everthing is enclosed in quotes.I'm sure there are much better scripts than mine, and searching the forum I've come across Vic Phillips' fine specimen which mostly went over my head. But if I just wanted it to work I'd use jQuery - I'm more interested in why it's not working.

code is below. In addition to this I've also got an external script to compensate for browsers without getElementsByClass, but it should work in modern browsers up to the point where it doesn't!


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Integer Or Text 'document.write('integer')' To Variable In Another Script...

Jul 20, 2005

First script, 'xxx.js' returns value 'document.write('integer');
So in HTML:

<script language='javascript' src='xxx.js'></script>

will write ie. 123 on my page in browser.

Can I get this integer or text 'document.write('integer')' to variable in
another script? So it would be something like this:

<script landuage='javascript>
a=<script ... src='xxx.js'></script>;
</script> ...

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Ask For Integer Then List Numbers To That Integer On Page!

Sep 13, 2006

I am trying to learn how to do this one thing with JavaScript and can't seem to find anything on the internet. I have learned about loops and arrays and some other useful stuff. I've been looking for 2 days straight. I have gotten close though.

I am trying to have a textbox on the page and a button below it. A statement above the textbox should ask the user to enter a positive integer and then click the button. When the button is clicked the results from 0 to that number should appear below the button. Should look like this

please enter positive integer.


I have been trying night and day for 2 days now and It's driving me insane.

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Is URL Within An XML Tag Legal

Jul 18, 2009

In other words, can I do this:

I'm asking because when I press "Get Schema" Dreamweaver gives me an "Expected entity name for reference(13,16). The "image" tag line is line 16.

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Simple JS Time Manipulation?

Oct 10, 2011

I want a script to receive a time in the 24 hour time format HH:mm (e.g. 18:30) and remove 15 minutes from it.The problem is that if the time inputted was 00:00, then how do I get to 23:45?

I'm sure it's easy if you're in the know.I can do this with PHP, but not with JS.I just need the function / basic line of code that does this. I can work out how to call it etc. myself.

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Is It Legal To Use Element ID To Pass Data

Feb 28, 2011

I wrote a little live clock in JS (using Steve Levithan's "date format" code) that formats the time display according to a format string. I then find all elements by classname and search for a classname of "clock" and write the clock string to the innerHTML of every element I find.But recently I added another "feature". Rather than hard code a format string, I instead pass it in ID. Example:

<span class="clock" id="hh:mm:mm tt"></span>

..and the JS:

var doClock = function () {
var now = new Date();
var e = getElementsByClassName('clock');


Note that I am passing the clock FORMAT STRING by using the span's ID. It works great...

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Calculate The Time Difference And Return The Value Back To Jsp P?

May 24, 2010

I am trying to populate the javascript and want to return the value to the jsp page.. The function is like this.

function difference(startTime, endTime){
var starttime = document.getElementById(startTime).value;
var endtime = document.getElementById(endTime).value;


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IE5 And Look Ahead Expressions

May 10, 2005

I am using a JS form validator that uses the following regex to test whether a string contains at least one unsigned int and one letter.

var reAlphanumeric = /^(?=.*[0-9]+.*)(?=.*[a-zA-Z]+.*)([0-9a-zA-Z])+$/;

function checkAlphaNum( theField ) {
if ( isWhitespace( theField.value ) || !reAlphanumeric.test( theField.value ) ) {
return false;
} else {
return true;

Since IE5 doesn't support look ahead expressions, I am using the following function to get the same result in IE5.

var reUnsignedInteger = /^[+]?[0-9]+$/;
var reAlphabetic = /^[a-zA-Z]+$/;

function IE_AlphaNum( s ) {
var isInt = false;
var isLet = false;
var isOp = false;
var len;
var setStr = strArray( s );

for ( var i = 0; i < setStr.length; i++ ) {
if ( reAlphabetic.test( setStr[i] ) ) {
isLet = true;

for ( var i = 0; i < setStr.length; i++ ) {
if ( reUnsignedInteger.test( setStr[i] ) ) {
isInt = true;

for ( var i = 0; i < setStr.length; i++ ) {
if ( !reAlphabetic.test( setStr[i] ) && !reUnsignedInteger.test( setStr[i] ) ) {
isOp = true;

if ( isInt && isLet && !isOp )
return true;
return false;

Can a regex be used that will satisify the one int/one letter rule that will work in IE5 or if not, can the above function be refactored w/o having to interate through the string array each time? Neither method works in Opera 6. Also, is there any condition except for validating perhaps a password where such a rule would be needed?

