Simple PostCode Checker - Can't See For Looking

Feb 9, 2009

You're going to look at this code and see straight away what's wrong with it, but I've been staring at it for too long that my brain just isn't reading it right.

It's a basic input, you type in your postcode, if it is in the list of postcodes I entered then it replies with a 'Yes' response, otherwise a 'No' response. Unfortunately it keeps saying 'Yes' to anything that's entered.

Here it is, and apologies again for it being annoyingly simple, you know when you've been looking at code too much and you just can't see the small things anymore. [input type.needed=coffee]

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Code - Simple Word Checker That Provides A Prompt

Jun 27, 2010

I am trying to finish this small project and seem to run into a snag.

Its a simple word checker that provides a prompt and you input a single word no punctuation or white space and then answer question does begin with vowel and if there are two adjacent vowels.

This is my first javascript:

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Url Checker - Create A Simple Html Page

Nov 10, 2010

I'm trying to create a simple html page, with javascript (NO AJAX!, etc,... ) on it, to let me know if an url (remote file) is online or not.

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Detect Region (UK) Via Postcode?

Sep 25, 2010

Basically I'm looking for a method where the user enters their postcode (UK only) clicks enter then they're displayed with their closest region (although not every single UK region will be displayed, only 6 of them). I know this is a fairly tricky one.I've had a look in to Google API though there's nothing really specific for this, does anyone have an idea? or point me in the right direction to achieve this?

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Setting Postcode To Load Automatically?

Feb 14, 2011

I would like to set the postcode <?php echo $pubdetails['rsPostCode]; ?> as a default value in the form field so that the map area loads up automatically for instance the link above uses postcode bn11 3rg

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JQuery :: Postcode Validation Through Validator?

Jan 9, 2011

My client is using the following script to validate a form : -


I want to be able to validate a Postcode by matching a regular expression (using this script). There is no default option with this jQuery script to do so. My question is can I add such a custom regex to this script?

I have only ever written validation in "normal" JS before. Also I would like the JS regex to match the existing one serverside (PHP):


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Canadian Postcode Map Data For Use On Google Maps?

May 3, 2011

I have searched everywhere and seems unable to find postcode map data (preferably in lat/long) of Canada. I would need these data up to the LDU in the postcode. My idea is to create a map with the postcode overlay similar to this:[URL]...Are there any third party data source which I can find of?

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Resoloution Checker

Mar 10, 2005

Mixture of PHP & JavaScript as you can see.

|Style Chooser |
$style = $_GET['style'];
$res = $_GET['res'];
IF ($style == "") { $style = "v2-green"; }

IF ($res != 1024)
print "
<!-- Begin
function redirectPage() {
var url640 = "?res=640";
var url800 = "?res=800";
var url152 = "?res=1152";
var url1280 = "?res=1280";
var url1600 = "?res=1600";
var urlnorm = "";

if ((screen.width == 640))
window.location.href= url640;
else if ((screen.width == 800))
window.location.href= url800;
else if ((screen.width == 1152))
window.location.href= url1152;
else if ((screen.width == 1280))
window.location.href= url1280;
else if ((screen.width == 1600))
window.location.href= urll600;
else document.write(urlnorm)

// End -->

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Date Checker?

Feb 27, 2006

I not much of JavaScript Developer, I'm a member of the copy and paste JavaScript Generation, so perhaps someone can tell me where I'm going wrong with my function to compare two dates:

if (Date.parse(dt1.value) >= Date.parse(dt2.value)){
alert("Departure Date must be After Arival Date")
return false

return true

The problem seems to be that two date values are been compared as strings, how can I force them to be compared as dates. I thought the Date.parse() function would handle that.

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JS Checkboxes Checker Adaptation For PHP?

Nov 21, 2011

I have good script

<script type="text/javascript">
function chkcontrol(j) {
var total=0;


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Advanced Password Checker ?

Jun 4, 2011

I want to use this code but there is no step by step instructions.

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Create Random Question Checker ?

Dec 16, 2009

i want to create one java code that do this :

1-one counter is counting 20 to 0.

2-if counter 0 then choose random string between "click one" , "click two" , "click three" and show it.

3-in other table we have three button that name`s are "one" , "two" ,"three".

4-for continue page user must click true button,if user click false button alert "wrong".

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Wanting A Spell Checker For Sites?

May 19, 2010

Visitors enter information in textarea's and form fields and I wish to allow them to have this spell checked before submitting.

What methods are open to me to do this.

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Upto Date Syntax Checker ?

Nov 12, 2010

I have come across javascript lint but it seems to be a bit outdated... is there a more up to date syntax checked for javascript or does javascript lint still do the job?

