CloneNode/appendChild And Children

Apr 30, 2007

I'm playing around with some AJAX-ish stuff and
encountered some problem in the JS side of the universe. Maybe someone
here can suggest an alternative that works.

I have developed a simple ASP.NET application with a web page that
should display a list of users. This list page is designed to start
with an empty table (with columns defined), and, onload, send an
XmlHttp request to a server component (a.k.a. ListServer). This
ListServer is currently simulating a long-running operation. So, it
sleeps for 3 seconds, and then grabs a list of 4 users from an xml
file. It applies an xsl transformation and returns the result.

The xslt is designed to take the xml data and convert it to a
<ListChunkroot element containing a <trfor each user in the XML
data. Each row contains 4 columns (Id, Login, Password, Name). The
javascript in the list page grabs the responseXML from the XmlHttp
object and should, for each <trin it, create a copy of the row
coming from the server and adding it to the list on the client.

I actually got all that to work quite fine. The js snipplet dealing
with copying the row coming from the server and adding it to the table
on the client is: Code:

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AppendChild / CloneNode + Frames + Ie = :(

Mar 31, 2004

The problems I am having are with trying to get IE to successfully clone a referenced node from one frame and inport it (with all form values etc) to another frame.
Moz works fine with

oFilters = document.getElementById('saveElement');

I have tried iterating the specified node and using createElement to create a copy in the desired place, which works fine with simple input type text or hidden. The first snag comes when trying the same with textareas. The cloned form doesn't submit the values :(

Any ideas? Code:

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AppendChild(cloneNode) Problem

Oct 14, 2004

I am working on a sortable table (full code in attachment). I solved all the intermediate steps till the end when, to my surprise, appenChild() method inserts some previous cloneNodes in looped rows in a peculiar mode, by leaving the end tags </tr> at the end of the table. So far:

1.- build the cloneNodes of the rows as an array, and each index as a paralel array:

//some needed variables on later

//array of rows and rows indexes
var oRows = new Array()
var iRows = new Array()
for(var i=1;i<nr.length;i++){
//so far so good, alert shows me what i needed

2. - build an array with the content of the correspondent cells on column and sort this array. The array is double and keep the genuine row's index for later use as each second element. Code:

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Using CloneNode And AppendChild Loses Style.

Aug 13, 2006

I'm developing an AJAX toolkit in which I needed a way to write a subset of a markup language to modify the running copy of the document. When implementing part of the append parser I came against a problem. What I'm basically doing is reading the append XML tag, looking where it says It has to add code and then clone the nodes inside that tag and attempt to insert them in the document. The problem comes when I'm trying to append, it seems like all my cloned nodes lose all it's style properties, for example several <li> items would come one next to the other instead of one below the other with the round bullet separation, or an image won't load the actual image. Code:

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CloneNode And AppendChild Problem In Adding Table Row

Jul 20, 2005

This is a shortened version of my problem. Below I am cloning the first
data row and appending it to create a new row. If you make selections/add
values and then press Add Row, the text box value is carried to the new
row's text element also (the select doesn't retain it's selected value).
How can I create a new row with the form elements in the original no value
state? I tried cloning the Node on page load, but then it only allows me to
add one row. Is there a way to clone the row and retain it to add as many
rows as I like. I know I can clear all the values of the row after I create
it, but that seems like a long way around especially since I have many
fields in my actual code. Code:

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CloneNode'ing File Input

Oct 19, 2005

In Mozilla (Firefox 1.0.7) I can cloneNode a file input element that
has a selected file value and appendChild it to another form without a

IE 6 loses the selected file value. Is this a bug with IE that it
loses the value, or with FF that it keeps it?

I'd really like to be able to maintain the selected file value in IE.

Does anyone have any advice or experience with cloneNode that can
provide some insight?

I have not tried this on any browsers other than IE 6 and FF 1.0.7.

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CloneNode() Not Getting Script Tag Content

Jan 3, 2006

I am finding that when I use the cloneNode method to copy an HTML
element that contains a <script> tag, the contents of the <script> tag,
(ie. the javascript) are removed.

