Just Preload

Oct 26, 2002

Who can tell me about some function which just preload some little poor images 4 me?

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Preload Many Images

Jul 23, 2005

I have tried several preload scripts found here; plus, some of my own.
The only thing that works is the unsophisticated loading of those
tiny images. The download consist of 100+ images amounting to 50+mb;
and, normally completes in less than 1 minute without preload (using

The preload terminates after 6 or 7 images and seems to time-out in the middle of an image. A reload will download a few more, etc. I have used the <body onLoad=function()>
approach as well as the non-function approach of JS that executes immediately with the page's loading. Getting the same results with Netscape-7 and IE-6.

I need to add: The source of the array containing the image references is a '.js' file. That doesn't seem pertinent as some of the images always load.

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Preload A Sound

Jul 23, 2005

I'm using HTML 4 Strict and looking for a way to preload a sound.....

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Preload Function

Jul 20, 2005

I´m using dreamweaver´s built in preloader for a menu. it looks like this:

function MM_preloadImages() { //v3.0
var d=document; if(d.images){ if(!d.MM_p) d.MM_p=new Array();
var i,j=d.MM_p.length,a=MM_preloadImages.arguments; for(i=0; i<a.length;
if (a[i].indexOf("#")!=0){ d.MM_p[j]=new Image; d.MM_p[j++].src=a[i];}}

Then, in the body tag you have the preload:

<body onload="MM_preloadimages('/images/image1.jpg','/images/image2.jpg')">

But I don´t want the function calls to be in the file itself, BUT linked to
an extenal js file.....

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Slow Preload For IE

Jul 20, 2005

Has anyone else had this issue? Basically, the preload of images for a
rollover effect for the navigation is really really slow when using IE
6.0 but when i view the site using Netscape, it's fast like it should
be(no lag!)

My problem is that since 96% of users use IE, i need to figure a way
to fix this. Below is the javascript currently being used. The
arguments are passed in before the script is called.


function gn_rollover_preload(){
//preloads middle images for the navigation
if (document.images){
var argLength = gn_rollover_preload.arguments.length;

for (arg=0; arg < argLength; arg++){
eval(arguments[arg] + "_off = new Image()");
eval(arguments[arg] + "_on = new Image()");
eval(arguments[arg] + "_left = new Image()");
eval(arguments[arg] + "_right = new Image()");

eval(arguments[arg] + "_off.src = '" + ASSET_PATH_HEADER +
"button_nav_"+ arguments[arg] + "_off.gif'");
eval(arguments[arg] + "_on.src = '" + ASSET_PATH_HEADER +
"button_nav_"+ arguments[arg] + "_on.gif'");
eval(arguments[arg] + "_left.src = '" + ASSET_PATH_HEADER +
"button_nav_"+ arguments[arg] + "_left.gif'");
eval(arguments[arg] + "_right.src = '" + ASSET_PATH_HEADER +
"button_nav_"+ arguments[arg] + "_right.gif'");

// Now Preload all "corner" images for faster swapping
corner1 = new Image();
corner2 = new Image();
corner2_both = new Image();
corner3 = new Image();
corner3_both = new Image();
corner4 = new Image();
corner4_both = new Image();
corner5 = new Image();

corner1.src = eval("'" + ASSET_PATH_HEADER +
corner2.src = eval("'" + ASSET_PATH_HEADER +
corner2_both.src = eval("'" + ASSET_PATH_HEADER +
corner3.src = eval("'" + ASSET_PATH_HEADER +
corner3_both.src = eval("'" + ASSET_PATH_HEADER +
corner4.src = eval("'" + ASSET_PATH_HEADER +
corner4_both.src = eval("'" + ASSET_PATH_HEADER +
corner5.src = eval("'" + ASSET_PATH_HEADER +


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Preload Text?

Jan 30, 2008

How to preload my text for my menu?

I include the menu in each file, that way I edit one file, but it expands to show each menu option instead of keeping it's normal size.

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Preload An MP3 File

Sep 1, 2002

Want to know if there is a way to preload a song before the slide show starts. Also, would like to be able to show the lyrics 2 paragraphs at a time, timed with the singer so viewers don't have to scroll to see the lyrics. The lyrics are currently just in a table row with the <td> tag. I would have to have a timer start with the execution of the song, and replace the lyric text as the singer completes each verse.

Or, can you link the photo image with the scroll bar so if they scroll, photo will scroll so they can still see it as they view the lyrics.

I really have little idea of what I am doing, and have gotten to where I am by lifting various scripts off the Internet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please keep in mind I am a web designer IDIOT.

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Preload Issue

Aug 11, 2003

im working on a webpage with rollover buttons, and im noticing that on everylink of the page the page reload the buttons again,and again, is there something i can do to use them from cache instead load them every time? it could save time for audience and bandwith for the hosting :) the rollover was made for imageready Code:

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Preload All Images

Jun 1, 2004

I would like to preload all images on a certain page, without 'knowing' which pictures are on the page. (I want to write a .js file, put in the header of all the pages)... So, I don't know what pictures are on the particular pages.

Can this be done? If so, how?

Than another question (if the above is possible)... Say, one of the 'found' pictures can't be loaded (it's not in the correct folder)... can this pictures be replaced with another picture? (for instance: pic_not_found.jpg).

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Preload Question...

Sep 23, 2004

I have attempted to create an external js page that handles preloading and rollovers. The idea is to save some bandwidth by not having this code in the head of every page.

The problem I am encountering is that I have the script doesn't seem to want to work properly through out my file structure which can be seen here.

here is the code for the external js:

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How Do I Get This To Preload Only 1 Image?

