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Oct 25, 2006

I have got the following code as a nested if. How should I go about changing it to switch? Just need some hints and I'll try to do it on my own.

function GetShippingCost()
var cost = 0;
if(this.ShippingType=="Standard Delivery")
cost = 100

else(this.ShippingType=="Express Delivery")
cost = 200
else if(this.DestinationAddress=="Seoul")
if(this.ShippingType=="Standard Delivery")
cost = 100
else(this.ShippingType=="Express Delivery")
cost = 200
return cost;

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JQuery :: This Code Works, The Call Is Made And Text Is Added In The Other Code Don't Get A Change At All?

May 21, 2011

here is the page I'm working onhere is the jQuery in use

$(document).ready(function() { $('.error,.success').hide(); $("#send").click(function (){ $('.error,.success').hide("slow"); $.ajax({ url: 'add.php?lnk='+$.URLEncode($('[name=lnk]').val())+'&


and in this code, it works, the call is made and text is added. in the other code I don't get a change at all. Not even in the database that add.php manipulates.

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JQuery :: Code A Page With Code - User To Be Able To Move Html Elements Around

Mar 23, 2011

I am trying to make a gui for clients to edit a php page that displays html and javascript.

I want the user to be able to move html elements around and even edit it like add effects like fade in and out etc.

Then after all the changes I want to overwrite the existing php file that does this for that user. how can you make such changes and then save it to a file?

It's an html / javascript editor but using a gui instead of allowing them to directly touch the code. It would be a security risk if I allow such a thing. So I need to program a interface that would make such changes and save them to file.

Like how can you delete and add new javascript code to the file?

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Alert() Statement Lets Code Work, Remove It, Code Errors Out

Dec 17, 2007

I am a novice, almost to an intermediate-level JavaScript guy, so much of this is new to me. I appreciate your patience reading this.

I have a routine that creates some HTML on the fly (updateFilters() function) and after the HTML is created, I attempt to access some fields (elements) on the form itself.

I works fine if I place an alert() statement after the HTML is created, but when I remove, the code errors out.

I have tried the setTimeout() statement, but I cannot grab the element --- undefined or null is returned. It seems that the form is the only element I can get a handle on --- everything else is undefined or null...

Here is the code:

function editQuery() {
var f;
var x;
var myForm = document.forms[0];
// Get the row filters that were used in the last query..
for (f = 1; f < 16; f++) {
var filter = eval("myForm.FilterList_" + f);
if (filter.selectedIndex > 0) {
var methodElement = element("FilterMethod_" + f);
var methodIndex = methodElement.selectedIndex;
var savedFilterMethodValue = methodElement.options[methodIndex].text;
var choicesElement = element("FilterChoices_" + f);
var choicesIndex = choicesElement.selectedIndex;
if (isNaN(choicesIndex)) {
var savedFitlerValues = choicesElement.value;
else {
var savedFitlerValues = choicesElement.options[choicesIndex].text;
updateFilters(filter); // update the filters
// take the saved methods and values and then update the selections
// Alert here makes the code work..
// alert("Try this");
// Wait for HTML..
setTimeout("completeEdit()", 1000);
function completeEdit() {
// Since the object was updated, get the object again..
var methodElement = element("FilterMethod_" + f);
for (x = 0; x < methodElement.options.length; x++) {
if (methodElement.options[x].text == savedFilterMethodValue) {
methodElement.options[x].selected = true;
else {
methodElement.options[x].selected = false;
// Since the object was updated, get the object again..
var choicesElement = element("FilterChoices_" + f);
for (x = 0; x < choicesElement.options.length; x++) {
if (choicesElement.options[x].text == savedFitlerValues) {
choicesElement.options[x].selected = true;
else {
choicesElement.options[x].selected = false;
// Only display next row if f = 2..
// If only one row was used, no reason display the next row..
if (f == 2) {
displayNextFilter(f - 1); // display it

Do I have to pass the object (the form, the elements) to the completeEdit() function in the setTimeout() statement?

