JQuery :: Change Countdown Timer - Timezone Difference Added

Jan 9, 2012

I have a countdown clock in bidding. When someone bid within 30 secs clock will reset from 30 sec. In my case clock is reset but timezone difference added. So if bid within 30 sec clock counting down 4 hrs , 30 mins , 30 secs.

My code is below----
"cd".$clock_no is the countdown div
var periods = $("#cd". $clock_no."").countdown('getTimes');
if ($.countdown.periodsToSeconds(periods) < 30) {
$("#cd1").countdown('change', {until: periods[0] + 'y ' + periods[1] + 'o ' + periods[2] + 'w ' + periods[3] + 'd ' + periods[4] + 'h ' + periods[5] + 'm ' + periods[6] + 's'});

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Editing Script - Calendar - Added A Countdown Timer

Jul 15, 2010

I'm working on this calendar and I added a countdown timer in it. I've figured out pretty much everything except how to get this timer to post the date instead of "0 days 00h 00m 00s".

Example if the countdown script is counting down to "2010-7-9 01:25:00 GMT+9:00" Once that date has been reached I'd prefer it show that instead of the "0 days 0hh etc.."

Live Example:[url]


Code JavaScript:

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Change Color Of A Div Tag In Sync With A Countdown Timer?

Jul 21, 2010


//enter limit in "minutes:seconds" Minutes should range from 0 to inifinity. Seconds should range from 0 to 59


The timer code presently will display itself on the status bar of the browser. And when the seconds is <5 it displays in the div tag.

I want to make it look so that upto 5 seconds, the color is #999. Between 5 and 3 seconds, is orange and 3 to 1 is red. How can I use javascript to change the color like this

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JQuery :: Countdown Plugin: Restart Countdown Timer Every 24 Hours?

May 27, 2011

Im putting together a pair of countdown timers that need to restart every 24 hours. One restarts at noon and the other at midnight. Im using Keith Woods plugin @ [URL]

So far I have been able to implement his serverTime function to sync to the servers clock and instantiated 2 countdown timers. so far so good.

What I need to do now is 2 things:

1. I need to define today + X hours to countdown to instead of setting a exact date like in this example:

var noonCountDown = new Date();
noonCountDown = new Date(noonCountDown.getFullYear() + 0, 5 - 1, 28, -12);// 2011, May, 28, 12pm

2. Once today is defined dynamically I believe that may just solve the problem and reset the timer. But I may not be thinking clearly here. So I guess Im just wondering if this is how you would go about making the countdown restart upon completion.

Here is my code that Ive got so far:

$(function () {
function serverTime() {
var time = null;
$.ajax({url: 'http://www.localhost.com/projects/countdown/servertime.php',


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Advanced Countdown Timer - When User Refreshes Page - Countdown Starts From 5 Minutes Again

Aug 7, 2010

I found the below script that works fine for the actual countdown, but when the user refreshes the page, the countdown starts from 5 minutes again.

What I am trying to do, is handle users that put something in their shopping cart and then get side tracked or what ever reason and that same product then being purchased by another person when I only have 1 left.

So using PHP I am going to subtract the qty of that product by 1 and then I want the website to either put it back, if the users checkout times out, or if a normal process it is taken out permanently.

So long story short I think I need some sort of 'memory' for the javascript, so the user can't just keep refreshing and it starting from 5 minutes each time. Also it needs to be carried through to other pages.

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Populate Time On Basis Of Timezone Difference?

Oct 27, 2009

I am working on date time picker modification. I am copying the time from one source pasting in text box and then once I click on another box. It populates the time on the basis of time zone difference. Now whenever I am doing vice versa. It is going in loop.

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Passing Server Time - Countdown Timer That Currently Uses The Client's System Time To Calculate The Countdown

Feb 4, 2011

I'm using a javascript-based countdown timer that currently uses the client's system time to calculate the countdown. I assume that this line of code is where this is performed:


I'm trying to make the script use server time instead as some people may have wrong dates/times set or live in different time zones etc.