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Multi-level Return - Doesn't Give Enough Time To Set The Variable

Feb 16, 2010

I'm using ajax to grab a response from a PHP page, on success, the ajax sets a variable. After the line that calls the ajax function is the line the returns the variable (a global variable). Problem is, because the variable is returned right after the ajax function is fired, it doesn't give the ajax enough time to set the variable. The work around I've thought about would be using the ajax function as a variable, and returning that variable in the initial return line.

Here's some code for reference:

The function that will return the response I'm trying to collect:

The ajax code:

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JQuery :: Prepopulate With One Year Ahead

Nov 19, 2010

I have two fields


What I need when I select a date in in_date field I have to get 1 year from now in out_date. For example if in in_date I select "11/19/2010" I have to get out_date as 11/20/2011 I tried like


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Auto-complete Type-ahead For 2 Fields?

Aug 12, 2009

Auto-complete type-ahead for 2 fields?

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JQuery :: Datepicker - Using Radio Button To Select Days Ahead

Aug 11, 2010

I would like to use a radio button to control the datepicker so that it changes the days that can be selected.

i.e. radio choice 1 - user can only select four days in advance. radio choice 2 - user can only selecttwo days in advance. radiochoice 3 - user can only selectone day in advance.

I am using the Keith Wood version of the datepicker : [url]

This is the code I am currently using for four days:

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Don't Clear Part Of Form When The "Clear All" Button Is Clicked?

Dec 10, 2011

I have a search form and added the "Clear All" Button functionality...but it clears the last part of the search form display do I only clear the checkboxes at the top of the form only and not at the bottom of the form between the <DIV> tags? I have attached a copy of the JSP page.

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SetTimeout Inside A SetTimeout?

Jul 12, 2010

I have the following function that's supposed to say "Please make a guess" 20 seconds after an initial confirmation is displayed. However, it's immediately displayed as soon as someone hits "Cancel". If I change it's time to 40000 (20 seconds after the initial function is called), it does do it 40 seconds total, so it kind of does what I want. So it seems that the second setTimeout is initiated from the time the script is called generally, but I'm looking for a way specifically to have the 20 seconds start only after the "cancel" button is hit.


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HttpRequest And Timeout

Dec 20, 2005

I use an HttpRequest in my web application to launch an heavy
computation server side. The result is then send back to the browser.
The problem I got is that when the computation took too much time, then
I never get the result. I have to reload the page to get it.

I assume it's because my socket connection has time out, but my event
listener does not seems to get any event. Maybe I miss something:

function xmlhttpChange()
// looking fo a xmlhttp "loaded"
for (var i in nodeId2xmlHttp) {
if ((nodeId2xmlHttp[i] != null) && nodeId2xmlHttp[i].readyState ==
4) {
if (nodeId2xmlHttp[i].status==200) {
nodeId2xmlHttp[i] = null;
} else {
alert("Problem retrieving XML data (nodeId: " + i + ")");
nodeId2xmlHttp[i] = null;

My question is : how to handle XMLHttpRequest timeout. Any pointers?

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Timeout/while Loop

Apr 6, 2006

I'm trying to decrease my numeric variable in random increments from 0-4 every 5 seconds until this variable reaches 0. Basically it's a countdown, but has a random increment each count. Here's my code:

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Button Timeout

Dec 20, 2004

i want to perform an action if the submit button is not clicked for 20 secs!
any suggestion about how to do it!

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JQuery :: $('#mydiv').css('margin-left') Return 0px (must Return Auto)

Jun 3, 2010

All is on the title, sorry for my english, i'm french :) I have an html page with style

#mydiv {

with jquery, i try to get the margin-left ($('#mydiv').css('margin-left'), but the function return 0px, unable to retrieve the good value (auto) anyone has idea to retrieve the value "auto" when margin-left is "auto" ?

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