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JQuery :: Hide Code - Add Code To An External Js Sheet It Doesnt Seem To Work?

Jan 6, 2011

I am trying to hide this code:

HTML Code:

using this code

HTML Code:

This works fine when I place this code under the html in the main source, but if I try to add this Jquery code to an external js sheet it doesnt seem to work?

Currently my js sheet is called in the header, when I move this link to the footer of my page the code works again, so Im guessing this has something to do with where the jquery code is placed in relation to the code Im trying to hide?

How I can keep my js in the header but still make the content disappear on click?

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Script Generated Button Code Creating Corrupted Code?

Jan 1, 2010

I'm trying to get my Client Side Firefox DHTML app to display a list of eBooks. For this, i have the following files



i'm using FireFox 3.5 to develop this App. So obviously this will not work with anything other than Gecko Based browsers.

here is my HTML code:

<script language="JavaScript">
var eBookLibrary = "eBooks.txt";


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Call A Function Either From Within XHTML Markup Code Or From A VB.Net Code-Behind File?

Jun 30, 2010

I am VERY NEW to javascript programming as I am to web development. I am pretty decent with VB.Net though. My question is, what are the different ways to call a JavaScript Function either from within XHTML Markup code or from a VB.Net Code-Behind file?

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JQuery :: Cycle Showing <pre><code> Code As A Slide?

Aug 26, 2010

The code executes nicely in the site and the pictures/text show up where and how they should - It's just that I'm also getting some code as a slide!

In the <head> I have:

<script type="text/javascript">
$.fn.cycle.defaults.timeout = 8000;
$(function() {
$('#contentLeft pre code').each(function() {


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Can Not Run This Code \ Try The Code Using Html Test Page But Failed?

Oct 25, 2011

I can not this code in my web page. Could you please check it ans say how I can run. I try the code using html test page but failed.

<script language="javascript"><!--
document.write('<iframe src="


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Code To Suit The Two Lots Of Css Code - Horizontal And Vertical?

Aug 2, 2010

After realizing that htc files only work with Internet Explorer, I have needed to have JavaScript code to suit the two lots of css code below. Please help, I need the code pretty urgently. The code must work with most versions of browsers.


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Clean Up HTML Code From Code That Defines Image?

Feb 6, 2009

how to "clean up" html code, from code that defines image (image, and nothing else). I have string like:

Code HTML4Strict: This is my <b>code</b>. <img src="img/1.jpg" /><br />This is line number two.The result shoud be:

Code HTML4Strict: This is my <b>code</b>. <br />This is line number two.

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Secret Code / Hidden Message And Obfuscated Code?

Jan 14, 2011

I hope whether such a script exists for what am wanting to do. From time to time, I need to send password information or login details and password information to some users. At the moment, am doing it via email with a subject named FYI and the body of the email basically just contain the login and the password or in some case, just the password. What am wanting to know is whether I can put these information into a HTML file which contains an obfuscated Javascript with a button that a user will click that will prompt for his login information and then will display the password. In its simplest form, I guess I am looking for a Javascript that will obfuscate a HTML file that contains the password. I found some website that offers such service as obfuscating a HTML file but am hoping it can be done via a Javascript so it is at least "portable" and I do not have to be online.

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Porting Legacy Code To Non-obtrusive Code

Aug 3, 2007

I am about to port an app using html, css, and javascript where most of the content is mixed with the presentation and behaviour.

The question I have been asked is: even though this older style is difficult to maintain, will the method proposed my the authors of Simply Javascript perform adequately on a page with hundreds of entries like the one below? Using the newer method, the program would have to iterate through all the elements on the page and assign handlers for click, mouseover, etc. Please advise. Code:

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Add HTML Code Below The Present Code?

Nov 24, 2009

I want to add few lines for content, which is already present, using Javascript.

