Using Frontpage To Go Frameless

Jul 20, 2005

Anyone here use FrontPage? I've been thinking of using Frontpage to
take my web site,, and go frameless. Since I have a
left framed frame.htm with lots of javascipt code, is this a good idea?

I could use FP insert/components/web page to add my frame.htm page to all
other pages. But frame.htm has lots of javascript functions in the header,
and needs onload= to start them. I suppose I could move my <script> code
into the <body>. What are the advantages/disadvantages of <head> script
code as opposed to <body> script code?

Side question. Many of my pages have external <script src="temp.js"> calls.
In fact, a couple of pages I have to create a <body onload="xload()"> in
which xload() checks to make sure all the temp.js functions are loaded
before proceeding. Now it seems to me that the FP insert/component/page
could bypass this need altogether, but insert/component/page only asks for
*.htm files. What, do I want to convert my *.js files to *.htm files,
wraping <html><body><script></script></body></html> around them?

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How To Create A Frameless Modal Popup Window Using Javascript?

Jun 1, 2007

I am just wondering how to create a modal popup using javascript. The
popup window shouldnt contain minimize,close and maximize buttons and
it should be resizable? I am trying using but not getting
the desirable results.

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Pass A Url Parameter To A FrontPage Form

Jun 3, 2009

Each product page of a catalog will have a url with a product parameter e.g. [URL] or [URL] I would want that value 'Product1' to show up on the LitRequest Form and then get transmitted when the form is completed and submitted submitted

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CGI - Frontpage Extensions; Online Forms

Dec 17, 2000

I have been using Frontpage to design web sites and know that online-forms can be created using Frontpage, but the host must have Frontpage Server Extensions installed...

...I was wondering if the online forms were simply CGI scripts??

If so, could i not get DreamWeaver Ultra Dev and write the CGI scripts in there? - I think DreamWeaver is capable of this?

Therefore, if a server supported CGI scripts and i had to pay extra for FRONTPAGE EXT. then i could bypass this problem by using CGI scripts...

...does this make sense? If not, why not?

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Disable Edit With Microsoft Office FrontPage

Mar 23, 2009

I've been researching the whole night (and now early morning) on how to disable the Edit With Microsoft Office FrontPage (draw-down of File) feature to no avail even though I know it is possible. To confront the nay-sayers, here's proof-positive evidence: [URL]. On the above site, and virtually all clear channel company radio sites, when you click down on File, you'll see that Edit With Microsoft Office FrontPage is disabled.

I read that you are to type the following in the code, but it has not worked for me:
<meta http-equiv="editable" content="dream-on"/>
Found on [URL]
Again, this does not work for me. Maybe I inserted it wrong? Where is the above <meta line supposed to be inserted in the code view of the web page?

The other incidental issue I have that I'd like to address is this: I found that a web site,, has an extraordinary html encryption protection system: In the DESIGN VIEW, mind you, of his site on FrontPage, not the code view, all of his content is blocked out, replaced with a phrase such as, "[../_private/iipbotter.html]." HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? I'd like something like this! Do you know what he used? Also is he using a particular type of encryption software because it seems his search rank is not being affected at all?

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