Safari Javascript Problem

Oct 17, 2006

I have a small Javascript problem with that mutch love web browser
safari, I tested the code on all other browsers PC (Win) and Linux and
IE on the mac and it seams to work ok, but for some reason it will not
work with safari.

function domywindows() {
mywondows ='writeme.html','TellAFriend','width=45 0,height=600');
mywondows.document.write("Working Please Wait........")
mywondows.document.write("<form method='post' name='myform'
action='sendm.php' target='_self'>");
mywondows.document.write("<input type='hidden' name='urlis' value='" +
window.location + "?osadcampaign=tf'>");
mywondows.document.write("<input type='hidden' name='productname'
value ='" + productname +"'>");

Any one any ideas how i can make this mac compatable.

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Javascript Not Working In Safari (on MAC)

Aug 15, 2007

Im using Javascript to expand a unordered list menu and it works on my pc in the latest versions of Opera, Safari, Firefox and IE. But i have been told that the buttons do not work in Safari on a MAC. It does however work in IE on a MAC.

Is there a difference between the way Safari on a MAC would read the code? Code:

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Convert Javascript For IE To NS And Safari

Aug 11, 2004

Anyone have any tips on a good site with a few pointers on how to convert javascript working on IE to work with NS and Safari. For example, this code doesn't work on Safari but on IE and I have no idea why:

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Javascript And Safari Browser

Jul 21, 2005

I am simply trying to set a field value on a form.

e.g. document.form1.stockLevel.value = 99;

This works on all browsers PC & Mac, with the exception of Safari browser on a MAC.

Tried all alternatives:

document.all.stockLevel.value = 99;
document.forms['form1'].stocklevel.value = 99;
.......etc etc

None of these work on the damn safari browser.

Anyone any ideas?

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JavaScript And RegEx Not Working On Safari...

Mar 30, 2006

I am using Regular Expressions and Javascript to validate a form,
specifically I want to make sure that if they try to upload a file that
it has a proper name w/ certain extensions (doc,pdf, rtf). The script
works on IE and Mozilla but fails on Safari on the MacOSX. Here is my

// ok files with proper extension
var reOKFiles = /^([a-zA-Z].*|[1-9].*).(doc|DOC|pdf|PDF|rtf|RTF)$/;

//where i check for the file...
if(window.document.myForm.myDocument.value != ""){
var fileStr = window.document.myForm.myDocument.value;
alert("Please try again, you tried to upload an invalid file type
for CRITERIA 1");
return (false);

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Javascript Error On Mac With Safari Browser

Jul 20, 2005

I have some very strange problem on the Mac (OS-X) with the Safari
browser 1.0 (v85). Some information in my form was not filled in...
after I turned on debugging and checked the console it displayed some
error messages.

The messages displayed were like:

(event handler): value undefined (result of expression trim) is not
object. Cannot be called.

I have no idea what this means!!! Does anyone know where to find the
solution for this problem? The page works fine on Windows with IE (and
probably some more browsers).

The trim function is located in an exteral javascript file which is
referenced in the head of the html. Code:

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Hidden Control's Value Is Not Showing In Javascript On MAC Safari

Sep 7, 2005

I'm using input hidden control's value in the javascript function.

same code is working fine on all other browser except a specific
version of safari(i.e.: MAC OS 10.3.7 and Safari 1.2.4).

control's value is not getting displaying at the first time
when the page gets load, although the same piece of code would work if
I just refresh the page, strage.

declaration of hidden control:
<INPUT id="hSliders" type="hidden" runat="server">

javascript code which is calling the value of hSliders:


this alert is showing nothing although it should display string.

i check the view source also control's value is getting populated.

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Safari Read/write Cookies With Javascript?

Jul 20, 2005

I am using a standard javascript that I downloaded from to read from and fill in a form using cookies.
The page tests well in every browser except Apple's Safari (from

Unfortunately, my clients daughter uses Safari so I have to get it to
work with it, even though most of his clients use IE.

