Layout Of Intranet Website Was Change When Access It On Different Computers

Oct 27, 2010

Since the client user has no totally installed flash player in their computer, so that No need to detect if they have installed flash player. I try to create an alert and I found out that it´┐Żs impossible to put a link in the alert. Now I remove the flash installer in my computer, so that the flash in my webpage become a box. I want to happen when they open my webpage that contains a flash; an alert or message on the top was appearing saying that ´┐ŻYou do not have flash installed in your computer. Follow this link to get the installer. I try it using alert but the link is impossible to appear.

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JQuery :: Horizontal Scroll Plugin For Website Layout

Jan 27, 2011

I've been desperately searching for a horizontal scroll plugin for my clients site but there always seems to be something that prevents the plugin from working with the layout of the site. Here's what I'm looking for:

-smooth horizontal scroll with no horizontal scroll bar

-scrolls div container which has nested divs (no width/height restrictions and only one container viewable at any given time)

-external navigation, fixed navigation preferred

-navigation should be text i.e. home / about / contact etc.

-links still work if JS is turned off

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Change Layout Toggle Button Through 2 Separate CSS's

Dec 8, 2009

I'm trying to make a page where you can change a page's layout through 2 separate CSS's via a button. i want to button to change text when it toggles the layouts as well. i have no clue how to do this with an entire CSS file, but here is something i made to change the background. could i use this logic to change the CSS of a page?


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Change Firefox / IE X Button Layout To Lower Right Corner?

Jul 12, 2010

Can I change firefox/IE's min/max/X button lay out to lower right corner? I have a web app (let us say i have 2 pages input.php and output.php) when user enters data into input.php and click search output.php renders from server. But the user from anywhere on web should be able to close output.php by using lower right X button. (by default FF/IE has top right X button, may top left in case of MAC), in otherwords I need to change the output.php page NOT on a user machine but on server, so that each user get same lay out when access the page.

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JQuery :: Event Handler For Element Repositioning Via Browser Layout Change?

Mar 31, 2010

it's possible to bind a function to an element that is fired if that element is 'moved'/repositioned via the browser.

For a more specific example what I have is a function that calculates height and width of certain elements to allow them to all fit nicely on the page without having scroll bars, and this is bound to the window onresize event. It works nicely most of the time but occasionally something will change the height of one of the elements and this effectively bumps one element right off the page.

So I'm wondering if its possible to have an event bound to an element that is fired when an elements position is moved/recalculated by the browser? Short of polling every second or so, to see if it has moved/recalculate layout.

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Webcam Access Via Website Without PlugIn?

Nov 10, 2011

I have been working on a website for fun/practice. I have been looking into web cam/audio support. However, I am trying to avoid Flash/SilverLight/or any other form of plug-ins.

After researching over the past few days I have found a couple of vague clues. According to my findings it may be possible to access video input (web cam) and audio input (microphone) via usage of Javascript with no need for Flash or plug ins.

I have been attempting to find further information but haven't been successful.

I come here to ask if anyone knows if this is indeed possible or if I have read false information.

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Adding Form Calculator To Website - Access Denied

Dec 9, 2011

I want to add this calculator form to our website (here is the link to what he wants exactly [URL]) so I try to copy that code but it won't work. I was wondering if this javascript would work.

<script language="JavaScript">
function calc() {
gear = document.name1.drpPumpType.1;
vane = document.name1.drpPumpType.2;
if (gear){
txtW = document.form1.txtW.value;
txtD = document.form1.txtD.value;
txtL = document.form1.txtL.value;
int gearCIR;
gearCIR = 6 * txtW *(2 * txtD - txtL) * (txtL - txtD) / 2;
} else {
int vaneCIR;
vaneCIR = 12 * txtW * (txtL + txtD) / 4 * (txtL - txtD) / 2;

I probably don't even need a if statement but I haven't program in a long time and never use java script before. Here is the html form code
<form name="name1">
<table align="center" border="0" width="44%">
<td colspan="3"><span class="BoldHeadingLabel style1">DisplacementáfromáMeasurements</span></td></tr><tr>
<td width="50"><span class="style1"></span><br /></td>
<td width="157"><span class="BoldLabel style1">Pump/MotoráType:</span></td>
<td width="456"> <span class="style1"></span> <br /></td></tr><tr>
<td width="50"><span class="style1"></span><br /></td>
<td width="157"><span class="BoldLabel style1">GearáWidthá(W):</span></td>
<td><span class="style1"><input name="txtW" id="txtW" maxlength="10" size="10" value="" type="text" /></span></td></tr><tr>
<td width="50"><span class="style1"></span><br /></td>
<td width="157"><span class="BoldLabel style1">GearáBoreáDia.á(D):</span></td>
<td><span class="style1"><input name="txtD" id="txtD" maxlength="10" size="10" value="" type="text" /></span></td></tr><tr>
<td width="50"><span class="style1"></span><br /></td>
<td width="157"><span class="BoldLabel style1">BoreátoáBoreá(L):</span></td>
<td><span class="style1"><input name="txtL" id="txtL" maxlength="10" size="10" value="" type="text" /></span></td></tr><tr>
<td colspan="3"><span class="style1"></span><br /></td></tr><tr>
<td width="50"><span class="style1"></span><br /></td>
<td width="157"><span class="BoldLabel style1">Displacementá(CIR)á=á</span></td>
<td><span class="CalAnswer style1">_________</span><span class="style1"><br />
<td colspan="3"><span class="style1"></span><br />
<td colspan="3" align="center">
<input value="Calculate" id="submit1" name="submit1" type="submit" />
<input value="Clear" id="clearform" name="clearform" onclick="cmdReset_onclick()" type="button" />

