Compare Two Text Fields

Apr 28, 2004

Here is my code:

if(document.myForm.minbid.value > parseInt( {
alert('Your bid amount MUST be higher than the starting bid price');
return false;}

This is the section I am working with. Now this checks a form field called minbid against a form field called bid. These are both text fields. This works great using this example:

minbid = 20.00
bid = 1.54

In that case the alert will popup because bid is less than minbid, however in this case:

minbid = 20.00
bid = .54

It does NOT show the alert and allows the form to submit. Any ideas here?

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Compare Text Box's Background Color?

May 15, 2009

How to compare background color of a textbox ,i have tried the following code but it is not working


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Compare Values In Multiple Text Boxes

Apr 5, 2006

I've a page where I'm calling record from Database. Each record has an
ID and a text box displayed on the page. When the user fills in the
values of a text box, depending on the values of the text box i've to
do some further work. For eg. I've to add two records if the textbox
value of 2 records is same.

I'll try to create an example here
<-----this is from the DB-------> <-----this is form field--->
ID Task Hrs text box
1 adsfsd 1 a <---- user fills this
2 asdf 1.5 b <---- user fills this
3 eyst 2 a <---- user fills this
4 dghjfghj 2 c <---- user fills this
5 xdfb 1 b <---- user fills this
6 tyety 1.5 c <---- user fills this
| Submit |

So the user has to add hrs of those boxes for which have same values
entered by user. such as adding hrs of record 1 and 3 since both have
"a" entered by the user, adding record 2 and 5, as both have "b"
entered by the user and so on and so forth.

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Compare Html Text Area Values?

Jul 11, 2011

I have one html text area in my JSP file. when i click on that text area, a pop-up will come, in that pop-up i have list of items. So after selecting a item from that pop-up list, need to click okay. so that text area will update with the selected value.

In this case, i need to compare the first text area value and updated text area value. How can i do that in Java Script.

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Modify Code Created With Dreamweaver CS3, To Compare Two Text Feilds?

Oct 26, 2008

I am unable to solve two problems when creating a contacts form using dreamweaver CS3. My other problem is posted under the heading, "Setting text field to accept only alphabetical characters".For this posting, can someone please tell me how to modify my code, pasted below, so that the "Contact Tel" and "Confirm Contact Tel" text fields are compared and must be identical before the user can successfully submit the form.Here's my current code

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">
<html xmlns="">


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Order Form Change Text Fields With Select Fields

Jan 24, 2011

I have this order form where the customers can change the quantity by intput in a text field.I would like to have the text field changed with select fields, but doing so in the form, the script is not doing anymore.Can anyone have a look and tell me what to change in the scritp to accept select fields in place of the text fields.

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JQuery :: Make One Of Text Fields Text Area

Mar 3, 2011

I've been following this tutorial (and it works great)URL...Just cannot figure out how to make one of the Text Fields a Text Area with cols="45" rows="5".Every combination I've tried turns off the validation. I've already added completely different text fields from what are shown in the tutorial so I know how to change up the javascript I just can't get the Text Area right.

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Jquery :: Appearing Default Text In Text Fields

Oct 25, 2011

i made a tutorial for appearing default text in text fields.

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JQuery :: Use One Input Text Field To Drive Two Hidden Input Text Fields?

Jul 16, 2011

I have a problem created by my complete [rookie] status – only second time venturing into jQuery. I created a simple shopping cart using php and the PayPal buttons (1: buy now, 2: add to cart). The php back end does it great, it generates the table and the buttons and everything works just like it’s supposed to; Except, I forgot to add sizes. So I found out what I need to add, and I realize that the way the buttons work, I will have two different text boxes for size. Not very visually appealing, and since I’m not submitting this to the server before it goes to PayPal to pay, I cannot modify it with php the way I normally would. jQuery / javascript are my only hope of making this work. What I want to do:Have a single textbox where [size] is entered by the user.

Copy the value from the [correct] text box to the Value=”” section of the now hidden field in the PayPal form That way, no matter whether they [BUY NOW] or [ADD to CART] the right size is submitted to the PayPal shopping cart. This is the actual PayPal code that I’m trying to change

<input type="hidden" name="on1" value="Size" maxlength="200">Size</td>


I got this far, and then decided to find how to insert the "enteredVALUE" into the right place in the input text field (what I called output) and I've not been able to figure out how to stuff it in there.

