JQuery :: Ajax Is Not Working In Thickbox

Jun 29, 2009

[URL] I developed thickbox as per above link instructions i got two issues

1.)Ajax Is not working in thickbox and

2.)Styles are not applying for thickbox

I followed as per instructed in AJAXCONTENT Category and gave link as <a href="login_lightbox.html?height=215&width=250">Login</a>

Where when i checked login_lightbox.html individually ajax functionality is working fine.....

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JQuery :: Thickbox Isn't Working?

Jun 2, 2010

So this is the thing, it's a simple task, but somehow, it doesn't work for me... so I hope you experts have solution to this I am new to jQuery, and I am currently exploring it's possibilites, so if you find better alternatives, i'll be glad to see them I made a simpler script of my own, just to make things simple.

I have one page (index.php), and in it, I have a div with an ID called workarea.So I want to put in some content, and I just found out about this jQuery function load(). With it, I loaded another file with only one link in it.Let me show you the index.php :

<link href='thickbox.css' rel='stylesheet'>
<script type='text/javascript' src='jquery.js'></script>[code].......

Everything works okay, the file loads.. let me show you the file I am loading. It's also simple link, but a thickbox link.

Code: <a class = 'thickbox' href = 'text.php?KeepThis=true&TB_iframe=true&width=500&height=300'>Open text</a>

Okay, the link shows, but the problem is the thickbox isn't working.What seems to be the problem ? It just shows the text in another page, not in a thickbox frame.The code of the file this thickbox link is pointed is :

<div>This is working.</div>

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JQuery :: Implementing Thickbox Within Ajax Style Ui-tabs?

Apr 23, 2009

I have some ajax tabs using the jquery-ui-tabs features. Within these tabs are tables with links. There are name links I am trying to load
with an ajax style thickbox modal window.Then linked within tabs, the thickbox will not initialize.When a static page with no tabs, the same code fires off the thickbox perfectly fine.

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JQuery :: Thickbox Tb_show()?

Sep 29, 2009

another Thickbox user.

tb_show('Welcome','../../tqs/zipcode_1.htm?width=420&height=220&modal=true', null);

The relative path of ../../ is what messes it up. Is there a fix? It seems to only happen within the tb_show() function of thickbox.This also happens when including an absolute path to the page.

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JQuery :: Thickbox And Links That Are In A Select?

Jun 30, 2009

A better question. Hopefully I won't figure out the answer before I finish asking this one. Is it possible to have a select box, and when the item is selected have it open in a thickbox? This is easy to do with traditional anchor tags and its also easy to open links when they're selected from a select box. Its the combination that has me stumped.

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Jquery :: Thickbox With Images On Different Server?

Jun 29, 2009

i cant get images on an external server to appear in a thickbox, the loading animation just keeps going. when i turn off JS the image shows fine, so the link is correct.is this a limitation or security precaution of thickbox?

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Jquery :: Thickbox Images Does Not Work ?

Jul 7, 2010

I use thickbox to show the larger images which works create.. and I use jquery for ajax requests that also works great. now I've got a div with all the products.but if I refresh this div to hold a table with icons it all works .. except for thickbox..somehow the thickbox images will not work anymore.. I've check the ajax return and it holds all the class info thickbox needs.

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JQuery :: Parameter / Method For Positioning Thickbox?

Jun 23, 2009

Is there a parameter or method for positioning thickbox? The center of the page is usually ideal, but not always. I assumed something like this would work, but it doesn't seem to have any affect.

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JQuery :: Visible Fails In MSIE8 (in ThickBox)

Jun 26, 2009

So jQuery 1.3.2 defines the visible filter like this:
Sizzle.selectors.filters.visible = function(elem){
return elem.offsetWidth > 0 || elem.offsetHeight > 0;

Now I've got a table of hidden (style="display: none") rows. The user will click something that will .show() a specific row, and the whole table -- along with a lot of other stuff -- will be displayed in a lovely thickbox. The problem is that MSIE 8 assigns offsetWidths and offsetHeights to the rows; even those with "display: none" active on them. In "compatibility mode," MSIE will set the offsetHeight to 0, but there will still be an offsetWidth.

Firefox doesn't have this problem; Chrome doesn't have this problem. I'm not sure if MSIE got wildly confused by moving hidden rows into a thickbox. I know I've broken MSIE's rendering of other similar tables on the page, but I doubt those have anything to do with jQuery. I've got around it by using .addClass and .removeClass and filtering on that new class instead of :visible, but I'd rather know that :visible is working as intended in the long run.

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Jquery :: Thickbox Gallery - Won't Load Image

Dec 15, 2009

I am trying to implement a gallery using thickbox, so when a photo displays, the user can navigate them using prev/next links. To do this, I need to use the "rel="xxxx"" tag, but for some reason it wont load an image. Can anybody advise what I am doing wrong? Here is a link to the page. [URL]

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Jquery :: Thickbox Generated Wordpress Media-upload Box Empty?

May 21, 2010

I am working on a local server on adding a media uploadbox to a Wordpress plugin Datafeedr Randam adds for a few days now and the code I have come up with so far is hereCode added to load needed scripts starts at line 101 and media upload html is located on line 354.I have Been trying to get help at several places and did get some at #wordpress IRC. By changing the location of the script loading code - moving it to the top - things improved. Right now thickbox works and the media-upload box is loaded. I am stuck again though. Thickbox loads an empty box now instead of the media-upload details so I can upload images. One custom external javascript that is loaded into the plugin besides the WP nativity used JQuery and Thickbox I will post here:

jQuery(document).ready(function() {
jQuery('#upload_image_button').click(function() {
formfield = jQuery('#upload_image').attr('name');


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JQuery :: Invoking JqmHide On A JqModal - Convert A Thickbox Iframe Setup To A Div

May 29, 2009

I'm trying to convert a Thickbox iframe setup to a jqModal div. While I can load content into a jqModal dialog. I run into a problem trying to explicitly close the dialog. Per Firebug:


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AJAX :: Insert A MySQL Record To A Database - Not Working In FF /C Hrome - Working In IE

Mar 11, 2011

I've the following AJAX code:


This code works to insert a MySQL record to a Database using AJAX. It works fine on IE, but it's not working on FF or Chrome. When I test it on FF/Chrome, i just get the text "Just a second..." and it doesn't advance from there.

