Norton,popups & The Decreasing Usability Of Javascript..

Jun 26, 2006

Okay - for me, javascript is a great add-on to many websites & i've been using it since college. For any website viewers using norton internet security, it's worthless.

How Symantec have managed to continue selling something that is consistantly blocking commonly used (& very useful) scripting technologies without being sued?... i'll never know.

Problem is, anyone viewing a js-enhanced site ends up seeing a blank page, because the code is intercepted and replaced before it gets chance to be displayed. Neat huh? Now, surely there has to be a way to conquer their ridiculous 1-size-fits-all approach to js blocking?

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Javascript Popups

Feb 25, 2004

I have a quick question about javascript popups...

At the moment I have the function

function openWindow(page,width,height)
{,"my_new_window","toolbar=no, location=no, directories=no, status=no, menubar=no, scrollbars=no, resizable=no, copyhistory=no, width=" + width + ", height=" + height)

Which is opened by the link

<a href="java_script_:;" onClick="openWindow('popups/popup_template.htm',&#39420;',&#39640;')">

This works fine and I get the popup just how I want it.

However, When that popup loses focus (IE the user clicks on another page) that popup goes behind all the other open pages. Then If I open another popup with that one still open it stays in the background.

I know that I can use

Onclick="self.close()" and OnBLUR="self.close()"
to close the popup when the user clicks, but I need them to be able to click in the popup.

Does anyone know an OnLoad fucttion or method that will bring the popup to the front when the user opens another window.


Is there a better way of doing this.

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JavaScript Popups Not Working In NN 4.7?

May 21, 2002

I am just finishing a site for a photographer which uses Flash for the interface, PHP to display a number of image thumbnails (4 scripts, depending on the route the visitor has chosen) and then 1 PHP page with lots of JavaScript to open the correct image in a new popup window.

It all works in the latest versions of NN & IE but the problem is that some of the site owners' clients use older browsers and the JavaScript popups are not working in NN 4.7.

The address of the developing site is here. The JavaScript that I am using is an adaptation of Anarchos' great script.

Are there fundamental things I am missing regarding NN 4.7 and JavaScript or would my scripting in JavaScript be wrong?

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Decreasing Values Of An Array By One Where Value > X?

Apr 4, 2009

I have an array similar to this:

0 -> 0
1 -> 5
2 -> 9
3 -> 2


There is no clear logic and that does not matter. I need to decrease the values of those by one where the value is higher than x. How would I do this?

For instance, if x = 5, then that array becomes

0 -> 0
1 -> 5
2 -> 8


All values higher than 5 were decreased by one.

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Decreasing The Amount Of JS Files In A Website From 2 To 1?

Dec 19, 2010

i got 2 galleries that use 2 JS files for a thumbviewer, those 2 files are very similar and both are used to achieve excactlly the same thing

the only difference is that one of them got page scrolling:

here is the one that use page scrolling : ddphpalbum.js [URL]

and here is the one without : thumbnailviewer.js [URL]

My question is, is there any way of changing one of those files so it'll fit both kinds of galleries? so ill just use 1 of them instead of 2...

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Enhance Usability Of A Site?

Aug 7, 2011

What's dynamic javascript insertion about?

How can it enhance usability of a site?

Could you provide a quick and dirty example?

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JQuery :: Autocomplete - Textarea Up And Down Arrow Key Usability

Jun 3, 2009

The autocomplete plugins disables the use of the up and down arrow keys. In a single line input area this is not an issue, but on a textarea it is very noticeable (especially if you are a poor-spller like I am). I think the arrow keys should only be overridden when the autocomplete "drop-down" is visible. As an example fill the "Multiple Birds (remote)" example at [URL] with "Birds can be found all over the wurld, some such birds are:" now try and use the arrow keys to go back and fix the errors.

