JQuery :: Grouping Images To Make Thumbnail Pages?

Apr 19, 2010

I would like to place every n-th element in a div.

change this html
<div id="container">
<img />
<img />


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JQuery :: Reloading Main Video After Clicking On Thumbnail Images

Feb 7, 2010

I've hit a little bit of a road block developing this site: [URL]. I'm attempting to use the thumbnails to load a new video in the main object. I've used this:
$('.thumbnail').bind('click', function() {
new_video = $(this).attr('href');
$('.main_video').attr('src', new_video);
$('.main_video').siblings('param').attr('value', new_video);
return false;
To replace the attributes in the object, but at this point, the source has the new arguments, but it needs to reload as the actual element still contains the old video. Should I somehow use AJAX to refresh this div? Should I reconstruct my jQuery somehow?

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Thumbnail Images - On Mouse Over Larger Image Appears?

May 16, 2009

I was wondering if someone could assist me with a problem, i am trying to use the simple mouseover function to to able for my user to mouse over an thumbnail image and them the full size image apears in a black space on the webpage!plus, is there a way to have only 1 image instead of having a small one and a large one. i.e a large image can be resized for the thumbnail and appears normal in the mouseover.

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JQuery :: Slideshow Images Tiling On Certain Pages?

Mar 16, 2011

I am using jQuery with a Brightpearl website, except on one of our pages, (edit your address book page), the slideshow images, instead of fading one into the other as it should, decide to tile over the top of the page and don't fade at all. The input boxes show through, but not the submit button, so it renders the page useless.

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Pointer Movement Detection - Crop/make A Thumbnail Of The Image

Mar 21, 2011

I'm working on making an application that let's a user click on a part of an image, it'll crop/make a thumbnail of the image, and let the user enter text along with the cropped thumbnail. I've built the cropping and database portions in PHP, but i'm having a problem with the clicking.

How would I supply the PHP script with the x/y parameters of where the user clicked? The PHP will do the rest.

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JQuery :: Make A List Of Elements Behave Different In Different Pages?

Feb 14, 2011

actually i´m working on a small project for the company i work for, i decided to use jQuery to develop the app.the structure of my site is like follow:



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Link Images From Different Pages With Zoom In / Out

May 1, 2009

I have several images that I want to link from different pages but I also want to have the ability to zoom in and out on the images. My initial thought was to build HTML pages for each image with the zoom function added to each page but thought there would be an easier way so here is my question: Can I create a page with the zoom function and an empty DIV and have the links from other pages open a new window and load the image into the div? I have something similar using iFrames but am wanting to avoid frames if possible.

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Make Different Images Hover Over A Table Of Sliced Images When You Mouse Over A Particular Image?

Apr 14, 2011

I am trying to make different images hover over a table of sliced images when you mouse over a particular image. ex. mouse over image 1 = have image 1.1 hover over entire table of images in spot A; mouse over image 2 = have image 2.2 hover over entire table of images in spot B....ect. what i have so far only allows me to mouse over image 1 and have image 1.1 hover over entire table in spot A. Any time i try to move forward with more div's on other images it just jacks everything up.

Here it is: <html>

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How Do Make My Pages Load Automaitically

Jul 23, 2005

on my home page, there is a frame that serves as a timetable for each
day, i do i make this frame change automatically, assuming i have html
files for each day?

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How To Submit Form And Make TWO Pages Appear?

Aug 14, 2003

I would like to submit a form, and then have a results page appear... but also a small popup with another webpage.

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Make A Form That Doesn't Switch Pages?

Oct 20, 2011

I'm new to Javascript, and I don't know how I should create HTML forms that don't redirect to a different page. I'm planning on making an application that lets you create a quiz and take it with as many questions as you want (using loops and arrays). I've done this in a number of languages, including Javascript, but I don't know how to tie this in to HTML so I don't have a web app that relies on pop-ups as the UI.

When you make a form, it asks for the action, which should be a different page. It then redirects to this page if a button is clicked, for instance. Given the nature of this quiz program that can theoretically create more questions than I have the ability to make separate web pages for, how do I do this? I don't plan on making 1,000 different pages with nearly identical code; this is what the loop is for.


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Detect Weather Is On Or Clicking A Images B4 Enter The Real Pages?

Oct 24, 2009

how to detect firefox before let the user in some guys just disable javascript and went in I finding solution i think of it but i dun know the code not sure is it working Script that allow the browser to check weather javascript is ON if not cannot grant access to the page . Another thing is by using a image means when i enter the site it will show a image i will need to click it before it enter the content of the pages i think that a javascript code i seen it somewhere else about months ago.

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Jquery :: Grouping Multiple JS Files Into One

Oct 17, 2009

As I use some external js library and code (swfobject, jquery, fancyzoom, ...) and that, having alot of file requested can slow down a site, I want to know if it is a good idea to merge all those js file into a big one, so it is loaded 1 time, then is in cache. I think it can be good for server request but, is there any bug possibilities to do this?

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JQuery :: Data Grouping Similar To ITunes?

Nov 15, 2011

Does anyone know how to create a grid with grouping similar to itunes? I have searched the web and cannot find anything. I want to have a category and to the left and several topics to be grouped with that category. See image below.

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JQuery :: Grouping Tags And Surrounding Each Group With A Div?

Oct 7, 2009

The code below is producing this:

<div id="searchResults">
<li class="searchResultsItem"><h4>Title</h4>lalala
<li class="searchResultsItem"><h4>Title</h4>lalala


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JQuery :: Optimisation By Grouping/buffering DOM Touching?

