Use InsertRow() And InsertCell()?

Nov 30, 2011

I have a function where it add rows into a table. For the example below it adds a row under the Question column, (I have not included whole function as there is a lot of code so instead I have just posted the relevant code.This is inside a function

var row = document.createElement("tr");
var cell


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InsertRow And InsertCell

Mar 21, 2003

Can anyone tell me what supports insertRow and insertCell? Also, can anyone provide me with links to DOM documentation for browsers other than IE?

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Alternative For InsertRow And InsertCell, Which Is Not Working In Firefox

Jan 17, 2007

I have a problem with FireFox. I have written a function to Add rows without submiting the form. This function works fine in IE, but not in FireFox.
The function is :

function createRows(deviceId,deviceType,modelName,ipAddress,macAddress,imageURL)
oTable=document.getElementById("tab:tabForm: oTable");

var oRow1=oTable.insertRow(oTable.rows.length);
var aRows=oTable.rows;
var aCells=oRow1.cells;
var oCell1_1=aRows(oRow1.rowIndex).insertCell(aCells.length);
var oCell1_2=aRows(oRow1.rowIndex).insertCell(aCells.length);
var oCell1_3=aRows(oRow1.rowIndex).insertCell(aCells.length);
var oCell1_4=aRows(oRow1.rowIndex).insertCell(aCells.length);
var oCell1_5=aRows(oRow1.rowIndex).insertCell(aCells.length);
var oCell1_6=aRows(oRow1.rowIndex).insertCell(aCells.length);


Can anyone please tell me what's the feature that is not supported in Firefox that makes this function not work in the same.

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Using Insertrow And Want To Change Row Color?

Mar 10, 2011

this is probably very simple but I cannot seem to figure it out and i tried looking around but i couldnt find anything on it.I am using Ajax insertrow which is working fine, however I have it in a loop and I want to alternate the rows colors, anyone know what call i have to use to change the background color of the current row?

AddRowMe = 1;
for(var i in response)


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Possible To Create TH Element Using InsertCell?

Dec 13, 2004

It appears that using the insertCell method to append a cell to a table row in the tbody creates a data cell by default. I need to create a header cell (in the tbody, not in the thead). Is this possible? The desired result would be something like this:

<th>#text</th> <-- I am unable to create this element.

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Inserting Events On Cells Generated By InsertCell

Apr 8, 2007

I've a problem with cells generated by insertCell, I need to add
"onclick" event something like this

html+=' <td class='+ClassSelection+' id='+i+'-'+j
+' onclick='+this.GetName()+'.Select('+i+','+j+');'
+ this.GetName()+'.Draw(true);>'

to generate something like:

<td class="class" id=1-3 onclick=main.Select(1-3);main.Draw(true);>
sometext </td>

with DOM I'm doing something like

var cell=row.insertCell(-1);

and that works but I don't know how to do to generate the "onclick"

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InsertCell Doesn't Work As Expected In Firefox/Chrome

Jun 1, 2010

I have a table that looks like:

And a function to add a row and cells in the row that looks like:

The problem is the insertCell won't insert that first cell with an x in it (which will allow users to click on the x button to delete the row) in the first cell in Google Chrome. Firefox inserts a row with the first cell containing the x button but no other cells with the text boxes.

I've tried setting the index on the cell insert to 0, 1, 8, nothing and Chrome either inserts a row with nothing in it (no text boxes, no x button, nothing other than a slight addition of space below the title row) or it adds the row correctly except the x button always winds up in the last cell. IE adds it correctly with no index value or 0. Firefox needs the 0 index (no index creates a blank row with nothing in it. It looks like there's a tiny blank row of nothing being inserted because you see the table get a tiny bit larger vertically but there is no x button, text boxes.

What am I doing wrong? How do I make this work in all 3 browsers? Well actually all browsers ideally but....

Further, if I supply the 0 index to get a row, clicking on the x button to delete it works correctly in IE and Chrome but does nothing in Firefox.

That code looks like:

So what is wrong with both the addRow and removeRow functions that is causing Chrome and Firefox to behave incorrectly?

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