Get A Overflow In A Fixed Sized Div - Add 'overflow:scroll' To The Div ?

May 22, 2011

I want to test if I get a overflow in a fixed sized div and in that case add 'overflow:scroll' to the div. I guess there is a way to check if a generated contents (from PHP) will create an overflow but how?

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Removinng Overflow-y Hidden/setting Overflow-y Visible?

Nov 12, 2010

I'm currently building a website that has a flash fullscreen popup at the beginning. The flash popup loads fullscreen, therefor I've set overflow-y to hidden. As soon as the flash popup is done, it removes the div it the flash is in using javascript, but I can't figure out how to put the overflow-y to visible.

I'm assuming I need to build a Javascript function to show overflow-y visible, and then need to call to that function from the flash file. I just can't figure out how to build the javascript function since I suck at javascript.

All the CSS is in the original file, so not in an external stylesheet, this needs to stay that way because I have to implement the code in to several different web sites.

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Jquery :: Scroll Some Text Inside A Div With Overflow?

Jan 20, 2011

This supposed to be simple, but I don't really know jQuery in order to implement this the proper way.All I want is to create a div with some text inside. The div will be overflowed some text will be visible.So all I want to do is to create to small links "up" and "down" so when the visitor clicks on then the text scrolls up or down. like this effect hereI tried to do some search ... but all I find are plugins and scrollers to create carousels or so

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JQuery :: Find Position Of Element In A DIV With Overflow:scroll?

Nov 21, 2011

I have a DIV with hegiht 500 px and overflow:scroll. I have 34000 A tags in it(each new line). Every A tag has its own ID. I want to scroll to these a tags so I need to know their position. How to find these?

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Dynamic Layer Height For Overflow: Auto Scroll?

Aug 1, 2011

In order to make my site scalable (down to 1024x768), I need four layers to vertically scroll so that their contents doesn't force the main page to scroll. However, on higher resolutions, there'll be more space below the layers which means I don't necessarily want the layers to scroll if there's enough space to fit the text in.

I've tried CSS - I had to specify a height of 250px (the most I can use before main-page-scrolling takes effect in 1024x768) and set overflow: auto. The problem with this is that this is static formatting - no matter what resolution I use, the layers are always going to scroll because the height has been set to 250px.

So I was wondering if there's a way, either a CSS property/function (or maybe this can only be done in java script) - to make the layers scroll only if there's a risk of the main page scrolling?Or do I need to attack this with a crowbar and have a separate style sheet for every single resolution where I specify the height of the layers for each one?

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Detect Overflow In A DIV?

Jan 24, 2009

how I might use JavaScript to detect the overflow of text in a DIV. Currently, I have the CSS set to Code:


However, having scroll bars are pretty tacky. Instead, I'd like to be able to detect the overflow, which would then add a small <a href> link that says "More."

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Stack Overflow In IE?

Mar 16, 2009

I discovered this really great jQuery plugin which adds a scroll to top link to every page (implemented through my CMS) - Firefox its fine but in IE after going through a few pages I start to get an alert box which says "Stack overflow at line: 13". I understand that this may be caused by an infinite loop but being a JS novice I'm kinda lost as to where to start.

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Spill Overflow Text To Another DIV

Aug 8, 2005

Say I have a text area. When the user clicks a button the entered text
displays in a DIV. If there's too much text to fit in that DIV then the
overflow text (the text that doesn't fit in the first DIV) displays in
an adjacent DIV.

Is there a way to know if there's "overflowing" text and, if there is,
if there a way to know what that text is?

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Stack Overflow At Line 0?

Jul 14, 2009

When loading my web page I'm getting this error"stack overflow at line 0"What can be the reason for that? Is it related to the images I'm using in my site?

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Detecting Text Overflow?

Apr 5, 2010

I have a width limited box on a website that contains text. Normally the text will break across several lines as expect just fine. However, every now and then there is a really long word that breaks out of the box:

| Some would say that |


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W3C-body Overflow:hidden

Mar 22, 2003

the css line
body { overflow:hidden }

doesn't work with the W3C standards

is there another way I can get rid of the scroll-bars on the body of the document, and still be W3C compliant?

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Height And Overflow: Auto;

Jun 8, 2006

Copy the following code and run it in IE and Firefox. In IE, you can see it works pretty damn good, with the center column using a div with "overflow". That is what I want!

Now, in Firefox, it doesn't work like that probably because it's doing it the RIGHT way

So, with that said, can any of you javascript guru's think of anything that we can use some JS to force the middle div to use that scrollbar when the content gets past the initial browser height? Code:

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Testing For Overflow In A Textarea

Sep 27, 2006

Is there any way to test if there is overflow in a text area (i.e. a scrollbar is displayed)? This is a read only field so I could change the textarea to a div if necessary.

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How To Prevent Stack Overflow?

Sep 1, 2002

Is there any way to prevent this error, flush some memory maybe?
Is it caused by logical coding error? (script runs error free except this)

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JQuery :: Using Height() And Allowing Overflow?

Feb 5, 2010

I'm using jquery height() function to make it so that a div inside my page fills the gap between the header and footer (which are fixed height) so that the entire page is fullscreen. However I want any content in that div to overflow:auto; When I set the css to overflow:auto; the div disappears totally.$("#col3_tab").height( contentH-$("#col3_content").outerHeight() );contentH is simply the sum height of the header and footer and #col3_content is a fixed height div above the div I want to be auto scroll.

