Resolved Change SelectedIndex IE Bug

Jun 19, 2009

why does this work under FF and only ONCE in IE but the problem remains the same as the firefox only code crashed IE's it works only once still.SOLUTION -> changed event from onchange to onclick for my checkbox calling that function !

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JQuery :: Change Event On A Select Field When The SelectedIndex Or Val Is Set?

Nov 1, 2010

Is it possible to trigger a change event on a select field when the selectedIndex or val is set with jQuery? I've tried it and it doesn't seem to work. I'm attempting to replace a select field with one of my own design. The issue is if i attached a change event to a select field, when the index is changed it needs to fire that event. Basically if a select field is replaced with my list and a seperate script is set on the select list, I need that seperate script to fire without knowing what it is.

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Resolved Change Radio Button Value

Nov 25, 2010

I want to change radio button values dependent on the selected item in a drop down list.The radio buttons have default values but I need them to be changed when the selection has been made in the drop down list and before the submit button has been pressed so the changed values will be written to the database.

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Need Value Associated With SelectedIndex

Aug 17, 2006

I'm trying to get the value associated with a selected index in a drop down list.

Here's an example:

HTML Code:
<select name='elem'>
<option id=&#39100;' value='Hello' name='hello' />
<option id=&#39200;' value='Hello' name='hello' />
My Javascript is as follows - THIS CODE DISPLAYS CONTINUOUS VALUES: 1,2,3...

If I were to use the following, I'd get 'undefined' alerts

The thing is I need the value, not the index.

Any ideas/references?

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Get SelectedIndex Of A Select From Its Value?

Mar 2, 2010

I am trying to figure out if there is a way to get the selectedIndex of a select by its value, without going through a loop to check for it.

I know the value of a select, and I want to make the option be selected. But I don't know the selectedIndex. Was hoping to do it without going through a loop to determine the selectedIndex

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Jun 3, 2005

I have one select, I can say wich element is selected:

<select name="myselect">
<option value="100">A</option>
<option value="101">B</option>
<option value="102">C</option>
this line will select the option B

myselect.options.selectedIndex = 1;
but, how can I do if I want to select the option B without knowing it´s position?
I mean, I want to select the option B and the value 101, but I don´t know it´s position

any idea?

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Read Style Of SelectedIndex

Jul 20, 2005

I am using IE5 and have a select-box with options that have different
colors. Is there a way to read out the style attribute of the
selectedIndex (here: color)? See simple demo script here under...

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Setting SelectedIndex Based On Value?

Aug 6, 2009

I have the following snippet I'm trying to make work in Firefox:


for(var j=0; j<sBox.options.length; j++){
if(sBox.options[j].value == 68)
sBox.selectedIndex = j;

No errors are thrown and the correct index is not selected.

However, when I add the following line to the snippet, it magically works fine:


for(var j=0; j<sBox.options.length; j++){
if(sBox.options[j].value == 68)
sBox.selectedIndex = j;

Instead of using alert, I've tried simply assigning sBox.options.length to throwaway variable, but I end up with the same results as the first snippet.

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OnChange Event And SelectedIndex?

Feb 10, 2011

I'm using selectedIndex to change an option in a listbox, but I'm finding that the onChange event doesn't fire unless I manually make a selection. Is there any way to effect the change by JS so that the event works?

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JQuery :: Way To Update SelectedIndex Variables?

Mar 18, 2011


This is my sample code so far. Currently it only works for "Akali" under the "Select a champion..." dropdown list.

The way it works is, you select a level from 1-10 from the "Select a level..." dropdown list, and then you select Akali from the other dropdown list and her "Health" is calculated by "lvl * 80 + 510" which works perfectly. But the problem is if you change the level that value does not update automaticly. Instead the person using it has change the level to the new level they desire, change the champion and change it back again for it to update. Which normally would be ok, but I will be adding much, much more data to the page and I can't ask people to have to update stuff 10 times just to get accurate figures.

I took this from the w3schools jQuery tutorial and built a button, so ignore the way it currently works. I guessed that with a button it would when pressed it would take the latest, aka current selectedIndex values and all would work fine, and it does actually. But I just wanted to ask if there was any way to keep all the information updated at all times without a button, or maybe a button that will update everything on the website with just one click?

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Opera - Problem Determening The SelectedIndex Via JavaScript/DOM

Jun 7, 2006

I have a problem determening the preselection of a dropdown list via
JavaScript DOM:

The followin code works fine with IE and Mozilla but does not preselect
the correct element in Opera:

myCurrentElement =
myNewElement =
myNewChildElement =

for (var i = 0; i < optionArray.length; i++)
myNewGrandChildElement =
if (optionArray[i]["selected"]!=null)

//myNewGrandChildElement.setAttribute(''selected'', ''selected'');
myNewGrandChildElementText =

myNewGrandChildElement.appendChild(myNewGrandChild ElementText);
myNewChildElement.appendChild(myNewGrandChildEleme nt);

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Dynamic SelectedIndex In Option List Not Working?

Apr 27, 2010

If the user types "a" then the select box is populated with "Choose An Animal...", then the three three animals beginning with A. So far so good. But if the user selects say Albatross and then types the letter b then the option "Bear" is selected rather than "Choose An Animal". Although the code is sel.selectedIndex = 0; (not 1). How can I force the selected index to 0 when a choice has been made previously? Is this a bug - if so it is the same in IE and FF.



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Resolved Custom Pop Up Box

Aug 8, 2010

I am looking for a custom pop up box, but there is only 3 kinds (Alert, Confirm, Prompt). Neither of those will work.

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Resolved Hiding A Div When Turned Off?

Dec 16, 2009

I am trying to make an order form I am working on accessible for users who have javascript turned off in their browser, and to do this I would like to hide a div if JS is disabled.