Nov 24, 2010

I was interested by Paul Irish's presentationon best practices where he mentions building document fragments off-DOM:[URL]... (page 8) I was wondering about the possibility of having some kind of buffering capability in jQuery, eg:

var $buffer = $.buffer();
$buffer.add( $('body').append(this) ); // any DOM touches get buffered
$.buffer().flush(); // write to DOM

I know you can manage this manually as Paul states in his pre and I havn't thought about the implications too deeply, but a nice abstracted way to do this would bereally helpful.I've noticed when using new CSS3 styling like dropshadows, DOM touching get's really expensive.

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Jquery :: Grouping Existing Top Level Functions Inside Closure

Nov 24, 2009

I'm trying to group some existing top-level functions inside a closure (to avoid polluting the global namespace) but I'm not quite getting it to work. First, all the JS works outside my anonymous function, but once I put it in the anonymous function I get an error of "crossfade is not defined". I'm not quite getting why the the setInterval/crossfade works outside the anonymous function but not inside. Anything inside start() should be able to see vars/functions outside start() and it should all be protected in the closure created by the top-level anonymous function? I'm not trying to access anything *within* crossfade(), I'm just trying to execute it.

(function($) {
//vars up here that internal functions can access
//also using some jquery inside here, so using $
function crossfade() {
//body here
//other functions
function start() {
//body here
cInterval = setInterval('crossfade()', 5000);

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JQuery :: Make A Slideshow That Draws Its Images From A Specific Folder On The Server?

May 24, 2011

I am looking to build a slideshow (basic, with next/previous options, e.g jquery cycle) but I would like it to get the images from a specific folder. So, whenever I want the slideshow updated, I would simply drop the files in a folder and that would do it.

Would this require a php script? If yes, direct me to somewhere to find out more...Or if there are other ways.

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JQuery :: Cycle Plugin - Make The Images Transition Fade Smoothly Into The Next Image

Oct 5, 2010

Love the Cycle plugin.

- works as expected in that one photo fades into the next photo smoothly. Test page looks great - [url]

However, when I put the exact same code into Thesis/WordPress, I get a long delay between the images, and spend several seconds looking at a blank stage - [url]

Why would that be? How to make the images transition fade smoothly into the next image

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Grouping GetMonth And GetDate?

Apr 2, 2010

I'm trying to make it so that on holidays, my page will say Happy"so and so..." at the top.I only started this 5 minutes ago so that's why it's so under developed. Here's what I have.I'm wanting to know if "today.getMonth.getDate" is valid or would I have to do something else.

function startTime()
var today=new Date();


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How To Hide TABLE Rows By Grouping Them Into DIV?

Jul 23, 2005

I try to group several rows in a table into a div and show/hide them by
click on a button somewhere with a javascript link. When clicked, the link
will toggle the style of the div section's style between BLOCK and NONE.

This technique works on normal text fine, but it doesn't work on part of the
table, is there a solution that I can achieve the goal of turning on/off
several rows all together?

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Grouping And Accessing Form Inputs?

May 1, 2011

If I have inputs like this:


<form name = 'myform'>
<input type='text' name='Monday_1'>
<input type='text' name='Monday_2'>


But can I somehow do this instead?:


<form name = 'myform'>
<input type='text' name='Monday[1]'>
<input type='text' name='Monday[2]'>


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Grouping Tags And Surrounding Each Group With DIV

Oct 7, 2009

<script src="[URL]" type="text/javascript"></script>
var playlistContentBuilderSearch='';
var contentLength = 7;

for(var i=0;i < contentLength;i++){
playlistContentBuilderSearch += "<li class='searchResultsItem'>";
playlistContentBuilderSearch += "<h4>Title</h4>";
playlistContentBuilderSearch += "<p>lalala</p>";
playlistContentBuilderSearch += "</li>";
} .....

As you may have guessed contentLength is dynamic, coming from webservice. For this example its value is 7 but it can be 9 or 23 etc.. The idea is to group the <li> tags in six surrounded by numbered divs for each group, just like the previous example. How can I do it?

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Resolved Grouping Radio Buttons Within A Div?

Sep 22, 2010

I have a form with multiple Divs containing radios, text etc. What I'm trying to do is write a function that will validate all radios only within a specified Div (in the code example below, Div4). I need to validate if all the radios in the div have "no" selected, or button[1]. If any have yes selected, then nothing happens. Only if all have No selected do I need something to happen.

Assigning radios to groups for validation is something I've done on a global (all of form) scale, but I can't figure how to be explicit to a div. The code below works, but only on individual radios, not groups. I've included a few buttons outside the div for effect. Oh, and the final product won't have alerts, it will be used to trigger a hidden div elsewhere in the form.


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How To Make Images Fly All Over

Oct 22, 2007

I have taken the following code from youtube. As it is, without the function wrapper, it work in the address bar, tho I would like to modify it and call it to operate in one of my own pages.

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Make A Nav Bar Like They Did With Own Images Of Course?

Feb 10, 2011

I was looking at this websites navigation menu and was wondering how it was done. I dont know for sure if it is javascript or not but I figured someone who is better qualified than me could tell me if it is or isnt and how its done. I am really just interested in how they used the images like that and how to make a nav bar like they did with my own images of course. I like how the image changes color when you hover over it. I have done many css/html nav bars but i cant for whatever reason even think of how they did this. Maybe im thinking about it too hard and missing how easy it is? I dunno but if someone else could take a look and let me know what you think.

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