Median Mode And Mean - For Grouped Data - Calculated The Classes Class Intervals And Boundary - Frequency?

May 7, 2010

I have an assigment of statistics formulas in java i have calculated the classes class intervals and boundry but i am unable to find out the frequency.........

String ans;

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Selecting The Highest Calculated Average Of Varioous Data Inputs?

Oct 28, 2011

I've written a program which will prompt for a number of cities, Prompt for the name of the city, then prompt for the number of snowfall readings of that city, and then prompt for each of these individual snowfall readings of that city. From this, it adds up each of the individual snowfall readings of that city, and will calculate an average by dividing this figure [the total snowfall] by the total number of readings for that city. This average is used to then classify the city as "not snowy", "mild", or "blizzard". I'm happy to PM my code to anyone willing to help out, as I realise this is a complex structure to visualise perhaps, but I can't post it publicly.

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JQuery :: Fetch Data In Intervals But Append Not Load?

Feb 28, 2011

I'm trying to retrieve new records as they come in in real time.

I have this so far, but as of now its replacing the span. I want each record to stack on top of the other as they come in

// Do data load every 5 seconds


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JavaScript Hash Work In Quirks Mode - But Not In Standards Mode

Jun 28, 2010

I am trying to write some JavaScript that locations to a hash. I use something like this.


The problem is I use the same code in two different pages. One is in quirks mode ie8, and one is in standards mode ie8. The one in quirksmode works, the one in standrds mode doesn't.

Any idea what could cause such a thing? I know hash can work in standards mode. However, do you have any idea what is wrong? I am kind of searching for a needle in a hay stack, here.

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Script Works In FF Quirks Mode But Not FF Compliant Mode

Aug 31, 2006

My drop down menu works as designed but not when I add the doc type. In compliant mode, the drop down menus won't align. Why is that? Code:

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JQuery :: Get A Specific Class From Several Classes On An Element?

Jan 10, 2011

I have a div with several classes on, like this:

<div class="class-one class-two special-class"></div>

I want to get the class that starts with 'special' and store it in a variable...but I am having trouble doing this...I can get as far as storing all of the classes in a variable:

var myClasses = $(this).attr('class');

...but I now need to extract just the one class that starts with 'special'...

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JQuery :: Pull One Class From An Element With Multiple Classes

Jan 17, 2011

This can't be too hard, but I'm not seeing the answer. Elements on a web page may contain a class starting with "tr_". Sample HTML:I'm using the following to select matching elements: $('[class*=tr_]').each(function() So far so good. But now, I need to get the name of the class that starts with "tr_" from each matching element.

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Switch From Normal Mode To Fullscreen Mode

Aug 24, 2006

How can I switch the browser back and forth to fullscreen mode, using javascript on the onclick event of a button?

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JQuery :: Changing Classes Of List Items Depending On The Amount Of Them And Current Class Name?

Mar 28, 2011

I'm trying to create a list that contains items which are filters for a search. The list shows 10 items (max) on the page load. if there are more than 10 it changes the class of the elements > 10 so they are hidden, and a 'show more' link is appended. Now if the user has 'unhidden' the previously hidden items and then chooses one, I want the class for all those previously hidden items to change until the user has deselected that item.


Is there a better, smaller way to write this? It works for what i need currently, but there are future features im planning that will not be practical checkingindividualindexes the way i've done it.

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Word Boundary Expression Not Working With Asterisk?

Mar 25, 2011

I want to find a boundary word that starts with * . I have this regex exp for it,


It is not working. However, if i replace asterisk with underscore , it is working.

How can i make it work for asterisk, such that it matches with :

This is a *test* example.

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Can Javascript Count Letter Frequency?

Aug 31, 2005

Such as:





Counts will be produced: a=4, z=4, c=3. The is not for web site
uploading, but just to get statistics for own research. All data will
be in plain text. Everything will happen in a single computer, no
Internet, nor ISP.

I believe it is not a difficult job for a programing language, such as
C. With the MS Word the letters can be counted one type at a time. But
that is rather slow. Maybe Javascript can do the work so efficiently
as a fully-fledged programing language.

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Random Image Script Frequency?

Oct 26, 2009

I am looking for a way to alter my Random Image script to give 1 of the set images a 50% frequency and the remaining 50% to the other images. this is the code i am using:

<script language="JavaScript">


i had to remove the urls in the script due to my low post count

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GetElementsByClassName - For Multiple Classes (e.g Class="foo Bar")?

Jun 2, 2011

im on a really tight deadline with this and have been strugglign all day. (i know nothing about JS!) here's my code:

<script language="Javascript">
var allHTMLTags = new Array();
function fadeIn(SRC) {
var allHTMLTags=document.getElementsByTagName("*");
for (i=0; i<allHTMLTags.length; i++) {
if (allHTMLTags[i].className.indexOf(",") !== -1)


the end result needs to go through and find all divs with a class CONTAINING the term specified in the <li> then give them an opacity of 1, then on mouseOut return the opacity to 0.5

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Grouped RegEx Replacement With Variable?

Oct 1, 2010

I have searched and searched and tried many different options but can not get this to work although I am sure it is possible.I need to be able to replace a string using a variable as the search and replacing using the matched reference group such as $1 I can search for a variable and I can get the reference to work - but not both at the same time.The following works great - except it does not preserve the case of "Test" in the string

Code JavaScript:

var q = "test".toLowerCase();
var mystring = "My Test string";
var reg = new RegExp(q, "i");
mystring.replace(reg, "<mark>"+q+"</mark>");

This is the reason I can not simple replace with "q" and need to replace with what was actually found. But this does not work like this:

Code JavaScript:

var q = "test".toLowerCase();
var mystring = "My Test string";
var reg = new RegExp((q), "i");
mystring.replace(reg, "<mark>$1</mark>");

As "q" is a variable - how do I put parentheses around it so that I can reference it in the replace statement?

