Non-IE Browsers

Jul 23, 2005

I have created a small application that lists all the
softwares that I created. This app was made using
Javascipts' DOM support of XML.

I am new to XML so I created this to get some experiance
in it. To problem is that the page only works with
Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Is it possible to modify the program so that it will
work with other Browsers? If yes, how? Code:

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JQuery :: Ajax - On Safari/Chrome Browsers - Code Is Not Working On Webkit Browsers

Sep 26, 2009

Why this code is not working on Webkit browsers:

Only jquery and the plugin printed above are loaded, so there shouldn't be any conflicts.


Chrome gives the following error: Uncaught TypeError: Object #<an Object> has no method 'followUser

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DOM And Different Browsers

Mar 1, 2007

I used the DOM for mozilla to write some javascript. And naturally it doesn't work with IE and I haven't tried it on Opera type browsers. Is there any website that spells out the DOM's for IE and Opera individually like the mozilla one? Ie:

I would like to get the selection of the dom (meaning a highlighted area), then get the range. From the range I cloneContents in order to get a document fragment. Is there equivalent functions for IE and Opera etc? Code:

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Compatible For All Browsers. How?

Jul 23, 2005

I have this code here that reads in a javascript file and increases or
decreases font by its relative size (same thing as View, Text Size,
Large, small, etc.) I am developing this for Transport Canada and I
need some help. Here is my code. I need it to be compatible with IE,
Mozilla, Netscape and Opera. Most versions of these browsers has to be
compatible. If you could help me out the least bit would greatful.
Here's the code:

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JS Frameworks And IE Vs Most Other Browsers?

Jan 14, 2010

Why is it that most (well, honestly all that I have seen) the JS based modals, those that use frameworks like MooTools and JQuery, and what have you, why are most of the nifty visual effects like drop shadows and rounded corners, they don't work in Internet Explorer, but do work in FF, WebKit based browsers like Safari and Chrome, and Opera?

For an example, have a look at MooTools based MediaBox ( a LightBox "clone" ):[URL]..

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IE8 Slideshow All Other Browsers?

Mar 22, 2011

I have an Issue with a Javascript slideshow. If you see link below it is obvious :)[URL]... I only get the Issue in Internet Explorer 8

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Works In All Browsers Except IE?

Oct 8, 2011

how I can make this work in IE as well?? It is a code that shows a divide on click and then hides the rest at the same code is also at

function showstuff(divID)


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Popups And Browsers

Nov 17, 2006

On my site, I would like to open a centred pop-up with thumbnails. Clicking on them you get the full image with navigation arrows leading to new photos, etc.

I want to have pop-up dimensions suited to what's in the page and if the photo is vertical or horizontal.

Now, the code here under works well with FF2.0 and NS 8.0, but IE6 and Opera 9 just make the window.close() in func_aperta() and closes the pop-up.

What's wrong? Any ideas? Code:

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Different Content For Different Browsers?

Oct 25, 2011

I have a page with a slideshow which doesn't look too great in IE8 or lower. Is there a way to display different content for these browsers?

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Coding For Both Js And Non-js Browsers?

Jul 13, 2011

I'm currently modifying a php controlled website and wish to distinguish between javascript and non-javascript browsers in order to decide which pages to display. I have a single php controller script which "includes" a number of html pages. I want to ensure that I cater for both javascript and non-javascript browsers (so functionality is the same, only the javascript pages have a far better look and feel to them).

Therefore I would like to code something along the lines of :

if (javascript_browser=='true')
include './javascript_page1.html.php';


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CreateRange() In Browsers != IE

Mar 19, 2003

I have a nice Javascript code which allows users to HTML format code in a textarea, similar to the code of Post New Thread page. It works great in Internet Explorer but it does nothing in other browsers.

It seems the problem resides in this two lines:

seleccio = a.text;
How can I arrange this lines in order to make them cross-browser? I really need this code to work, at least, in current versions of Netscape, Mozilla and Opera.

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Works In All Browsers But IE?

Aug 17, 2004

Does anyone see anything wrong with this code? It's a mystery to me why it works fine in all browsers but IE6/Win. Not getting any JS errors or anything to help debug.

<script type="text/javascript">
function submitGeoSelect ( geositeID )
var geoURL = "https://<?= $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']?>";
switch ( geositeID )


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Layers And Browsers"

Jul 23, 2005

The following code works well in IE5 and Netscape 7, apparently my page is
not working in Netscape 4.6 and it has been suggested that i need a third
option dwellig around the document.layers object, could someone tell me what
line I need to make it compatable for earlier browsers?

if(document.all){ parent.Slave.document.body
..scrollTop+100 =600
parent.Slave.document.all.hillList.innerHTML=divHT ML
if(!document.all && document.getElementById){
ment.body.scrollTop+100+ "px"
parent.Slave.document.getElementById("hillList").style.left=600+ "px"

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How Much Effort To Put Into Supporting Pre-DOM Browsers?

Jul 23, 2005

I went through the past six months or so of entries
in c.l.javascript, and found a couple where people
had expressed opinions about the value of supporting
much older versions of Netscape and IE. The entries
included incidental mention of server logs showing
how many pages had been retrieved by such browsers.