#col3_tab {
width: 100%;


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ECMAScript Interpreter Stack Overflow?

Aug 23, 2006

I'm testing out the Opera browser to see what to expect from the upcomming Wii browser. But whenever I try to play this javascript game (, I get the following error:

"ECMAScript interpreter stack overflow.
Script terminated."

How does Opera handle Javascript diffrently, is there possibly a site wich lists the diffrences between the browsers and how they handle code?

Any specific Opera quirks you know of?

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Detecting An Element Overflow Condition

Aug 25, 2006

I'm building an application that lets a user enter a text string in a text input box, then I display the text string in a separate division using dynamic html techniques. I use innerHTML to rewrite a div, specifiying the style elements inside the <div> tag, and placing the text string between the <div> and </div> tags. I use the overflow:hidden attribute to keep the text from visibly overflowing.

However I'd like to be able to actually detect that an overflow has occured, so that I can truncate the text string (change the form input element value) so that it contains only the characters that 'fit' without overflowing the div element.

Is there a way to capture the event of a specific DIV element overflowing?

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Div Overflow:auto Not Working In Div Innerhtml?

Sep 1, 2010

when i click a button, this codes will be executed (tested, its working)

var cart=document.getElementById('cart');
cart.innerHTML=cart.innerHTML + document.getElementById('name'+cartNum).innerHTML + "(" + qty + ")" + "<br>";

this is the style of my cart


my problem is, the overflow which i set to auto is not working. the div keeps on enlarging its height everytime i click the button. seems like it has a conflict with innerhtml?

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Stack Overflow At Line 1797

Sep 7, 2007

stack overflow at line 1797.i have this error when i run my java script calendar.

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JQuery :: 1.5 .animation() Changing Css('overflow') Without Being Asked Too

Feb 11, 2011

So i'm writing a small script to create drop-down menus that fire on hover events. the code is below:


The above works perfectly for the first hover / unhover event firings, but every subsequent time the animation "jerks" from start point to stop point. Looking in firebug, it appears as though something is changing the "overflow" property to "hidden" during the course of the animation, then changing it to "visible" after the animation is completed.

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JQuery :: Overflow Text Multiple Column?

Jan 28, 2010

I have three columns from the css on my webpage, I have some text that is overflow:hidden in the first column and two empty columns next to it. My question is how could I use jQuery to make the text overflow onto the next columns rather than hidden in the first column.

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JQuery :: Style Image In Scrollbar When DIV Has Overflow?

Apr 30, 2009

Any plugin using jQuery that can do something like this? [URL]. I want to style or set an image in the scrollbar created when a div has an overflow.

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IE7 Ignores 'overflow:hidden' When Moving Element

Dec 2, 2009

In the top right of the page is a JavaScript (Prototype) Carousel that scrolls through images when you click the arrows. It works properly in all browsers except IE 6 & 7 (it does work properly in IE 8) with my primary concern being IE 7. When you click on the right arrow to scroll to the next image it scrolls properly but the entire strip of images is displayed and it sites on top of the page's content.I've tried all of the overflow:hidden hacks I could find so.

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Div Overflow Visible Inheriting Div Background Color

Jan 20, 2011

My text that overflows is visible but it does not have the div's background color. How do I get it to keep the background color?

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Overflow Detect To Break Text Into Chunks?

Oct 5, 2010

I am trying to work out if this is possible: I have some html/text that I want to break apart into different elements (div tags), only one div tag should be visible/shown and at the bottom of the element are the number of "pages" (01/02/03/04...), each of these "pages" is actually just the next div element, the user can click on the "page number" so they can move to the next element (hidden initially) by using javascript to change which element should be displayed. Clicking on the the "page" will bring up that particular chunk of text. The div element is a specific size (width and height), and thats why only a certain amount of text can fit into it. These elements will be created dynamically from a database.

Right now I can do this by either manually forcing the user to break the text apart themselves by entering the text/html using multiple WYSIWYG editor text areas and giving them a rough amount of characters they can use and/or only allowing a certain amount of characters per textarea....Another alternative I thought of was to use php cut up the text into pieces and place them into divs by counting the number of characters based on the which font is theoretically being employed (I have a javascript script to detect if a particular font is available - how reliable it is I have yet to determine). But I was hoping that there was a solution in javascript to automatically detect when the text overflows and generate/change the number of divs, split the html/text up into the correct number of pieces and RE-generate the internal div page numbers (01/02/03/04...).

I guess there a number of problems with this idea that may stop it from being practical, such as which browser is being used, which font is being used and how the user has their text size set on their browser window... and probably other things I am not thinking of. I was hoping that by detecting if the text overflowed something could be done, but perhaps it is too complicated? Is there something out there that can do this? Is it possible? Perhaps too there are other solutions to the problem, either ones that are already out there or one that has to be built from scratch? I guess in the end my question is, is there a cleaner way of breaking the text apart in javascript by using overflow or something similar than doing it by counting characters with a server-side language?

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Problems In Firefox With Drag And Drop From A Div With Overflow: Auto

Jul 23, 2005

I believe this is a Firefox bug but I was hoping someone found a workaround.

I have implemented drag and drop functionality, but if I try to drag an element from a div that happens to have a div with an "overflow: auto" it seems to lose the onmouseover event for my target.

Anyone come across this issue and found a resolution?

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