TINYmce Wont Allow Certain Characters?

Nov 14, 2009

I have a CMS system using Tinymce and after making some alterations noticed the updates weren't showing up.After much messing (sql, set up etc) I started to delete the content bits at a time and came to the conclusion that is was the character

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Anyone Used TinyMCE In Their App

Oct 26, 2006

I figured I would use TinyMCE on an application and the problem is that the stupid thing keeps on converting my character entities so instead of doing this " it does "

The problem lies in that we are taking that content formating and putting it into an XML file for flash to then read off. Flash in all its glory of stupid limits can't display most of the crucial character entities thus leaving me in the frustrating cycle of wanting my computer over my co-workers head just so I could potentially feel good.

Anyways...so here's my shin dig of a question... how I make it so that it won't encode these characters. I tried doing entity_encoding : "raw" and entities : "" and both of those did not work.

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TinyMCE / DOM / JS - HTML Insertion?

Apr 11, 2009

Essentially, I am building an image upload plugin, and what the image inserted automatically at the end of the process, so I thought I would put this at the end of the script:

<script type="text/javascript">
tinyMCEPopup.execCommand('mceInsertRawHTML/mceInsertContent', false, '<?= $image_tinymce_safe ?>');

If that is run, then the actual image appears in the editors instance. Is this a general JS / DOM issue (I got it to work with the original script before, I just stupidly overwrote the file!), or, is it something more?

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How To Add The Media Plugin To TinyMCE

Apr 9, 2010

I can't seem to remember or figure out how to add the media plugin to TinyMCE ~ there are SO many files, I'm not sure which to alter.

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TinyMCE Image Uploads

Feb 8, 2006

Are there any free plugins for tinyMCE to help with uploading images to it?

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Where Is The Main Textarea In TinyMCE

Jul 9, 2010

In a form created with TinyMCE, I cannot find the main textarea in the source code. I tried Google Chrome's Inspect Element feature, and I got the attached results. It seems that an iframe was created with Javascript. However, there are no textareas in that iframe either.

The page is here: [URL]. However, a username/password is needed to view the page.

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JQuery :: How To Validate TinyMCE Editor

Aug 20, 2009

How to validate tinymce HTML wysiwyg editor? [URL]. The main issue is that editor hides textarea and renders an iframe, where you edit stuff...your text is copied to the textarea on submit. But validation plugin is faster and it displays an error message. After you press submit again (the text is already present in text area - from previous click and then it is validated OK. Is it possible to inject somewhere inside validate() some action before it is validated....e.g. copy all content first to textarea.

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Ajax :: Tinymce Not Displaying In Page?

Dec 11, 2009

I am not getting the tinymce edit textarea in an html page that is generated by ajax. I am calling the ajax using jquery. I have kept the tiny_mce.js file on the page that is generated via ajax. The path is correct but am not getting the page displayed. There is no problem for the source hence i am getting the tinymce editor without using ajax.

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Tinymce - Validate The Text Area

Feb 11, 2010

i have installed the tinymce text editor on the text area but i have a javascript code validate the text area that the field must be filled the field language must be arabic OR english but the code doesn't work probably....

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JQuery :: Ajax Second Load Stops Tinymce?

Apr 22, 2009

We have a page that allows a user to load a form over ajax using jQuery 1.3.2. The form contains a simple table layout, some input boxes, tinymce and the initialize for a jQueryUI dialog. On first load everything works fine. If the user loads the same form again, without refreshing the browser window, TinyMCE no longer shows content, can’t be clicked inside of and the dialog no longer updates it’s content and a few other bits of js stop firing.

Now I thought this was an issue with the page and ajax, but we have another page that uses draggable elements and has a very simple form of 1 input and a submit. If you submit the form and get returned the same page by our validation the same thing happens as with tinymce, you can no longer click inside it.

In ie7 things dont stop responding so much but the browser slows down and almost stops responding.

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Set Tinymce So That The User Can Post Text And Html?

Jul 29, 2010

Is there a way to set tinymce so that the user can post text and html in the same box without having to open the html box to enter code?

I have seen on other sites where you can enter text and then some html and it comes out fine but when I try this in tinymce it ouputs the html.

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TinyMCE Init Function Not Working On IE With Some Settings.. Why?

Dec 11, 2011

I am using this settings to init my tinyMCE but unfortunelty its not working on IE..

HTML Code:
var config = {
settings : {[code]....

SCRIPT5: Access is denied.line 94 is the init function.. and when im using the init function without the settings then its working on explorer too :S
tinyMCE.init( );
what am i doing wrong?

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Change The Default Font Size In TinyMCE?

Aug 23, 2010

The default font-size in tinyMCE is 10px, but I want to change it to 12px. I tried the first 20 solutions on Google, but none of them worked. I have the latest version of TinyMCE.

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JQuery :: Include Rich Text-area In Tinymce?

Mar 17, 2011

Do you know what error? how include rich text-area in jQuery and


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Illegal Characters For Various Characters Within The Field Name

Jan 25, 2006

I am having problems with the code below (obviously) coming up with illegal character for various characters within the field name
which is: S_Gift Finder1_0

I have tried various ways of escaping the characters but to no avail.

I am unable to change the name of the field as it it comes from an external off-the-shelf package. Code ....

