Repaint Method

Dec 15, 2005

I am experiencing some rendering problems when dynamically changing CSS (width) with both Internet Explorer and Firefox. In some cases it is just in IE and in other cases just Firefox. When resizing the browser (1px is enough) everything is positioned correctly again. Is there some repaint method that I can call?

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Window Repaint/redraw Delay

Apr 19, 2006

I have some code like:

try {
someButton.disabled = true;
} finally {
someButton.disabled = false;

The problem is that someButton is never disabled, because the browser
is busy thinking in cpuIntensiveCode. Indeed, if I don't reenable
someButton in the finally part, it waits until cpuIntensiveCode is over
to disable someButton.

The only way to disable someButton before cpuIntensiveCode is to force
the browser to redraw the window (eg: by putting an alert(...) just
after someButton is disabled).

I don't want a useless alert popping every time I run cpuIntensiveCode.
Does someone know a way to force the redraw of the browser window (not
reloading the page, just redrawing it)?

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Public Static Method Accessing Private Method

Aug 3, 2006

I'm trying to do something, but I don't know if it's possible.
Basically, I want to have a public static class method that could
access a private object's method. I would like to be able to do :


The method would then access a private function from Class by doing
something like

function method(param) {

I've done a lot research and experimentations but just can't come up
with a solution... I don't even know if what I'm trying to do is

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Why Is The Callwhy Is The Slice Method Only A Method Of An Array Instance?

Jan 31, 2011

Why is the callwhy is the slice method only a method of an Array instance? The reason why I ask is because if you want to use it for the arguments property of function object, or a string, or an object, or a number instance, you are forced to use Array .prototype And by doing that, you can pass in any type of object instance (Array, Number, String, Object) into it. So why not just default it as a method of all object instances built into the language?In other words, instead of doing this:

function Core(){
var obj = {a : 'a', b : 'b'};
var num = 1;[code]....

//right now none of the above would work but it's more convenient than using the call alternative.


Why did the designers of the javascript scripting language make this decision?

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JQuery :: Call A Method From Within Another Method?

Aug 16, 2011

I have two methods and I would like to call somename1 method from within somename2 method. I have tried several ways to do so however I keep getting "TypeError" or "RefernceError" I have tried several ways to reference but I am still unable. What am I doing wrong. I would think this would be easy to do.

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Element SetAttribute() Method - Valid Method Of Changing The Id Of An XHTML Element

Feb 24, 2010

Is the form below a valid method of changing the id of an XHTML element, specifically the one actually being referenced? It does not seem to work for me.

document.getElementById("Original_Name").setAttribute("id", "New_name");

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Getting A Method's Name

Jul 23, 2005

Here's my situation. I have an object:

function Obj () { = null;

a function
function bar() {...}

another function

function doSomething () {
var obj = new Obj(); = bar;

In function doSomethingElse I want to create the following line of DHTML

<div return true;">

What I want is for onClick to be defined to be the execution of the foo
method of obj.

I tried document.writeln ("<div + + "(); return

What I get is the source code for bar stuck into the middle of the string.
So how do I get just the name of the function bar in the string? Or
ultimately, how do I get the handler to be bar in the DHTML?

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GET Method

May 24, 2006

While submiting the form elements, if the GET method is used in the
<form>tag, the data is submitted as a query string.I think there should
be restriction in size of data submitted by the browser IE.
Does any body know the exact details of it?

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POST Method

Jul 23, 2005

How to send a request using post method from browser to web server using javascript?

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Click() Method

Jul 23, 2005

Is it possible to use the .click() method in any browser beside IE?
(which would be Opera and Mozilla? or in some way that make that kind of

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Form Method?

Jul 23, 2005

I only use forms as input and output to javascripts. Many times I use
innerhtml to write to a <div> for output. I don't know of an
alternative for input.

I sometimes have problems if I use method="post" and just leave it off.
The browser tried to reload the page after the script ran. Sometimes I
am able to even leave off <form> and </form>. Could someone explain
when form and method are actually needed?

I responded in comp.lang.javascript to "Adding to fields with
onchange". I had to leave "method=" out to get it to work without
trying to reload the page.

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Method Overloading

Jul 23, 2005

can we overload a javascript function with different argument?


function a(a){}
function a(a,b){}

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Assigning A Method To A Var

Jul 23, 2005

var gE = function(s){return document.getElementById(s);};
var foo = gE("foo");

work, while

var gE = document.getElementById;
var foo = gE("foo");

does not?

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New Operator As A Method

Aug 13, 2005

Is there any way to call the new operator as a method (function)? The
reason is that I've got IE as a COM object (Imagine I've brought up IE
using VB) and it's easy to call every method of any DOM element
(including window). But if I want to create a new object, then it's
more complicated. Of course I could always execute js code (using
window.execScript) which will create the object and save it as a
variable on the window object and then pick it up from the COM creator,
but really...