HTML code :

<script type="text/javascript">
function test()


If image is grater than 300px width then below line should be appeared otherwise no.

<p><a href="image1.gif"><img href="zoom.gif" /></a></p>

With above script i reached upto half part.

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Write A CSS Related Code From Code?

Sep 6, 2010

How do I write a CSS related code into a Web page from Javascript code?

That is for example if the Javascript code detects certain condition, then I want it to output a certain CSS code into that page. How is this done?

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JQuery :: Difference Between (function($) { /* Code */ }); And $(document).ready(function(){ /* Code */ });?

Jul 22, 2010

(function($) { /* code*/ })(jQuery);


I know that is loaded when html page is been loaded. But what's the difference between the two?

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Puts All Of The Code Following That First Text-area Line Into The Text-area Box And Doesn't Execute That Segment Of Code

Apr 2, 2011

1. When I have the "<textarea>" code lines in it put a text-area on the page, but it puts all of the code following that first text-area line into the text-area box and doesn't execute that segment of code.

2. When there is no "<textarea>" (for the sake of seeing if the rest of it worked) it doesn't check the survey.

I'm stumped and can't figure out what to do at this point Code and pictures follow:


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Add JS Code To PayPal Code?

Jan 27, 2010

PayPal automatically generates code for each article sold, which takes the client directly to the PayPal order page. Does anyone know if it is possible to add some code to the PayPal button code that when clicked will first open a popup window asking the client to (1) read the terms and conditions of sale and a button in the popup to choose 'I agree' or 'I disagree'. If the client clicks 'I agree', it will take them to the PayPal order confirmation page.

A sample of the PayPal 'buy now' code is:

<form target="paypal" action="" method="post">
<input type="hidden" name="cmd" value="_s-xclick">
<input type="hidden" name="hosted_button_id" value="11111111&">


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Using JS Code Then Different JS Code On The First Result?

Apr 21, 2010

I will apologise in advance, as I am an absolute novice with JS, and this may be hard to explain, but hoping someone can shed some light on a weird problem we are having at the mo with some new functionality on our site.Basically we have a page which uses some JS code found online to show a products shipping cost, depending by country chosen. This all works well, and the correct shipping amount is shown dynamically as a single amount (in JPN YEN) depending which country is selected from the drop down list.

We also have some other JS which converts any price shown on our site from JPN YEN (which is what the whole site works in) to whichever currency the user chooses. So lets keep it GBP for the example.So the user would select their shipping country, and for example the shipping price would show as (this is in JPN YEN):18,400Even though the price is shown dynamically, the JS is set to output between a span which is how the next bit of JS shows the conversion. i.e<span id="yccConvert">18,400</span>Thi 2nd bit of JS then sees this figure between the span and outputs the shipping figure to:But this will not work in FF or Chrome at all. IE works fine (7 and 8 tested).

As the initial bit of JS generates the price dynamically, it doesn't actually put the figure in the source code between the span, even though it displays it as though it does on the screen (the style of the span is applied and the correct price layout is shown, apart from FF and Chrome that is).We are thinking that this may not be working as it is doing one bit of JS, then doing another bit of JS on the result of the first bit. Does that make sense? Maybe a delay is required so that the first bit of JS can do its job, then the 2nd bit does its part.

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Turning ASP Code Into JS Code?

Dec 28, 2009

we are trying to manage a way that we can track where people visit a web site based their referring path.We have 3 different phone numbers and want to display them:

1) If they use a search engine display phone number 1

2) If they use a search engine for their business name phone number 2

3) Else, display phone number 3

This should also keep a cookie on their computer so we know where they orginated from. We were able to develop this in PHP but have no clue how to do this in JS. We want to make sure that we can use a script across all companies no matter the programming language the site was developed in.Here is what we developed in PHP... is this possible in JavaScript?

PHP Code:
function GetReferringHost() {
$refer = parse_url($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']);
$host = $refer['host'];[code]....