For some reason it says access denied. I copy this code from that website. But can't find any code wrong.

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JQuery :: Unable To Access Plugins Section Of Website / Enable It?

Aug 20, 2010

I'm very new to jQuery and registered a new account on the website yesterday. I can log in using my account details OK, but when I try to use the Plugins section of the site I get :- Access denied You are not authorized to access this page.

If I try to search for a pluging, I get

Validation error, please try again. If this error persists, please contact the site administrator.

I can't find a FAQ section in the forums, or any link on the site to contact the website admins, so I'm hoping someone here may be able to help, or at least point me in the direction of someone who can.

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In HTML Website Connectivity To MS Access Database That Is Hosted On NIC Server

Sep 9, 2011

Html website what is the code in javascript to connect to a MS Access database that is hosted on NIC Server.If not so possible in javascript then any other option what can added in HTML website

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Denies Viewers Of The Website Access To The Right Click Functions - Not Working In Google Chrome

Sep 14, 2011

I added the Javascript code that denies viewers of the website access to the right click functions. It works perfectly in Internet Explorer but when you view the website in Google Chrome you are able to right click and copy, etc. Why is that? Am I missing something in the coding or is it something else?

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X: X_drag.js And Slow Computers

May 6, 2004

i've encountered a problem with the way the drag events are handled in this file, but it had an easy fix. I have a slider (a draggable div) and dragging it involves a lot of processing power. The problem arises if the mouse pointer seperates itself somehow from the element being dragged (by, say, a spike in CPU usage or something). the x_drag library file registers a mouseup listener on the object which is being dragged, but that doesn't do any good if the mouse pointer tracks so much as one pixel off the dragged element.

I've encountered this in almost every situation where i have draggable elements. Thankfully, it's a real easy problem to solve: if the mouseup events are registered on the document itself, there's nothing to worry about, because any old mouseup will end the drag.

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Make GetTime() Uniform Across All Computers?

Jun 16, 2011

It's a different number of milliseconds on my desktop than it is on my laptop

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Jquery :: Loop Stucks On Some Computers

Sep 5, 2011

On a website we've built, we use two bits of jquery to make an array of images display in an animated loop (seen in the darker blue boxes on top of the homepage). This seems to work fine, but some people (mostly Mac/Safari users) notify us that these loops stuck between images, stop working or display the images in a shifting/flickering manner.I'm on WinVista/FF 3.6, and I don't experience any of these issues.Does anyone know how to make this problem go away? Are these two instances that use the same scripting somehow in conflict?

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Intranet Links

Jul 20, 2005

I want to place a piece of JavaScript at the top of my page/s that wil
tell all links on that page to open in certain target windows dependin
on the hostname.

Suppose the intranet address is http://intranet
so this means that the hostname is "intranet" right?
If I want all intranet page links to open in the same window but al
other links (ie external internet links) to open in a new windo
(_blank) then would I use something like below? Please correct an
place I've gone wrong:

if(document.links.hostname == "intranet") { = "_top";
} return true;

But somewhere in there I would also need an "else" statement to tell i
to open all other links in "_blank" target. Can someone please tell m
where that should be added in. I'm fairly new to javascript and am no
exactly sure what order some of this stuff should go in.

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Web Analytics For Intranet

Sep 7, 2010

My company is in the search process for using web analytics on our company intranet application. Anyone have any recommendations for some 3rd party software to accomplish this?

We use Google analytics for the public site, but according to the documentation, we have to use a fully qualified domain name for the intranet it order for it to work with google.

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Distinguish Intranet From Internet Requests

Nov 2, 2006

I've noticed that IE have different security approach when loading a
page from an inner intranet or when loading a page from the web.

Is there a way in Javascript to know when your page is running by an
outsider and when by an insider? How the browser knows?