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JQuery :: BlockUI Scroll - Slight Usability Bug With BlockUI

Feb 1, 2011

I noticed a slight usability bug with blockUI. when we block, with a message div - the page is still scrollable. however the message div that comes up, stays where it is, as user scrolls the page. So for example, if the vertical screen resolution is low, the user can not see the bottom of the message div, and in my case the message div has some appept or cancel buttons, which makes my UI unusable?

Are there any workarounds to this solution, other then placing the message div to the top of the page?

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Nov 20, 2005

I need when a page is accessed to launch 2 popups then close itself. Can anyone help? All help is very much appreciated. One popup is going to be a regular page and an add then for other popup if any ones curious.

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Certificates And Popups

Jul 23, 2005

Just wondering, if one provides/uses a certificate on the website, does that
solve the problem with blocked popups?

I am building an application in PHP/JavaScript that will be used only on our
clients' computers, but new clients are added frequently.....

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Popups And Resizing

Jul 23, 2005

I am using a popup window to show pictures. Each time the user clicks on
a thumbnail in the mail HTML page, the popup either appears or reloads a
new picture.

Some pictures are portrait, and some are landscape. I build the popup
html dynamically. How can I a) resize the popup window to fit the image,
and b) pop it to the forefront once the new picture is loaded?

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Can't Nest Popups..

Dec 11, 2006

I am trying to get a fairly complex database form set various
stages I need to open popups to edit subsections, then close them..

Now this all works fine from the main screen, I can open a popup using and it spawns in a new browser or tab, do my stuff, and
exit to the main screen..

However if I try to open another popup in the child popup, and return to
THAT with a window close in the grandchild, firstly it never opens in a
new window, but in the child window, and secondly it closes itself and
returns not to the child window but to the parent window.

I have googled till I am blue in the face but no one seems to
have a snap solution for this one.

I suspect I need to use the window object that returns,,but
have no idea how..?

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Popups And Browsers

Nov 17, 2006

On my site, I would like to open a centred pop-up with thumbnails. Clicking on them you get the full image with navigation arrows leading to new photos, etc.

I want to have pop-up dimensions suited to what's in the page and if the photo is vertical or horizontal.

Now, the code here under works well with FF2.0 and NS 8.0, but IE6 and Opera 9 just make the window.close() in func_aperta() and closes the pop-up.

What's wrong? Any ideas? Code:

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Multiple Popups

Oct 11, 2005

i'm working on my band's website and I want to be able to make multiple popups on one page. as in, the links you press will all come up in DIFFERENT popup (barless) windows. but no matter what i try, no matter what link you press they all come up in the same popup window. im hoping to make all the links come up in different sized seperate windows! anyone know how to do this?

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Popups Not Working In IE8?

Oct 21, 2011

For some reason, in IE8, on product pages (Example) of my ecommerce site, the 'Size Chart' and 'Email to a Friend' popups don't work, and the product image lightbox won't work eitherbrowser I have tested in, including IE7. It seems to only be IE8 that is having this problem.Upon looking at the page source, one thing I have noticed that both the 'Size Chart' and 'Email to a Friend' buttons have in common, is that the popups seem (I'm far from an expert) to be 'triggered' by a span element (class="more") within the HTML. For example:

<div class="row ">
<label >Size: </label>
<strong class="fl"><select name="size" id="size" onchange="checkstock(this.value)"><option


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Page Popups Because Of JS

Jan 14, 2005

There is a webpage (of another website) "page A" (a registration form) that I have to use as a popunder on my website.

However, due to the code for the form validation (email & other entries) on Page A, the page does NOT remain as a popunder, but popups above my actual website's main page....

Is it because of this attribute in the body tag?
<body OnLoad=";">

If so, what counter can I use to beat it poping up above the main index page?
PS: Cannot make changes to PAGE A, just my own Index page....

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Using Popups For Confirmation

Jun 10, 2006

I have noticed some websites use a popup system for confirmation... I know that hotmail uses a similar feature for adding file attachments. So I was wondering how exactly a website would have that feature work.