Jan 8, 2005

I got a script that rotates my images, but I have almost 300 in stock and it is preloading all 300 once the script is started. How do I get it to preload one at a time, or nothing at all? Code:

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Preload Image

Aug 23, 2005

My question is can I use home page preload some images which will not be used for this page, but will be (potentially) used for later pages?

My problem is the home page does not have any images at all, I use following code in head section:

<script language="javascript>
img0 = new Image();
img1 = new Image();
img2 = new Image();
img3 = new Image();
img4 = new Image();
img5 = new Image();

img0.src = "./images/arrowUp.gif";
img1.src = "./images/arrowUp.gif";
img2.src = "./images/track.gif";
img3.src = "./images/drag.gif";
img4.src = "./images/arrowDown.gif";
img5.src = "./images/bottom.gif";

This cause the home page display nothing.

Any ideas or thought?

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Css Slowing Down My Preload??

Dec 23, 2005

I'm not sure if this is a CSS question or a JS question, but I have a rollover image gallery using css for style and js for the behavior.

The css I'm using is meant to crop the thumbnails into perfect squares. However, it seems to also be slowing down the rollover.

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How To Preload Images

Dec 5, 2010

the first 4 tabs are showing some images as background:clicking the tabs will trigger a fading-effect, but as long as the user hasn't watched the 4 images, the effect is "interupted" by the loadingprocess of the images. is it possible to preload those images so that they are in the browsercache or something?

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How To Preload The Text

Mar 10, 2011

I know that there are scripts on preloading images in order to load page faster.I want something else but for text,in order to load text faster on my page.

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Preload Images Not Working

Jul 23, 2005

I'm preloading images with the standard code:

default1 = new Image(); default1.src = "images/image1.gif";
changed1 = new Image(); changed1.src = "images/image1-on.gif";
default2 = new Image(); default2.src = "images/image2.gif";
changed2 = new Image(); changed2.src = "images/image2-on.gif";

And this is my rollover code:

var iName="";
function Ichange(p) {
var pSrc=eval(p+ ".src");
document[iName].src = pSrc;

But for some reason on the first mouseover it doesn't seem like the
image has been preloaded. There is a delay, like it's looking for the
rollover image, which should have already been preloaded. Anyone have
any ideas why?

Here is the inline code for a mouseover:

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Image Preload With A For Loop

Dec 8, 2005

This isn't working and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong:

var c_imgs = new Array(
var pre_img;
for (var i = 0; i < c_imgs.length; i++)
pre_img[i] = new Image();
pre_img[i].src = c_imgs[i];

If this code is correct, should I put it in a function and then call for
it ?

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Preload Images In A Loop

Nov 25, 2006

I think to preload an image I should us something like:

img = new Image();
img.src = 'images/img.jpg'

Could someone tell me how to create a loop which would preload a list
of images? Something like:

ImagesFolder = '...'
ImagesNames = '...'

For i = 0 to ImagesNames.Count
img = new Image();
img.src = imagesFolder + imagesNames(i)

Is this a good approach? Could someone tell me the javascript code for this?

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Preload Images Using A Loop

Feb 3, 2009

i am making a gallery and i was advised by philip m to preload my images before hand, so that the gallery runs smooth. i have done so but in a different way to what ive seen on some of the other posts on this forum and i was just wondering if this was practical javascript or am i over doing it.bascially, the images are external hrefs loaded into place holders.the external hrefs are stored as strings in an array.

so the loop runs for however many image hrefs are in the array.so the first iteration of the loop, an image is created and is given the href of whateever value the loop is of the array.then for each iteration of the loop, the var img, is overwritten with the next href in the array.so technically, iam not creating as many images as there are in the array, i am just creating 1 then overwriting it, but still loading the image data in to the browser cache.

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Preload Image And Use As Background?

Jul 8, 2009

I trying to:

- preload an image
- then call it as a a background image.

But cant get it to work- here is my code...

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Preload An Image To Use It As CSS Background?

Aug 10, 2011

I want to use an image as a CSS background-image so I used the Image constructor to load the image: [URL] but I noticed that the browser (Firefox) load the image from the URL and not from the memory when changing the background-image property (it takes about 1.5 seconds before showing the image, and every time I reload the page!)

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Rollover Menus Don't Preload

Jan 4, 2007

I have a bunch of menu buttons that rollover properly and javascript preloading that I THOUGHT used to work but isn't now. It's flickering and reloading the images each time the mouse is moved over top and off, even on the same button. I thought they worked perfectly in the past, but with no changes they're not working today. Code:

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Preload Image DOMwise

Aug 2, 2005

Will this code suffise to preload two given images into the browsers' cache, before the page has loaded?

// preload images
tipTransparentImage = new Image();
tipTransparentImage.src = 'images/bg.png'
tipTransparentBgImage = new Image();
tipTransparentBgImage.src = 'images/bgs.png'

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Preload Images From Directory?

Mar 28, 2011

I have some images 5 or 6 that are 800 x 300 i use in my website banner.The start loading but when number one is 1/3 of the way teh next one starts then the next, it looks real messy nee some way to preload them ... like black square or something .code i used below

<script language="JavaScript">
// configuration structure
var A_TPL = {[code].....

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Preload Images From FOLDER

May 27, 2009

I want to create a preload for images but do not want to have to specify every single image file name.Is there a way to just specify a folder and all images in ti will be preloaded?

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Preload Images In Array

Nov 18, 2009

i want all of the images to preload, but i want to do it in such a way that i don't have to list all of the images a second time.. I want it to somehow grab all the images from the array and load them. is there a simple or relatively easy way of doing that?

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