Creating Variables On The Fly

Jul 20, 2005

how you would piece
together a variable name and then assign it a value. I want to create a
hidden field and assign it a value based on the value of another variable

Right now it looks like:

("document.all.SM_MARK_10" + dateNumber + ".value")

where dateNumber is an already defined integer. What I want is to say



based on that value of dateNumber. Any way to do this easily?

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Creating Time Variables

Jul 17, 2007

I have a flash object count down clock, that uses the following:


I need to somehow put the server time and localtime into a javascript to use with the above. The variables should be in Unix time. Does that some sense? I'm starting to google out some javascript time examples, but haven't quite gotten it figured out yet. I think its probably alot simpler than I'm making it out to be.

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Regarding Variables And Creating A Variable Name?

Jan 7, 2010

I'm trying to create a family tree online that has several other related family charts. I want each person's name and birth year to be stored in javascript variables, then I want to be able to just go through the tree, and put the persons name once, and have it put the appropriate name and birthyear in the little boxes that the css is creating.

var johnname = "John Smith";
var johnbirthyear = "Jan 1 1930";
var janename = "Jane Doe";


So I thought I had it all figured out. I thought that the above would take the id of John that I added, go to the line that sets the name, add john to the word name, and then document write the variable of johnname from the js file. I know you're laughing at me because of course it instead made the value of name to johnname, then wrote the word johnname in the box. I want to go through and be able to just type the persons name in the html for that box once, and have it update with their appropriate info.

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Creating Variables From Page Content?

Jan 27, 2006

I have an e-commerce site which is hosted and I'm not allowed to place any server side script on, nor am I allowed to access any server side variables. I need to be able to create variables based on page content (i.e. order total, products, quantities) and send them to my web analytics program.

Does anyone know if this is possible?? Or do you have any idea how I can gather the information that I need?

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Creating And Storing Variables In Cookie(s)?

Mar 29, 2011

how to store variables in cookies so that I can later use them in php code.Here is the basic javascript I want to use:

function alertSize() {
var myWidth = 0, myHeight = 0;
if( typeof( window.innerWidth ) == 'number' ) {[code]....

Now, I want to save myWidth and myHeight in a cookie(s) but I don't know how to. The window.alert() will only be for testing purposes and will not be needed in the final code. I also need to know if the codes need to be in certain sections such as <head>, etc.]

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Switch Statements And Variables - Creating Bars?

Apr 18, 2011

I'm having some trouble with the Switch Statements. My program runs without it so I know that the problem is here. I believe the logic is sound so it may be due to incorrect syntax. The purpose of this function is to create bars, and the length of the bars is determined by the value of the "percent" variable (which is working fine) in the For loop after the Switch statements. The variable, "partyType" contains any of the text strings, such as "I", "D", etc.

function createBar(partyType,percent){
var barText;
case "D":
barText="<td class='dem'></td>";
case "R":
barText="<td class='rep'></td>";
case "I":
barText="<td class='ind'></td>";
case "G":
barText="<td class='green'></td>";
case "L":
barText="<td class='lib'></td>";
default: document.write("hi");
for(var i=1; i<percent; i++){

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Creating Long-Term Variables In A Function?

Jan 18, 2010

I am creating a game which will need to create arrays and store variables for thousands of different users. I have created about 15 functions that will need to store their changes to variables so that the game can me a simplistic way to store a variable altered or created in a function longterm?

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Get Variables Into PHP Variables Or MySQL Database?

Apr 2, 2009

Anyone know how to get Javascript variables into PHP variables or a MySQL database? Full question in the PHP section.

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Setting Html Variables To URL Variables

Feb 3, 2011

I have some JavaScript which is splitting out the different variable elements from the URL.Now, how do I set the internal variables?Then I want to set the variable ScriptHeading to be Change and the variable ScriptType to be NewThread.I keep finding all sorts of lovely code showing how to split out the various sections in many different ways, but I can't find anything on how to actually set these variables.

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PHP Variables To Javascript Variables

May 6, 2006

I have a program written in Javascript and fully functioning which takes a user-selected directory name and then displays all the photos in that directory in a certain format.

I am now wanting to expand the program to allow users to optionally enter their own strings and the program will use all the photos from which use that string as a tag.

I have a PHP interface to flickr (called PHPflickr) which collects all the relevant photo urls. I now need to get these images back into my Javascript so I can process them using the existing functions (rather than rewrite all my functions in PHP code and have two sets of functions in the program). I found on another thread a means to do this for a date variable:

var jsArray = new Array(
$length = count($monthDataArray);
for ($i = 0; $i < $length; $i++)
echo '"' . addslashes($monthDataArray[$i]) . '"' . (($i < $length - 1) ? ',' : '') . "

but being completely new to PHP I'm not sure what "addslashes" might be or what formatting will be necessary if I am starting with an array of urls. Code:

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Creating A File

Jul 23, 2005

It there another was to do this
var fso = new ActiveXObject('Scripting.FileSystemObject');

Im trying to run a javascript file automatically, but it complains that I
have to say YES to Active X.

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Creating Script On The Fly

Jul 31, 2005

I have a problem getting the following simple example
of "document.write" creating a script on the fly
to work in all html browsers.