So what I did was use a bit of php:

PHP Code:

This gives a result but now the countdown is 30 days off. I am testing on my local xampp server (which also uses system time) so there should be no discrepancy. I also tried adding


But no difference.

I can post the whole script if required but it is reasonably long.

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JQuery :: Countdown Timer And Database?

Jun 23, 2010

I'm trying to create a countdown timer based upon[URL]...what I'm trying to do: The database has a date, then there is a certain amount of seconds. Say 60*10 = 600 seconds / 10 minutes.

Everytime somebody buys something the datetime in database will be updated to the datetime item was bought. Now my goal is that anyone who is watching the timer in REAL time will have their timer reset to 10 minutes when somebody else buy.

Now the probem is this. The timer works sometimes only. Usually the first 3 times after a page load when somebody buys an item it works. Then it doesn't work. Or work at random intervals. It just doesn't make any sense to me!??


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Mar 16, 2005

I would like a counter/timer that will show in textboxes the time left to Saturday 07:00. When it reaches zero it should reset and calculate the time until the next Saturday 07:00, 4 weeks ahead...

Ex. next saturday is 19.3, when it resets it should set the timer to calculate the time to 16.4. 07:00, and when it resets again it should calculate the time to 14.4. 07:00. I hope you understand.

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Countdown Timer

Mar 16, 2005

I know nothing about javascript, so i was wondering if anyone had any direct links to a pre-existing countdown timer

Bascially i would like it to countdown to midnight (based on users time zone) and then simply reset itself after midnight...

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5 Second Timer - Countdown

Mar 31, 2006

I need to create a page with 5 seconds of timer, which will cound down to 0, and then refresh the page.

Any suggestion on How to go about it and what Commands or Functions are availabel for use?

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Getting A Repeating Countdown Timer

May 27, 2009

I'm making a webpage for a school project and I need modifying this timer here: [URL]I want it to countdown from 48 hours, and as soon as it counts down, I need it to reset. I need an endless countdown of 48 hours.

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CountDown Timer To New Date?

Jan 22, 2010

Here is yet another project of mine...ive got most done but the timers are working in milliseconds and the hours, minutes, and seconds arent working right. heres the code.

/* Function List:
Returns the date in a text string formatted as:
mm/dd/yyyy at hh:mm:ss am
changeYear(today, holiday)


yes ive done all the coding just cant figure out why the timers wont work correctly.

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Javascript Timer Countdown

Jan 13, 2007

Trying to write a javascript countdown script. Here's what I got:

function timer(position,count)
var newCount
if (position == 'start') {
newCount = count - 1

if (position == 'go') {
} }

<body onload="timer('start',10);">

onload starts the timer at 10 and then my first step was to have to go down to 9. But I get this javascript error message: Error: newCount is not defined

But I have it as an alert right before I call it and it alerts the variable just fine. Why would it say it isnt defined?

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Countdown Timer With Cookie

May 25, 2010

I have a js countdown timer which counts down from 60 seconds to zero and when it hits zero it redirects the page.

Only problem is that when the user refreshes the page the timer obviously reverts to 60 seconds.

Does anyone have any code which would turn this into a cookie so that the location of the timer is stored each time the page is refreshed and then the timer continues from where it left off?

My timer is using setTimeout.

I've seen a couple of examples of this on various forums but none actually seem to work - my cookies are switched on.

Also, I cannot use form, input or anything else like this due to the third party software we're using.

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Watching A Countdown Timer With Greasemonkey?

Mar 21, 2009

What I would like to do is watch a countdown timer on a page, like the ones on swoopo.co.uk and then perfom an action depending on what time is left on the timer.

I've installed DOM inspector on Firefox and poked around with javascript shell and I think I've figured out how to read the timer and assign that to a variable, something like this -

var timer=document.getElementById('counter_index_page_162980').innerHTML;

Now I need to watch that so I guessed this would do -

while (timer!=="00:00:01")
var timer=document.getElementById('counter_index_page_162980').innerHTML;
alert('timer at 1 sec!');

But that just brings up an "unresponsive script" error in my browser.

Am I even close to the mark? I know I'm not going to win any auctions with this but I've already paid for the bids so I may as well use them now.

