XML Document Passed As Jsp Parameter In Javascript Ok With Mozilla, Not In IE!!

Sep 27, 2007

I have a strange problem... I have a form with a text area that contains an XML document. This document can be modified by the user.

Once the document has been modified, the user pressed the "Submit" button to submit the modification (onclick=modify())... and go to another jsp page.... in my javascript, I have the following code:

function modify()
myRand=parseInt(Math.random()*99999999); // cache buster
var docXML=document.forms[0].xml.value;
var plist="myRand="+myRand+"&docXML="+escape(docXML);

With Firefox, the problem does not occur.... but with Explorer, the form is not even submitted!!!!! Is there a workaround for this? The XML document is not even very big.

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Loading Xml Document In Javascript On Mozilla Firefox

Jul 22, 2004

I have an XML page I'm trying to load with javascript to display on Mozilla Firefox. I can get this to work on Internet Explorer but it would not work on Firefox. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Can someone glance at my short piece of code below and tell me why this wouldn't work on firefox? Code:

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Change Img Src With Passed Html Parameter?

Feb 1, 2010

I have downloaded 2 html pages that give me page1 with a drop down box for a list, and a 'show' button. this then passes dropdown value to page2 and JS presents the text on the page, but I want to use the passed parameter to change the src of an img with ID=img1.can post all the JS if you like but assume i am missing just a one liner replacing the ....

var name = getValue("name");

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Jquery :: Syntax To Use ID Passed In Parameter Refer To DIV

Dec 24, 2009

I'm passing the id of a div as a parameter. I'm not sure how to refer to it with Jquery. The following does not work:
function updatemail(param1, param2) {
$("#param2").animate({ opacity: "show" }, 300);
I also tried $(param2) but it did not work.

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Cannot Get Method Argument Passed As Function Parameter

Dec 1, 2011

New to JS. Have ordered some new books, but need to get somethings going in the mean time. What I wanted to do is to link to a new page having a date range input in the form of 6 text boxes, 2 sets of mm-dd-yy, from and to, where the upon loading the page box 1 of the from would auto focus and then auto tab and then post where php could take over on the server side. Setting up the form and the lay out, no problem. Auto focusing went just like expected using the following code, included because on the next step everything fell apart.

<script type="text/javascript" >
window.onload=function() {

So then the wheels came off and in response, began to simplify what was trying to be done to find where the issues were. As far as I can get working is:
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "[URL]">
<script type="text/javascript" >
window.onload=function() {
<script type="text/javascript" >
function myFunc() {
alert("is this working");
<input id="input1" name="input1" type="text" onkeyup="myFunc()" maxlength="2" value="type a No." />

First issue with this: When I first get to the page everything is just as ordered. The focus is on the text box and the default value is "type a No." When I press a key onkeyup, I bring up the alert box with "is this working" in it. But when I refresh the page with the refresh button, after clicking the "ok" on the alert box, the character that was typed in is still displayed. If I use the link to the page, or the URL from the address bar, then the page reloads properly with the default value, "type a No".

How do you get the default textbox value using the refresh button as apposed to reloading the page using a link or from the address bar? Using Firefox 8.0 more important at the moment: If I change the script to pass an argument to the function the script crashes. It does not pull up an alert box and freezes. My guess is that I'm doing something wrong on a concept level. Changed the default value of the text box to " ". Looked like to me there was an issue with the size specification and the default string length as you could only enter in a key stroke by highlighting the text and replacing it.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "[URL]">
<script type="text/javascript" >
window.onload=function() {
<script type="text/javascript" >
function myFunc(awe) {
<input id="input1" name="input1" type="text" onkeyup="myFunc("123")" maxlength="2" value="" />

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Parameter MyDIVnode.firstChild.nodeValue Not Passed To Function

Oct 1, 2006

why this parameter is not passed to function ?

var myDIVnode1 = document.createElement("DIV");
// etc
// this shows "a"

myDIVnode1.onclick= function() { somefunc(myDIVnode.firstChild.nodeValue); };

function somefunc(param)
// this returns "undefined" !!??

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Redirect A User To Another Page While Keeping The Passed In #parameter?

Aug 20, 2009

I posted a similar thread about this in the .NET forum, but I thought maybe there was a javascript way of doing what I need to do.Is there a way to redirect a user to another page while keeping the passed in #parameter?For example, if the user clicks the link:


Can I redirect to:


Basically keeping the #parameter in tact?