It works in I.E., Firefox, and Netscape 7 above.
It doesn't seem to work in Netscape 4. Am I missing
something with it? When I look at page source in
Netscape 4 the script isn't even shown. Code:

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Creating A 'help' Function

Sep 29, 2007

I'm trying to create a function in JavaScript using Dreamweaver8 such that when a user hits the ' F1' key when a text box is selected a separate "pop-up" window will open, with text of my choice.

Does anybody have any pointers or even some source code? I use ASP on my server.

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JQuery :: Creating A New Tag?

Sep 23, 2009

How do I create a new tag with jquery? I tried something like this:

link = $('a').attr({
class: 'logoLink',
target: '_blank',
href: ''

And then appended it to another image, but this added every link that already existed on the page.

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Creating A Class With Just It's Name?

Jun 27, 2010

rote a bunch of Javascript classes for this framework I'm working on and want to be able to create instances of the class using just it's name string. For example: Given the following class

javascript Code:
- javascript Code


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Creating Error Pop-up Box In JS

Sep 30, 2010

I am writing a function that alerts a user that they did not enter a password what change do I need to make to this code to correct my issue it isn't doing anything.

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Creating A Less Than Or More Than Calculator?

Dec 2, 2011

I have the last assignment that she wants us to do and I had to pull up another assignment that she wanted us to build upon( which is one of those coding without anything advance)



now she wants us to do max <beta and then name the variables with if a<b and I don't know if I put that in the concatenation or what to name my variables!

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Creating Table In JS?

Aug 17, 2010

i am fairly new to JS for which i am working jQuery but that is for later.right now i am not getting my table printed out when i put input type="text".

here is my code


moreover i m writing this code to later call in a dialog box. using jQuery. but for now why isn't my code being printed with input type. do i have escape "" inside "" like in php? can i make more hierarchy type html in JS, i see when i put the td in next line the code doesn't execute. i guess white spaces have some significance in JS?

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Creating Hotkeys...

Aug 21, 2003

is there a way to create a hotkey in JavaScript? ie) hit the 'v' key on the keyboard and it calls a function...

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Creating A Script

Nov 3, 2004

I need some help creating a script. Forgive me for posting this in multiple forums, as I first posted this in the php forum, but I know it can be done with a client side javascript as well. So here goes. I need to create a form where I can paste a list of domain names, click submit (or even just on mouseout, etc.), and have the script then return me to a page (or update a select field on the same page) with the domain names formatted within html code hyperlinking to the name.
For example, if I were to paste a list of

then click submit (or move my mouse out, [we're talking javascript here, right...]),
it would return the following results, ready for me to then paste into my webpage:

<a target="whatever" href=""></a><br>
<a target="whatever" href=""></a><br>
<a target="whatever" href=""></a><br>
<a target="whatever" href=""></a><br>
<a target="whatever" href=""></a><br>
<a target="whatever" href=""></a><br>

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Creating A Menu

Aug 23, 2005

I'd like to create a simple menu that when I mouse over one of the menus, the sub-menus show up below the main menu. Kind a like pop-down menu, except the sub-menus show up horizontally below the menu.

Menu1 Menu2 Menu3
Sub-Menu1 Sub-Menu2 Sub-Menu3

I have searched a number of javascript sites to find such a code with no success. I suppose I could try to adapt a pop-down menu into this, but my javascript's knowledge is quite limited.

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Creating A Heatmap

Jun 8, 2006

I've been thinking of an interesting project for learning javascript better, and decided I would have a go at creating a heatmap to show visitor activity on a site.

I have already written something which works out the percentage share of each link, but now I want to create something similar to that of the crazy egg heat map.

I just need a couple of starting pointers... to work out where a user clicks on a site, regardless of whether it is a link or not, i.e they click on a pic thinking it is a link or something, do I need to use coordinates?

Also, does anyone have any pointers on how to create the infrared style imagemap overlay?

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Creating A Basic CMS

Aug 3, 2007

im need to create s simple CMS/WYSIWYG, but im not a pro on js. I found one on a website, but i dont want to resort to stealing codes.

basically, theres a textarea, where you put in text, and a button for bold, italics and underline, etc. if i highlight something on the textarea and hit the bold button, the text automatically gets surrounded by the <b></b> tags, or or whatevers convinient. when i look at the inline js code from the button, it calls a function, but id rather simplify the code, it should be something like onclick=insertstyle("b","textarea_name");

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Dynamically Creating A New Div?

Feb 10, 2010

I'm using the following code to create a quick and dirty search tool for a site we're building at work as part of an RFP.My issue is that rather than creating a new window for the results page (which is what it does now), I'd really prefer that a new div be dynamically created on the page where the results would be placed.Maybe that's not possible? At the very least,how to make the results display in the same window rather than opening a new one?

var item = new Array();
// "Page Name","path","Page Title","Many,Key,Words","Descriptive Comments"


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Creating <a> Tag Dynamically?

Mar 15, 2010

I created <a> tag dynamically and attached event to it.


var link = document.createElement("a");

"attachEvent" is working only in IE. How to make that working in other browsers like Chrome/FF?

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Creating UnBeatable Tic-Tac-Toe?

Oct 27, 2009

I'm making a science fair project, and need to know if someone could make the script below work into being invincible.


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