I'd like to get some sort of communal variety of
opinions on how much effort it's worth to put in the
support, or in some cases, the "graceful degradation"
allowing partial capabilities to remain in a page
under the old browser.

My situation is that I have no access to server side
capabilities or CGI, have yet to buckle down and learn
Java, but have a fairly complex application I'd like
accessible via the web.

Are there links answering:

1. How many commercial sites still insist on full
compatibility? Allow significant degradation? Give
up on NN < 6? Ignore browsers with small market

2. How do developers feel about coding for browsers
older than, say, two years?

3. Are there statistics from a variety of sites
showing use by different browsers?

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Reading Cookies Across Browsers

Jul 20, 2005

I have been using document.cookie to write and read cookies.
Unfortunately, when I open my page in Internet Explorer, I don't see
what I wrote to my cookie while in Netscape Navigator. Similarly, my
page that I opened in Netscape doesn't see what I wrote to the cookie
while in IE.

Surely there must be away for IE and Netscape to read the same
cookie information ??. Otherwise, what happens if a user just happens
to be browsing my page in both browsers? They'll expect things to be
there, and they won't be there because one browser doesn't see what
was written in the other.

Any ideas on how to get Netscape to read cookies written by IE, and
visa versa?

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JQuery :: Getting Namespaces In XML For All Browsers?

Mar 9, 2011

Using jquery 1.5 and part of my XML is this

<gd:when endTime='2011-03-03T16:00:00.000-06:00' startTime='2011-03-03T11:00:00.000-06:00'/>

If I use:


It works in Safari but in Firefox I get the error:

uncaught exception: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: [nodeName=gd:when]

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JQuery :: IE Only Browsers That Break?

May 27, 2009

My code runs great in every browser but IE6 IE7 and IE8. it breaks and causes all scripts to fail. i setup Visual Web Developer in my VM like a blog post told me, and when i load the page i get Microsoft JScript runtime error: Object doesn't support this property or method that seem to break on this line


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JQuery :: Sluggish On Certain Browsers

Jul 14, 2010

I need to shed some light on browsercompatibilityon my's the breakdown:

-website runs smoothly on Firefox and Opera
-website runs slugishly on Safari and Chrome

now I understand that my code is not squashed down and formated for browsersuccess, but Im so perplexed why some browsers run itawesomelywhile the others run it as if it was os9.Also, I havent had a chance to cross check this site on other systems and computers so I would like to hearperformanceresults from real people

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Using Script In Multiple Browsers?

Dec 9, 2009

It works perfectly in IE but not in Firefox or Safari. I'd like it to work in all or most browsers if thats possible.

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Unobtrusive Fixed DIV For All Browsers

Mar 3, 2010

First off by let me stating that I am not a great web devloper nor am I a good with css / javascript. I am creating this website for a friend of mines company and I have one problem.The problem is that the navigation menu on the right side will not remain fixed how i want it to be. I spoke with many people and they all said that this cannot be done with css considering your layout and because it needs to dodge the headers and the footer. I basically want this div (sidenav on the right) to scroll along the page as users scroll up or down but it can not interfere with the header or footer. I do not want the right side navigation to go over the content or out of the wrapper. I want it to stay in the same position in all aspects - left / right / top / bottom. Here is a link to the site [URL].

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Rollovers Working In All Browsers But IE

Jun 4, 2006

My navigation buttons have rollovers and are working fine in FF, Safari, Netscape, Camino but not in IE.

Not only that but there are some weird dashes appearing between some of the buttons. I do notice that the dashes disappear when I hover the cursor over some of the buttons. Can't figure it out... Code:

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AJAX :: Not Working With IE6-IE8 Browsers?

Apr 30, 2009

Have been trying to figure this one out for some time, but still can not get this AJAX script to work with Internet Explorer. It works with all other browsers.

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src="aj.js">
<input type="text" value="#CCC" id="paints" size="7">
<input type="button" value="submit" id="gColor" onclick=
"handleIT();colorIT()"> <input type="text" id="textBack">


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Override Status Bar In Browsers Other Than IE?

May 21, 2011

I am using window.status = "Message"

for IE but I want to do the same in other browsers.For time being I want to do it in firefox but I have to manually enable it in browser options.Is it possible to do so programmatically?

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Height Of A Page In Browsers?

Sep 19, 2011

Using JQuery and CSS with javascript happens a very strange thing i'm doing a site where every page has 5 DIV in vertcal, called "div1", "div2" and so on. Every page can have a different height, so i use the following script:


the fact is that the DIVs in Firefox for example are interrupted at half the page...why?

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Making Enter Act As Tab In All Browsers?

Jul 13, 2011

I'm about to give up with this one. I know this is possible in IE. In fact, I think this is the only thing IE does properly.Here is the working code for IE that should work in other browsers (Firefox,Chrome...) but doesn't.

document.body.onkeydown = function(event) {
e = event || window.event;
if(e.keyCode==13) {


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AJAX :: Run Consistently On All Browsers

Nov 20, 2009

I am trying to get my site [URL] to run consistently on all browsers. I'm using AJAX code that works great on Safari and IE8, but only work intermittently on Firefox and Chrome.


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