Multidimensional Arrays In Loops ?

Jul 11, 2010

While arr[i] works fine in a loop, the addition of another dimension...arr[0][i]...means that it will not accept an assigned value.

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Nested Or Multidimensional Arrays

Jul 23, 2005

I can't figure out why this doesn't work:

greeting = new Array();

greeting[0][0] = "hey";
greeting[0][1] = "bye";

trace(greeting[0][0] + greeting[0][1]);


Shouldn't this automatically create a multidimensional array? Can someone
help me?

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Associative Multidimensional Arrays

Jul 23, 2005

Is there any way to associate name/value pairs during an array initialization? Like so:

sType = "funFilter"
filterTypeInfo = [];
filterTypeInfo[sType] = new Array("type" : sType);

I can do it using this:

sType = "String"
filterTypeInfo = [];
filterTypeInfo[sType] = [];
filterTypeInfo[sType]["type"] = sType;

but that seems rather cludgy. I want to use array objects not Object objects as described here:

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Sorting Multidimensional Arrays

Apr 12, 2007

I have a piece of JS code that uses the eBay REST API for searching. Each item returned is converted to an array and added to another array, giving the following format:

searchResults[2ndItem]["price"] ... etc

What I want to do is sort the main array by an item in the second level of the array (ie price). Does anyone know how this can be done?

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Concat Multidimensional Arrays ?

Feb 19, 2011

I'm trying to concatenate two arrays but it doesn't work.

The code looks like


And the console output looks like:


But I was expecting:


Does anybody know why those two arrays won't concatenate?

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Linking With Arrays, For And If Loops?

Jun 25, 2010

I am having trouble with a project i am supposed to be doing which is to turn structured English into coding joined with the code i am about to post !This is the code i have written so far that works:

var contestantNamesArray = ['Tom and Nazia', 'Pat and Dan', 'Sandra and Kofi', 'Ian and Adele', 'Paul and Costas'];
var judgesPointsArray = [2,1,5,4,3];[code].....

I have tried myself but i am stuck at how to link the contestantNamesArray with the rest of the code in order to be able to display the couples who scored the maximum points and store it in a new variable and then write out the names.

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JQuery :: Multidimensional Arrays To Php Script?

Aug 2, 2011

how would one post a multidimensional array to a php script. The ajax section on here in the docs... only show how you would pass just one array. I need to pass a multidimensional arrays to my php scripts.

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Average From Loops Without Arrays Nor Functions?

Oct 26, 2011

I've now got to form an average of snowfall inputs, taken from looped prompts, however I'm not allowed to use arrays or functions...Almost every example I see uses arrays, such as this one here: it possible to not use arrays to form the average? Please describe how to do this in general terms, as was highlighted in that link ^^^ I want to learn, not copy, although one can be derived from the other...What I haveso far, assume all vars have been announced.

for (var d=1; d<=numofinputs; d=d+1)
input = prompt("Enter a data input" + d)

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Trouble With Loops And Arrays In Java

Nov 14, 2000

I've been working on trying to compile this bit of Java code. It's taken from an existing code (with permission) that I know works. The problems started when I added an array. Code:

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Join And Split Methods On Multidimensional Arrays ?

Aug 27, 2009

I am working on a project which requires a method to join or split multidimensional arrays according to its arguments, which would be string delimiters for the various dimensions of the array.

An example of the join function might be:

The split function:

This would turn 'str' into an array like this:

I think I may have found the problem (but not the solution) - it looks as though javascript won't perform a method on an array which is part of another array. Firefox error console gives me "arr[0].join is not a function".

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Searching Multidimensional Arrays By String Match And Returning Elements In Row?

May 26, 2011

I need to be able to match a particular element in a "row" of a multidimensional array, and then find and reference the other elements in that "row".

Below is a sample of the whole array...

var commercialProductList=new Array(
new Array("Sydney Automobiles - Online","Sydney_Automobiles_Online","users",60.39,3.02,1.21),
new Array("Sydney Automobiles - Hard


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While Loops

Nov 4, 2007

i am trying to do but I have no clue how to write it. Im trying to write a while loop that prints out all of the multiples of 5 between 10 and 95. I just need to know how to write the while loop i got everything else.

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Using A Multidimensional Array?

Jun 5, 2009

I am wondering if my code *should* work. I have a php file that reads in images from various folders. It stores the file paths in a javascript array by using echo statements. The array is also defined in the php file, as below, outside of the php tags.

var galleryarray = new Array();
for(var i=0; i < galleryarray.length; i++)


I am getting an error when running the HTML file that says "galleryarray[f1][f2] is undefined". I have another version of this that stores the file paths in a single-dimension array, and this works fine. I am thinking that there could be something wrong with how I am using the multidimensional array in the javascript.

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Look Up Value In Multidimensional Array?

Apr 22, 2010

I want a lookup table that matches url fragments to the name I want to show. For instance, if a url contains "", I want to print "Yahoo." For now, I created a multidimensional array that maps url fragments to a name. such as,

var urlMapping = [
{ urlpath: "", mapto: "Yahoo"},
{ urlpath: "", mapto: "Google"}

So, say I have a variable urlVar, where the value is some URL (for example,[URL]).Is there any way - other than looping through the array for every variable - to check if urlVar contains any of the substrings in urlMapping.urlPath, and if so, output urlMapping.mapto? (In this case, I want urlVar to find that it contains the substring "" and output "Yahoo".) In my code, I anticipate that I have 100 variables checked against 50 mappings, and performance is important to me.

