Get TOP And LEFT OnMouseDown?

Jun 10, 2010

on my page: http:[url]....I want to be able to show the TOP and LEFT position on the textboxes below when I move the box?

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JQuery :: Slide The Images In Accordion Form Left To Right And Right To Left With Minimum Time Frame(delay)?

Feb 19, 2011

is there any feature to slide the images in accordion form left to right and right to left with minimum time frame(delay)?

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Onmousemove And Onmousedown

Jul 26, 2005

I am new to JavaScript and kind of confused as to why my onmousedown together with onmousemove condition is not being implemented. Here is what I have:
1) SVG code calling JavaScript function

<g id="0" style="display:inline;fill-rule:evenodd">
<image id="image_url0" xlink:href="draw_svg.svg" width="1000" height="1000" onmousedown="doZoom(evt, 1);" onmousemove="doZoom(evt, 1);" onmouseup="doZoom(evt, 1);" />

2) JavaScript function:

function doZoom(evt, current) {
if (evt.type == "mousedown" && evt.type == "mousemove" ) {
var SVGDoc = evt.getTarget().getOwnerDocument();
var SVGChild = SVGDoc.getElementById("maps");
var svgobj = SVGChild.getElementById("0");
svgobj.getStyle().setProperty('display', 'none');
} }

But the code works only if I say: 'if (evt.type == "mousedown") without "mousemove" . Please note, that I am calling my function onmousemove event also so it should register. I will very much appreciate if somebody could tell me why 'mousemove' AND 'mousedown' both don't work in my 'If' statement.

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Onmousedown And Onmouseup While Dragging

Jul 23, 2005

I am trying to let the user drag a rectangle over an image, which will
then let the user zoom in on the dragged area. However, I am doing
something wrong in implementing the onmousedown and onmouseup events.

Everything is very simple so far. I just defined an onMouseDown event to
record the event's x and y locations as the starting point, and an
onMouseUp event to record the x and y of the end point, and this function
gives me the results of both in an alert box.

The problem is, that the OnMouseUp event does not get fired if I move the
mouse while holding the left button down. This only works if I click down
and then up at the same point, which is not what I want.

What could be wrong? Why does the browser not recognize the mouse up when
the mouse is moved while holding the left button down? How do I fix this?

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Onmousedown Pocketpc 2003

Jul 23, 2005

I wrote a script that uses onmousedown and onmouseup in javascript that
works great in ie and firefox on windows2000. It looks as if the
pocketpc 2003 ie browser dosn't support onmousedown or onmouseup and
only such as onclick.

I need to be able to submit a form when the mouse is held down on a
button and submit a different form when the mouse is lifted up from the
button. could anyone tell me of anything I could substitute onmousedown
and onmouseup with, i know onclick could substitute for on mouse up but
i'd prefer not to but i still need somthing for on mouse down.

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Onmousedown Is Not What I Expect In JavaScript

Jul 26, 2006

<a href="#" onmousedown="callMyFunction()">Press the mouse button</a>

What I expect is when I or an user move mouse pointer over that link,
and press the mouse button. Then will "callMyFunction()" over and
over again until I release the mouse button (mouseup).

But what I found out the onmousedown is just acts the same as onclick.
It only "callMyFunction" once. If I want to call again, I need to
keep repeat mousedown, mouseup like clicking. That is not cool at all!

So The implementation for onmousedown in JavaScript is different from
mousePressed event in MouseListener interface in Java.

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Setting Onmousedown As A Property Value

Sep 12, 2006

Is there a way to access the value assigned to onmousedown for an
object? I've been searching online but can only seem to find how it is
assigned via html. What I need to do is access the value (the script
string) in javascript.

For example, I'd like to try to do something like this:

function virtualClick(objectName) {
eval(document.getElementById(objectName).onmousedo wn);

I am of course not explaining the full problem in detail, but would
appreciate any input on how to access the onmousedown value (or to know
if it even exists as a property).

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Onmousedown Hangs In Mozilla

Jul 20, 2005

I'm trying to make it so when I click a image it prints out the image
again and a load of other stuff. So far i've got this far.

<script language="JavaScript" type="">
document.onmousedown = onmousedown;
function onmousedown(e)
<body bgcolor="FFFFFF">

<img border="1" src="iecadaptor.jpg">


but in Mozilla it prints out hello then hangs looking like it's doing
something then I have to press back. In Explorer it works doesn't hang.
Any ideas anyone why it's hanging in mozilla(linux)?
Also if I change the document.writeln("hello"); to

document.writeln("<img border="1" src="iecadaptor.jpg">");

it doesn't print out an image just hangs in mozilla. Any ideas?