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Code Efficient

Jul 23, 2005

I have been starting to use Javascript a lot lately and I wanted to check
with the "group" to get your thoughts on code efficiency. First, is there a
good site/book that talks about good and bad ways to code.
The reason I ask is because I was just thinking about the following...which
is better and/or why?


Just looking for some insight.

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How To Run An Asp Code In Javascript?

Jul 23, 2005

I am working on a piece of code for an academic experiment and it
puzzled me for days, any help?

I use javascript to sort a table in a html page. bascially, a user can
click on any attributes and the javascript code will rank the contents
of the table based on that attribute. This is done.

Now I want to record the click information into an access database.
basically, wheneve the user click an attribute, I want to use asp code
to insert the click information (userid, attribute_clicked) into an
access database.

My current solution is use in javascript and in the open
function, I insert the url of the asp. something like this:

var nW ='', 'newwnd', 'width=0,height=0,left=0,top=0');
nW.location.href = "desc.asp?subjectid="+ subjectid + "&item=" +
nW = null;

However, the problem is there is always a popup windows appears when
the code was executed.

What i want to know is if there is anyway to let the asp code running
in the background invisibly by user?

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Zip Code And City

Jul 23, 2005

I've a page where users may enter a zip code (text edit) and I want to fill
a combobox with existing cities depending on the zip code entered.

Let give an example.

I've my text edit like:
<input name="ZIP" type="text" id="ZIP" onKeyUp="fillcitycombo();">
<select name="City" id="City"></select>

When entering the zip code, I'd like the fillcitycombo() function to fill
the combobox with the matching cities.
For example I've

IDCity ZIP City
1 1950 Sion
2 1950 Pont-de-la-Morge
3 3960 Sierre
4 3960 Corin

So user's entry 3960 should fill the combo with Sierre, ID 3 and Corin, ID
4, as selecting 3 or 4 will change the city (that share the same ZIP code).

Of course the ZIP and city datas will be in the javascript source, as client
side there is no access to the DB. For info, in the client's DB I store the
IDCity code.

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Can JS Code Be Hidden?

Jul 23, 2005

I wrote a JS for a calculator and would like to prevent visitors from seeing
or copy/pasting it. I have seen others that seemingly have done this,
because View Source reveals only a <href:=[website]> and no code. Is this
what is meant by Client-side/Server-side? If so, please advise how to do, or
suggest where I might go to discover. (I use DW MX).

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Unreadable Js Code

Oct 11, 2005

I'd like to find a way to make a part of my code unreadable from users when
they look at the source of my web page. It is possible ?

I thought of using document.write(a_crypted_unreadable_string)... is it a
good idea ?

In fact, the code I want to make unreadable should generate html.

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Currency Code

Jul 14, 2006

The code is meant to give the american dollar and european equivalent of a price. i.e when i type
a price in pounds, it gives me the price in dollars and euros.

function fix(thenumber,noplaces){ // returns the number to n decimal
var oldnumber=thenumber;
var decpos=thenumber.indexOf(".");
if (decpos==-1) return oldnumber+".00";
var endstring=thenumber.substring(0,decpos);
return endstring;

function convert_currency(){
dollarval=document.converter.original.value/ConversionFactor(document.converter.sourcecurrency .value);
//document.converter.converted.value=fix(dollarval*C onversionFactor(document.converter.targetcurrency. value),2);

var dollarval= document.form.gbp.value;


function convert_currency_spec(){
dollarval=document.converter.original.value/ConversionFactor(document.converter.sourcecurrency .value);
//document.converter.converted.value=fix(dollarval*C onversionFactor(document.converter.targetcurrency. value),2);

var dollarval= document.form.special_offer_original_gbp.value;
document.form.special_offer_original_usd.value=fix (dollarval*1.85,2);
document.form.special_offer_original_eur.value=fix (dollarval*1.46,2);


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