Consider the following page snippet which nicely adds an option to the
empty select element. Of course, I could use the W3C createElement,
addChild, muckWithDOM approach to avoid the execScript, but both of
these are going to add huge amounts of time and substantial complexity
to an otherwise one liner:

<form method=pos action=''>
<select name=sel id=sel></select>
<script type='text/javascript'>
var sel=document.getElementById('sel');
sel.options[0] = new window.Option("foo", "bar");

Can't I do something like
window.Option.newInstance("foo", "bar")
in place of the
new window.Option("foo", "bar") ?

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Getting Parameters From The Get Method

Oct 6, 2005

I am pretty rusty with javascript and I am trying to make a webpage
that will basically act as a wrapper from one webpage to another. What
I mean by this is that I will hit this page like:
webpage.htm?Param1=... and I will take the passed params and post them
to another page. I have the post part working, but I was just
wondering how I can use just Javascript and read those values passed to
this webpage. Is this even possible?

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What Is Better Encoding Method?

Jul 12, 2006

What is difference between two encoding methods below and what method
can be considered more "web safe", fully retaining functionality of the

original source code, without the danger of misinterpretation of
original code characters (code contains long Registry entries, activeX,etc)...

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How Does This Method Work?

Jan 19, 2007

The last time I tried to ask this question...Google Groups screwed up
my message and there was no subject (sorry for that - I know it's

I'm trying to learn how to develop a plug-in that allows users to
display data from one site in a third party site, like Google Adwords
or the Digg counter for news stories. I took a look at and
found the following:

It looks like digg is doing the following to show the number of "diggs"
for a story on your website. On my page I would have the following:

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AddFavorite Method

Jul 20, 2005

I need some help adding a redirected page to the favorites. Thanks to
the help from this user group, I was able to finish a redirect script.
I was wondering if anybody knew of a method that will allow one to do
a check in the user's browser's (IE) favorites to see if a bookmark is
already present. This is what I am trying to accomplish:

if (window.external.checkFavorite(location.href, document.title))
do nothing
else {
alert("Please update your bookmark.");
window.external.addFavorite(location.href, document.title))
alert("Thank you for update your bookmark. We hope you will enjoy the
new site!");

And this gets called in the redirect script.
The idea is that if a user is trying to access an old page from a
bookmark, not only am I redirecting them but also giving them the
opportunity or prompting them to update thier bookmarks. But this
process should happen only once. That is, when the user revisits that
bookmark, the bookmark is of course the updated new url so he wouldn't
be seeing that again.

Also, where can I get access to the Javascript API...something like
javadocs for the methods, etc.

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Focus Method

Jul 20, 2005

i want set focus element with element.focus()
but i have always this exception: "focus() is not a function"

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How To Add A Method To A Set Of Arrays

May 18, 2011

I'm a newbie of JS and don't know if I have got the right terms in my question. I want to lowercase all the arrays:

var txt = [
document.write(txt[0][1] + " love eating " + txt[1][1]);


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Get Two Variables Using The Method?

Feb 13, 2011"GET","tablebase.php?q="+str,true);

I can get value to the $q variable in tablebase.php by above method.But how i can get a value to $q2 by using the above method.

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Using Post Method Instead Of Get

Dec 2, 2011

I have a spot where users can create posts. When you scroll over, a button pops up that says "reply". When you click reply it adds a form to the div that allows you to reply to the post. That all works great. Now I read something a long time ago that say's URL's are limited to 256(?) chars so I'm figuring between the variables and the potential for a long reply, I should be using the POST method on my form. When the user submits the reply, I want to use a jscript to update the div and add the reply but I'm not sure how to use post instead of get for this -- or even if I can.

Here's what I have

1. Create the reply form in the div -- this works great

2. This is the function I'm trying to create to call the php script, update the db then repopulate the div on the page with the post and the new reply. I don't know if I can change "GET" to "POST" or if I should be looking at some diff functions?

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Onclick Method

Dec 6, 2006

When I click on the image link the relevant id should change. But it doesn't.

Why is this?? Tried adding form tags but no difference.

<a href="#" <img src="img.jpg" id="" height="80" width="80" /> </a>

<img src="img.jpg" id="lrg_img" class="showcase_main" />

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Method Properties...

Jan 9, 2007

I have been working on an Ajax class, but have encountered a problem in IE which i cant seem to work around. In IE i get the following error, referring to the requestChange method.

"this.objParent.objRequest" is null or not an object

As the requestChange method is called as the onreadystatechange function, ive had to assign a variable referencing the parent Ajax object to the requestChange method, which is done in the Ajax construct method. This allows me to reference the Ajax Request Object from the requestChange function.... in firefox at least. Code:

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Anchor-like Method

Nov 13, 2007

I have a div that scrolls horizontally that I use for navigation. As you go to each page, it'd be great if that scrolling nav div would take you to which page you were currently on, so you could navigate easier. If I use anchors for the links, it works (as in scrolls to the right spot), but obviously also shifts the page down, which I don't want.

Does anyone know a method to which I can get this div to scroll without shifting the page down?

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How To Use Post Method In JS

Feb 14, 2010

there is a post method in JS ? below I'm using Get method to parse Date which obviously shows in URL to avoid this I'd like to use Post method.

var win ="events.jsp?dateStr=" + dateStr, "win", ""); // a window object

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