Ideally I would like it so document.writeln doesn't have to reload to a
new page and just uses a layer using <div stuff but that's next.

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Erratic Behaviour OnMouseDown?

Sep 6, 2010

I have 9 boxes which I can drag around an invisible grid however when the onMouseDown function is called for the first time on each of the boxes, they behave erratically, then once all boxes have been clicked once, the entire script works as it should. I've tried using default values when declaring the variables however it doesn't seem to do anything.

<script language="javascript">[code].....

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Problem With OnMouseDown In Firefox

Nov 28, 2007

onMouseDown works fine for me in IE but not in Firefox. All I need to do is to trigger confirm() when a button is clicked. However, as soon as I click the button, the confirm window pops up ok but the form gets reloaded at the same time.

<form name="test">
<input type="textarea" value="test">
<input type="submit" value="true" onmousedown="confirm('ok?')">

If I modify the value in the textarea and hits submit, I'll see the confirm window but the form gets reset and value of the textarea is back to its initial value of 'test'.

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Onmousedown Highlight DOM Element?

Jul 30, 2010

I am looking to have a javascript that can be included a page that can highlight or set a border for a the div, p, span, or img DOM element when clicked on. Now this element may or not have a element name or id. And also, the code on the individual objects do not have a onmousedown behavior.Lets say for example there is this code.

<div class="HeaderLogo">
<div class="logo">Copyright © <?php echo date('Y'); ?> My Website All Rights Reserved.<br />
<img src="../images/template_2/website-logo.png" alt="MY Website - CMS" width="413" height="51" />[code]....

And in the browser, I wanted mousedown on a section of a page and highlight the parent object. Suppose I moused-down on 'My First Sentence Text', its parent would be that p tag. Is there a way I could reference that p tag so that I could highlight it with a border. Granted, this would be a no brainer if that p tag already have an id and name, but in this it does not.

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Start Notepad With Onmousedown?

Mar 5, 2009

how to start notepad in javascript with onmousedown

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Make Sure Each Onmousedown Has An Onmouseup?

Aug 19, 2010

my script looks something like this:

<body onmouseup="b.innerHTML='2';">
<button id="b" onmousedown="this.innerHTML='1';"/>

now the problem is that if the user presses the button, and while he have not released the button, he Alt-Tab to another window and release the mouseclick at the other window. And when he returned to my webpage, the mouseup event never occured and is "lost"!how do we stop this from happening?

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Custom DragDrop Using Onmousedown, Onmouseup

Dec 1, 2006

I'm trying to experiment with some javascript to do some custom
dragdrop handling. I wish to use the onMouseDown event to trigger the
start of my drag, and onMouseup for a potentential drop. I hope to
turn on the onmouseup only in onmousedown. And eventually go one step
further and incorporate onmousemove for a true drag workflow.

I'm running into a problem however, where after mousedown, mouseup will
not fire when I release the mouse button. It will however fire if I
click again. So the event isn't being tracked until I release the
mouse the first time apparently. Which ruins my dragDrop of course.

Below is the code. You can see a move() method that would incorporate
onmousemove, but for the most basic test I'm just using beginDrag and

Any ideas why onmouseup won't fire until I release the button, then
click again?

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W/ Navigation Include & Maintaining Onmousedown Image?

Mar 6, 2009

I am currently using multiple include files with my website and my issue is specifically with my navigation include. All I'm using is a simple unordered list with images for list items. Ofcourse each list item/link takes you to a another page. I have up, over, and down images for each menu list item. What I need to figure out is how to keep the associated menu item's down image active when taken to the associated page.I'm assuming it might entail some Javascript within the navigation include or per list item that tells the browser to keep the down image active when landing on a certain URL. I don't know what that code is.

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Cancel The Natural Effect Of A Label To Use Onmousedown?

Jul 8, 2009

In a nutshell: I have an html code that looks like this:

<span class="someClass">
Beginning of a text

What I wanted to do is to transform it into this: Beginning of the text option 1 end of the text.where option 1 would, onclick, change into option 2 (checking the appropriate radio button at the same time)

The result of clicking option 1 would then be:Beginning of the text option 2 end of the text and you would know that the radio button for option 2 is checked.

This way, by clicking on option 1 or option 2, you get to see the change in the "sentence".b.t.w the reason I wanted to have radio buttons in the first place was, firstly,to pass the chosen information in the form, but also to avoid loosing functionnality when javascript is disabled.The reason why I chose to wrap the labels around the radio buttons is so that clicking the text would check the appropriate radio button..( I could use the for attribute, but thought it would be easier this way as far as scripting goes)here is what I did (in english, and in javascript[code].....