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JQuery :: Show Flickr Photos Grouped By Set?

Oct 28, 2010

I haven't used the Flickr API before so was wondering if there was a tutorial, or plugin, anyone knew of that i could use to pull all the photos from a users account and group them on the page by photoset. So there would be a heading for each photoset, and then a thumbnail for each photo in that set.

I've searched for anything specific like that but haven't found anything.

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JQuery :: Search Function Runs Multiple Times When Grouped

Dec 19, 2010

If this search function is included in an include file with other functions it will run more than once if you click another function first, then come back to it to do another search.

$(document).ready(function() {
$("a#searchowner").click(function() {
var searchval=$("#p1").val();
alert(searchval); //test alert box
$.post("findowner.php", {p1 : searchval}, function(data){
if (data.length>0){
}); //end

For example if I click the next page function, then decide to click for a new search it runs more than once:
Next page function:

$(document).ready(function() {
$('a#nextpage').click(function() {
var page = $(this).attr('page');
var searchval = $(this).attr('schval');
var maxpage = $(this).attr('maxpage');
$.post("findowner.php", {
p1 : searchval,
page : page
}, function(data){
if (data.length>0){
} });
}); //end

However, if I put the first search function in a separate include file all works perfect. Why it runs multiple times if it is grouped among other functions?

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Calculated Fields

Jul 20, 2005

I know absolutely nothing about JavaScript but I am told that JavaScrip
is needed to solve my Form problem. Im trying to figure out how t
take 2 List fields that would have text names but would represen
numeric values and calculate them.. Code:

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Access Calculated Field Name?

Feb 20, 2006

I've got an asp page that creates fields on the page based on database information, so I don't know which fields will be there, but I do know the formula for devising the field names. I'd like to validate them using a javascript function, but I'm not sure how to access their data. So, for
example, I would like to set a variable to: "form.myfield.value", and then access the contents of that field using javascript. Can this be done, and if so, how?

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Javascript Access To Calculated Css?

May 26, 2005

I am looking for a way to troubleshoot css rendering problems. Is there a way to find the calculated styles for any object? I would love to be able to mouse over an element and see all the styles that are causing the element to be where it is, and look the way it does. The elements must "know" this information. Cross browser would be great, but we mainly deal with intranet apps based on IE. Code:

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Check For The Existence Of A Variable With A Calculated Name?

Jan 29, 2009

I'm processing a form with numbered fields, but I don't know how many fields there are. Might be 1, might be 20. So I'm iterating through 1-20 and trying the following test:

for(i=1; i<=20; i++) {
if(typeof(eval('document.edit_orderitem_form.field_'+i+'.value')) != 'undefined') {
[doing stuff with the form field here]

The script quits on that line with "Undefined value" showing up in Safari's error console. I just can't figure out how to eval() the name of a field when it may or may not exist.

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Form To Display Automatically 3 Calculated Values?

Oct 25, 2011

1- Need to display three values on the screen as the user fills a form: total, required deposit and final balance. I managed to display the total but I can�t make the form to show automatically the two other values (deposit, final balance) unless I ask the user to click on buttons, which is not desirable since $ does not change automatically for deposit and final payment if user clicks on another radio button before sending the form.

2- Need to send to an e-mail the values of total, deposit and final balance, along with the choices the user made (ex: "Quad" and "Med"). I only managed to send the choices, not the totalled values.Here is the code I wrote (for demo purpose, I only put 2 choices vis-a-vis radio buttons):

<html><head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1252">


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Onevent Function Call Passed Calculated Arguments?

Apr 24, 2011

Here is a small snip-it that I'm using to colour lines of a table as a user rolls over them.

function colour(){
var rows = document.getElementsByTagName("tr");


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Find If Any Intervals Are Still Open?

Jul 27, 2010

Is there a way to find if any intervals (set by window.setInterval) are still open? I just want to have a way to double check my code ( in debugging) and be sure I'm not leaving any unclosed.

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Invoking An Animated Gif At Random Intervals

Jul 23, 2005

I want to make an animated gif that runs through one loop
and then stops. But I want to invoke it at random time, for instance, a tight head shot
of a person's face winks at the viewer once or twice per minute,
at unpredictable intervals.

I think I could figure out how to use rand() and setTimeout(...)
to create the random time intervals, but I'm not sure about
how to start the one-loop animated gif. Would I have to reload
the whole page? Or is there someway to restart the gif animation
*without* reloading the whole page?....probably not, the more I
think about it.

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Displaying Time At 10-minute Intervals

Jul 20, 2005

I'm trying to build a tee-time reservation page, and want to display
all the available tee times on one page for a particular date. I
simply want to list the times out in 10-minute intervals, like:


Additionally, I want to be able to parse out the times that already
have entries in my SQL database, but for now I'll settle for just
getting the times listed.

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Print Each Element Of An Array At 1 Second Intervals?

Mar 24, 2010

i am having a problem understanding exactly how setInterval and setTimeout work and really need some I want to create an array and then print out each element one at a time at one second intervals.

I've only been able to come up with something like this, but it just prints the last value of the array after a second.

<script type = "text/javascript">
var myArray = new Array();
for (var i = 0; i < 11; i++){


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