There are several online tools I have seen but unfortunately these are no use as I need to be able to run it from the command line and (hopefully) be able to import it into vim.

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Online Javascript Syntax Checker

Jul 2, 2002

I have a whole heap of Javascript that I want to compress (by removing line breaks etc). When laid out with line breaks, all works fine. When compressed ... BANG!

I suspect that there is a semi-colon missing somewhere which is only breaking when the return is removed. However, I'd like to run the whole block of javascript through an online validator instead of straining my eyes trying to locate the piece of the script at fault.

Is there such a thing? When I search for 'Javascript validator', I get a whole heap of links to using javascript to validate forms and such like!

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Create A Real-time Username Checker?

Dec 15, 2010

im currently trying to create a real-time username checker. Once the user enters the username I would like some javascript to run and check whether the username is already in the database, then if it is return 'this is already in use'.Unfortunately I am not able to use ajax.

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Custom Menu CSS Class-Checker Script Not Running

Nov 15, 2009

I'm building a simple custom dropdown menu for a web-site so that I can control look and feel as well as the behavior of an iframe.I've set it up so that when the user clicks on any of the menu's active components, an "if" sequence in the clickHandler() function is activated that gets the element's class. If the event occurred on a dropdown option, the event-target id is checked, and the appropriate function is called. At least this is how it's supposed to work.All of the drop-down options have been assigned the "dmo" class. When I test the menu and click on other elements, it works fine. But when I click the "dmo" drop-down options, nothing happens. Firebug and IE Explorer Developer Tools both show no errors, but on clicking a dropdown option, the correlate code doesn't run at all, and after hours of head-banging, I have no idea why.

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Count Checker - Track Of How Many Chars Are In A Field On An Asp Form

May 19, 2010

I have a js counter which keeps track of how many chars are in a field on an asp form. When the user clicks a button further down in the form, the form generates more fields. This also causes the js counter to reset to its original value, as the page is 'reloading' in a way. How can I check this value and keep it the same when the user clicks this button?

I am including the code I have.


counter in code


I have tried

It compiles but the value remains reset.

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AJAX :: Checking If Available - An Availability Checker That Will Make Sure The Item Is Available

Jun 20, 2011

I have 2 fields. Products and Date. I want an availability checker that will make sure the item is available. Here is my script:


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Recommend An Easy-to-use Spell Checker (either AJAX, DHTML Or Javascript)

May 3, 2006

I am looking to use a spell checker in my multi-field forms and am trying to
find something open source and easy to install and use.

It could be either AJAX, DHTML or Javascript.

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Compiler/Checker - Notepad Or Firefox's Source Viewer Doesn't Indicate Anything

Mar 19, 2008

I'm new to Javascript but not new to programming.

I find JS more time consuming because I have to manually search line by line for a single error. In C++ or C the compiler tells me the exact line number of the error or at least what the error is so I can research it.

With JS, notepad or Firefox's source viewer doesn't indicate anything. Is there any software available that will error check JS codes?

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Simple Javascript

Jul 23, 2005

I have a form1 with two fields, field1 and field2. I want the contents of field1 to be transferred to field2 onBlur, but with some changes. I want the contents of field1 to have its spaces replaced with Dashes, and all punctuation removed, so this can happen:

FIELD 1 value:
Today's rate is 15%, & the outlook is good.

onBlur should then create a value of:

FIELD 2 value:

Notice that the "&" was converted to "and", the "%" to "percent". The comma
was deleted and all spaces replaced with Dashes. The second field should
only every contain alphabetic letter, dashes, and numbers.

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Simple Replace

Feb 20, 2006

I want to replace all occurences of this ),( in my string with a comma .....


This only does the first. I've been reading about adding "/g", but haven't
got it to work. I've messed about with no luck. Any quick pointers?

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Simple Ajax

Oct 2, 2006

i look for a simple ajax, for a beignner, able to send a request for a text file and show its content in a <div />.

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Simple Bookmarklets

Mar 18, 2003

Here's a small collection of bookmarklets for disecting your own (or other people's!) websites. They do things like, show all TABLE elements with a red border, hide non-link images, and so on...

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Simple Counter

Oct 26, 2005

i need a 5 second counter to start when the page loads. basically the usage is I want people to click a link, and if the page has been loaded for more than 5 seconds, do thisFunction().. if not, do nothing.

so basically

<script type="text/javascript">

window.onload --> start the counter
// when the counter hits 5 seconds, set var done = true;

function thisFunction() {
if (done = true) { proceed with function)
else {do nothing}


<a href="linkyPoo.html" onclick="checkCounter">OO oOO, click me!</a>

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