All of this works wonderfully, except in opera. I think it is because opera does what I say, but then proceeds to checking the radio button associated to the clicked label (as a label should do). In other words, the script is useless since opera does the label effect after my script has taken place, cancelling my script's effect.The reason I think this, is because I tried putting an alert where the red comment is and that solved the problem. I'm guessing that the alert prevented me from completing my click action (because the alert box has and keeps the focus), thus preventing the natural label activity.

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Over-riding I-beam Cursor Onmousedown-drag?

Sep 1, 2011

I have created a drag script and am having a problem with the cursor.When I hover over the div, the cursor becomes "move" as I want it to be.But if I click, then drag it changes to the I-beam cursor.I am wondering what I can do to get it to stay "move" or whatever I'd like it to be.I know things like onselectstart, etc, but that doesn't seem to do anything.

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Onmousedown Doesn't Work While Onmouseup Works?

May 19, 2011

Here is a simple version of the relevant line of my code:


There is no response for onmouse down, but onmouseup generates the appropriate alert. why onmousedown doesn't work?

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Firefox Onmousedown Popup/layer Focus/blur

Nov 12, 2006

I'm trying to create a control which when the mouse button gets
pressed on one div an absolute positioned div pops up in
place of the cursor. From there the cursor should interact with
the dialog before the mouse button is released. In other words
one element will catch onmousedown, display the popup, and
the popup element will catch onmouseup. This works fine in
IE as the popup automatically accepts following events,
but my problem is in Firefox.

In Firefox everything behind the popup
still receive events even though they can't be seen
(hidden by the popup). I have to release the mouse button and then
click on the popup again before it accepts the onmouseup event.

I also used a different cursor on the popup to see if Firefox
recognized it was there at all. Still the cursor doesn't change
until I release themouse button and move the cursor across
the popup element.

I've tried focus/blur, timeout delays, hiding the first element
(the one which receives onmousedown) but nothing works.

The only thing that works is hiding the entire body and then
using setTimeout to show the entire body again 1ms later.
Obviously though that is very ugly.

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DOM Onmousedown - When A User Pushes Their Mouse Down On A DOM Element, Allow Them To Move It?

Sep 10, 2010

When a user pushes their mouse down on a DOM element I want to allow them to move it, so I would like to setup an on mouse move function. The code i have is:

var newHeader = document.createElement("div"); = "header" + tabID;
newHeader.className = "windowHeader";[code].....

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Check Upon Clicking Random Object On Page That Onmousedown Is An Image?

Oct 16, 2009

How do I check upon clicking a random object on the page that the object onmousedown is an image or not?

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Three Images On The Left, Which, When Clicked, Change The Image On The Right Depending On Which Of The Left Images Was Clicked?

Nov 4, 2009

Im trying to build on a script that I found on the internet and modified to my needs.urrently there are three images on the left, which, when clicked, change the image on the right depending on which of the left images was clicked.Simply, when you click the whisky link on the left you see a bottle of wiskey on the right. Here is my script:

<SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript">
function switchImg(i){


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Page Level Onmousedown - Add A Global Event Handler For Mousedown That Will Register Whenever The User Clicks Anywhere On The Page?

Apr 22, 2010

I want to add a global event handler for mousedown that will register whenever the user clicks anywhere on the page but I'm having trouble.This is what I'm trying to do:

var body = document.getElementsByTagName("body");
body.addEventListener(mouseDown, myHandler);[code]....

But the event handler is never called. I can't even seem to get access to the body. Is the body tag the wrong place to be assigning the mousedown handler? I'm trying to make this code work correctly in both IE and firefox.

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Mobile Safari And Onmousedown - Code Doesn't Work In Mobile Safari?

Jun 6, 2010

The very simple code (below) works fine in Safari (and Chrome, Firefox etc.), but it doesn't work in Mobile Safari. Why?(You can find a working example at: http:[url]....)

<html xmlns="" xml:lang="en" lang="en">

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W3C And Style.left

Jul 23, 2005

What I wanted was to get rid of offsetLeft and use "proper" way instead....but when I do:

I keep getting empty string, unless I first set it manually (in CSS or js)
to some value...

if that is intended behavior(that is if I haven't f***d up something :) in
my code), and there is no offsetLeft property in W3C recommendation, what is
then "standard compliant" way to make browser calculate coordinates of some
tag on the page???

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Left Menu

Jul 20, 2005

I want to do the following using JS: when you click a link, the window resizes to 100% height and aligns to the right + it opens another window that is 100% height x 300px width and aligned to the left.

This makes two windows one next to the other, occupying the whole screen. I want to do this to put links of bookmarks on the left window used as a navigation window. Can some one give me a script that will do just this ?

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