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JQuery :: Matching Passed Parameter To Image Map Areas

Aug 23, 2010

I am trying to match a passed parameter on a url to an area on an image map. So far I can find the correct area using
$('#mediummap area').each(function(i){
href = $(this).attr('href');
if (href == id) {
alert('Found ID ' + id);

But next I need to retrieve the co-ordinates for the Area. I have tried
coords = $('this').attr('coords');
coords = $('this').coords();

I can not seem to get the value back, just an undefined return. What I want to do is to find the point on the image map and then centre that point with in the viewport for the image (large image, small viewport).

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SRC Parameter Not Working In Mozilla When Path Is Included

Jul 20, 2005

I normally use Mozilla 1.4 on Windows XP Pro.
As I was developing some test webpages, I discovered that the SRC
parameter doesn't seem to work when a path is used with the filename.

In one example, when I want to run a JavaScript from an external file
(i.e., not inline), I would do the following ...

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" SRC="program.js"> </SCRIPT>

If "program.js" were in a different subdirectory than the .htm file
referring to it, the filename would have to be prefixed by the
pathname as follows ...

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" SRC="/mydir/program.js"> </SCRIPT>

But when I ran the above from within an .htm file loaded locally into
Mozilla, it did not work. (The result was as if the above code weren't
there). However, when I ran the identical code on Internet Explorer
(v.6), it worked. Code:

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JQuery :: Use "this" Event Which Has Been Passed To A Function As A Parameter?

Aug 11, 2009

I have a link;

<a href="javascript:{}" onclick="DoSomething(this)">click me</a> And what i'd like to do is use the "this" object to manipulate the css of its parent;

function DoSomething(obj) {
if(obj) {

Does anyone know how to do this with jquery?

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Cant Get Method Argument Passed To Function To Document.write

Dec 1, 2011

What I wanted to do is to link to a new page having a date range input in the form of 6 text boxes, 2 sets of mm-dd-yy, from and to, where the upon loading the page box 1 of the from would auto focus and then auto tab and then post where php could take over on the server side. Setting up the form and the lay out, no problem. Auto focusing went just like expected using the following code, included because on the next step everything fell apart.

<script type="text/javascript" >
window.onload=function() {


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Problem With Document.lastModified In Mozilla

Jul 20, 2005


I'm have a problem with the following script:

function wr(s)
//Just got tired of writing document.write,
//so I created a shorthand version

function lm()
//I know this can be shorter but the original script
//tried to format the outputstring, wichh did not
//work in Mozilla, so I commented a lot out
//and this is what's left of it...
var s = document.lastModified;
return s;

function lmstring()
var s = "This page was last modified at: ";
s += lm();
s += ".";
return s;



<script type="text/JavaScript">
// -->


This _should_ return the date and time the document was last modified
(saved), however in Mozilla (1.4; Windows ME) it will return the
actual current date and time (as if I'd used "new Date()").
In IE (5.50) it behaves as I expect.

What am I doing wrong (or is it a Mozilla bug?).

(The script is in an external .js file, if that should make any

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Document.selection Not Working In Mozilla

Feb 18, 2010

Following code i modified to make it work in the firefox browser.

but its not working in firefox

if (document.selection)
var objRange = document.selection.createRange();
var sOldRange = objRange.text;


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Does Document.getElementById Work Without A Parameter?

Jun 15, 2011

I'm a perplexed nube, and I can't understand how document.getElementById evaluates to true when no parameter is passed to getElementById. This code alerts 'foo' if (document.getElementById) {alert('foo')} else {alert('bar')}

Just to double check, this code alerts 'bar'

if (!document.getElementById) {alert('foo')} else {alert('bar')}

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Document.exeCommand ('Copy',false,null); Is Not Working In Mozilla

Jun 3, 2009

document.exeCommand ('Copy',false,null); is not working in mozilla

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Mozilla, XML And JavaScript

Jul 20, 2005

can somebody give me a minimal example of how to read xml
file into mozilla AND run some Javascript funcion?

Mozilla can read xml files directly and css files can
be included as well, that works for me.
But I would like to do some operations with the DOM tree.

My question is Mozilla only, I would apperciate some
minimal example (like alert(1)) and especially some
URL pointers.

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Javascript Document History - Is It Possible To Know The Previously Viewed Document?

Jul 24, 2001

Determine what the previous page was that the user was viewing, even if the user arrived at my site by through the use of a browser function (history, location bar, refresh, etc.). Is this possible?

I'm not wuite sure how document.history functions - what degree of privacy is given to the user and to what extent can web pages get URLs from the user's history?

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Mozilla JavaScript Code

Jul 20, 2005

Is there any documentation or reference for the Mozilla web browsers.
Some of my older Netscape code doesnt work and the IE code still doesnt work ..

