XML Transformation Effectiveness.

Jul 23, 2005

How effective is Javascript in transforming XML into XHTML? I'm
wanting to use the XML file to store data that will then be transformed
into the XHTML file for displaying of the data. I want to keep it real
simple and all text so that it is easily transportable.

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JQuery :: HTML Function - Automatic Transformation Tag?

May 26, 2009

I use the html() function for my dialog system, and this function changes the html code...

Example :

The reply is :
<form method="post" action="traitement.php">
<select name="select">
</select><br />
<input type="text" name="text" />
/* jQuery code */

<form method="post" action="traitement.php"></form>
<select name="select">
<input type="text" name="text" />

We can see, the code has been modified by html() function...How I can do for insert code without modification??

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JQuery :: Using Client Side XSLT Transformation?

Sep 3, 2011

When using client side XSLT transformation, Jquery functions like animate and fadeTo will fail and cause an overflow of errors. In Firefox the error reads "k[l] is undefined". The same happens in Chrome. I could give you an example, but you can simply use your imagination, as this isn't a problem with only a specific case of XSLT transformation. I am using v1.6.2 and consider this to be a serious bug.

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XSL Transformation And Javascript Inclusion Problem Of External .js Files

Jul 20, 2005

I have a problem of client side XSL transformation. I sent the XML and the XSL to the client in XML data islands. Using the transform Node method the HTML is returned. There
is however some script tag in the XSL file which references external
..js files they are like

<SCRIPT language="Javascript" src="abc.js" DEFER="true" />

Now, after transformation the function from this .js file are not
called and object required errors are thrown. This is despite the fact
that IE has downloaded the .js file and they are visisble in the cache
(Temporary Internet Files). This problem only occurs if the .js file
is not present in the cache, hence it happens when the user visits
some site for the first time.

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CSS3 Transformation Doesn't Work After Hide And Show Div?

Nov 7, 2011

This is the site: [URL] And the attached javascript: [URL]

Now Begin and Contact are fine, but as you can see, the Einde part isn't sliding in. I'm hiding my "Second" div at the end of the transformation to avoid horizontal scrollbars. But after I show it again, to slide it back to the left, the transformation somehow doesn't work.

If I comment out the slide-to-left transformation, the Second div shows on the right, with horizontal scrollbar. So it does actually do the transformation, but doesn't seem to do the slide. I've also tried re-setting the -webkit-transition property again after I show() the Second div, to set a delay on it again. However, this had no effect either.

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