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Counting Utf-8 Characters -special Characters

Sep 19, 2007

I have character counter for textarea wich counting the characters.
Special character needs same place as two normal characters because of
16-bit encoding.

Counter is counting -2 when special character is added like some
language specific char.

How to count specials like 1 char?

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JQuery :: Move TinyMCE Contents Into The Textarea Without Hitting Submit?

Oct 12, 2011

I have Validation working across a form (I fire it several times before Submit to check sections of the form), and a tinyMCE editor working in 1 textarea.I want to move the contents of the tinyMCE iframe into the textarea before (that's the key here - before) the Submit button is pressed so that the contents can be validated in the section before Submit. I've used tinyMCE.triggerSave(); in several ways to move contents and then fire Validation before Submit. None work. I am beginning to believe that tinyMCE contents cannot be moved by any Javascript other than Submit, but I don't see that stated anywhere. In tinyMCE, I've tried onchange_callback: and handle_node_ change_callback: to fire functions with triggerSave and other saving commands. I can get the contents of tinyMCE to validate when I press Submit twice (others have noted this peculiarity), but not in any other way. Also, when errors are corrected in tinyMCE, Validation does not revalidate until Submit is pressed.

2 questions - how to move tinyMCE contents into the textarea without hitting Submit? Does CKEditor allow updates other than via Submit, and if so, where's a tutorial or example? Here's an example of code that is supposed to be triggered by tinyMCE's onchange_callback, but only triggers upon the second click on Submit.

function tinyMCESetValue(inst)
var content = tinyMCE.activeEditor.getContent();[code].....

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JQuery :: "Dynamically Loading" TinyMCE - Textarea Is Not Loaded With The Initial First Page Load

Oct 12, 2010

I'm running into a little bit of a problem with tinyMCE. My textarea is not loaded with the initial first page load but dynamically inserted in the DOM via ajax, so it doesn't display.

I've studied the documentation that comes with tinyMCE and it still kinda puzzles me what I have to do to "dynamically load" tinyMCE.

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TinyMCE Window :: Nothing Loads In The Window When I Work In Firefox?

Jun 6, 2009

I have just downloaded the JavaScript HTML WYSIWYG editor TinyMCE. It works well except when I click on the link button or any other button that opens a window to add an element, nothing loads in the window.I have downloaded multiple up-to-date versions and non of them work. The examples on the TinyMCE website work for me. Also the examples that I downloaded work in Internet Explorer 7, Safari (for windows), Google Chrome, and Opera.It just does not work in Firefox. I even disabled all my add-ons and reinstalled Firefox.When i went to upload it to a server (the version I downloaded) it worked in Firefox.How do I make it so it will run in Firefox locally?

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Unicode Characters

Aug 2, 2007


Depending on an input value, I would like to output greek characters
(f. e. those between U+03B1 to U+03C9. One way would be to define two
arrays: one with the possible input values ("abgde...") and a second
array with the corresponding values ("u03b1u03b2u03b3...").

But I hoped I could skip the second by a computation, f.e. "g" has
index 2 in the first array, so output "u03b1"+2.

This does not work (of course). But do I have a chance to "compute"
the output value?

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JQuery :: Set The First 8 Characters Into An Id?

Sep 23, 2009

I have the following script which takes the url of a page, strips out the / and sets the id of the body tag.the trouble is I only want the first 8 Characters Here is the code so far:

$(document).ready(function() {
var pathname = window.location.pathname;
var pathSlashesReplaced = pathname.replace(///g, "-");


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Select First 300 Characters In A Div?

Feb 19, 2009

I have got a code which selects the whole text inside a div element on base of its id. But I need to modify it to select the lets say first 300 characters. Can someone suggest something. It is related to moving end of range. I will also keep trying... Here comes the code


var textC=document.getElementById(divID);
if (document.selection)
var div = document.body.createTextRange();


Only tested with FF3 , else part works fine for FF3 but need to move end point of range ... and stuck here

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Getting Div Width In Characters

Nov 18, 2005

I have a bordered div with some text in it. Some of the text is one long string and thus runs outside of the div. The div stretches out to the width of the browser window so that long string of text runs all the way out past the edge of the scrollbar.

Is there a way I can use JavaScript to detect the width of the div from the edge of one border to the next and then convert that number into the number of characters that can fill that width?

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Replacing Characters

Mar 6, 2006

I have a script which gathers information from a form and, if needed, writes this info to a 'preview' window. At times {tokens} are used in place of real html tags. How can I tell the script to look for "{" and "}" and replace them, respectively, with "<" and ">".

I tried using "str = str.replace(/{/g, "<").replace(/}/g, ">");" but that didn't work. The script in question is being written by PHP... thus, may be generating a syntax-based failure. Any ideas?

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Get Rid Of Special Characters?

Aug 3, 2010

I am copying from microsoft word a simple word into my application(rich text editor)..
i get special characters added to it. how can i get rid of them?

how can i solve the issue?

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Do Not Allow Certain Characters In Text Box?

Oct 4, 2010

I have this code that only allows a period and numbers to be put in the text box. The problem is that the message also appears if the text box is left blank. I don't want the error to appear if the text box is left blank. Right now I have it on a Blur so that the error message appears when the person clicks outside of the text box.

<script language=javascript>
function checkNumeric(value)
var anum=/(^d+$)|(^d+.d+$)/


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