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How To Add Four Text Fields?

Apr 19, 2011

I have a request from a client to have four text fields added together as soon as they input the number.

They want the numbers to add together with out having to hit a submit button or have the page change. I have seen and been able to get two out of the four to add together but i can't get the rest. this is the code i have been trying to work with:

function calc(A,B,SUM) {
var one = Number(A);


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Compare "(" And ")" Count In Text Input?

Nov 30, 2010

I need to do an input text validation which include opening parenthesis and closing parenthesis, what I need to validate is the opening parenthesis match with closing parenthesis. Here is a sample of the entry text:


There's one closing parenthesis missing. I would like to warn the user to correct it before submit, but not quite sure how to do it with javascript.

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Compare "(" And ")" Count In Text Input

Nov 30, 2010

I need to do an input text validation which include opening parenthesis and closing parenthesis, what I need to validate is the opening parenthesis match with closing parenthesis. Here is a sample of the entry text:

thisis(test(of(matching(parenthesis)and)if)working There's one closing parenthesis missing. I would like to warn the user to correct it before submit, but not quite sure how to do it with javascript.

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Display Value In Text Fields

May 11, 2009

how do i display pre-set values in text fields such that as soon as the text field becomes active, the values vanishes

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Disable Text Fields?

Oct 1, 2006

When the user clicks a certain radio button, I want three text fields to become disabled.

HTML Code:
<label><input name="s_type" type="radio" value="ftp" />FTP</label>
<label><input name="s_type" type="radio" value="http" />HTTP</label><br><br>
<input name="ftp_server" type="text" id="ftp_server" size="35" /><br>
<input name="ftp_username" type="text" id="ftp_username" size="35" /><br>
<input name="ftp_password" type="password" id="ftp_password" size="35" />

Could anyone show me how to disable all the text fields above when the user clicks the "http" radio button?

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Sum Values From 3 Text Fields

Feb 6, 2010

function updatesum() {
document.form1.totalfat.value = (document.form1.satfat.value -0) + (document.form1.monofat.value -0) + (document.form1.polyfat.value -0);
<body onload="updatesum()">
<form name="form1" method="post" action="./submitFood">
<table width="520" border="0"> .....

I like to sum the values from the "satfat", "monofat" and "polyfat" text field into "totalfat" textfield. The values in those 3 text field is retrieve from database. However, when it add up the 3 values, it will not be in decimal place instead it will be in 30.10000000000000000000000002. How do I solve it and how to go about editing the code.

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Highlight The Contents Of All Text Fields?

May 11, 2010

I've tried to do it using the funciton below, it cycles through allright, but only highlights each field whilst it is in focus, then loses it when it moves to the next field. The result is that only the last text/textarea within the form is highlighted. My aim is to highlight all fields for subsequent spell checking.

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Reload With Drop-down And Text Fields?

Aug 7, 2008

So far i have a database with all data in it.I have the 1st text field where the user enters their postcode and then the page reloads populating the drop down menu with the corresponding suburbs.Next what i want is after a suburb has been selected in the list, the page reloads again and the corresponding city, state and country is displayed in the other 3 text fields.How can i get the query to execute and fill in the last 3 fields after a suburb in the drop list has been selected?

<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 3.2//en">


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Onclick Text In Form Fields

Aug 10, 2010

I've created two form fields (username, password).When a user comes to the page, the word "Username" is shown in the first form field. The word "Password" is shown in the second field. When a user clicks inside the field, the word inside the field erases automatically, allowing them to type in their username. Everything above is working, except I'm running into some problems.

1st: I need to figure out a way to include an if statement, that displays "Username" once again, if they did not type anything in the username field, and they clicked outside of the field. This will be the case for the Password field as well.

2nd: If a user types in their username in the username field, then types in their password, but clicks on the Username field once again to fix a typo, it completely erases their username from the field, making them have to type it all again.

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Disable Text Fields In A Form?

Jun 25, 2009

I'm a absolute beginner in Javascript But have manage to create a script that disable one textfield when a checkbox is checked.

function disableTextField(form) {
if (document.getElementById("notDone").checked == true) {


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Jquery :: Count Two Text Fields?