If I do this:
var form1 = document.getElementById(sID).firstChild.cloneNode( true);

I can see the empty <script> tags. I am wondering if there is a
reasonable workaround for this, because I need the script tag with its
javascript content.

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CloneNode() And Attaching Events

Jun 23, 2005

If a created element:

var newEl = document.createElement("input")
newEl.type = "button"
newEl.value = "I'm a button"
newEl.onclick = function(){..blah..}

is then cloned ( and inserted into several places in a page:

for(var i=0;i<object.childNodes.length;i++) {
var thisKid = object.childNodes[i]

Will the onclick be cloned as well? I'm havening trouble getting it to fire and am unsure as to what I'm doing wrong.

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IFRAME CloneNode Does Not Clone Its Contents?

Jul 27, 2006

I trying to figure out why CloneNode on an Iframe does not correctly clone the IFRAME with its contents and is there a workaround I can use to get pass this?. Basically what I am doing is dynamically building a table with Iframes inside it. The problem is I just want to build one Iframe because the contents of it can be very complex. After my Iframe is built I just want to clone the iframe as many times as I need later. I cannot use an HTML file and point the src of the Iframe to it. I have to put into the Iframe a very dynamic HTML document I get back form an Ajax call. This is truly the key of the problem. Since my pages can be complicated it can take around 2000ms to render. I don’t want to make each Iframe render every time when I already have the document ready to display. I just want to clone it very fast. I can not use the ‘scr’ of the iframe.

Here is a very simple example of my problem. Look near the end of the code to see the problem. Try this code and you can see the IFRAME does not Clone its contents. Is there any way around this problem? Please note that I also cannot use innerHTML to populate the cloned Iframe with my master Iframe’s contents. Because if I do this the page still takes 2000ms to render. I just want this thing to clone as it is. Code:

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JQUERY :: $.data() Does't Work After .cloneNode()?

Jul 8, 2011

I need to use $.data() JQUERY method something like this:

<p id="par">Something...</p>[code]....

Why does after .cloneNode() method we lose the value?

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CloneNode Table Cell Unique ID

Sep 3, 2009

I have a table where the user can press an "add more" button which duplicates the row and displays it on the next line. I use this for my site to have the user input stock prices which may be split in multiple orders after they execute them. Here is my JS code:[code]I am submitting this with a form I need each cell id to have its own unique identifier. The way the code is now, the cloned cell has the same id as the original and only the data for one gets submitted.

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CloneNode Unique Table Cell ID Creation

Sep 3, 2009

I have a table where the user can press an "add more" button which duplicates the row and displays it on the next line. I use this for my site to have the user input stock prices which may be split in multiple orders after they execute them. Here is my JS code:

function insert(button) {var cell, newRow, row, sect;
if((cell = button.parentNode) && (row = cell.parentNode)
&& row.cloneNode && (sect = row.parentNode)
&& sect.insertBefore){
newRow = row.cloneNode(true);
/* If you need to alter the new row
* or its contents, do it here.
sect.insertBefore(newRow, row.nextSibling);

This works fine. However, since I am submitting this with a form I need each cell id to have its own unique identifier. The way the code is now, the cloned cell has the same id as the original and only the data for one gets submitted.

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Images Stored In JS Array - CloneNode - Do Not Work In The Image Slider

Aug 8, 2011


The script works if the images are stored within the HTML but when I try to store them in the JS array, it fails. Is there any way to store the images in JS with this script?

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Cannot Use AppendChild('img') In IE

Jan 27, 2006

I cannot get an appendChild(img) in the following code snippet to work in IE. However, the same script works without any problems in Firefox and Netscape 7.0 The error that is produced in IE is invalid argument. I have used a try/catch block in expectation of producing a better error message however the error message that is received is [objectError].

var pageDiv = window.parent.fraTop.document.getElementById('pageTitle');

var img = document.createElement('img');

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AppendChild To After First Tag?