Searching the Web has led me to think that styling the div to not display is the way forward and then using JS to display it. It is the JS bit I am struggling with! The div in question is a set of radio buttons to allow a purchaser to choose how many gift memberships they want to buy:

<div id="giftmember-buttons" style="display:none";>
<h2 class="threepeaksform">How many gift memberships do you wish to purchase?</h2>
<fieldset class="threepeaksform">
<legend>Please select the number of people you are buying a gift membership for using the buttons below.</legend>
<div class="generalcontactform-group">


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Resolved Taking A Part Of All URL Value?

Mar 10, 2010

I have youtube link saved as a variable with value:[URL]... And I need to get a part of this link which I could use later:

The part would be oOzuBOefL8I It would be great to do it with javascript... Because I have url generated like this one:"GET", "../talpinimas.php?id=reklama&paveikslelis="


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Resolved Autoscroll Div Up/down Loop?

Jun 22, 2010

What I'm trying to do just doesn't seem like it should be that difficult but I'm sure struggling with lacking skills I should say. I'm trying to automatically scroll a div up and down. For say if div.scrollTop = 0 then scroll to the bottom once it reaches the bottom scroll back up and so forth not stopping in a loop with say a timeout of 10.. Just need help putting it all together.

I've figured some stuff out:
I can tell if I'm at the bottom of the scrollable area with:
(document.getElementById(id).clientHeight + document.getElementById(id).scrollTop) - document.getElementById(id).scrollHeight


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Resolved Get Value Check It And Do Something Conditional

Sep 13, 2011

I'm trying to create a test using Javascript. Actually, I did this in PHP, but we need to put it a server that does nor run it, I think I can convert it to Javascript. I hope it'll be work as in PHP somehow. Test will be composed of 15 questions and each question has either "Yes" or "No" as answer. And, I use radio buttons here for answers. By the way, there will be more than one radio groups. Now, I want to check the value of clicked radio button in each group and use an if-statement to determine if it's correct. And, if it's correct, I want to increment a variable by 1. Finally, by the resulted variable incremented for each question in the test, I want to use another if-statement to show specific result message for and interval of that variable.


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[RESOLVED] Toggle With Mouseover

Mar 11, 2011

I'm new to javascript, and i'm having a problem. I want a button, which functions as a toggle, but also as a mouseover. When you click, under the button, a div opens with text. And when you mouse over, a shadow appears behind the button.I have two pieces of javascript, but i want both in my button. Can anybody help me?


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Resolved Trying To Add Watch Method To IE

Feb 28, 2009

I'm trying to add watch() to IE, and have more or less working code:[code]That works until I try to use setInterval with the code in red color. I never really tried OOP or prototyping in JS, so my whole approach to the problem might be wrong, but anyway, I think that if I execute that code in red every 100ms [for example], I'll be able to catch changes to properties on which the method is registered. Well, either my idea is wrong, or the execution.Some parts are commented out and method name is changed so that I could work in peace in FF.

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Resolved Need Lightbox With 3 Lines In Caption

Jun 5, 2009

I'm looking for a lightbox that allows me to have 3 lines of captions. Line one would be the art title, line two would be art dimensions, and line three would be media used. Would someone point me in the right direction? I have a lightbox that supports multiple lines, but doesn't allow for line breaks in the caption.

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Resolved Having Generating Random Text?

Aug 9, 2009

New to JS, and not too good at it. Trying to take some prewritten code and add script that displays some random text. Having trouble with assignment. Instructions are to replace a section of the file I am given with a script element. In the script element I am suppose to declare a variable named tipNum equal to a random integer between 1 and 10 returned by the randInt() function (which I made and have shown below). Then I am suppose to use a series of document.write() methods to write the following HTML code into the page:

<h1>Random Tip<br />title</h1>

(Where "title" is the title of the random text as generated by the tipTitle() function from a external file, and which I did not make; and "tip" is the text of the random tip as genereated by the tipText() function, which is also from the external file, and not made by me) My code for the randInt() function is

function randInt(lower, upper) {
var size = ++(upper - lower);
var randValue = Math.floor(lower + size*Math.random());

The script I made to display the HTML code is


I am getting nothing on my page where the random text should be.

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Resolved Changing Site Style?

May 23, 2010

How can I use javascript to change the CSS the page uses? I'm a noob to javascript so please help me out =D

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Resolved Grouping Radio Buttons Within A Div?

Sep 22, 2010

I have a form with multiple Divs containing radios, text etc. What I'm trying to do is write a function that will validate all radios only within a specified Div (in the code example below, Div4). I need to validate if all the radios in the div have "no" selected, or button[1]. If any have yes selected, then nothing happens. Only if all have No selected do I need something to happen.

Assigning radios to groups for validation is something I've done on a global (all of form) scale, but I can't figure how to be explicit to a div. The code below works, but only on individual radios, not groups. I've included a few buttons outside the div for effect. Oh, and the final product won't have alerts, it will be used to trigger a hidden div elsewhere in the form.


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Resolved Newline From HTML Into Textarea

Nov 7, 2010

if I have this inside TD tag.what should I write instead ??? to reproduce new line in textarea.

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Resolved OnClick Sound For All Browsers?

Nov 11, 2010

I was wondering if there is a javascript code that works in all browsers and will allow when a person clicks on a certain tab I have that it plays a short beep.

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Resolved Enable Button Does Not Work In IE?

Nov 24, 2010

I have a form where I want to force users to accept terms and conditions before they can move on to the next page (submit form).

<input tabindex="2" name="agreement" id="agreement" type="checkbox" value="N" onchange="checkAgreement()" />
<label class="checking" for="agreement">I accept the <a tabindex="1" href="?page_id=292" title="read this before you continue" class="popmeup">terms and conditions</a>.</label>


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