FValidate And HtmlArea Conflicting With One Another?

Dec 6, 2003

I've been using the excellent fValidate library to validate my forms and I just came across and intersting problem. I have cause to use htmlArea on one of my forms that uses fValidate. It seems that there is some conflict when both htmlArea and fValidate are working on the same page/form.

I can use one or the other independantly, and each will function without flaw, however when I try to set them up to both act on one of my forms, I get the following:

When I have both htmlArea and fValidate on the same page I seem to get 3 popup errors for each htmlArea dropdown items (in this case, the font and font size selectors):

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Any Script Versions Of This Htmlarea

Nov 20, 2004

Are there any javascript versions of this htmlarea that will work on a browser besides I.E. I cant use html area, as i and many of my staff members hate I.E and dont use it. I only need these capabilites

underline, bold, italic, text aligning, listing (numbers or dots)

Is there any javascript alternative that will allow me to do what htmlarea does and on lots of browsers.

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Two Sliders Conflicting On The Same Page

Jun 22, 2011

Having a problem on a clients website incorporating two js sliders in the same page. The scripts before editing were the TinySlider and TinyFader from [url]

The parsers in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome cannot seem to differentiate between the two scripts, although I tried altering various defined names for script control it didn't make much difference.

The problems are the controls of the first slider operate the second and only the second slider works. Also, I'm getting validation errors (document type does not allow element "li" here; missing one of "ul", "ol" start-tag) where the showroom (second) script content lies. Not sure if this is related or not but either way if I try to fix it the only working slider is broken.

Here is the testing url.[url]

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JQuery :: CSS Conflicting With Cycle Plugin?

Apr 14, 2011

I am rather to JQuery, but love the possibilities. However I am finding my first experience rather vexing. The JQuery Cycle plugin works great in my site folder if I place it in a new file. But when I try to place it in my existing index page with existing CSS it displays the images on top of one another not in the div where they are placed. I can send a screenshot if that helps. I have also included my site folder with just the index page and all the files including graphics, scripts and CSS. Can any of you see where my conflict is?Also since then I added this css to the index file and got images to come together but transition does not happen:

#myslides {
width: 605px;
height: 200px;


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JQuery :: How To Deal With Conflicting Scripts

Jan 7, 2011

I have a web page which utilizes both Moo tools and JQuery features. The Moo Tools seems to be negating my JQuery functionality for a sliding menu. I did some research and it looks like I can add $.noConflict(); to resolve this, but I am not sure how to add it. For instance I am linking to both the JQuery and Moo tools code.

<script type="text/javascript" src="../js/mootools.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="../js/JQuery.js"></script>

I am sure the Moo tools JS is interfering, b/c when I take it out the JQuery functionality works.

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JQuery :: Ajax Conflicting Only On Macintosh?

Oct 16, 2009

I have a very simple script that fails on macintosh only (works on PC browsers) when I include the ajax.js file. I am not even using it (not in my simple script anyway, shown below). When I include that file, the drag and drop no longer works on a mac.


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Conflicting Disable Pulldown Menu On IE?

Mar 18, 2009

I have a site that uses the prototype and scriptaculous scripts. I also have a pulldown menu script (which I've used before) that I got from AListApart.com. The pulldown menu script does not work in IE on the pages that use the prototype/scriptaculous scripts. Is there a workaround?

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Conflicting Clock/time And Random Background?

Nov 9, 2009

Im trying to make a personal home page that both shows the time and a random background each refresh using javascript. so far i have managed to get either one or the other to work but not both.i want to know if anyone could try and tell me what is wrong.the files can be found at: http://ihf.lp.pl/narik/index.htmlas you will see if you visit that the random image script works.(if u have slow net, you'll have to be patient the bg image is large)however if u visitat by the name, the index file has the clock working but not the random background. They are both present in the html, but for some reason are not working together.the relevant javascript files within that folder are: randomimage.js & clock.jsthe background images can be found at http://ihf.lp.pl/narik/images/wallpapers/1.jpg (the image names go from 1.jpg through to 17.jpg)

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Conflicting .js-files In Wordpress - Disable Load Per Page?

Jan 6, 2009

We use a variety of plugins on a wordpress site we're developping. But two of them seem to be conflicting, causing one not to load/work properly. One uses jQuery and the other one uses scriptaculous/prototype. It seems those two have some issues running together.

As jQuery is the default library loaded, is there a way (without modifying the $-function) to exclude jQuery from loading from this one page where Scriptaculous is needed?

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Conflicting Effects MooTools Phatfusion Menu And Quote Rotator

Nov 30, 2009

I'm trying to put a rotating testimonial effect in the header (working) and use a Phatfusion style image menu (not working). I know the menu uses MooTools and the other a google script?Honestly, I've been going at this for a while and don't know that I know enough about javascript yet to understand what to do...

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Lightbox Script Conflicting With Image Rotator Script

May 21, 2010

Basically I have added a Lightbox gallery, which is all working as it should here URL...However, the large photos can render underneath the two sets of rotating images - the ones near the top of various resorts, and the one on the left hand side showing sponsor's logos. It only seems to do it sometimes with the set at the top, but always with the Award Sponsors one.If it doesn't show with the page as it loads, you can see what I mean by scrolling down until the Awards Sponsors graphic is about halfway down the screen.

So my question is really just to ask if there's a way of ensuring that the Lightbox photos do appear over everything else on the page?

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OnClick In TR Conflicting With A Onclick

Aug 31, 2007

I have the following sample code and when I click the a href link it pops up both windows.

HTML4Strict Code:
<tr false;" style="cursor:pointer">    <td>Some data</td>    <td>More date</td>    <td><a href="thatlink.html" false;">Details</a></td></tr>

In other words - linking the link that should open up 'thatlink.html' opens up that window first followed by the 'thislink.html' window in the table row onclick call.

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