Jan 30, 2010

I have this body:

<div id="d1">content</div>
<!--I want to append a div right here-->
<div id="d3">content</div>

I have this javascript code which would add a div after div id="d3":

var adiv = document.createElement("div");

How could I modify my javascript code so that instead of adding to the end, making it the last tag, it would be the second tag?

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AppendChild In Greasemonkey

Jul 23, 2005

I'm using the following code in a Greasemonkey script.

var start, newElement;
start = document.body;
newElement = document.createElement('b');
newText = document.createTextNode("The Greasemonkey salutes you!");

Can anyone tell me: 1) why my string appears twice; 2) how to make it
appear just once?

I'm trying to insert code at the top of every viewed page. Obviously,
document.body appends the string to the closing body tag which is not
what I want. What could I use to insert my code as the first childnode
under 'body'?

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AppendChild Across A Frameset

Aug 23, 2006

I'm trying to spread a table across a frameset. So I have index.htm that has an iframe sourcing the frameset. What I'm trying to do is create a table in index.htm to spread across the whole brower window. Code:

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Dom AppendChild, Is There A InsertChild?

Jul 20, 2005

<body id="theBody">
<p> 1
<p> 2
<p> 3
<p> 4
<p> 5
<p> 6

var newText = parent.frames[1].document.createTextNode("some text");
var theBody= parent.frames[1].document.getElementById("theBody");

This will insert an element after the last <p>, can I insert one
after the body but before the first <p>?

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AppendChild To Something Already Appended?

Nov 29, 2009

Over the last couple years I've built up a DOM library. Nothing fancy, you can just create an element with all its attributes in one function. What I've wanted to do is make it so you can determine the parent element of the newly created element. Works supa in firefox, not so supa in IE.This is my code....

pollOptions = document.getElementById("pollOptionsContainer");/*new divs to organize it in*/
pollOptionsGroupContainer = buildHtml.createDivHTMLElement(pollOptions);


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Why Does Not AppendChild Work In FF But In IE

Sep 11, 2010

Why doesn't the following code work in firefox:
var e = document.createElement("Div");
e.innerHTML = "<p>Hi</p>";
..GP is a div..
It works in IE. What is the correct code for FF.

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How To AppendChild A Hidden Value

Dec 5, 2011

Need to append a hidden value to a floating div that is made via javascript. I tried the most obvious way but I am getting mismatch error in debug.

<input type="hidden" id="desc1" value="blah blah blah" />


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AppendChild Problems In Ie

May 25, 2006

i'm trying to generate a calendar using dom to create a table. it works in firefox and opera, but ie won't show it, and sometimes gives me an alert saying it can't display the page, and then shows a 404 page. here's the code:

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Form AppendChild

May 21, 2004

I have a simple two frame page (top and bottom; parent called index). and I am trying to dynamically create forms in the bottom frame when buttons are clicked on the top page. But I keep getting an error in the line labelled * below inside addBlock1(). Here is my code (which is in top.html): Code:

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AppendChild Issue

Feb 27, 2006

I am trying to append an input box to a table and it doesn't seem to be working at all the code I am using is this:

function makeEdit (oldValue, pageID) {

alert (pageID);
var targetDiv = $(pageID.toString());
var inputBox = document.createElement("input");




FYI the $ is just a prototype function for getElementByID the error i keep getting says that "targetDIV has no properties" not sure what that means exacly. Any ideas?

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Appendchild Does Like Label

Feb 5, 2011

The .label. is killing the code, but I want to append the child as a label not just plain text.[code]

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AppendChild(), Remove Child()

Jul 23, 2005

I am trying to create one image using JavaScript; then later in the script
remove the image - not just remove the src. The following creates the image, but I have been unable to remove it.

How do I structure
document.getElementById('num1').removeChild(image_ display); ?

<input type=file name="picture1" onChange="image(this.value, 'num1');"
<div id='num1'></div>

<script type="text/javascript">
function image_size(field, num){
document.getElementById('num1').appendChild(image_ display);
document.getElementById('num1').removeChild(image_ display);

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