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Multiple Loops

Feb 6, 2006

I'm my script I've three loops processing a very huge data file. IE & Firefox show a message box after some time saying my script could be infinite looping and give me a chance to stop it.

Is there a way to prevent this dialog box to show up? I'm writing a script used only on a intranet and the final customer should not see the message box.

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Question About Loops

Jan 12, 2007

Hi, I want to have something like this:

function callme1() {

function callme2() {

function callme3() {

function callme4() {


except, it's going to be created in a loop, like

var x=0;
while (x<10) {

function callme[x]() {


So, out of that I would like to get 10 callme(1-10 or A-J) functions...
I guess I am lost which way to build this with the placement & parsing
of the variables.

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How To Break Out Of All Loops

Jun 6, 2009

Is it possible, when you have a loop in a loop, that when the inner loop reaches a certain point, it breaks out of both loops? For example:


The code above will break out of the (b=0;b<=10;b++) loop when b==5, but it will continue to do the a loop. not putting the first loop at all or making the first loop stop at 1): Is there a way to break out of both loops when the if condition is met? (I only ask that you not give a work-around because what I have in mind is much more complicated than this)

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Using SetInterval In Loops

Dec 15, 2007

i'm scratching my head over achieving similar results with setInterval() function, and how I can keep it from looping infinitely.

I want to do something like this:
var i = 0;
var endTime = now + ((1000*60)*2); // 2 minutes after now
while (now <=endTime) {
i = i + 1;
now = new Date().getTime();
document.write("total iterations: " + i);

however you can't do this because of lag issues, so i'll settle for using setinterval on its smallest interval of a millisecond, here is my attempt to translate the above to a setinterval solution:
var endTime = now + ((1000*60)*2); // 2 minutes after now
var intervalID = setInterval(loopFunc(endTime),1);
function loopFunc(endTime,intervalID) {
if (new Date().getTime() <= endTime) {
i = i + 1;
} else {

as you can see I have prolbems figuring out how to stop the interval from continuing to iterate, and passing the interval id, I'm clueless Also I'm clueless on echoing the total iterations via this method.

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Getting Averages From Loops?

Nov 8, 2009

I want to get averages from a for loop. Let's say I had a # of exams and in that loop I wanted to add the exams up and calculate the average. How would I go about doing this? Is this even possible in a for loop?

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Using While Loops Incrementer?

Jul 26, 2009

If I were to have a script:

Code JavaScript:
var numbers = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5];
var incrementer = 0;
while (incrementer < numbers.length)


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Multidimensional Array Length?

Jul 8, 2010

Is there any function or property for finding out the size of the first (or for that matter any) dimension of a multidimensional array?EDIT:There seems to be no such functionality, I found a solution that does not require it. If anyone is reading this for the same reason; it needs to be scripted.

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Create A Multidimensional Array?

Sep 30, 2010

I'm trying to create a multidimensional array (and it's my first time using one) as an easy-to-modify way of populating content into a cycling banner script. However I seem to be having issues with actually accessing the content in the array.So currently my array looks like so:


<script type="text/javascript">
var banner = new Array();
//Option 1


But when I do a "document.write(banner[0]['title']);" in my body, it doesn't seem to want to oblige.

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Cliping A String Without Loops

Jul 20, 2005

I have got a span inside a td of a table. i am trying to clip the
string that exceeds the length of the td and then put three dots
("...") after it so it will show that the text was clipped and when
the mouse hovers above it, it will show the title. now i have managed
to do all the above by puting a span inside the td with the style
overflow:hidden and it all works fine. to add the three dots i have to
clip the string to ten pixels below the length of the td and then add
the dots. i can do it by slicing the string in "string.length-1" each
time and then get the new length of the string with offsetWidth, and
when getting to the right length - add the dots. the problem is that
the slicing is done in a "while" loop, and when having a very long
table it takes too much time. the question is if there is any methods
of clipping the string by pixels or any other method that will shorten
the run time of the script.

i tried also having another span with the three dots that is
display:none and when the length exceeds the span length (the length
of the span is set to the td-10px) i change the display to block, but
the second span keeps on droping a line which is not good for me.

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IE With Nested Loops Isn't Working

Nov 21, 2009

I really can't figure out why it's not working in IE. The only problem I can think of would be using nested loops. Here's the part of the code that isn't working. It's not generating an error, it's just not returning anything. I know you guys hate when I post entire code, so I trimmed it down as much as I can. It's referring to an already stated xml document with xmlDoc. And it's goal is to return a table of rows that meet certain criteria. If you can see any syntax errors that explorer would not like, that's really what I'm asking for.


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Gets Xml But When It Loops It Empty The Page

Nov 30, 2011

I'm making a page which gets the contents of an xml file and creates a table and populates it. The problem is when it loops around it seems to strip everything from the page HTML, HEAD, BODY tags and everything inside of those and just puts the value of the elements from the xml file onto the page. My question is, am I able to perform this loop and keep the rest of the contents of the page intact? I've been trying for most of the day and I can't get this working.


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Loops And Execution Time

Nov 29, 2005

I would like to have two buttons on the page. When visitor clicks on first, I would like to start looping through numbers for example from 1 to 100. When loop gets to the end, I would like to start it over and stop it when user click on the next button.

My concern is if this is safe. What if user waits for 1 minute or more to click the second button which should stop the loop and pick up the number where it currenly is? Will it cause browser to warn user that the script is slowing down the browser? How can I avoid this?

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