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ASP Is Looping But Not Inside A Div From Thickbox?

Mar 25, 2010

in my code below I am using inlinecontent from thickbox thickbox/) which works but inside the <div id="myOnPageContent"> only shows the first Category Name and doesn't loop through but it is looping outside as it shows a different Category Name at teh top of my inline content

<td class="smallcelltext"><input alt="#TB_inline?height=150&width=400&inlineId=myOnPageContent" title="Edit <%= rs1("CategoryName") %> Category" class="thickbox" type="button" value="edit" />


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Closing A Thickbox In Iframe?

Mar 30, 2011

I have build an code for opening a map in thick box but i have problem closing it ,i have to click outside a thickbox

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How To Select Value To Show In Thickbox

Jan 26, 2011

I am using jquery's thickbox. I have the basic following form which has some dropdowns. Each dropdown has a Info link besides it. I am trying to achieve is:

That when a user presses the info link it should open the showinfo.php?pid=selected value of that dropdown in the thickbox.

So in thickbox link it should be something like: showinfo.php?pid=123. But i don't know how to get the value of dropdown and open the thickbox link i.e: showinfo.php at the same time ?


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Thickbox And The Back Button

Jun 12, 2007

I have used thickbox js library to display 'popup contact cards' on a private website. which requires the user to login, I chose this as it's far better than using real popup widows, or full windows do display the small amount of info (name, position, and phone number).

However the client has had trouble with some users clicking the browser back button to exit the 'thickbox' screen instead of the 'close' text in the thickbox header bar (or using the esc key as you can in the latest version of Thickbox), clicking the back button sometimes leads to the user being logged out returning them to the 'please login' page.

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JQuery :: AJAX Is Not Working In IE8?

Oct 22, 2010

For days now I'm trying to get .ajax() working on IE8. All other browsers are working fine, but IE will not refresh the page on this link The only thing I do is displaying gd.php

echo "tijd : " . date('G:i:s',time());

I will using this option to create a chatbox, but the message logging will not be refreshed in IE8. Also a chatbox on [URL]..is using JQuery and Jquery.forms is not working on IE8.

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JQuery :: $.ajax Not Working In IE?

Jun 30, 2009

I'm using the following code:

url: "ChartData.xml",
async: false,
success: function(Data) {


In FF and Chrome the success function is called but in IE it the error is called.

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JQuery :: .ajax() Not Working For ASP.NET 2.0

May 7, 2011

The jQuery AJAX feature not working properly for ASP.NET 2.0. When $.ajax() command is called the request goes to ASPX page but it does not retrieve data string i sent along with ajax request.

jquery code:

ASPX Code-behind file:

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Inserting Thickbox(popup Code) To Website

Jul 3, 2009

I'm somewhat experienced in coding but I'm not the best. I've been trying to figure this out forever and I'm beat. I am trying to insert a thickbox popup. I am trying to use a Iframed popup code. This one as follows:


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Rel Attribute Value - Get A Gallery Of Images To Display In The Thickbox?

Apr 18, 2009

In the doucmentation I'm reading that images in the same gallery need to have the same rel attribute value. But when I do that only the loading animated gif will show on top of the overlay. If I take out the rel then each image will display in a single thickbox. How can I get a gallery of images to display in the thickbox?

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Thickbox, Greybox, Lightbox, Tinybox + Flash - Help!

Apr 23, 2007

So i have been working on my first implementation of a website that uses Thickbox. I've tried Greybox, Lightbox, tinybox, and subModal. All have the same effect, probably because they are all based on the same or similar javascript libraries. So here is the problem.

I have a Flash header and another Flash movie in the content area of my website that plays some FLV movies.

Here is the problem. When i click one of my links launching the window it looks fine, however, when i use the scrollbar in the window the Flash header flickers and lays over top of the window and the same goes for the Flash FLV player. Except it does something worse. When you stop scrolling, the flash flv player sits on top of the window breaking the effect. It doesn't do this in IE7 and FF on PC. Its only doing this in Safari and Firefox on MAC.

Anyone have any idea how to fix this?

I set the wmode on both flash movies to "transparent".

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JQuery :: AJAX Event Not Working?

Apr 9, 2010

I am new to jQuery and I am trying to do an AJAX call. The only call I could get to work was getJSON (which is fine because my responses are always JSON). Firebug lets me know that the request goes out and the response that is returned is what expected, but the success function is never called. Based on the code below, I should get an alert with the response, but I don't. If the problem is a JSON parsing error, how do I find that out? If something else is the problem, what could it be?


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JQuery :: Ajax Not Working A Second Time

Oct 5, 2009

I have some simple [code]...

When I click on A1 or A2, the text from the associated files is loaded into #Info, so that works fine. However, when I click on the A1 or A2 class within #Info, nothing happens.

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JQuery :: AJAX Post Not Working In IE?

Aug 11, 2011

IE does not seem to make the post using the following code:

$("#update").click(function(ev) { var target = $(ev.target); if (!target.hasClass("add_btn")) { return false ; }
var li = target.parents("li"); var _title = li.attr("data-title");


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