What do I need to do to change the code so this will all work in
Safari? Code:

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Safari - JavaScript Frames/Links Issue

Oct 10, 2006

I have a DHTML Folder Tree, also known as a TreeView. That is, an expandable/collapsible tree of links. In a frame-less layout everything works great. In a frame-based layout, it doesn't work on Safari/Konqueror.

There are two frames: the left frame contains the tree control; when you click on a link in the tree, the right frame is the target for the links in the tree.

The tree mechanism itself works fine. But there is a problem with the links. What happens on Safari/Konqueror with the frame-based layout is the first link works fine, but all links after that do not. That is, the first click loads a picture on the right frame, but when I click on any other links after that, the target frame is not updated.

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Mobile Safari And Onmousedown - Code Doesn't Work In Mobile Safari?

Jun 6, 2010

The very simple code (below) works fine in Safari (and Chrome, Firefox etc.), but it doesn't work in Mobile Safari. Why?(You can find a working example at: http:[url]....)

<html xmlns="" xml:lang="en" lang="en">

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Safari 1.3+

Jul 23, 2005

Does anyone know if there is a quick test to tell if Safari 1.3 (or 2.0
will suffice) is the browser that doesn't rely on the typical
navigator.* methods? For instance, there is the good 'ol document.all
test for MSIE... Looking to add Safari support to my tty editor for my cms.

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Safari (Mac) Issue

Jul 23, 2005

The following code suppresses the 'enter' key, when run in I.E. 5.5 or
later (Windows) but not when run in Safari (Mac)

<body onkeypress="javascript:keysuppress(event)" >

function keysuppress(e)
if (e.type=="keypress" && e.keyCode=="13")

What code can I use to suppress the 'enter' key when running an app in

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Iframe On Safari

Jul 23, 2005

I am currently working on a project that displays preview of a jpeg
in an iframe. we can edit this preview - like increasing its zoom
level and changing pages , images etc. This works fine with IE on windows
but whenit comes to Safari on Mac , the preview is lost on refreshing the

I have noticed that this problem occurs when ever I use Iframes.
Although the main jsp page is refreshed and shown, the jsp page that
is the source for iframe contained in the main jsp page is not shown.

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Onload In Safari

Jul 23, 2005

I thought that if I have:

<body onload="some_script();">

that some_script would not be called until the <body> was completely
loaded - is this not the case? With Safari 1.3 I seem to have to delay
inside some_script (there is some php in the <body> that slows down the
loading). Since I happen to have a spare iframe in my <body>, I load a
tiny bit of html in it whose job is simply to set a "loaded" flag,
tested inside my delay code.

What I was observing was that some fields inside a <form> in the <body>,
whose values are set by some_script, were, with Safari, not visible
until I clicked in one of them - then they all popped into sight. I
wasn't seeing this with other browsers and a delay mechanism fixed it.

It was as if the onload was triggered as soon as it was encountered
rather than when the loading was complete.

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Safari OnPaste

May 3, 2006

I'm trying to use the onPaste event in a text input, which according to Apple is supported. However, I get no response in Safari. Firefox works fine.

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Safari On Desktop

Jun 13, 2007

I just downloaded safari on my desktop, but not able to open java appl.

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Problem With Safari

Dec 5, 2007

I am having problems with a website. It uses javascript to choose a payment option and then calculates the price accordingly. It works on I.E and firefox, but not on safari. A few of our clients use it so it has to be sorted out urgently.

I have no idea why it wouldn't work in safari and i don't have broad enough skills for that.

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Use Top.close For Safari?

Jun 21, 2011

Is anyone knows how to use top.close in javascript in safari browser?

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Onclick In Safari?

Apr 26, 2005

I have a form that has a Javascript function being called when a button is clicked. The function works properly in every browser except Safari and IE 5.2 for Mac. Any ideas?