What I need to know is how to make a popup that...

a) Popups up in the middle of the screen and ALWAYS popups up (the popup blocker in IE wont disable it)

b) A Popup window that cannot be ignored. Therefore the user cannot complete any other actions on the webpage (the page that is displayed on that particular browser instance window). If the user attempts to click outside of the box then it will not allow them to.

c) Once the popup window has been completed (the user clicked the ok button to confirm the message) then the window will disapear and the user will be focussed back onto the original window where he/she was browsing on.

Most of the stuff is simple javascript. (opener.focus() and self.close()) but when it comes down to making popups be the center of control, I am lost.

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Unblockable Popups?

Jul 19, 2006

I'm doing a website at the moment for a shooting club which is opening in a few weeks time. I'd like to have a popup on the home page which appears on a user's first visit to tell them about the opening day. I have the cookie sorted to detect whether they've visited before or not, but how do I make a popup which won't get blocked by all today's browsers and popup blockers? Is there a way that genuine useful popups can be verified and not blocked?

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PopUps Display Only Once

Apr 27, 2011

I have a Jscript popup which comes after 5-6 seconds of my page load.

This happens for all the pages.

I have tried the following..

This load the popup on load.

Now, i want to make sure that if a user once clicks on cancel, he will not get the popup for rest of the pages also.

But if he opens the pages individually the next time, he will get the pop ups.

So it will be displayed only once after he clicks close and will not come the next time.

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Popups Relative To Resolution?

Jul 20, 2005

Does anyone know where I can get a script for a pop-up where I can control fixed positioning of a popup based on browser resolution?

two res's: 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768 ....

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Multiple JS Hover Popups ?

Jan 21, 2010

I'm trying to have an ordered list, each item with its own image. Then, I'm trying to use JS so that a different popup is generated for each image.

Currently, I'm using CSS classes to define the appropriate popup image, and this seems to work fine as I can see the popup contents in Dreamweaver.

I think the issue is the 'getElementById' thingy. As whichever image I hover over, it always pulls the first hidden popup.







Is there a way form me to also pull the class that is referenced in the html, so that the appropriate popup is generated?

I don't think I'm using the code highlighting properly and I intended to link to the page, so you could see what I'm talking about, but apparently that's not allowed.?

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How To Do Popups For Regions Of An Image

Apr 17, 2009

I have a customer that wants to have a map (jpg/gif/png) showing the US States and when you click on a state a popup will display a text box listing cities they have offices in. The cities will be links to other web pages. how to do this?

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Client Says Popups Are Not Working?

May 27, 2009

I have tested the thumbnail images that link to a popup detail page and they seem to work fine in Safari and Firefox on a mac and in IE on Windows (not sure which version of IE, I was using the PC at a UPS Store). Why does my client insist that they do not work? Any javascript issues with my code? I know it is a bit old since it was created a few years ago but I even got it to work on my iPhone today.

Here is the link: [URL]

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Popups Allow All Browser Without Any Restricts?

Jan 19, 2010

i need a script about, Popup allow all browser without any Restrictions (like ie shows the restriction message top of the window)..

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Automatic Frame Popups

Jul 2, 2003

Is there a script that on loading a certain page will check to see if its in a frameset, and if it isn't in said frameset to make it be in that frameset.

For example, I have a popup that has a navigation frame at the top and a content frame at hte bottom. I want to be able to have links link to it (the popup, from wherever) that can open any of the pages inside this frameset, without making a separate frameset for each page of content. If I could get it to open the content page, and the content page open itself into the frameset, or even built itself its own frameset, that would be neato keen.

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Popups Vs. Popup Blockers?

Jun 21, 2010

Been using popup windows for years on my websites, launched by onClick, and they are not blocked, I would assume because they are called from the current page in the same domain. I'm using basically the same script in a new application, but it's launched by onLoad, again from a page in the same domain. It's being blocked by most browsers.

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