Add Dojo Toolkit In Netbeans?

Dec 2, 2010

how can I add dojo toolkit in netbeans so that when I view the palette i can easily drag and drop the items from it?

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Netbeans Cannot Find Class ?

Oct 19, 2010

I have put this code together and it should build but it fails. So I opened it in Netbeans and it builds but it cannot find the main class. How to I fix this?

The second line is yellow in NetBeans and the third and fourth are red.

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Need Ajax Toolkit Recommendation

Feb 1, 2007

Can someone recommend an Javascript toolkit that provides both AJAX-
like requests and effects, and that supports IE 5.5+, Firefox 1.5+,
and Netscape 7+? I know that NS7 may not be as functional as the
others, but I need a toolkit that at least provides some semblance of
compatibility - instead of a fade out, for example, NS7 would just
simply close the window.

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JQuery :: Set Some Items Of An Ajax Toolkit ComboBox To Bold Or To A Different Color?

Jun 4, 2010

We want to emphasize the top about 10 items (number varies based on other criteria) in bold or perhaps a lightgray background. The Ajax Toolkit ComboBox is filled from an SQL database. After it is filled (or perhaps while it is being filled) we'd like to bold the top so many items. How to do this in JQuery?

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Dojo Datepicker And Dropdowndatepicker

Sep 25, 2006

I try to use the dojo datepicker and dropdowndatepicker widgets and I
have the following problems.

The setDate methode does not modify the display.
The storedDate property stay undefined for the dropdowndatepicker

I want to initialise the date field from a MySql database but I don't
see how to achieve it.

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DOJO Dialog Box Cannot Appear In Firefox

Aug 14, 2011

I am wondering why my DOJO Dialog box cannot appear in Firefox but can appear in IE and Google Chrome.
With Code JavaScript:;
I thought my dialog box will automatically show in browser ? It is the case for IE and Google Chrome but not for firefox.

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JQuery :: Dojo Parsing Fails After Ajax?

Jul 19, 2011

Maybe it isn't really best practice (as it turns out) to use both jQuery and Dojo in the same application, but there are things I like about both libraries (for example jQuery is faster with animations, while Dojo has interface objects I like better). Nonetheless, best practice or not, I use both and that seem to create some complications.

The first time I load content via AJAX with jQuery DOJO seems to properly parse the checkboxes, datetime pickers, etc. which are sent with the new HTML. However, it seems the second time the parser won't react. I'm calling dojo.parser.parse() every time I load content with jQuery's $.ajax call. So basically my code looks like this:


url: 'ajax.php',
success: function(data){


It's like when an ID has been treated once by Dojo it doesn't want to do it again. there's a way to let Dojo know it has to parse the same IDs again?

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Dojo Signup Form / How To Execute 2 Functions At Once?

Jun 11, 2009

I am using dojo to validate my signup form. If I putting execute="checkPw(arguments[0]); before "submitI fValid(this.isValid());"> , the check password is working but i cant submit the form or vice versa.

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Round The DOJO Charting Using The Declarative (html) Method

Sep 19, 2011

I have been trying to get my way round the DOJO charting using the declarative (html) method.

1. I have a ItemFileReadStore for the data source
2. I know the data store has data as I am outputting it to a grid as well.

The only thing that appears is the axes and the numbering for the x axis, there is no line and the numbering for the y - axis, tried googling, but to no avail.


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DOJO - Remove Selected Items In The Grid2 To Grid1?

Sep 13, 2010

I am fetching dataitems(store1) from the json file using IteamFileWriteStore and IteamFileReadStore and storing these items in the EnhancedGrid G1.

<table dojoType="dojox.grid.EnhancedGrid" jsid="grid2" id="grid2" store="store2"
plugins="{indirectSelection: true, selectable: true, dnd: true, nestedSorting: true,
loadingMessage: 'Loading...', errorMessage: 'An error exists within the data.' }"
selectionMode="extended" class="mainDojoTable float-left" style="width:180px;

After Fetching the data from the grid1 of store1. Now, I need to Remove the Selected items in the grid2 to the grid1. After Removing the Selected items to the grid2 that items should be Added from the grid1.

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DOJO Dialog Box - Remove Quotation Marks And Just Display The Pic - Words

Aug 4, 2011

As shown in the picture below, you can see the word "Chinese Swimming Club" in the dialog box

Why is the quotation marks there ?

Is it possible to remove the quotation marks and just display the pic + the words Chinese Swimming Club ?

Part of the coding:

Code JavaScript:

The name (Chinese Swimming Club) is retrieved from my database (I am using Microsoft SQL Server 2005)

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JQuery :: Plugin In Websphere Portal Which Uses Dojo - Error Persist While The Page Is Loaded

Nov 5, 2011

We are using jquery plugin in websphere portal which uses dojo, one objservation is both use $ sign to start the function.

We have tried following.

1) We have put statement for jquery conflick $j = $.noconflict();

2) Still error persist while the page is loaded.

3) After this we have find Replaced $ with $j in all plugin files still it says $j is undefined. Do we need to replace it at all places or on specific places? Please see below code how it looks like after replacing $ with $j and let us know if this is correct.

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