MySQL Posting Errors With JSP?

Apr 27, 2010

Have an html page with form data manipulate a MySQL database.i KNOW my html form and its data are correct so my problem lies within the JSP codehere it is.

<%@ page import="java.sql.*" %>
String connectionURL = "";
Connection connection = null;


Inputting fields works but i cannot delete, this code so things delete from the database properly?

statement.executeUpdate("DELETE FROM Members WHERE (clubMembers = '"memb"')");
statement.executeUpdate("DELETE FROM Members WHERE (MemberAddress = '"addr"')");
statement.executeUpdate("DELETE FROM Members WHERE (MemberTelephoneNumber = '"phon"')");


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Java - Database - Post Form To Mysql - Only Posting First Letter Of Word/phrase For Text Input Fields To Mysql Database

Jul 13, 2011

I am having no luck with my post form to mysql. It is only posting the first letter of the word/phrase for the text input fields to the mysql database. It is a photo and text post form. The photo and only first letter of text are posting to database. I am using Jqtouch, jquery, and phonegap.

Here is my form fields:

Here is my java script:

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Jquery :: Posting To MySQL Via Php

Feb 14, 2011

I have a 'to do' item in a page that has an ID attached to it. These items are stored in a database. When clicked I want to reverse the 'state' of the item (active to complete or complete to active) by updating the database using jquery & PHP.I think I almost have it. As all the values are collected ok and if I change the the page that writes to the database to GET and pass the data through the URL it updates the database fine.[code]

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Identify Logical Errors From Other Types Of Errors?

May 1, 2011

How can we identify logical errors from other types of errors?

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Posting The Php Into Div?

Mar 29, 2010

I have created some data(works php values no problems) and use it to fill some options. At the same time fill a javascript array from php input.Yeah it works on its own page.Problem when loaded into a div through ajax it doesn`t run javascript calls through page.





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Posting XML From Js To Php

Jan 5, 2011

I have written a web page to create XML from user input. The user inputs a series of values, and these are turned into XML using javascript. The way I have done this is to load in a template XML file using an XMLHTTPrequest and append childNodes to it as required. Thus, what I end up with is a variable called "xmldoc" which is an XML document object. (If I do write(xmldoc) the answer I get is [object XMLDocument].)What I would like to do is to be able to save the thing as an xml file. To this end I have been trying to POST it to a php file that might do this, but to no avail; the php file does not seem to recognise it as an XML DOM object.

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POSTing To A New Window

Jul 23, 2005

How would you POST form data to a new window? That is, I have my
basic page

<script type="text/javascript">
function postFormData() {

<form name="f" method="post" action="response.jsp">
<input type=hidden name=input1 value="1">
<input type=hidden name=input2 value="2">
<input type=button name=input3 onClick="postFormData();">


what do I fill in form the body of t"postFormData" so taht my page is
submitted, but the results appear in a new window?

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Posting To 2 Different Files

Apr 22, 2006

I have a form, which has a user and password, that a user enters

when i want to submit this form....

i would like to submit it to 2 two different files.

so file1.asp would have user and password....and file2.asp would have
user and password.

i would like two different windows to open, if possible. so the user
can work on both windows at once.

window 1 = file1.asp
window 2 = file2.asp

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Posting To Links

Nov 12, 2001

How can i repeatedly post to a url in javascript

is it just using the post and get in html but will it send to the url

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Ajax :: Instead Of POSTing To Db With PHP?

May 8, 2011

I have a site that I've put a lot of time and effort into and in the midst have also been using it to learn JavaScript. I'm pretty proficient at PHP so the site was mostly coded in PHP, but now I've decided it would be best use Ajax to update the mySQL database instead of PHP so my pages don't have to refresh every time a change is made.Are there any references that you know of that could help me out in the conversion process?Most of my PHP scripts POST back to themselves and I use if(isset($_POST)) to update the info on the mySQL database. I'm still a novice at JavaScript and Ajax.

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Getting Errors In IE

Jan 2, 2005

is there anything wrong with this script as i keep gettin an error message in IE with menu item 1:

//menu methods
function ehandler(event,theobj){
for (var i=1; i<= theobj.numberofmenuitems; i++){
var shutdiv =eval( "menuitem"+i+".thediv");"hidden";
this menu is related to a drop down feature later on!

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Posting Form Variables

Nov 21, 2006

I have a table with dynamic html that contains drop down select lists
and readonly text boxes. Dynamic calculations are done on change of a
value in one of the drop down select lists.

For my first iteration the script works fine ( indicating that there
are 33 form variables ). When trying another dropdown select value, the
form elements.length is shown as 33 ( as about ) BUT the script then
crashes with a 'null value' error. I cannot access any of the form
variables - this works in all other browsers and platforms.

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Posting Form Data

Jul 20, 2005

What is the simplest way to gather data from a form enter it into a
server-side html page?

I'd like a new entry for each new post ...

.... effectively an a html data base

BTW, can this be done purely in html without the use of a scripting

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JQuery :: Posting From A Modal Box?