Aug 2, 2011

I have seen many character counter scripts (with feedback), to count the characters of a text box. However, I am trying to accomplish the same thing however need to make sure the combined value of two text boxes don't exceed a limit. Ie... there is a visual countdown of number of characters remaining (val) of the two text boxes combined, and an error pops up if it is exceeded.

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How To Parse All Text Fields Of A Form?

Nov 14, 2000

I have a small shopping card which has text fields named
quantity_4, quantity_10... (quantity_{orderid_here})
Customer can update quantity fields and then update form by clicking on update button. But then I wanna read all quantity fields, but there are more fields than only quantity.
So it should be something like this I think
for (i=0;i<this.form.items.count-1;i++){
if insrt( with "quantity_")
check every char at myfield.value

I am so bad at javascripting so 2 main things i need
to get collection of formfields(how?) and then compare fieldname with a string(how?)

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Populate Text Fields With Checkbox

Feb 2, 2011

I have a client who wants to automatically send coupons that are selected by the customer on this page. Now, this will be handled by a mailing list software but it was suggested by the support team that the input fields (labeled coupon#_#) could be populated by using Javascript. There are 3 coupons and here's how have them structured:

<div class="coupon1">
<hr />
<img src="images/logo-wow.png" width="188" height="81" />
1712 SW Railroad Ave (Highway 51)<br />
Hammond, LA 70403<br />
(985) 542-7969

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Jquery :: Text Already In Input Fields

Sep 2, 2011

I have 2 input fields.
Input 1: Website URL
Input 2: Website Directory

Firstly I would like the "http://" to automatically appear in input one and two and it can't be edited or removed. Then whatever is typed in input one, I would like it to automatically copy into input 2, and the user can't delete whats in input 2 without going through input 1. Then lastly the user can add data into input 2, without input 1 changing.

Here is an example:
Red = Can't be deleted Green = Can be changed Blue = additional text to input 2
Input 1:
Input 2:
How to do this?

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Calculating Sum Of Text Fields - N Elements

Nov 30, 2010

They are not very expert in javascript. I created a script that needs to calculate the sum of text fields. My function is limited to 5 elements, you can simplify and make it work for n elements.

PHP Code:
function somma() {
var a=eval(document.getElementById("primo").value);
var b=eval(document.getElementById("secondo0").value);
var somma0=(a) - ((a) * (b)) / 100;
var somma0=Math.round(somma0 * 100) / 100;
var b1=eval(document.getElementById("secondo1").value);
var somma1=(a) - ((a) * (b1)) / 100;
var somma1=Math.round(somma1 * 100) / 100;
var b2=eval(document.getElementById("secondo2").value);
var somma2=(a) - ((a) * (b2)) / 100;
var somma2=Math.round(somma2 * 100) / 100;
var b3=eval(document.getElementById("secondo3").value);
var somma3=(a) - ((a) * (b3)) / 100;
var somma3=Math.round(somma3 * 100) / 100;
var b4=eval(document.getElementById("secondo4").value);
var somma4=(a) - ((a) * (b4)) / 100;
var somma4=Math.round(somma4 * 100) / 100;
<input type="text" id="primo" onKeyUp="somma()" /><br /><br />
<?php for($i=0;$i<=4;$i++) { ?>
<input type="text" id="secondo<?php echo $i; ?>" name="secondo" onKeyUp="somma()" value="6" />
<input type="text" id="somma<?php echo $i; ?>" /><br />
<?php } ?>

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Changing Value Of Text Fields Not Inside Form

Jul 23, 2005

Why doesn't this work? :-

<BODY onkeydown="display(event)">
<input type="text" name="text1">
<script language="Javascript">
function display(event) {
document.text1.value = event.keyCode+' : '+String.fromCharCode(event.keyCode);

Error: document.text1 has no properties

I have to put it in a Form to get it to work :-

<BODY onkeydown="display(event)">
<form name="form1">
<input type="text" name="text1">
<script language="Javascript">
function display(event) {
document.form1.text1.value = event.keyCode+' : '+String.fromCharCode(event.keyCode);

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Order Form With Text Fields And Totalling?

Apr 30, 2009

Ive been making a script for an order form, originally i had a drop down list of quantities, but having orders something of more than 500 leaflets at a time, is not good on a quantity list, the script below is what i have so far but cant understand why the sub total field at the bottom wont update, it worked fine with the list/menu.

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">


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