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Javascript Work In NN/Mozilla

Jul 20, 2005

could you kindly help me to solve a compatibility problem that involves
Internet Explorer and NN/Mozilla.

I created a html page that contains a form (its name is "Modulo") and some
text boxes. After clicking on a button, a popup appears.
I tried to modify the text of "Testo" textbox from the popup windows by
using the following javascript code:

window.opener.Modulo.Testo.value=window.opener.Mod ulo.Testo.value + " This
will be added to Testo textbox!";

The code is correctly run by Internet Explorer and the "Testo" textbox in
the calling html page is successfully updated.

When I try to open these pages with Mozilla, the javascript code that should
update the textbox is ignored. How can I solve this problem?

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Javascript And Mozilla (1.5MacOSX)

Dec 5, 2003

I have looked into creating a javascript that will do a PopUp "Exit Poll" when the client backs out or links forward from the domain. It is a moderated script I found through discussions on this forum.

Now it works great in MSIE5.2.2 on MacOS10.1.5, but I'm finding I better also make sure it works in Mozilla if I have any chance of making it work on the PC side. When i try it in Mozilla, I get Javascript console saying "loadpopup() is not defined"

I've found a couple javascripts that work in MSIE but not Mozilla..this is getting irritating to say the least.

For MacOS10.3 owners using Safari, is the browser compatibility with javascript any better? I feel like I need to get away from MSIE5.2.2 altogether now. And no..I'm not buying a PC. Code:

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If Then To Change A Parameter In Javascript

Nov 30, 2006

The following information is passed to a script to generate an email
from a form.
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" name="param_recipient" value="me@mycompany.org">

In the form further down on the page, a user enters a value in the ru
field. I want to write something similar to:
if ru=122 then sendformto="me@mycompany.org"
if ru=144 then sendformto="you@mycompany.org"

the paramater above would then become something like:
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" name="param_recipient" value=sendformto>

How would I go about doing this?

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Aspnet Form Not Posting From Javascript In Mozilla 1.7

Jul 23, 2005

The following posts back properlty from an "onclick" in IE, but not in Mozilla 1.7. Can anyone explain to me why not? The style class works the same in both environments.

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
function ClickMe(Cat, Nbr, Nav){
document.forms[0].inCat.value = Cat;
document.forms[0].inNav.value = Nav;

<form name="__aspnetForm" method="post" action="Default.aspx" ....

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Mozilla Javascript Error: Function Is Not Defined

Jul 23, 2005

Everything works fine with Opera and IE, but not with Mozilla 1.7.3 and
Firefox 1.0 PR. When I call a function previously defined inside another
function I've got "function is not defined". Why?

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JavaScript Image Refresh In Mozilla And Opera

Sep 15, 2004

We've got a server-side page (status.php) that dynamically generates a GIF image. The displayed image depends on the value of a boolean field in a database. Just calling the page displays the current value of the boolean, calling it with a parameter switch (status.php?switch) flips the database value and generates a new image. We've included headers to prevent caching of the image by the browser.

Whenever our HTML page is displayed in the browser, we just include an image that shows the current status: img src='status.php'/

We want to allow the user to click the image, which then inverts the boolean status in the database: img src='status.php' onclick='this.src=status.php?switch;'/

This works great in Internet Explorer, but both Mozilla and Opera only allow to switch once. My idea of the problem is that those browsers think like this; after one click, the src is already 'status.php?switch', so changing the src again would be redundent in their eyes, so they won't do it.

We found a temporary solution by generating the current time as a parameter in the image URL: img src='status.php' onclick='this.src=status.php?switch+(new Date());'/
However, this is not a very elegant solution.

Does anyone know a proper solution to this? This means, forcing Mozilla and Opera to load an image using JavaScript, even though the URL of the image didn't change?

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Writing To Firefox/Mozilla Javascript Console

Apr 13, 2005

Firefox has a Javascript Console that has 3 panels besides "All" and "Clear": "Errors", "Warnings", "Message".

Does anyone know a way to log a message in the Message panel with JavaScript? That would really help debugging. I know there's a way involving XPCOM, but that only works with "trusted" scripts, and scripts loaded thru html aren't trusted.

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How To Set Default Homepage In Mozilla Using Java/JavaScript

Aug 23, 2006

Can anyone help me how to set default website as homepage in mozilla using java/ javascript.

Following javascripts code works in IE but not in Mozilla.

<input type="button" value="Set Default" onClick="this.style.behavior='url(#default#homepage)'

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