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Getting The Countdown Timer To Reset Daily?

Jan 21, 2010

Using the following script:

<script language="JavaScript">TargetDate = "01/22/2010 7:50 AM UTC-0500";
BackColor = "palegreen";
ForeColor = "navy";


Want target date to equal every day so it resets after the target date and time is hit. Optionally, it would be nice to have it reset 60 minutes after target is hit (so the FinishMessage can display) but if that's too complicated, I'd be happy to not have to manually reset the date every day.

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Create A Countdown Timer On A Website?

Mar 21, 2010

I am trying to find a script (and failed, even on google) to create a countdown timer on a website. The details are : a countdown timer that (a) runs off server time, not client time and (b) resets every 10 minutes. The only example i could give to clear up any questions would be something extremely similar to facebook app games : eg mafia wars etc energy refill timers so people visiting my web page would see a countdown timer that was counting down 10 minutes and then resetting itself, on the hour, 10 past, 20 past etc etc. And also, can the counter trigger a script, orwouldit be best to use a scheduled task for this? I do not want the timer to take the user from the web page.

I am not sure of the exact name of a such counter, so maybe thats why google is not giving me the answers i need. Also I know i maybe need php to run frrom a server time. I can code php half-competently, but javascript is out of my knowledge range at present (although i can usually see code and know how to adapt it to my needs etc)

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Adding A Countdown Timer Over An Image?

Mar 22, 2011

Adding a countdown timer over an image?

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Position A Countdown Timer On Screen?

Apr 7, 2011

I'm trying to place a countdown timer i have in a specific spot on a website I'm building......any thoughts on how i would do this?

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Countdown Timer With Cookie Tracking

Mar 24, 2008

I am looking to create a script for one of my sales letters. What I want the script to do is have it countdown 24 hours for every customer. (The countdown would consist of hours, minutes and seconds) At the end the timer would say all zeros. Now, we would have to add customer tracking because if a customer closes the page and comes back later within the 24 hours I want the countdown to be true. So if he came back 2 hours and 30 minutes later the countdown would be at 21 Hours, 30 Minutes, 0 Seconds. Every customer that comes to my site would start at 24 hours.

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Dual 30 Minute Countdown Timer?

Sep 8, 2009

I am needing a dual thirty minute countdown timer. They would appear side-by-side and there would be a start button. Once the first one is finished it would automatically initiate the second.

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Hidden Link Countdown Timer?

Nov 5, 2005

i want to add something to my script that will make the 'Click here to download the file.' link appear after 40 seconds with a countdown timer for ad purposes.

Current state of script:Code:

i cant find the code i need anywhere, does anyone no what code with enable me to do this?

i need it to be like megaupload.com where the link doesnt appear straight away.

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Internet - Date Countdown Timer ?

Aug 18, 2010

I have managed to find something what I want on the internet (Date Countdown Timer) but the only problem with it is that it will countdown to the date according to the persons location, I want something really simple, I want a 60 Minute Countdown that isnt relative to anyones location.

This is what im using at the moment: [url]

If it was possible to ammend the time to (servertime) or something other than the users geo-location timezone, it would be perfect.

This is what I have sofar:

Also on the timer how would I do a replace when seconds is less than 10, it currently displays (45:9 instead of 45:09)

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Countdown Timer On Page Load?

May 4, 2009

I am looking for a way to tell a visitor they have a certain time in minutes / seconds left from when they loaded the page to act to get a certain deal.

I can't seem to find a countdown timer that does this, only something that works on the current date/time.

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Countdown Timer That Expires With A Hyperlink

Nov 7, 2010

I don't have a lot of knowledge with javascripting or using jquery stuff but there's a simple code I'd like to use on one of my pages.

At the bottom of the page i'd like there to be a 60 second timer that counts down to zero and when it expires I want the timer to change to a hyperlink that you can click on that will take you to another page on the website.

I found some examples but when the countdown timer hits zero it redirects to another page automatically whereas I'd like to the user to click the link to continue on to the next page when they are ready. But I'm not sure how to change the code these sites below give you.


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