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Safari, Key[down|up] With Cursor Keys

Jul 28, 2005

I'm writing some stuff where I wish to allow the cursor keys to control
elements in a page. This has not been a problem except with Safari
which appears to duplicate the keydown and keyup events which are fired
when the cursor keys are pressed. I.e. pressing and releasing say, K,
results in one keydown event followed by one keyup event. Press any of
the cursor keys results in two keydown events followed by two keyup

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Safari Mousedown Event

Dec 7, 2005

I have a big <table> and I have added an onmousedown handler.
When I get back the event in IE and Firefox, the individual <td>
element appears in window.event.srcElement (IE) and in (Firefox). However in Safari the target is just the
<table>, not the <td>.

I need to get back the <td> associated with the event, and I would
not like to put an onmousedown handler on each table cell because
there are a lot of them. Does anybody know how I can get the event
and figure out which table cell was clicked?

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Safari Failing Silently

Aug 30, 2006

The stuff I've built recently works (in the sense that it does what I'm
expecting it to do without any errors or warnings) in IE and FF but
fails silently in Safari. I don't have a Mac to test on. I write some
stuff and send it to the client who tests and reports back.

I don't do any browser sniffing, I test for a feature for I try to use it...

Are there any known oddities about scripting for Safari that might
possibly help me out.

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Reading XML In Safari Through SelectNode

Jan 9, 2007

In my applications I've a ton of scripts that use remote XML file to fill forms and evaluate contents; In these scripts I always use the method SelectNode (that, with some workaround, works fine also in Mozilla).

I've just found out that this method doesnt work in Safari browser, therefore my applications are not usable by this browser. Can anyone provide me any solution or workaround to be able to read XML
files in Safari wihout rewriting all of my scripts?

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Safari Textarea And Events

Apr 2, 2007

Ok, I've been noodling with this for several days now and I'm starting
to go crazy. Does Apple's Safari browser support drag events on
Textarea elements? The few specs and docs I've found seem to indicate
that it does but I can't get it to work for the life of me. I've tired
everything I can think of to try get notifications for the events:


Not only do these events not seem to fire over the body of the
textarea, but also the textarea seems to sink the events (so setting
event handlers on document or body report no events while occurring
over the text area). Even stranger the 1px border around the textarea
*does* respond to the events, but once the mouse moves into the actual
textarea it stops. I thought perhaps it was that native OSX UI
elements don't fire events, but all "regular" mouse events seem to
work (onmousemove, onclick, etc...).

Even more frustratingly, if I absolutely position a new element above
the textarea (zIndex of new element textarea's) to try and catch
these events, the text area *below* the element still sinks the events
(even though it's not in the bubbling or capture path for the event).
In other words, a div absolutely positioned above the textarea won't
fire dragevents anywhere it overlaps the textarea. I can't click on
the textarea below or manipulate it in any way, but dragevents still
seem to be sunk by the textarea.

I've tried using event capturing vs. bubbling as well as different
methods of applying the event handler to the text area
(textarea.ondragenter, vs addEventListener(textarea,dragenter,true/
false) all to no avail.

I'm assuming Safari's textarea just doesn't work with drag events,
unless I'm missing something really basic. Anyone gotten this to work?
Any pointers or tips. Google searches have resulted in nothing, I
can't imagine I'm the only person who's tried to get this to work as
it seems like manipulating drag events on textareas would be a common
thing to want to do.

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Date () Object In Safari

Jul 20, 2005

According to the Safari browser the world began on "Fri Dec 13 1901 15:45:52 GMT-0500", but I need to be able to get around this limitation.

I am interested in dates from 1500 to 1901, as far as I can determine, there are 14 possible calendar variations.

Year starts on Sun, Mon..... Leap year starts on Sun, Mon..

I can label these early year "types" as a number between 0 and 13.

Let's say 2005 is type 5, and that 1655 is too. (In both years Jan 1 falls on a Saturday)

I'm trying to create a function that will identify the "type" of year.

function getYearType(year){
return Number // number between 0 and 13

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Does Safari Have Different Load Order?

Mar 28, 2010

In firefox, this script works just fine. But in safari, it doesn't do anything and I can't figure out why.The intention of this code is to just create a draggable item.

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