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Adding Network Printer From Intranet

Oct 13, 2011

Looking over other threads on this site I was able to use another members script to build my own for adding a network printer via JavaScript on our Intranet. With that, the script works perfectly fine when testing it on the local machine I built it on, but not on other machines in the office. Currently I'm remoted into the branch office I reside in from the corporate office where I'm currently at so the machines being tested are on different subnets, but the script is simple calling the UNC path for the printer. When tested on any other computer, and the link is clicked on the page, the user is taken back to the folder in windows explorer the HTML file is saved in, rather than executing the add printer portion of the script.

This is my full code as of now, I was trying to get the function correct before formatting the actual website (obviously)
<meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="en-gb">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1252">
<title>Printer Mapping</title>
function addPrinter25(){
var x=confirm("You are about to add printer GPSACC01. Would you like to make this your default printer?")
if (x==true){
WshNetwork = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Network");
var PrinterPath = "\\gpsprnt02\gpsacc01";
alert("Printer GPSACC01 has been added successfully and set as default")
WshNetwork = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Network");
var PrinterPath = "\\gpsprnt02\gpsacc01";
alert("Printer GPSACC01 has been added successfully")
<font color="#0000FF" face="Arial">
<a href="" onclick="addPrinter25(); return false;">GPSACC01</a></font>

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Display Username In Company's Intranet Header

Jul 23, 2005

I've been going bonkers trying to find the answer to this question...
I'm hoping somebody out there can help me. Our network environment is
Active Directory and our web server is Windows 2003 IIS 6.

I've got an ASP page that we include into each of our pages to act as
our companywide header. We force users to authenticate into our
Intranet site, and we are able to display the following information
about them on each page:

Welcome (username)
Today is (whatever)

Can Javascript or Dhtml or something else get me this information? We
have thousands and thousands of webpages and I don't want to have to
use the .asp extension on every single one if I don't have to... but I
can't find a way to display the username in the header without it =|
Somebody mentioned using File System Objects, but I haven't yet
experimented in that arena. Code:

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Search Multiple Intranet Pages With One Form?

Jun 24, 2011

There are multiple intranet pages with a list of names on them that are updated regularly.At the moment, there is no easy way to check if a name is on the pages without going in to each one at a time and searching them individually.

Is there a javascript script I could use to search all of the pages at the same time, and if a match is found, open the relevant page and highlight the result?

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Change Images On Website When Refresh Hit In IE

Apr 26, 2005

I wanted to know how would you be able to change an image on a website to another one when refresh is hit on the tool bar in IE. How would I get it to open up a different html file when I hit refresh and I'm not talking about any automatic delay stuff..

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Onload Change Website Size ?

Mar 1, 2010

Is there a code out there that can do this. I type my domain name into the browser and the page automatically resizes itself to a specified height and width in pixels.

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Change Website According To Screen Resolution?

Sep 26, 2005

is it possible to display a different website according to the browser's screen resolution? For example, is it possible that in the body onload you put a code, and then you have all three different websites listed in the file, and the code analyzes the screen resolution, then chooses the appropriate website?In my situation, I can't have a screen which pops up and asks for the resolution - it just wouldn't work. So, is it possible?

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JQuery :: Access/change A Variable In A Plugin?

Oct 21, 2009

I'm trying to access a variable that's set when the plugin is initialized. I'd also like to change that variable on the fly.

(function($) {
$.fn.plugin = function(options){
// default settings
var settings = {


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Script To Open A DOS Command Window And Run Exe On Client (INTRANET)

Jul 20, 2005

I have an app running on an Intranet. From one of my aspx
pages I would like to run a javascript that will run the following
command OUTSIDE of the IIS/ environment on the CLIENT machine
(remember, a controlled Intranet!). Is this possible? This windows
program needs to be opened and data entered periodically while using
the app as well.

The exe runs in a dos command window, tied to a Citrix ica file.

C:Program FilesCitrixICA Clientwfica32.exe ciq.ica

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JQuery :: IE6 - Replacing All Of My Standard Js In A Massive Intranet PHP Application

Feb 5, 2010

I have been using jQuery for only a few weeks now, replacing all of my standard js in a massive Intranet PHP application with lovely and space-saving jQuery. However, I've been using FF to write and test code while the company standard is IE6. Nothing works in IE6 - nada, zip, zilch. It bugs out on the very first call to the js file and wants me to begin debugging. Am I correct in assuming that I'm going to have to go back to regular js? I'd love to get the company to upgrade to IE7 - I've not seen ANY complaints about IE7 and jQuery.

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Access/change Variable Inside Lambda Function?

Aug 17, 2010

In one of my functions I got the following lambda function. It works as intended, but I got a tiny problem. I'm trying to access the function-scooped variable "matched" and set it's value to "true". The problem is that it seems like the variable is existing as a local variable inside the lambda function, even if it's not declared inside the lambda function itself. So, the change "matched = true;" does not effect the variable that I declared.


//... code
var matched = new Boolean(false);
xmlhttp.onreadystatechange=function() {
if(xmlhttp.readyState == 4 && xmlhttp.status == 200) {


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