Nov 16, 2010

Here is my code:


$('.ajax_open').live('click', function(){
url: $(this).attr('href'),
success: function(data){


Here is what I am doing:Someone clicks 'add buyer' link on my pageIn a modal box, I load the form to add a buyer. The form is loaded via ajax and then fills the div containerwhen someone clicks the 'submit' button, it should then look at the value of the fields and post to a scriptCurrently I can't get jQuery to see node within the loaded AJAX.

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Image Button Not Posting?

Jun 28, 2010

take a look at the following form. Im calling <?php if (isset($_POST['submit])){echo "clicked";} but its not registering. The only difference is that this is the first time ive used the "image" type.

<form method="POST">
<table width="468" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">


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Double Posting In JSPs

Jun 9, 2005

Is it possible that when I submit my form using the enter key, it would double post to the JSP where the action attribute is pointing to. I've been wracking my brains for hours how to trap it. Seems like my javascript that does the submit is doing it once but it's posting on the JSP twice.

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Posting IPhone GPS CoOrdinates To SQL?

Apr 8, 2010

Trying to pass variables from the javascript into my php script and into my SQL query so i can track the location of the iphone. So far i have...

<script type="text/javascript">
function getGPS() {
if (navigator.geolocation) {
navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(showGPS, gpsError);


This gets the coordinates in javascript and the php runs and i get a new record in the database but it doesnt pass the variables from java to php. Anyone know a workaround to get the variables from the iphone to sql on a single page?

I want this to run in the background and refresh every now and then so i can track users location.

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Get To See Details Of JS Errors In IE?

Apr 3, 2009

How do I get to see the details of JS errors in IE? I have some problem in IE that isn't showing up in FF or Opera. Is there an error window in IE that I can open up and look at warnings and errors?

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How To Locate Errors With IE8

Jun 11, 2009

I am in a little over my head here trying to make a template for this PHP script. I am trying to work out all javascript errors.

So far I only have one error on the index page and no other pages. In IE8 at the bottom it shows me the little error icon and when I click it, it shows me:

Line: 2
Char: 18579
Error: Object doesn't support this property or method
Code: 0

I am trying to locate this error in the source code, but cannot figure it out. Can someone maybe take a look at the source and point me in the direction to what IE8 is finding as an error? It's weird that there are javascript errors only on the home page when I use the same header and footer file for the entire web site.

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Editing CSS With Errors?

Jun 7, 2011

Take a look at my code then I'll tell you what error I get...

The element with that id has been created and I still get this error when I try to style it...

My browser is Google Chrome.

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Showing Errors All At Once?

Jul 31, 2011

I'm using javascript for my client validation and I would like this to work the way I wanted to. I have three textboxes for last name, middle name and firstname. All the fields are mandatory and if the form is submitted there would be an error to display below the textbox. The problem now is I couldn't show three errors at once. I could only show one error at a time. The error msgs are specific that is "Last name required", "First name requiredHere's my JS structure

function validate()
if (textbox1 == empty)


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Errors On Most Pages - On Dic ?

Jun 29, 2010

When i visit a majority of the pages on Dic i receive the following javascript error:

Webpage error details:


I am using IE 8 with nothing disabled. The browser also goes into compatabilty mode every time this error happens. The screen will go competely white and i will have to do a refresh to get anything to show up.

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Done, But With Errors On Page!

Aug 11, 2003

I am getting the message in the bottom status bar on my site Done but with errors on page? It doesnt happen on the index page, only on all the other pages, the reason for this is i use a template for all pages except the index page, and all pages using template show this error message, please help and will this effect the functioning of the site?

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Interesting Errors In Moz/FF

Apr 6, 2005

Just ran across something interesting in Mozilla and Firefox. I don't think it qualifies as a bug because it's probably something I should not do - even tho it validates.

Having the following line (in the head)...

<script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>
...causes this:

Error: syntax error
Source File: http://cross-browser.loc/toys/toolbars.html
Line: 1
Source Code:

And having the follow line...

<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href=''>
...causes this:

Error: The stylesheet http://cross-browser.loc/toys/toolbars.html was not loaded because its MIME type, "text/html", is not "text/css".

The empty src or href attribute seems to cause it to load itself (the html file) as a script or as css.

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Errors On New Web Server

Apr 17, 2006

I'v just finished the first web site i wrote which encorporates some javascript. It worked fine on my test server, but as soon as i moved it to the production box, I now get all sorts of errors like :Unterminated string constant when i open the first page, and Object expected when i try to call a javascript function by clicking on a menu item. Is there some sort of configuration that must happen on my production box? The same coding works fine on the one server but not on the other.

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Javascript Errors - Everywhere!

Aug 28, 2006

I design web sites and am just amazed at how many sites have signifificant numbers of Javascript errors in them! I leave script debugging on in IE so I can check my own stuff. The when I surf the web, loads of the pages come up with errors! Even big sites like Google.

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